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Operating Manual Bio Wave Generator 21 LCD

If you have purchased from Germany, please follow these steps, to change the display language from German to English, if it has not already been done for you: 1. Turn on the unit 2. Press Program Down Button until the display shows Einstellungen 3. Press Enter 4. Press Program Down Button until the display shows Sprache: deutsch 5. Press Intesity Down Button to change to language: English 6. Press Enter Button 7. Done

Operating elements
1. Com Port: Interface for external attachments 2. Out - : cable outlet neg. terminal connection of black cable 3. Drive for chip card 4. Out + : cable outlet pos. terminal connection of red cable 5. Ext-Port: Interface for internal test purposes (special cable required) 6. Power light: indicates operation 7. Run light: frequency active 8. LED display: display with indicator (incl. battery indicator) 9. Intensity key intensity : for increased

10. Program key : Selection of different sequences 11. Program key : Selection of different sequences 12. Intensity key intensity : minimizes

13. Enter key: Confirmation or return function in program 14. Run key: Start/stop of frequency emission 15. On/off key: Switch-on/off of unit

Treatment of chronic infectious diseases caused by bacteria (streptococcus, staphylococcus), viruses, fungi, and parasites.

2. Designation

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 6 14 15

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Operating elements

16. belt clip universal, integrated appliance clamp 17. appliance rating plate 18. battery compartment integrated 9V Eblock battery /storage battery compartment 19. cover battery compartment protective cover



Appliance rating plate: Manufacturer: Medi-Gen Technology Designation for medical products with ident. no. of nominated location

MEZ2AA0001 Serial number Barcode: corresponds with ser. number Typ: BW 21 LCD precise type specification
application part of type BF Attention: check accompanying documents ! Safety class II symbol

3. Name and address of Manufacturer

Medi-Gen Technology Ltd. Bavarian Office Leiten 3 D 83556 Griessttt/Germany Tel. 0049/ (0) 700 /633 44 361 (12 ct/min) Fax. 0049/ (0) 700/633 44 362 (12 ct/min) Internet: For technical questions:

Scope of delivery
1 Bio Wave Generator LCD 1 cable, red with press stud 1 cable, black, with press stud 2 wristbands black, yellow sponge 1 battery, 9V E block 1 case 1 operating manual

4. Accessories
Hand electrodes, chip cards on request Please see p. 15 regarding the use of hand electrodes and chip cards.

5. Initial Operation 1. Preparing the BW 21:

Open the battery compartment cover at the back of the unit. Insert the batteries supplied. You can also use rechargeable 8.4V NiMh batteries. Close the compartment cover again. Make sure the batteries are inserted The small flap on correctly (polarity), otherwise they will right is + be discharged very quickly. Wash the palms of your hands with soap and water to remove creams and lotions thoroughly before putting the Bio Wave 21 into operation. Otherwise the wristbands may become soiled and the current flow reduced.

Connect the cables of the BW 21 with the output connectors at the unit with the corresponding colour. After that, connect each cable with the wristbands. The wristbands must be moistened before application. Normal tap water should be used for this. 2. Application of different sequence runs: List of sequence runs: 1. chip card program 2. 3 x 7 mins. with 20 mins. pause each 3. continuous zap1 hour 4. Rife: Cold 5. Rife: Flu 6. Rife: Pain 7. BO 8. Rife:UNI 9. Beck: BK 3,79Hz 10. TENS1 11. TENS2 12. TENS3 13. settings

Basic functions: Switch on the BW 21 LCD: 1. Press the Power key until Power light is illuminated 2. Welcome message and version number appear on display 3. after about five seconds, the display automatically jumps to the next program window Selecting a frequency operation: 1. If no chip card was inserted before turning on the BW 21 LCD, the first sequence to appear in the program window is the sequence 3 x 7 mins. with 20 mins. Pause. If a chip card was inserted, the first sequence to appear in the program is the sequence chip card .

2. Select required frequency sequence with program 3. Confirm frequency sequence with Enter.


The display now jumps to the frequency sequence window. 4. You can return to the directory by prolonged pressing of the Enter key. Start/stop of frequency emission /sequence run: 1. After selecting the required frequency run, the frequency emission is started by pressing the Run button. A long signal is audible. The Run light is illuminated. 2. During frequency is active, the running frequency can be stopped any time with a brief pressing of Run. (The time switch is halted), an audible signal is issued, the Run light goes out. 3. If RUN is not re-pressed after latest five minutes, the appliance switches off automatically.

Contact control: The contact control is executed automatically at the beginning of the sequence run, or as soon as the Run key is pressed. The measured value is between 0 and 200. After two seconds, the display automatically jumps back to the frequency run. If the contact value is lower than 5, the display shows no contact. The Run light flashes, and the appliance beeps every 3 seconds. Attention: The treatment is interrupted! Please confirm the contact control with Enter to continue the sequence run, e.g. for test purposes.

Adjusting the intensity: The intensity can be adjusted from 0V to 15V. The pre - setting is 4V. By pressing the Intensity / keys, the pre- setting can be adjusted upwards or downwards in steps of 0.2V. By pressing the Intensity / keys for longer, the intensity can be adjusted fast in steps of 1.0V. The intensity should be adjusted to a level that is considered comfortable by the user. If burning or itching are felt, reduce intensity or break off treatment! Alternatively, use hand electrodes .

Navigation during frequency emission: 1. If you wish to skip one frequency during the sequence, or to return to the previous one, please press the program / key. 2. A short whistle signal is audible.

Changing between individual and total time: If the Run key is pressed for more than three seconds, the time indicator changes from individual to total time. The individual time is denoted by an E in front of the time displayed.

End/Ending the Program: At the end of the frequency run, the display shows Ready. Please confirm this indication with Enter.

The display then moves to the window Select sequence. If you want to end a frequency run prematurely, please press Enter for a longer time (to get back to the Select sequence window), or press Run (see page 7 Start/ stop of frequency emission).

Measuring the battery voltage: You can see the voltage of the inserted battery by briefly pressing the Power key.

After approx. 5 seconds, the display returns automatically to the last window previously selected. During the entire operation, the battery voltage is shown in the display with three battery boxes. If the battery is empty, the battery status displayed shrinks to a bar, and the Power light flashes.

Switching off the Bio Wave 21 LCD: 1. To switch off the Bio Wave 21 LCD, please press the On key for quite long. 2. 3 short signals are audible, and Power Off is displayed.

6. Warning and safety advice

The general guidelines for using electronic appliances (low-voltage guidelines) apply. To avoid the dangers of exposure to electricity, the casing of the appliance must not be removed, nor the back be opened. It is in your own interest to heed any warning messages on the appliance. Never use the appliance near water, such as bathtub, washbasin, etc., or in places with mit increased humidity, such as saunas. Do not place the appliance near heat sources, such as radiators, ovens, stoves, etc. Protect the appliance from extreme temperature swings which may result in failure of the LED. Notes on special precaution for the electricity supply: No external power supply must be connected! Operation exclusively with 9V battery block or 8.4V nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery.

Do not insert outgoing cables or attachments into sockets / wall outlets!

7. Combination with other appliances / avoiding risks

ATTENTION! Not to be used by people with heart pacemakers! Not allowed with electromagnetic stray fields, near microwaves. Not to be used simultaneously with other electrical appliances. Do not use a cellular telephone during the application. Not to be used in a bathtub. Wristbands/ hand electrodes not to be placed on open sores and wounds, allergies, or eczema. Application during pregnancy: No studies available. Do not use. During and after treatment with the BW 21, sufficient lowmineral, low-carbonated water should be drunk. Duration and intensity of treatment with the BW 21 LCD should be carefully weighed by the therapist for each patient before each application. For applications of more than two hours a day, a therapist should be consulted. A treatment of max. two weeks should be followed by an interval of at least two weeks. The appliance should not be used continuously. For grave, chronic diseases, treatment with the BW 21 LCD is not a replacement for a eontrolled medical therapy by a physician or alternative practitioner.

9. Instructions for hygiene and cleaning :

For wristbands: We recommend cleaning with pure water or mild soap-suds. When loaning or renting the BW 21, for hygienic reasons each user should use his own wristbands. For attachments:

Use a dampened cloth. Please do not use any alcoholic solutions or solvents for cleaning!

10. Counter indications / Side effects

In case of grave diseases of the excretory organs (liver, kidneys, intestines, lung, skin), consultation with a therapist is recommended. In rare cases, reactions may occur if the metabolites increasingly produced by zapping cannot be excreted fast enough. An initial therapy of the excretory channels is expedient, combined with rising treatment periods with the BW 21 LCD. The use of skin creams etc. may lead to occasional individual allergic reactions at contact points (wristbands), caused by electrolysis. If the intensity adjustment of the unit is too high, unpleasant sensations like tingling, itching, or burning may occur. In this case, please adjust the intensity downward (see p. 2), or break off the therapy until symptoms have disappeared. Hand electrodes can be used as an alternative to wristbands in order to avoid this kind of reaction. Interactions with other drugs are not known. If you take drugs regularly, please consult your physician or therapist regarding risks and side effects when using the BW 21 LCD.

11.Disposal Information:
Please dispose of the BW 21 LCD in accordance with local regulations for the disposal of electronic appliances and batteris.

12. Special Storage:

Storage temperature: -20 C to 70 C Humidity: 0 to 90 % relative humidity Store in a dry place! Ingress of fluids into the appliance must be prevented

13. Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity

Medi-Gen Technology Ltd. Bavarian Office Leiten 3 D - 83556 Griessttt/Germany

declare under their sole responsibility that the product:

Type: BW 21 As from ser. no.: MEZ2AA0001 Class: II a

complies with the requirements of:

directive 93/42/EWG of European Council dated 14th June, 1993 by applying standard DIN EN 60601-1 DIN EN 60601-1-4
And the test reports consulted and thus complies with the regulations of the Directive. Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/108/EG by applying standard EN60601-1-2 (EMC requirement for medical appliances)

Griessttt, 30th Nov. 2001 Place and Date of Name and signature of authorized person

Extended Manual
By buying your BioWave from MediVerse, you have indeed bought a exclusive product. The BioWave you have bought has been modified in several ways. Added Programs The following programs have been added to the firmware of the unit: 1. BO This is a program, which was specifically designed with Borreliosis associated frequencies. 2. Rife UNI This program contains the 12 most used Rife Frequencies. They were used basically to treat every possible illness first. 3. TENS 1-3. These programs are so called transcutaneous electronerval stimulation, which will use a current to interact with your nerves in such a way, that body-own pain killers, so called endorphins are released, which will then lessen almost any pain you have. If not already delivered with your unit, you can buy special patches for this. These patches will be placed on the painful area. Then, each person has to find the program which works best for them. Please ask your physician for further advice. Cable add-ons Units from MediVerse are also equipped with a special Beck add-on, which includes (please check): 1. a special pair of cables 2. a silicone-rubber conductive squared pad, or two round pads. 3. a Velcro wrist band This set is specifically designed for the blood electrification therapy, known as the Beck protocol. Please follow these simple steps to use it:

How to use the Beck-Add-on BioWave 21 / 77

Using the Back-Add-on is very easy. 1. Pull the standard cables used for the push-button electrodes from the unit. 2. Plug in the new cables delivered with this package in the connectors, which were formerly occupied by the standard cable. 3. Place the round electrodes on the A. radialis and A. medianus. Keep at least 1/3 inches of space in between.

The pads should be placed according to the pictures. If you cannot maintain 2/3 inches in between the pads, you may cut off some of the black rubber. Then, place the Velcro bands loosely around your wrist and through the metal loop. 4. Plug the metal pins from the cable in the rubber pads. 5. Prior to use, the pads should be lubricated with electrode gel or water, containing 4% of salt. 6. At last, place the pads underneath the wrist band and tighten. Please verify your pulse is still to be found after the band has been tightened. Also, if numbness or burning sensations in your hand, paleness or coldness should occur, please loosen the band, your blood circulation might be compromised.

If your Beck set included a squared pad instead of two round ones, please follow these steps, to suit the pad for your needs.

Please cut the pad in the middle with a pair of scissors (1.), as shown below. After that, please adjust the two parts to fit your wrist in a way, that the two small pads will fit comfortably on your both arteries and yet will have at least 1cm (1/3 in.) of space in between(2.). Please refer to No.3 on the previous page.