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*Time line*

Howrse Cup:

- Boo, Zuri and Milo breed Knabs together on AU under the S&S affix - HC starts and Boo and Milo form the Bushrangers team - Boo quits because her mommy took away the internet and Milo is the sole team Admin - BB and then Nef join the bushrangers - BB joins S&S (?) - Meeting about Team breeding groups gets heated and Casper butts heads with a lot of people - People vent about the meeting and Cas in PMs - Boo secretly snoops through Milos PMs, allegedly finds BBs PW in Milos Notebook - Boo alienates Milo on AU by being a raging bitch - Milo deletes AU and HC accounts - Nef becomes Admin - Boo forwards one of the PMs from either BBs or Milos account to Cas in which Cas is allegedly mentioned - Boo accesses BBs account and puts all but 5 (?) horses in the Safe Haven - including a divine - Boo manages to split the team in half and had the majority of the ones who left join her team (the name of which escapes me).The rest join other teams not wanting to take sides. - Cas gloats her ass-off in chatzy - Boo promises Ozrider and Cas that she will get them into the 1st ranked United Alliance team (lmfao!) - The remaining bushrangers merge with another team and are renamed The Unforgotten by vote. - The Unforgotten are joined by a new member - virtualvirgo (VV) - Boo tries to pouch players from VVs old teams (presumably because she believed they were going to join Unforgotten too?) - Boo later expels the players from the team (rather mean I thought =/ )

- Boos team goes down the shitter as elite teams wage challenge campaigns against the remaining players. - Sheza leaves boos team and joins an elite team. Then arrogantly tries to challenge the Unforgotten, but is taught a lesson >:) - Oz allows the remaining bushranger players (including from the unforgotten) to have her remaining diamonds and deletes her account - Boos teams is deleted - The Unforgotten manage to finish in the elite division, winning a Falabella (which might have some significance further down the line)

AU Server (the order of events may not be quite right): - Milo creates a new account on AU under the name Nighteyes - Roping wild breeding group is formed. - There are rumours that boo wanted to breed crios too. - Zuri joins the crios breeding group, but boo has a bitchfit and kicks Zuri out of S&S - All is quiet for some time (I think) - Across The Universe decides to quit howrse saying that she feels the game has become more of a chore than a fun way to spend time. She gives some number of GA coats to boo, but doesn't delete her account straight away. Boo uses it for filling allegedly via PW access. - Boo semi quits S&S too and makes a banner listing people to whom her 'thanks ring out' as if she is leaving... - BB and nef form a mustangs breeding group. - Sheza, the main mustang rival, throws a hissy fit and 'quits' howrse several times. - Sheza gets help from boo, achz and clive. - banners made by boo claim sheza's mustangs to be 'AUs true mustangs' and clive makes a statement in his profile saying he's helping keep the mustangs in the hands of the people who 'deserve' them. - Nef puts her falabella in her favourites on her profile page. - Shortly after someone gains access to her account via shared access (from zuris account using zuris PW - which she had shared with boo).

- 12 passes are used, 1684 APs are sold to the shop, 5 Nyx packs, one 5th element, 3 MAs, 3 bonus packs and 3 timers are wasted on random horses. - Nef doesn't report the incident to mods since the mods would probably punish Zuri. - Boo sends BB and Nef a long rambling PM trying to exonerate herself by claiming she stores PWs in her notebook, including zuris, and that anyone who has her PW (apparently many people) could have gained access, but not Sheza or Achz. Neither BB nor Nef respond to the PM. - BB donates 10 passes to Nef to buy APs with and they manage to beat sheza in the ranks. - Nef makes a post in the Howrse Spotters forums about reaching the first X star for the mustangs. - Sheza makes a reply in which she states Nef shouldn't be allowed to post that since BB and Nef don't 100 BLUP their horses (Nef does not respond). - That reply is later deleted by a mod. - Nef makes a passing comment in another forum about her APs going missing, to which boo replies mentioning that Nef hasn't replied to Boos long rambling PM. - A short time after boo is given a 5 point karma reduction and 1 month ban. - Zuri claims that boo blames Nef. - Nef breeds a feck load of horses using the Fertility Privilege she won from the Puzzles contest. She uses a high GP cross bred stallion she got from Scarecrow. - Clive assumes (arrogantly >__>) that this is an attempt to thwart his own project in which he tries to have the first stallion on AU that has provided 2000 covers. - After boo comes back from her ban, clive transfers all (?) his horses to boos account and seems to be in the process of restarting/quitting his account on AU. - boo makes references to hacking in her profile and mentions 'trashing' reputations (presumably Zuris and Nefs) - Rory provides Zuri with boos password, and they plan to take back Rory's GA horses. - Zuri gains access to boos account using a proxy server located in New York. - She sells the GAs plus some of clives horses to an account called Isaboo (which is an old account belonging to Zuri's sister which Zuri now has access to) - Clive bawwws like a baby, posting about 'his' horses being stolen in several forums and changing one of his affixes to 'Isaboo Stole' - Boo and clive pretend to be detectives and come to the erroneous conclusion that Nef is the culprit because boo claims to recall (wrongly) Nef saying she lives in NY. - Clive PMs Isaboo and has an exchange in which he claims to use his 'psychology' skills to make Isaboo reveal she is actually Nef *face palm*

- Boo and clive form an internet vigilante group in which they encourage people to spread the word about Nef being a hacker and bombard the Howrse Staff with PMs about it. - Nef starts getting harassing PMs from players. She reports nancyh2 for having a banner in her profile stating Nef is a hacker. - clive and boo later believe that Zuri is also somehow involved, but maintain that Nef is not off the hook. - Clive also suspects a player called Riley Cleland of being involved because she buys some of the GAs from Isaboo. - Boo tells clive to wind his neck in since they have now evidence - and allegedly boo is in contact with Riley and likes her. Riley is Rory. - Nef contacts the mods trying to highlight the dangers of internet vigilantism and how serious the consequences of internet bullying can be. She includes screen caps of FB chat that BB made. - Dargoniys response seems dismissive, replying essentially that Nef doesn't need to worry if she has done nothing wrong (and missing the point entirely) - Athame is more sympathetic. - nancyh1 receives a 1 point karma reduction. - No one else receives any punishment. - At some point boo remembers that the Isaboo account belongs to Zuri, but still believes nef is also involved. - Clive deletes his old account and starts a new one under the name ]Ragnarok[ - All is quiet for a little while. - ben2468, thejoker and paintapicture form an arab Uni breeding group called 'In My Pants'. Another user called Athena becomes part of their clique too. - Someone allegedly gains access to clives new account using his PW and attempts to delete it. - boo sends Nef a PM saying something along the lines of "It will come around" (this PM is the first that Nef becomes aware of something going down) - clive and co start another campaign blaming Nef of hacking and contact admin to get clives account back. His response on FB is not as 'hysterical' as with the previous incident however. - Howrse Admin manage to return clives account to him before the deletion cool down period is over. He doesn't log back into his account, essentially abandoning it. - Nef does not contact the mods in any way despite boo making threats of violence in FB chatter captured by BB.

- Shortly afterwards Athena, TheJoker and countrygirl1234 receive 1 month bans and 5 karma point deductions. TaBoo, ben1234 and PaitaPicture have their accounts deleted. - ben1234 creates an account under the name of 'Flame' and sends an obscene (fairly juvenile) PM to Nef. BB captures FB chat of him bragging about it. - He goes on to create a few more fake trolling accounts and sends more PMs but mods shut him down fairly quickly. - boo creates a new account under the name Maiden storm. - she sends FRs to multiple people including Nighteyes, Zuri and Nef and pretends to be a new player on AU who had previously had an account on Int. - She PMs Nef and instantly arouses suspicion my being overly sycophantic. - boo asks for a layout in her presentation. Nef replies the 'TaBoo and Cbear' are the two main layout makers on AU. - boo replies that Taboo is no longer on the server. Nef doesn't make any further acknowledgement of this in her reply to boo. - Shortly after CHRISTINE123 sends Nef an unexpected PM asking if Nef knows what happened to the TaBoo account (Nef and CHRISTINE123 have not talked much and the PM and question is unusual). - 'Maiden Storm' claims Cbear doesn't reply to her PMs regarding a Layout, but manages to contact 'TaBoo' via face book who makes her a layout. - Nef finds a 'Maiden Storm' Account on the UK server which has the same layout and is friends with many of the people who were deleted or banned recently. The tone of the presentation is significantly different too... On UK the person attempts to portray themselves as someone with an attitude. - Nef un-friends boo and stops replying to her PMs. Boo makes a few last attempts to keep the rouse going - boo deletes the presentation and friend comments and puts a picture in her profile which is hosted on boos TheRealBoo photobucket account. - boo takes back many of the horses she had been selling to TheJoker and countrygirl234 prior to her TaBoo account getting deleted. - boo sends nef another FR and changes to presentation once again to include quotes about hate and forgiveness. - boo allegedly manages to figure out that Riley is Rory. - Rory claims that boo, with the help of Scarecrow, gains access to her new account called Aurorasaurus using Rory's PW and resets it so that she loses all her items and horses.

- Scarecrow sends a group PM to all Anduril members claiming that Rory believes scare is responsible. Scare denies that she is but says she is concerned about retribution.