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How many people (the stakeholder) discuss about the issue?

Based on those news articles, there are six stakeholders that discussed about the issue. They were the Auditor-General, Tan Sri Ambrin Buang, the Deputy Home Minister Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi Wan Jaafar, the Secretary of the Home Ministry Datuk Seri Abdul Rahim Mohd Radzi, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, the DAP Seputeh Vice-Chair and DAP from Seremban, Teresa Kok and Anthony Loke, and Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM).

Who is responsible to rectify (to solve) the issue?

The Asset Management Division, Department of Logistics and the Investigation Committee Unit/Commission and Bukit Aman police headquarters are responsible for the management of assets.

What is your personal opinion about the issue?

In our point of view, since the IGPs states that the lost guns were accidentally falling into sea or rivers, as a senior police officer, he should have not come out with such reasoning as we people are not that nave to simply believe on his statement which can be considered as illogical. How come so many firearms and guns could be falling into the sea or rivers without their awareness when those things are actually their valuable assets that should be taken care very well. As a public, we actually seek an explanation or an answer not a theory. Another statement of him that saying the weapons did not fall into the wrong hands. The question is how did he know that the guns did not fall into the wrong hands? There have been cases where guns were stolen from police patrol cars while the officers were asleep. Back to the IGPs statement on the guns might have fallen into the sea, which is a wild guess.

People will want to know so how many guns have fallen into the sea now? Can he come up with a statistic? Hence to us, Khalid and PDRM should come up with a more responsible approach as crime rate is increasing with more gun related crimes reported.

A suggestion and steps to be taken to resolve the issue;

If we are the public relations officer to the organization, we will try our best to come up with a solid answers and reasons together with the facts that we have collected. As we viewed the feedbacks from public and few organizations that are interested with this issue, most of them not only want explanation even though they are asking for answers but they are actually seeking for a solution as well. Firstly, based on the IGPS statement and the way he handled this thing, we will take this as a lesson to answer with facts and find a prove first to present those explanation to people since as a public relations officer, we are aware that we need to speak with facts even we are actually assuming we need to back up our assumption as well. As a PRs officer, it is important for us to answer every questions and comments from the people in a plausible way. Furthermore, on the PDRMs side, we will make sure they take a good look at the weaknesses in the police system. In other countries like USA, Canada, UK, Europe and even Japan and Hong Kong nearer to us, policemen and uniformed staff who lose their armed weapons can severely reprimanded, like a court martial and some have been suspended or even lost their job as these weapons when fallen into wrong hands can caused severe loss of public lives and properties. According to the Deputy Home Minister, the action taken against the officers was similar to those countries and so we will convince public that they are serious about the rules by highlighting it and told them on what they are supposed to answer. Not to forget, we will communicate with the government to alert them that they must address this incidence seriously as we already have a high crime rate in the country which is not showing sign of declining. Lastly, after discussing the issue with the responsible organizations, we will give the facts and data while answering those wonders to the public.