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David Guetta

2a% 3--) Back r!und inf!r"ati!n Birth na"e B!rn Genre# $ccu%ati!n# &ear# active 'a(el# )e(#ite David Pierre Guetta 7 November 1967 4age 536 Paris, 'rance 7"ectro house, hip house, dance0pop Producer, DJ 19)58present 72, 2usic 'rance, 9irgin &&&

19842000: Early life and career David Pierre Guetta; born 7 November 1967 is a French house producer, and DJ.
At age 17, Guetta began DJ'ing at the road !"ub in Paris. #e $irst p"a%ed popu"ar songs, and he discovered house music &hen he heard a 'ar"e% Jac(master 'un( trac( on 'rench radio in 19)7. *he ne+t %ear, he began hosting his o&n c"ub nights. ,n 199-, he re"eased .Nation /ap., a hip0hop co""aboration &ith 'rench rapper 1idne% Dutei". #e is married to !ath% Guetta, &ith &hom he has t&o chi"dren.

20012006: Just a Little More Love and Guetta Blaster

,n 3--1, David Guetta a"ong &ith Joachim Garraud $ounded Gum Productions, and in the same %ear Guetta's fir#t hit #in le, .Just a :itt"e 2ore :ove., $eaturing American singer !hris ;i""is &as re"eased. ;i""is &as vacationing in 'rance &hen he met Guetta Guetta's de(ut al(u" Just a Little More Love &as re"eased in 2002 Guetta's #ec!nd al(u", Guetta Blaster* &as re"eased in 2004 and contained .*he ;or"d is 2ine.

200+2008: Pop Life

,n 200+* Guetta-# third al(u" Pop Life &as re"eased. *he a"bum &as success$u" in the 7urope. According to 72, in 3-1-, the a"bum has so"d a tota" o$ <=-,--copies &or"d&ide. *he "ead sing"e .:ove ,s Gone. reached Number 1 on the American Dance #e p"a%ed in man% countries around the &or"d to promote the a"bum.

2009%re#ent: One Love and ,nternati!nal (reakthr!u h David Guetta's fourth studio album, One Love* &as re"eased on 21 .u u#t 2009, and $irst sing"e .)hen '!ve /ake# $ver., &hich $eatured 0elly 1!2land, in man% countries &or"d&ide becoming a huge summer > dance$"oor hit. *he a"bum has so"d 1.5 mi""ion copies &or"d&ide since its re"ease according to i""board.?n 16 June 3--9, the Black Eyed 3ea# re"eased the David Guetta0produced ., G!tta Feelin . as their second sing"e $rom their $i$th studio a"bum, The E.N.D.. ,t became a &or"d&ide hit topping the charts in seventeen countries. se""ing more than one mi""ion copies, &ith si+ mi""ion do&n"oads. #e &as nominated t&ice $or his &or( &ith the Black Eyed 3ea# in!e "pril #$$%, Guetta had his o&n radio sho& on the internet radio station 'auteMusi( on 1aturda% evening. *he sho& &as a$ter&ards moved into /adio <=), being aired ever% 'rida% evening a$ter Tisto's Club Life. ,ts name is Fuck Me I'm Famous. Guetta per$orms a one0hour set o$ house music, presenting main"% ne& ta"ents inside.
&ear .2ard 3--6 DJ 3--7 A&ards 4ate !ry est #ouse DJ est ,nternationa" DJ 5!"inated 2!rk 1e#ult Nominated ;on

est ,bi@a Night ;or"d ;or"d's est 2usic 1e""ing DJ A&ards *2' est Dance Act A&ards DJ est #ouse DJ A&ards 2*9 3--) 7urope est 'rench Act 2usic A&ards DJ est #ouse DJ A&ards 3--9 DJ *op 1-- DJ's 2aga@ine /ecord o$ the Cear

'uc( 2e ,'m 'amous

;on ;on Nominated ;on Nominated Nominated *hird P"ace

., Gotta 'ee"ing.
4&ith *he "ac( 7%ed Peas6


est Dance .;hen Nominated Gramm% /ecording :ove *a(es A11B A&ards est /emi+ed ?ver. /ecording, Non0 4&ith De""% ;on /o&"and6 !"assica" 3-1est 7"ectronicEDance One Love Nominated A"bum est DJ ;on ;or"d est Producer ;on 2usic est 1e""ing A&ardsAB ;on 'rench artist N/J ,nternationa" 2usic A"bum o$ the One Love ;on A&ards Cear