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200M---'i: qo (5185)
(H,Q. 1712--39-1658)
_u ... ..... .. .. P..9:B .. T. .. H. ...................... .... ... ... .. .R .. N..P. .. g ..1.S.S .. .. .... .... O .. F. .... .. ........ ..B ... N. .. B .. 12.B .............. ....... .i4.t ... J. .. o .. ,J .. 7 ............... ..
I, r,_ A
APPENOJCES ..... ................ .
FROM ............ J ...... .. .......... 4. .. .................. : ................. TO ... .. ............. ... ;?.J ... ..... ........ .. ..................... .
C. lv\ H 0
R::>c<:iV"r: .. . .. \'
.. llll' ' ': '
I :.::
VOLUME ................. .
n . '?
;:. (1-i!.ti; { "'-
Of!M:Cil f!MI

(SiriAe oul where nol applicable)
Instructions for Compilation and
1. A War Diary SECRET.
2. 'l'he Wn,r Diary Lakes the place of the Historical
Record when on active service. (ICR. Can. Para.
1530). l ts objects are : to supply authentic'ial
for the history of the unit, and of Lhe fo1ce; to furnish
a historical record of operations; and to provide data
upon which to base improvements in (;raining, equip-
ment, organir.ation and administration.
3. Unless otherwise 01dered, t.he original and
duplicate copies are sent on the first day of the suc-
ceeding month, t hrough the usual channels, t.o the
A.G., 2nd Echelon, wherever that office may be.
The triplicate copy mtty be held by the unit for tlnee
months and then forwarded, also through the usual
channels, to A.G., 2nd Echelon.
4. Post-war die;posal will be as under:
Original-retained at Otta.wa for histori cal
Duplicate-to British Record Office for historical
Triplicate-to nuit for custody with unit records.
5. The War Diary will be entered up daily on
M.F.M. 11 and rendered monthly in triplicate (Mobn.
Inst.r. for C.M. 1937. App. "C") . Each ontry will be
initialled by the officer detailed to keep t he W a t
Diary, which will be signed n.t the end of each month
by tho commander. (F.S.R. Vol. II, Sec. 35, para.
3 iii).
6. The following should be recorded daily as events
occur :
(i) Important ordct'S, instructions, reports, mes-
sages or despatches received and issued, and
decisions taken. Original documents should
be attached as appendices to tho Original
copy of the War Diary.
(ii) Daily map enlployment, movements
and of unit headquarters and of
batteries, companies, etc. March tables
should be at-t:.!lched o.s appendices.
(iii) Important moveruenLs of officers and matters
relating to the duties of each branch of the
staff. A complete set of the ?'QtLtine orders
and instructi<ms, Part I Orders, issued by
the unit during the month should be att.ached
as an appendix to the od gino.l copy.
(iv) Detailed account of operations-to include:-
Exact hour, and circumstances of
important occurrences. Movements and
names of neighbouring unit.<J. Commanders
of batteries, companies, etc., names of Offi-
cers and number of O.R. (i) engaged and
(ii) battle casualties. Dispositions, activi-
ties and identity of enemy forces. Prisone1s
and tl'ophics captured. AmmuniLion ex-
pended. Factors affecting operations, topo-
graphical and climatic. Maps and sketches
showing dispositions of batteries, companies
etc., ali important phases. The record of
communications, both written and ve?'bal,
received or despatched during active opera-
tions as an appendix. A complete set of t he
opcmtion orders an<l instrttctions issued during
the month. Notes on conferences and
rep01ts rendered to higher formations, or
received from lower formations, as appendices
to the original copy.
(v) Nature and description of trcnch<!S, field works
or accommodation occupied or constructed.
Meteorological notes.
(vi) Changes in esLa.blishment or strength. Names
and ranks of oflicers and number of O.R.
Attachment of units and Rein-
forcements. Copy of Part II Orde?s an<l
W eelcly Field Retunts of O.fficers a.nd 0. R.
should be attached as appendices to the
original copy. Changes in organization,
stores, transport, etc.
7. It is essential thaL all copies of both text and
appendices are legible. App(mdiecs will be numbered
and referenced to the text in t.he last column of the
form. Cunent issues of any rer;imental publication
should be aLLached.
8. I t will be found convenient at the end of each
month, when the Wat Diary is being completed and
the col'l'espondence in unit files for the month is
beiug reviewed and distributed (F.S.R. Vol. I, sec. 171
para. 3) if the material considered to be of historical
value in the light of Lhe above is attached as appen-
dices tho original copy of t he War Diary.
9. A good war diary makes possible t he accurate
and detailed reconstruction of cin:umstances, con-
ditions and action.
N O'lEl: If monthly dhtry is more than one inch thick,
use a second folder. If appcndi1:cs are bulky, tie
folder up with tape or string to make a fixm package.
M.P.M. 11
40/ P & B/i7 (9/ 42)
In.struotions regarding preparation of
War Di:_l.rics (which will be kept from first
da.y of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. I.
\ 'l'itle pages will be prepared.
......... ,.. , ..,
Original, duplicate h d l'(' triJuca.t': to .. be
forwarded to 0 . i/o 2nd Echelon for disposal.
In the Fielt
(Erase heading not required)
Hour {) n
of Ev,ente and

063( Reveille, preparations ma(/ e !or move.
08C 0 Lt Col J.D. Forin atten ed a at Bde B.Q., and on tjie retum calleo an
"0" Group for 1000 hrs.
lOOC 0" Gr up at Wl h the c.o. outlined 1iJ.e known enem;v dispositions of ue,
and t 1a1i tuc intention was for tl ...e Bn to move forward to a .JOndentration area,
ana be prepared to take over positicns now OC-'U.Pi""!d the 78th Divs T.o .. v.,
move, time of marslw.lling 1400 lll's, Convoy to arose the river Sangro durinc;
night. Supper ratione to be by the troopa.
llOC Raining, and area turneo into a sea of mud. . air over the area
durinc tlle morning.
130C "0" Group, at whi,:. the C .o. stated there was a amaJ..l chonee 1n plena.
marshalling now would be 5hrs, move off 16JO hrs.
Time of
1 6<)0 .Embusee<l and moved off 1630 hre, at&ll and a cold N.E. wind D1 blowing
and a very tVlCOmfor'table JOld wet ride followed. .
2;34 5 De bussed, grea't .;oats londed on to Q.!-1. truoka and t;1e Dn forneo up for the move
the RIV R SA1GRO to tte Bde area.
OOJ O Skies .; and stars shininc;, a8 the Bn moved off, the l8r..:h being a welcome
after bein :rampea in for over 6 hre. The Bn transport wa. left
behind and the troop the river on foot brida"GB ere.:ted by the .F.Qgintere.
During tile crossinG paeaed elemente of the 78th Diva soing down the line for a
rest period, &nd 1ll&J:QI humourous and jocu1ar remarks were bandied and forth
be tween the troops aa we
0245 Arrived 1n aseembl7 area and were met by &U1de, and alit trenches
ettled down till oayl1ght.
0630 Reveille, F Echelon moved up into the Bn area, ratione 1esyed and meals prepared.
Six planes flew over nnd dropped a couple of bombs outside of the Bn erea.
Remarks, Teferenoes
to and
M.F.M. 1l
40/P & S/37 (0/42)
Ins.tructions regarding pl.'epara.tion of
War Diaries ('vhich will be kept from first
day of mobmzation, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
> Title pages will be prepared.
Original, and to be
forwarded to 0. ijc 2nd Echelon for disposal.
In tlle Fi olc
Date Hour
2 09.30
- 1530
43 0900
(Erase heading not 1equired)
Summary of Events and Information
After attending a at Bde H.Q. the 0.0. Lt Col J.D. :rorin oalle4 an
o Group at which he etated the Bn - on 10 mJna notice to movct. A .t 0
and Admin1evat1on Staff from B.H.Q. would go forward u far aa possible riding
on our .apport group vehicle B- D and B.H.Q. to march.
The intentionwaa for the Bn to take up detenain poai tiona, the other 81<1e of the
town of Roc:oa, 1n eupport of the London Iriah Bn who were to advanae asaint
enemy positions supported by 2 Squadrons of tanke.
troops ridingt moved off by the marching personnel. fl.W. of
FOSSACESIA debuaaed, and after a halt of 3 hra the Bn movedoff to aheet
/47 {t) and were aet by an party who guided Ooye to their reepect1'9'e areae.
Ooye due in, in detene1ve position.
Ratione were 1esued and blankets drawn. Slight enem;y ehellin& JUftt forw&Nr of
the Dn area 1D the e'ftn1tl8 Patrol were sent out during the n1CJ.t
and Lieut.
!. !.1oxon, leating one patrol met with an a:}:ident ar:h; fractured h1e arm.
for 1 hour. All quiet, patrol& out during the night reported no
with the eneJqJ.
Brig. Bof'faeiater, visited the c.o., Lt Ool J.D. !'orin and outlined future
P.P.O.L.I., pa.eaed through the Bn area to take up position to the NORTH of ou:re.
S.P. Gun and .Art:, moved 1n and around the aroa.
Lt Ool J.D. For1n ,;,alled en o Group at which he stated the Bn would not move
untU the morning, when it woul4 be on i hr to mow at o8JO All
21/oa of Coya under the command of !ia3or s.w. Ttoaeon to go on an advance
'o re0-.;e an area for the Bn around 'tlte of s. VITO Sheet 147(1:*)"1)610.
Stan4-toC. 'for 1 hour. Local partole were laid on and a patrol or 2 men tram
t!te Scout eect1on to leave at 2lS9 hre to recce the area of .350046 Sheet 147
(1V). All quiet during the night.
Remarks, references
to AppendiceB and
M.F.M. 11
40/P & 8/37 (9/4,13)
Instructions regarding preparation of
War Diarios (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol I.
IJ Title pages will be prepared.
Original, duplicate a.nd to be
forwarded to 0. i / c 2nd Echelon fot disposal.
la the t1el4
Date Hour
4 0600
4) 0800
(Erase heading required)
Summary of Eventa and Information
Breaktaet prepared and blankets and paGkeloaded on to Vehiclee and
the Bn on i bra to move.
party to noce new area.
!wo man patrol rom the Scout Pl. reported that the.: had rec.;ed area sent to and
found no sign of the enetl\'1
Bn moved ott 1n order of mer:}ht A - 0 - ll.H.Q. - D-B, and arrived in the new
area Sq )608 Sheet 147 et 1200 rLra. F Eahelon moved into the area and
rations were drawn.. and meals prepared.
The c.o. Lt Col J.D. Fortn attGnded a at Bde H.Q.
o- Group at which the 0 .o. with the aid of airial photograph& outlined the Bn
Remarks, references
to Appendices and
plan aat1on. The P.P.o.L.I., would advanoe ane attac:k the town of s. LBANN1DO
The Seafcrtha to proteot their let flank. by and aeauring high ground
tm of L.a Sq J2ll Sheet /{1 11 The Dn to advance 1n order of mar\lh
D - 0 - B.H.Q. - A - D. !he c.oa and 1.0. Jeep and 22 eet vehicle to follow 1f
possible. Bn to be on 1 hour .. notic to move.
Change 1n plana, aa from reliable information it was a. fr;;;eh eneD\J'
Div 1'4 been con'-'entrated in the area that Bn waa aupL,osed to The new
ple.DJ The Seaforthe to advance and :1n area of Sq JJ09 Sheet /4.J(/)
The P.P.C.L.I., to take right flanking position& and tLo Edmn Regt
tlank1ng poai tion Move ott at 2200 bra ill the order of maroht 0 - A - BHQ
B - Dt IU(tcl 22 Set to be brought up by tlle 1.0. Capt x.s. Murdoch at 22JO

:Bn oft and advan ;e4 without 1no,llent arrltt the area by the
INNISKI:,LI'N(;Regt came under a herraains tire laid tiown bJ .. the eneJI\1 in the
immittia"e rto1n1ty. Ooya were dispersed enG after dig6ing lit trEmchee aettled
down tor a night of harrasing fire on the area.
- . .
M.F.M. 11
& 8/3'1 (9/(2)
Inst.ructions :regarding prepa.I'iltion of
War Die.ries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
Title pages will be prepared.
Original, duplica.te,{Uld to be
forwarded to 0. ijo 2nd Echelon for disposal.
(Erase heading not required)
Place Date Hour Su.rmuary of Events and Iniorma.tion
Remarks, references
to Appendices and
In -&he ftel4 S
I 1' .lL Y J)l!:O
06UU .4\ntmJ httav1lJ ahelled ille .Bll area and were ooWtt4jJ' ahelled b.v ou..r
2 Off1cera in B Ooy were Rerritt an4
D93t Area at1ll being heavily ahellttd. Bd.gade Oolllm8&1cler, Brigadier B.M. Hot':t'me18tt r
tbe c.u. Lt.-ool. 'orin and outl1ned the next move ot' th Bn,
wb1oh 'De oroaa1na ot the MOI\RO river a.n4 attack o.pon the 1own
ot SAN
lOVC The c. o. oalled an o Grou.p at which he ontllned 'the plana for the
Battalion' mo'fe. .I Company to mo"fe on their own 01.-oaa tm MORRO.
A aD4 C oompao.1ee mel an4 .D Company to oroaa thB r1 at the .ror4. .c;aat ot
I oompanya oroaa1ns. Malee to be to pack aacl ammun1t1on.
Jt oompanJ to atart at 2200 hol\ra, and A comp&RJ -&o ata.rt a-& 2210 hra.
fhe I. o. Capt. X. s. PliQrdQOk to recce the route aoroaa oou.ntr7 for A. 09 UQ
and J) coJ 18 aet oommunicat ion to be
l 3CH. 1.0. Capt. K. s. Mt.lrdo ok reported he had reooed tbit roate tor the JUght a
mo'fe. .Meala were prepared and pr.-parat1ona made for tho mo'f
220L B Compao.J reported that were mo't1Jl8 ott 1n tho d1 :reot1on of the r1'fer.
22lC A Company otf folJ.owed b3 0 Coy, B. II,. Q. and. .1) Ooy.
2359 B. B. Q. loet oommu.n1oat1ona w1 th "A Company.
-- -...
W:.P.M:. 11
4WP & B/87 (9/42)
Instructions regal'ding preparation of
War Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
Original, duplicate and trip .....Jaie to be
forwarded to 0. i /o 2nd Eahelon !or disposal.
$' Title pagea will be prepared.
( heading not required)
Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
In the Fleld 6
0100 c COmpany reporte4 they were &4Yanotna lo17 on their but
meeting with heaYy enemJ Y.G. an4 Mortar fire.
0130 B. B. Q. eatabllahed a forward Command .roat on the s. E. 1114 of the nnzo.
0200 Banners from .A. Company broupt 1n report that the Oo7 had met w1 th h47
oppoa1t1on and qalte a few oaaRalltlaa, amonsat wbom were the Oompan7
Commander, Major T.c.B. Tanae, also O.S.M. .A.. Blaker, and that the remalne
two platoons were baak on the aide the r1Yer.
0700 o CompaQJ reporte4 that 1 of A 007 was now 1n their area an4ezo
the1r po1111aod and the aoapany ns oonaol14ate4 1a area o Sq Jlll - Sheet
147 ( .. ), stlll in oontaat wtth the enem7.
0715 a CompaDJ reporte4 tbat theJ bad aoneol14ate4 ln the area of Sq 3211 - Sheet
147 aeetlng opposition from enem7 M.G. f1NJ
0800 5 P.o.w.a were roaght tnto B.B.Q. az.a wbloh now aatabl1aha4 at lJ4ll4
Sheet 147 1 COmpany reporte4 haleS oaptun4 DWDei'Oaa prlao.oera an4
were aencl1a.a aame to B. B. Q. a aeon.
0900 P.P.O.L.I. on our left fllmk reported ateady prosresa, but 81p ot enemJ ooanter
attaak from the town ot s. C A L D A a I Sq 3009 - Sheet
beat7 tallk reported in the area of s, 3111. Oar own tar.Lke were meet1q Wl th
heaY7 enem7 fire, and a tank baitle ra,ed fgrlouelr.
ll ooo s Company reported meeting enam7 oppoa1t1on tMat 1n the prooeae of olau.taa
ap same.
Hoav7 enem7 ahell1na and monanns ot .B. H. Q. area darlllg the mom1Dg.
The o.o., Lt-col. J.D. For1a.
4ao14e4 that D Oomp&DJ an4 B.B.Q. and two platoons
of .t Ooy woalcl oroas the rlYer an4 moye llP to the two forw&Z'Cl Oof ' aa the
foroe prepared to moye off a pltohed t&Ak battle between oazo and en-.r tanka
deyeloped and on lnatra.at1ona fttom Ide, B.Q. p1au n ..: e obaqe4J It waa 4eo14e4
that the aphere ot oper atlona be transferred to the P. fl. c .I . I. area due 'o the
be8Y,J oonoea.tratlon of enem, ln the Seaforth of C area.
Remarks, references
to Appendices and
M.F.M, 11
<iO/P &S/37 (9/42)
Instructions regarding pl'eparation of
War Diaties (which will be kept. from :first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. l.
lp .Title pages will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and triplic:ate to be
forwarded to 0. i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
In the Field.
(Erase heading not required)
Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
( Oontlnued)
The 0.0. J.D. For1n deo1de4 tbat , the one platoon of A Ooy now with
"C Company, would w1 thdraw to llrea 4u.r1ng the D.ight. .I an4 0 Ooya to
W&d u.p and :form a oompold. te aroup to hol4 taol1aheci bridcehead, to oe
bJDthe balanee of th& Battal1oa dQl'lng the next 4ay. Rat1ona wou.l4 be taken
P to B C CoJ 't.y mule the n1ght. Bum ftt1oa to be 1
ll. B. Q. area oetng heavll7 ahelle.. 4J.'he c. o. att ucled a eon.terenoe at .Bde H. Q.
at whloh 1t waa deo1dEt4 the ltegt wo.Ud advanoe thro11p the P.P.O.L.I.
The B.. e.G. woal.a e:reot a bl'lcla aoro the r.1 ver at Jl7066 (1)
tz-anport. Oo:t of the Seldortha to proncle pl'Oteot1on . .tor the
1900 A OompanJ pJ'O't'1ded an eaeort for the tranaportat1on of -1 mule to
B and 0 Ooya.
2000 A. H. Q,. aad ]) OompanJ moved 11p to the area of 3451.06 Sheet 147 (l).
2200 the day, 40 prt11onr we:re takan )J' I 007, ad aan7 German lU.lliJd
'r B and 0 Co'llpanlcta. I and C Oompa411e were ord&rad w1 thdraw baok to
tne Ill. 4 of the rtvett as it had oeen 4eo14ed DJ the .lrlga41er, that it
wo\44 -a.. 1mpoas1 bl6 to conat:t' a (11 vor11on below s. L. s. A.M. A. R. D. 0. c 4
1n1tead, the P.P.C.L.I. 'r.14geheacl 1R the of V. R 0 0 T I woulcl '
!he In mo.-ed oft to a oonoent]l'at1on area in Sq. )208. plan Aew, wa to
L. Rest in exploitation of the P.P.C.L.I. whioh
had met le oppoa1t1on thaD. oar own effort tn the tl. L A N A R ]) 0 aeotor.
Remarks, references
to Appendice& and
InB.truotioil.a regQrding prepmat.ion of
War Diari.e.s (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, cr eation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. VoL 1.
Title pages will be prepared.
( IDra.e not required)
Place Dato Hour Summary of Events and Information
lA the P1el4 7 0600 Sian4 To - .blntHDJ' ahell1na l!I.H.Q. -ancl D an a a.
l!ALY .D&O
44 0700 Lt .. ool. J.ll. Ea.ta atten4e4 a ooa1erenoe Bd.e B.Q.
0800 An o Gro11p wa held at dlioh o. o .. atate4 tha. t B and
be dill4r&WA to the Jattal1oll area.
1000 lS oompan;y arr1 ved 1nto the area l37l0.3 eheet 147(1}.
JU'.:W. 11
o!P & S/ 37 (D/U)
Origina.l, d11.plica.te and trripliciate to be
forwarded to 0. i/o 2nd Echelon for disposal.
Remarks, references
to Appendicae and
,fr- '
C Compan1e wo.U4
The7 re;po n4 that
1D the dal' aot1on theJ had takec 35 P.o.w., wlpe4
ou.t 14 M. IJ. po ad
Canal t1ea 07 the eompaAy 'belAie 1 I woo_n4e4 an4 6 miaaiq.
.U.F.U. 1l
40/P & 8/87 (11/,2)
Instructions regarcling prepamtio.n of
War (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained :in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
Original, duplicate and tripLl:ate to be
forwarded to 0. i I o 2nd Ecllelon for clisposal.
c( Title pagea will be prepared.

( Erwe heading not reqm'red)
Place Date Hour
Summary of Events and Infonnation
Renlarks, references
to Appendices and
In the F1e1ct
( Oontl.Daed)
1030 C 007 arr1n4 1nw the area of 324083- A Oo7 )2)08) - ]) COJ 326086 - B.n.Q. J270S5
Areaa shelled and mortared b7 enem.J all da7 ..
1500 The Ide L.O. , Lt. Melhaleh Y11dte4 the o.o. and tated that the 2D4 Bde were to
be nthdrawn for a 24 hoar reat and pnqr al olean np. 84mODton llestme.nt
remain ln aame araa- P.P.C.L.I. to be relelye4 'Y the WEST Seaforth of C
to be relelYed by 7th Pan3ab -8Ind1an DlY.
1600 o Qroup at wblob the c.o. oatl1ae4 the present eltuatlon, and tate4 that the
I.O. 111 th 2 I. Sea mm would rQOOO an area 1n Sq l410 Sheet 147 (1Y) tor the
purpose of bllletlng the Whole In 1n hoaaea dQr1ns the brtt reat
Ration .Blankete and Small paolte to be brottpt llp troa A Eoheloa.. latalloa
keep ott the roads dartna moye, aa ib.ey were belng ahello4 heavily 'J the naiDJ.
COmpanies to moye off aa eoon as they were rele1-.e4 bJ the Ind1ana.
1730 7 Regt moyed tnto Bl1 Area.
1800 Moye4 of'f on oroas-ooWltry treokk'and arr1ye4 1n the reat area 2000 BriJ
B.H.Q. )46110- 1 COJ 346114- lJ Coy ))6105- C Oo7 346107 - J) OOy )441U.
?200 Rat1ona, blanketa and small paoke arr1Ye4 ln the ana md were 4latl"1'bllte4, and the
Battallon eettle4 down to a nlghta reet and lPJ lmfortuatle7
cl1at urbe4 )y h7 enem7 shell c d mortar t1 re 1n the uea. feh1 olee belo:f'J!
to another Unl t 1n the Bn area h1 t b7 ihell nre, tlre ancl a
the enemy a ,ood tarset to shoot at. all night,. ,
8 0600
Deo 0700
Enemy &tlll lb elllna the Bn area.
!he o.o., Lt-ool. J.D. For1n, attended a oon'ferenoe Bde S.Q. at whloh 1t was
deo1d4 tbat after tbe lat Ide had atreng\hened their brl4s'hea4 on NORTH
Blde Of rlyer, 'the Seaforth of 0
would go with the Of tanka
to an area ln Sq J21J - Sheet 147 (w) a th the exoept1on o:f one oompuy who, nth
the support of would make a left book along the road l'DDD1AI W&ST :froa
S. L A N A R D 0 Jl0118.

M.F.M. 11
4,0/P & S/ 87
Instructions r egarding preparation of
War Diuries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. l.
Original, duplicate and to be
forwarded to 0. i / c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
pages will be prepared.
(Erase heading rwt required)
Place Date Hom of Events and Inorma.tion
In 'the F1el4
( OOntlaae4)
ogoo o Group at whloh the c.o. ezplainedthe al\Ratlon and ata\e4 a plan of
aot1on the Bn woul4 be laid on later.
Arty and tanka lald down a heayy oonoentratlon of t1re on enemJ oooup1e4
Our heayy bomltera and !i&htera were oyer durS.q the 4ay, bombl.o.g ucJ
atrattns the enem7 poa1t1ons. .
1000 24 mal.ea 1111. th Indian drtyers, arr1Ye4 1n the area. To be uaecl 1n '\ranaporttns
Ammunition, ancl 3 Inoh Mor\ar aoroaa the R1ver Moro.
Enemy shelllns darlns the nlght, bmt light oompare4 th the
n1ght 's shelling.
Deo 0530
43 0600
Blankets rolled and eq111pment loa4ed on to Yeh1olea, and lkl owa1 tad further
orders trom Ide H.Q. \o mo
ln. to moYe off at 07 30 hra.
p Ooy moYe4 oft, enoownter.lng heay enemJ ahell and flre wb1le ozoaa1ns
'\he rl.,.er.
!he c.o. altered OoJ'& plan ot maklng a to the ot s. L A fl A R D 0
an4 uns the COy to the NORTH to aea1a'\ the R. c. R. Rest, who were tightln&
ott a haYJ ooanter attaok bythe enemJ.
J) C07 reported that theJ r mee'\1ns realatanoe but were advaolns alowly
uder enemy M.M.G. an4 ahell f1r and had autterre4 a few oaaaalt1ee. The o.o.,
Lit-col. J.D. Fo1'1n the ba aot1on from a point Ul a tank,
wbioh later hit a mine ana blew a traok1 no
D CoJ reported they were 1n the ton of s. L E A N A R D 0 ancl, w1 th tbe 814
Remarks, r eferences
to Appendices and
of eupport1n1 tanks one oompiiUlJ Gt tbe a. c. a. Rep, mopping a.p ene117
f.!\ G. posts looaed ln there.
1\ll.F.M. 11
40/P & S/37 (9/42)
Instructions regarding preparation of
War Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
Original, duplicate and tripLtcate to be
forwarded to 0. i/o 2nd Echelon for diaposal.

Title pages will be prepared.
Ia. tbe Ftel4
Date Hour
Deo 1000
(Erase heading not requi1ed)
Summary of Events and Information
( OOnttnuet)
1 Platooa of a 007 .. re aant to.a to Jl7ll7 aa a tor a
aapper part7 bu.lldlac a cltYeJ'aloD 111 tbat area.
:a. B. Q. - .&. - 0 - B moe4 ott 1D dlreotloA of nr ozoaatas. ...S.q Udel'
hJ ahell an4 monal' fln. ''"7 tanka ao.d s .P. pn n npoJite4 t.a tlaa
area "t 3)51)7. ReaJ enem7 ahelllDI around. &Hs ot tra1on all aoat.q.
I ud 0 Oompard.e reporte4 theJ nre aons the rt'fer ao<l that the nJ ba4
oounter attaoke4 dom the roa4 ot 1Mlt nr .sn ott.
Jonrart B. H. Q. Q&Uter the oommand of the Oap\f .,. H. :S.naell nponet
tn poeltion with .&. 001 lA the - uea.
B eel C C07a had llnke4 ap wl th the 11 0. T. a. la allOt tt uea.
lrl&t 1.1. Hottme1ater, t-ool. J.. oztn that he ... ln ooaplete
obarp ot the ope rat 1ona ta \he s. :L b: A If A R .D c
Oo7 reported thetr atu" held ap bJ heaJ M.G. aa4 Mona f1n.
The o.o. tnat.ruted A- o ud .B ooapanlea to ftllaln la tMir preaealt ana.
D 001 to 111. t.W to orlglnal pold. tloo, A 0e1 to ad'f&Aoe an4 attaek t: enem1
N. ot s. L s A N A R D o The enem7 e:z:tenall.J hi a malts.-monu
( Moaning 1lnD1e) du.rt.Da \be lila a4an
The OorapaDlea oonaolt4ate4 1D aHu az-owat s. L :; .A N A a D o
A C07 ]28199 - B 007 3311112 - 0 001 ll3120 - 001 332111 - B. fi. Q. S50118.
The attpportlag tanka taking tap poa1\1oa ln and aroiUUl th toWA. Th 1.0.
ln Nar .1. B. Q. )441U arra.a.aet fo:r and sreatooata to be taken or to
the Oo7a. The M.O. AD4er.oa. eet ap aa &4'fanoe la a. L A N A h U
Mul luadecl With M.M.G. ' an4 4.2 o:ftar oro the l'1'fer to t.M llll poeltloa-.
to Appendices and

M.F.M. 11
40/P &8/37 (9/42)
Instructions regarding preparation of
Wm Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
Original, duplicate and tripllcate to be
forwarded to 0. i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
\ \ Title pages will be prepared.
(Erase heading not requi?ed)
In Field
Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
- St&nd to first l i ght .
J.D. For1n attended a at Ide H.Q. wber the next
l ot 1on was outl1ned. '!'he E4mns, w1 th the attpporl of 1 S84n of tanke, woal.d
advance forward to the area 3241.34 then, after oonol1dat1on, to the area
)23142. l Company of the 48th B1ghlai.aders, aapported by tanka, would a4't'an.oe
right flank and aupported by t&lllta on thelr
' he attaok went ott acoord1ng to plant and the Edmn Rest reaohed thalr !ird
ob3eot1't'e wlth ver7 little oppoalt1on.
Rear B.H.Q. moved forward tt Advance area, and L\-col. J.D. Por1A
a skeleton B. B. Q., mo't'ed forRr4 to a oomrr:and poat at t on the
mo ran 1nto hea't'J ahell and mortar fire. Lt-ool. J.D Po?in

shrapnel woun4e, hie batman kllle4. The Aotlns I.o Lt; MGLaasAlaa shrapnel
wound, and 1 td.paller on the 18 eet lt111ecl.
Oapt. Blackbarn took over temporar,\ oommand the Bn.
"' 600 A shell bu.ret1na outBide of the 4oor of rear B.R.Q., Wlddle4 the room 1ll th
11 0600
43 0700
ahrapnel woan41ng Capt. Parker ot 0 Oo7 and the OaptJ F.B. Bonnell.
2 1/ o Major s. 'lf. 'l'homaon, took over eommand of the ltD. and Major J. B. <Joan, I S/o.
croya took up firm base poa1t1ona tor the and reported that their
areas were be1na Shelled and mortare4 by the enem7. The Art7 laid down
flre all night on enemy poa1t1ona.
fhe a. Staf.t 414 an excellent job of c rk. dur1na the 4a7e aot1ona
oasGalt1es rrorn unite.
Stand to - Heay shelling 1n Coy areaa clu.ring tt;e early morning hour the
Coys reported numerous casualties trom same.
Coys dug 1n and 1n defenaive positions. 327125 - A Coy 310123
B Coy- )28128- 0 Coy )24125- D Coy 324123- Rear :S.H.Q. '331119- Sheet 147 (lv).
Remarks, references
to Appendices and
M.F.M. 11
40/P &S/37 (9/42)
Instruct.ions r egarding prepatation of
War Diaries (which will bo kopt from first
day of mobilization, orea.tion or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Rogs. Vol. I.
l :,.L Title pages will be pr epared.
Original, duplicate and triphcate to be
forwarded to 0. i / c 2r1d Echelon for disposal.
In the Field
Date Rolll'
: 100
(Erase heading not required)
Summary of Events and Information
Stan<t to -
Coy aarriera went forward with rat1ons to thelr reapeot1 Oo7
A Coy reported that they auapeote4 enem1 O.P.e and M.G.' 1A boa OA
rtdge N. w. from their poa1 ilona.
!homaon. a4v1ae4 the Coy to gje 5pt !&Dke to
blast out the enemJ in auapeotsa hoaaea. tu1
Tanke opened t1.ra on houaea aloAg the ridge. ;
A Coy was ordered 1o attack the r14ge )17126 Sheet
14? (1Y) the .mpport
of tanka. 1 P}.atoona of ":8" Ooy to proteot 1be1r 'Wf.t flank b7 oooupy1as
feature at 32513 0 Sheet 147 1 Platoon of o 007 to link RP -*h them.
!he 4/0.0. MaJorl s. "f. a4rtaed the Ooya to oall OD the Arl7 to ahoot
at aa man1 targate as possible.
A Co7 reaohed their and reported everytb1n1 under control.
A OoJ reported oonoentrat1on of the enemy prapar1DC to attaok their
pos1 tlon, and, qn thfl ot the A/ o. o. , the COJ w1 iihdrew to thetr original
poa111ona. Platoons B. and c. Companies do1ns 11kew1 .. , to allow oar
A.rty to ley down a heavy conoentratlc n Gf .f1re on the danser are.a.
A thls time bad a f1ght1na ot 45 men
Ooys oonsol14ate4 1n 4efena1 poa1t1one durlAI the night.
Enemy mo?ement and tracked vebiolee were reported bJ A OoJ AA4 tho 4/C.O. MaJor
s.w. Thomson and the F.O.o MaJor ltlllamaon. laid on D.F. taska for the
night on area heard ln.
The Major. s.w. Thomson, attented a conference at Ide B.Q., aad on hie
return, he stated that the BD would alt t1ght, and with the tanka, NOuld form
a strong detenate poa1t1on.
An enell'ly antper around the !n area, a conoealecl poa1 t1oa, ga-.e a 11 ttle
trouble during the
The OCJya settled do1111 the night, depleted oonld.4erablJ in stnndh. bu.t
morale at111 blgh, after one of the hardest 4aJa the BG llacl e.xper1enoea
enem7 ahell and mortar fire.
Remarks, :references
to Appendices and
1\I.F.M. 11
40/P & S/37 (9/42)
Instructions 1ega.rding preparation of
War Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
Original, duplicate and triphcate to be
forwarded to 0. i/o 2nd Echelon for disposal.
'l... Title pages will be prepared.
\ ".l .I
(Erase heading not 1equired)
In the Field
Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
12 In early morning boure, the N. s. R. Regt, passed throagb the BD. poa1 tlons.
Deo Very 11 ttla shelling daring the nigbt
43 0600 . Stand to - All Qo1et.
+ 1500
3nemy shelling and Mortaring Bn Area.
h. H. Q. area in s. L A N A R D 0 t;eav1ly shlled and morlarecl enem7 mul t1p/e
mCJrtara, the troops aa Moan1ng W1nnte. The mal ttfmortar ou
be heard Watling through the alr, lQtm ot i1me to take oover.
Enemy sniping in the Bn Area.
. s.w. Thcmaon, atatde4 a oonferenoe at Bde H.Q. at wbiah the
seneral situation waa 9Utltned. Elements ot tbe lat !de ba4 throagh\
the 2nd Ide linea, meeting enemy M.G. and Morlar fire. Tho P.P.c.L.I. ha4
beaten oft a attaok.
ne e1tuat1on at th1a time waa, the vtu1ous Battallona oon110l14ate4 1n tll.e uea of.
Seaforth of a 325125 - P. P.O.L.I. 343144 - Loyal Edmn Regt 324138- Oarlton
Yorka 324125- 315126.
A patrol from Coy contacted the enemy, aud xohanglng t1re, til thdriw
to report on
Coy oarrlers took 111 to their oompaniea, ratlona aa4 rum lasueeJ
Cooks iD A Echelon, sent out pies tbo7 had bake4 for the troopa 1a the line,
and were a welcome fare to the ordinarJ meala.
Light shelllna 1n the Bn area during the night, otherwta qQ!et.
Stand to. At 06)0 bra, the enemy heavily shelled and mortared Bn area.
&nemy tanka reported 1n the area of 326140, Sheet 147 (1-.t)
All warned to be on the alert for enemJ ooanter attaoka.
Small arms fire forward of :Battalion poai t1ons, 1n41oate4 the P ... f. c. L .. l.
who were tn the moe had contaoted the enel!lJ.
The Loyal BdlBll Rest reported that thay had the enemJ', and the
P.P.c.L.I. reported that they were being heav1l1 oounter att.oke4,
Itemarks, 1eferences
to Appendices and
4.0/P & S/ 87 (11/62)
Instructions regarding preparation of
War Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
\ \.\ Title pagea will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and triplloate kl be
forwarded to 0. ifo 2nd Eohelon for disposal.
Place Date Hour
In the Pleld ll
I1'ALY Deo 083(
43 0930


( Era6e heading net 'fequind)
Summary of Events and Information
ifhe fl1 taatlon on 1 he1r right flank be1ns aer1ou.a.
!he Carleton & York Regt 3 Mark tanks had been detlOyed
and they had taken many prtaonera.
!he Major. s.w. Thomson, attended a Bde Oonferenoe where lt was
deo1de4 that A Coy of the Ssatorth of c, w1 th a troop of tanka, would make
a left hook to the area of 310210 1n order to help the & Y. reaoh
t!Jelr objeat1-va..-.
A Coy oame under the oommaDd of ihe ianka for thelr next moye.
Bo oommun1oat1on trom A OoJ.
Word. by other meant came tr . .ro that .l Coy were on their objeot1Ye, and ba4
captured many prisoners, deta1la very waaue.
Beav7 1n the .8n Areas. A Ooy reponed 1A the area ot 306122.
c. Q. s. Jones or A Ooy, retu.rmna to B. H. Q. from his CoJ, broasht 1n a
oetetle4 report of the Oo7' auooeaeea. wlth a tlghtlna atrensth of 4), and
tla' support of they ha4 macle tl.e hook and bad ooapletel7 aurprtaecl
tbe enem7, . and bad. killed many an4 had t &ken from 75 - 100 prtaon ra, 1nol ud1ns,
the Bo Gom,rander, Adjutant, ancl 4 .Platoon Off1oera. !he i&Dka hatl cteetro74
l !!ark 1 v tanka, 2 J/'lk Guns and J s. R. OUAa1 Not a angle man A Oo7
waa wvma.clecl throa.ghout the vrbol aot1'-ln, and the men were 1A the pra1ae
of tlle1r tank 2 of ihe aupportlns \anka bogaed down, and oA or4erw
fzom the fank Oommancle.r were dodroJe4. !urnlng_ ower their poa1 t19E-
to the _rol e1nns W.N.S. R , A Ooy retarne4 to 1ta or1g1nal area
Rat ione were brought to all Coya, wh1ah 1nolucle4 a doa.ble lsaue of' Rum and
Chooolat e Bar a.
EnemJ' ArtJ and Mortar tl:re laokened down during the ee.n1q, and later on
exoept for oar own Art7 harraaalnl ttre, all waa qutet.
capt. K.S. Mgrdooh was ent down llne alok. 4ar.lns the 4a7f fhe
duties of the Adjatant taken oyer by the I.o. LtJ A.W. G.raJ. the oe1AI
Lt; MoKenld.e,
Remarks, references
to Appendices a.nd
,_ I;
U..P.U. l1
& B/8'7 (P/62)
Instructions regarding preparation of
War Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Rege. VoL l.
\ t,' Title will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and triphcate to be
forwarded to 0. i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
In t he Field
( Era.e heading not required)
Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
Stand To- Interm1ttant enemy shell flre 1n Bn area. M.G. Fire prominent 1a
forward area. Ad.anoe B.H.Q. baok to rear B.H.Q. ln s. L E A N A R D 0
Major S.f. thomson attended a Bde Oonferenoe at wblob deolded that the
Seaforth of c wo"ld take oor areaeYaeatect by the let Ide.
o Group at whoh the J/O.o; outlined the situation on oar fl'Ont 1n pnenl., &lao
the moye forward and take over poa1t1on vaoatecl by other Resta.
.A. 007 332;1.19 - B Coy - C Coy 315107- D OoJ 322113 4- B.B.Q. 332119.
Our Any sen\ oer a heayy oonoentrat1on of t1ro to help tho lrcl .Ne who r
advancing torward of oar po1tiona. Onr. Birforoe were oyer and bom-tna
enemy post t1ons. J The hellet the lin area, cl!U'lng the mol'D1ns.
1700 Coy/reported ooneol1dat1on and 1n
1n aew areas. nem7 shel1lft8 COJ
Areas, C81181ng 8 few O&Ralt1&1i .
!he enemy were p11tt1nc up a -ry .atu.bborn and were oonteet1aa
eyery :toot of sroun4.. _uaa4 their Art7 and Mod.ara II. th pod The
topopaphy of the ooWlt:ry waa .flat all 1r;, :taYour of the defender, the onl7
shelter trom enemJ tire belna odd hou and deep trenohea, a
d1t:ferent type of warfare to wba't tb' Bn haft been aoouetomell to 1n tbe moUAta1Da.
15 06oo Mancl To.. Intel'lli ttant eneDt7 shell1q.
43 0800 EnemJ shelllna arul ln and around B. B. Q. area 1n s. L A N A R D o
090) Carleton a: tork Rep on o11r right flank, reponed r1 heav)' ptns, ancl
enooanter1DI and
100 > Oomma.n1oat1ona .S.a 18 Set with all Coya
101 ) 1/C.o. Major. s. r. !homaon, 1natmote4 B Co7 to aen4 oat patHle to oontaot
Remarks, references
to Appendices and
the Eaeex and Ro7al Pu.a111er Repa on their left flank. .& Co7 to mo to the
area of 3150 J.
U.l<I.U. l1
oiO/ P & 8 / 87
In.struotions regarding preparati.on of
War Diaries (whioh will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Vol. l.
Title will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and triphcate to be
forwarded to 0. i/c 2nd Echelon for dispoaa.l.

In the Field
( Eralle heading not required)
Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
15 ( Continued)
Deo 1330 B and 0 Coys reported oarrlera eent out "th rationa and amWU ttoa
43 had arrid in area.
1550 Forward Bna reported that the anemy were in the IU'ea of ll71)6
1n preparation for a ooanter attaok.
1615 s.L.l.. M.G. pa unlta aent oat 'o auppor' OoJ in 4etena1Ye poa1t1on
reported 'hat the road was blooked th1a a14e b7 veh1olea ldoh hat
been put oat of aot1on bJ enemy fire, oAe or oar oarr1en amoaaat tbn aGd the
drl ver killed. !he A/ c. o. 4eo14 -ttl that the road wae w:uler o 'crtn&t1ora ant
made arrangement& for \be tranaporiation o:f auppl1ea t..o ooya to "be made
lay mulee.
1600 R.C.&. offloer reportei and atate4 tha' he wa or4ere4 to atne an
area forward of our Co7 1n oaae ot counter attaok bJ the e&emJ
Major. s.w. !homaon, 4eo1ded th&t this woal4 not be feaa1,le.
Ooya laid on -looal patrola.for the night.
2200 A Co7 enemy 41gg1ng.1n approx JOO Jards from the1r
poa1t1one, and aaked tor Mortar fire on th1a ar wbioh waa
No sbell1ns tn the :BR area 41U"lns the night.
Stand to.
1 COy reponed a number of tanka enaaatnl the enemJ N. w. of tbetr area.
c Coy reported that, 4Re to a m1aan4erstan41na, thelr patrol 414 not oontaot
a patrol .from t.he Indian D1na1on dur1.ns the n1aht.
R. 22 R. had cut the road at 258o50 R.o.B. reportect t.o B.R.Q. 1dth
400 yda of barbed wl:re to be 11aed by the Ooya 1f neeclecl 1D thelr areaa ..
B Coy reported 'bat J/!'k Guna ln thetr area had 1 11' tank,
1 Mark 111 tank, and 1 S.P. Gun.
Remarks, references
to Appendices and
MJ.M. 11
:Instruations regarding preparati.on of
Wa.r Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. l.
40/P & S/S7 (11/62)
Original, duplicate and triphcate to be
forwarded to 0. i/o 2nd Echelon for disposal.
Title pagea will be prepared.
In the Field
Date Hour
Deo 1115
17 0600
4l 0800
( heading not reqtiired)
Summary of Events and Information
( Cont11led)
I.H.Q. reaeived a seYere ansKing up when snem1 dtve bombera, bombed
s. L!!: AN AnD o. Tl1Et s.L.l. Sllp,,ort Groap reoe1ved a direot hlt on the
house that they were in, aud were killed and 1njurid.
&nemy shelling of !n area was muoh 11ght'er than on p:rev1ou.e daya.
A COy now bad 1n support; 2 a, 2 j,/Tk Gwla and 3 B Ooy, 2 M.M.G. ,
6 J/!k Guns and J twl.ka, also tWo ) Mortare, 1 Medium and l Fl4 r. o. o.
uring the lull the personnel 1n B.H.Q. tor
Brig. B.M. Ho.fftne1ster nai"ted tre c.o. an<!. stated "that reinforcements wotll.d be
up to the Bn on the dar.
Rations were b'rougbt 11p :from A Echelon. wbioh '"1nalade4 Rulli.
Saoks of' oranges and , apple pies baked by tt:e oook in A Ech were alao brought
All Isolated M.G. fire in forward areaa. 0 Coy reported oontact with
the Indian Di'Y patrol during night.
the J/C.O., MaJor. Thomson, attended a at Bde H.Q., and OD hla
he 1nstruotad Ooy to &Gnd a fighting patrol to the town of
s. J U B At f I to looate enemy d1spos1t1ona an7. No 5hell1DC 1A the area
tbe morning.
o Ooy patrol reported that tey had entered s. J U B A ! 1 oc1 fount. the
J'M. onem7. The7. had taken ozae prtaoner foWl4 leep1$8 1D. a ..
sau o erenoe wars aalle4, to lte he14 at '&he Se.Zonh of o H Q
at 1400 hoare.
At the oonterenoe, Brig. B.M. Boffmeieter atate4 that the 2nd Ide woul4 h 1
:r;:ent poa1t1ona, Wlth active patroll1ns tor at least 24 hDura

e was to en oar front and take ap poa1t1ona 1n th;to1n1t
Rems.rka, references
to Appendices and
ot the town ot 0 R 0 N .A !hey llld b "
7 Fld Re,ta, 2 Med1u and 1 hea.,-, :iua th: aclvanoe lJ , ,
aero hoar for the Arty oonoentratlon. 2nd Bde to the

:: "' '
M.P.M. 11
.0/P & S/37 (ll/&2)
Instructions regarding pN>parotion of
War Diarie.s (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
\ tj Title pages will be prepared.
Original, duplicate &nd triplicate to be
forwarded to 0. i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
In the P1elcl
Date Hour
18 0600
43 0800
19 0600
Dec 0800
headiWJ not required)
Summary of Events and lnfoi'Ul8tion
Stand to. A Coy reported their patrol ln the early houra of lao morning,
was heavily mortared,. ba.t no caaaal tie$.
rbe heav1ust barrage of t.he aan;pa1gn was laid dow11 on enemy poa1 tiona.
4 enemy tank and Troops reported 1n area 297127 heading NOR!R 1n an attempt
to escape our Arty tire.
01'Y1l1ana report.ecJ the area in and around the town ot 0 R T 0 H A , hea'f11J
Arty oonoantrat1on aeaeed to the lat Bde to a4vanoe forward.
The Arty barrage wa to be larger and 'heav1er than tbe tamou1
Alem&t.n Barrage, gun f1r1ns appro.x 500 , roWlda.
The lt Bd3 reported th8t they ha4 completed the flrat phase ot tbe attaok and
that the enem7 had withdrawn :f.rom the area of 320138.
Durtns tho a small number of re1D.foroemente reached the In and were
distributed amongst the Coya.
'l'te ener-y _smllo" s. z, A N A R D 0 P Echelon otl the aouth Blde ot the
/1'7.01!!/.0 .
11 ver b H , reported that tbe1l' area was be1ng ahelled bJ enam1
rege gun a.
Coys holding the same poa1 tton, d. th local patrol a dQrlnr; the nlght.
Stand To.
!he 4/0.0. MaJor s.w. attended a contarenoe at Bde H.Q. and apon
hla retgrn, oalled an o Group at wh1oh he the 2n4 Bde waa to take
OYer the poelt1ona of the lst Bde in prspara11on tor an attaok on 0 R T 0 N A
!he Seaforth of 0 to oYer the poa1t1ona of the H.P.. Begt.
I and 0 Ooya to forward 1400 hre- B.B.Q. 1600 hra, A and Ooya to
remain 1n present poa1tlona ant11 atter dark.
B and C Coy mond off and arrlnd 1.n. tbe1:r aew areae. At hr an ach'ano
party from B.H.Q. fwd and eatabl18he4 themeelyea 1n the B.B.Q.
Remarks, references
to Appendioea and
jil" .
llJI'.M. 11
.0/P & B/S7 (11/42)
Instructions regarding prepara.tia.n of
War Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. I.
Original, duplicate and tripLcate to be
forwarded to 0. i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
\, Title pagea will be prepared.
( Ertue heading not Teqtdred)
Plaoe Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
IA the l1el4
8-ta.o.d to. Th& patrol from the Sao11t rraporte4 UleJ' &4 l'eooe4 the u&a
aent to, and .bad obaene4 1 Qterman aentry on the I'Oa4, bat 414 not &&
DeJ alo reported maAJ s Mln4ta aDd !eUer M1ae tn aroua th.e area.
0900 The 2n4 lk\a Command Pot mo-..4 up lllto t.he LR.Q.
1100 The J/O.O. s.w. T:bolleoA, .,.t forward BA4 eda-.11ehe4 a oommaa.4 pollt
1d. th a -.aatas* n of the 1nteA4ecl o-t &4Yanae1 aD4 kept la touoll 1l h
the 001 Ooma4er ua 18 aet, 41reot1q thea all. t.b.l'oa.p tu aot1oa.
1200 Oompaniea reponed anaa heaY1lJ m1ae4 ud 1 t waa h1n4ttft.n& proan
1245 D Oomparq reported the7 Wdre l.n OOAtaet wltll the OACJ1 11114 thel.- aapportlq
tanka were caapna tarpte.
Remarks, references
to Appendices and
.M.P.W. u
40/P & S/87
Instr.uotiona regarding preparation of
War (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Rega. Vol. 1.
J-Q Title pages will be prepared.
Original, duplicate 'and triphcate to be
forwarded to 0. i/c 2nd for disposal.
( Er.a.e heading not required)
Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
ln the Fit:l..t. 20 (oontinaed)
1 32
,r 1
"" Com))&n7 reported tbat tb.e7 al.uw -, advaM1D.fl. ha4 6 oaaaaltiea
and aak1ng 1'ormed1oal a:! 4.
l40C J.eported that thei.r. Oompan7 .il.acl 1n
that 0 OompaAy advano1ng them.
tbt area ot JlSlS5 m 4
1 500
0 Company reprted tAat they tha enemJ, with the aupport ot tanka,
1n the v1o1n1 ty of the Chllroh. The7 were ma.'UJll aoo4 proare
C Oompany repertei that thy had driven a. attaok aacl were aow
being hea'filJ ahellecl and mortared 'bJ the enem,-. The7 aake4 tor artJ :f'1H
to be laid on the enemy pon t1ona.
The Major s.w. Thomaon, that he would aend A Oo7
along the road and ahore aa a :right tlaillt proteot1on to C Company. 0 Compan7
reported rnany enemy maob.1ne pn poat11 in the oharoh t1 rtna OA them.
180<: Capt. D. s. llarle7, o.o. 0 Company linked u.p w1 th t.he Lo7al Ecmonton llegt oa
the left :flank who had reachecl th& ou.ter of the town, ancl oame antler
oommand that Unlt.
hrlna 0 OompanJ' attaok, oa the Ohu.roh, wb.1oh waa thwartel 1t7 Jl. G. a, a tank,
an4 many hand 1renadea extenii1'Yel7 uaet and over tl ol1ft oa to the
forward platt.ona, Lieut. :L.. B.obinaon wa killed, ancl L1eu.t. lianlnirr WQIUl4e4.
Remarks, references
to Appendices and
0 Company clus ln tor the night )Ov yarda their uclergo1Jlg _,/
oonatant mor&ar t1re. ,.
M,P.M. u
& B/ 87
War Diaries (which will fie kept from list
day of mobilization, creation or em.bodi
ment), are contained in' F.i. Regs. Vol. 1.
) { Title pages will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and triplioote to be
forwarded to 0. i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
Place Date Hour
In the Field 060v
( E1YJ1Je heading 'l'IQt required)
Summary of Events and Infoi'Ill8tion
Tlle Loyal Regt and C Coy of 1.he Se_aforth of C a.dvanoed into the
South and .c.aat ext rami t1Biiil o.t tlWt .town, the :.;Q.mont on forward,
aud C cvmp&ny to the area of Cila.rah. T.he f1gbt1ng wa 1t111 atltf', but
good prcgre&a was made and it appeared tbat the town might be oleared bF n1ght.
Howev8r, the enemy ParatroopEtra aoon wbowad intention of holding what they
bad, wl:l,:,n they were pushed )aok into centre and heart of the town. There,
the b11ild1nga were packed together and tha were narrow, allowing the
Gttl'IIlatl& to demol1ah the and by dotlng 110, atreet1 eompletely
It wa11 deo1cied that the Seaforth of C w011l,d detaoh another oompany to the
Loyal !';dmonton Regt a oo;nmand to relieve one of their own ooya from tha job
of left flank protection, thua allowing th81r unit a oommittal of more
at for the task of houae clearing.
J .
:a Company was told of:f for .::..nd aet ou.t at 1300 hra, however, the
Brigade deoided to emploJ a maz1mam effort to aad
ordered tbe entire Battalion to aa&iat tha Reglment.
All Companido wore 1(t:-i?; new polli tiona. A Coy 330li2, BHQ 3371.590
0 Ooy 335li2, D Coy B Coy 3351Q3.
Remarks, references
to Appendices and
The 0. 0. a and I. 0. a j'eep and the 22 wet vebiole moved 11p to thtt oharoh where
had 0 Coy H.Q. Then of 0 oompany
a at1ff f1gbt
remained, ali they were bJ their own and enemy dead. The
oaliilu&l tie a being 7 ltllled and d111'1D.g the attaak on the ohuroh.
The enaroy htlav1ly mortard and shalled the .Baatalion area d11rlng the Dight
oauaing oaaualt1e. The etrength at that time
524 all ranka. D Coy relieved an .l!.idmonton Regt OoJ 1n tbe eotor ot the towll.
Al.P.M. 11
40/ P & S/S7 (9/ 42)
Instructions r egarding prepara.ti.on of
War Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi:-
ment), are contained in F.S. Reg&. Vol. 1.
Origine.l, duplicate and tripbcate to be
forwarded to 0. i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
ln thu F1sld
Date Hour
22 06ut
44 080(
( Erau heading not. required)
Summary of Events and Information
The i!:naiD)" tt.ll ahelling ana .B&Lt alion al' 4&.
OompanJ wa oommi tted to the town and W4Jre ap 011. the let"t
ooming untar heavy M.G. f1re.
093( .U OomplW.J'
l03C Mortar 'omba falling in .I.B.Q. area and et f1re to ths aomuuli tion belonpq
to tiMJ AAt1 tank platoon, the exploding Bm!:. ll:dt1on aatt1ng to he
belongins to the I.O. Lieut. A.W. GraJ, deatroy1ns ame. A part1, with the a14
of a rope, a &I) d. the 22 Set Vtl.biola to aa.fety. the A/0. 0. MaJor
s.11. Thomao.J:4 at a sref4t rlak, bla jGep oat of the aone. Oont1nRou
t3nem;r morta.r fire in LB. Q. area all, one bom'b t.r1k1ns the roof
of the charoh whloh waa oooup1ed b;y I. H. Q., there were no oaa\laltltta.
1 .30( ]) Compan;r repcrted W9.N ad"f'ano1ns. lntt W1 tll heavJ opp1 t1on
all t.b.e way l1e enomy bQ1ng 1.n demo1 abed b.Uld:lns
1 50(
1 80(
J. Comp&DJ rdpOrted that they hP.d oltaened aD &DemJ m&U ti ple aonu 1D &Oi.OD.
approxlmatlay l/4 a mile from helr C&. P. Dauins the 4q, the attalion
J/ Tk pna :a. re cl manJ roand o t B. J::. and armo lU" p1 ero1ng ahell 1n te the ensm7
ooeapled hoaaea ln the to"Nn, and t.b.a Battalton 3" mortar cl14 a 8plead.14
3ob Oil aeleoted tarae-ta.
" .

J. OompanJ were warned .#I C. o .Major '1. Thom110aa "o moye at m1nu:t'
aotloe to tlle area that bad lleea oooap1e4 lt7 :D OOJ the pranou Dipt.
!.be eneDlJ' llllall1ns a.a.d mortar1.r.s qu1eteaed. don 4arlns the eve.Diq, .c& Oo7
oarriera were ent forward from r .Echelon w1 th ammWilt1on aad rat1on.
Remarks, references
to Appendices and
U.P'.M. 11
4,Q/P & B/ 37 (9/U)
Instructions regarding pteparation of
War Diaries (which will be kept from :first
day of mobilizat ion, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
Title page1 will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and triplicate to be
forwarded to 0. i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
In tlw F1eJc1
(ETa. '110t required)
Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
Brlsadler LM. 1Dtormed th A/0. o. Major s. w. T!lomon that a.
wa now promoteQ to the .rank of .A/Lt.-ool.
OompaGJ mo'Y-e4 the aeotor t:be to prlo;r to plop ....nt
1nto the- Ught 1n the earlJ mornins.
14-.t. w.D. Re14 took over the datte.a of aa capt. LS. Mrflook
left for Englan4 oA 1Dter)ohange.
Spaaodlo t::tl&JD7 ebell1na of tblit lh dllrtq the nJIE)lt an4 in the earl7
morning hcv..n. Capt a&ohalllll, o. o. :a went forward at fir" U&tlt
to the loft ot tba l.oJ-.1 Reaiment 1.o reooe t.l: a1taat:loA l'eat ot
the matn atreet, llll th a W. ew to move l:lla oompany 1nto tha.t eeotG2' to ol.aar
ou.t J;: ent..'tllJ there.
oglJO The c. o. ,Lt. ool. s. w. Tllomaoa weat forwar4 to 41r6ot k ojerat10A8 troa
a polli tlo.a, leet1ne a 11Ma1lc11115 in the ma1a. afl .. R.
l OuO the water traak arr14 at J..B.Q. aDd waa moat weleo u all the nll.a lA
the towa lad aoatt 4r7.
UOO ea'f7 7 mor,&rlns of B.B.Q. uea. (;)eomp&n7 aod ap to the left flUlk Lo7al Mmoaton Real men' \..../
1300 O&rder ar.r1Ye4 at & B.Q. 1d. th ibrt :rations an4 .. " nt to t.he1 r rep .. tin

Remarks, references
to Appendices and
M.f'.M. 11
4n/ P & S/ 37 (9/ 42)
lnstruotioll.S regarding preparation of
War Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. VoL 1.
pagea will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and triphcate to be
forwarded to 0. i f o 2nd Echelon for disposal.
In the Field

- I(
r I
( heading not tequired)
Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
( Cont1 nne d)
lie< .I Ooy reported that they tad advanced 50 .varda and had st1f'f enemJ
all th6 way
. ,
A/Company waa warned to prepare th4;;1r meal and .tct be ready to moTe off in
: I
an hov_r and a hal.f. 2 cf tb, At Tk guna to &tand by A Coy 1n oaae
they n.:;aded.
1730 A Company mo-yed furward and 11nk. . .lli up w1tl, B Company.
l8<X. The oompan1e settled down in &trong defuna1ve po:.1t1ona tor tiHfiUllgh.t. !Che

A tnat1on now waa tllz.t 3 weJ.e eng2l}ad in the to hou.att .t1ght1agt
on the lef't and@ and D oom1;anit=1 of the r1ght fiank1ng the Lcyal
..U.:dmonton 0 Company oonaol dated in tre area from .B.B. Q. at the ChtU'oh
335163 to the 3311,5. ahelllns and mortaring 1n
the Battalion area all night.
oompan1&s were still holeting liJame position deapi t heavy e.nmy lilhall and
mox-tar f1 re.
080< l C!fJ..oer and 8 other rank a arrived and were &ent 011t to A OoJ
who&e atrength waa badly depleted. The nlght Jlad btten a -yery trying one for
the oompanlea, aa the enemy were uaing dewol1t1one oxtena1Tley and their
were aGi'Ye wltb grdnadea and maoh1ne p1etola. A number of hou
blew up durlng the houra of darkneaa.
100( Todq, the obje ot1-.ea .. re, a l&ritit damollahed ohuroh, the town ehool, m 4
oomr:nand of horae Square", 110 named o:r a dead horee lJing ln the
oentre of the Sq11are.
Remarks, references
to Appendices and
.IILl".M. 11
40/ P & S/ 3'1
Inatl'Uctiona regarding of
War Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. VoL 1.
};,"' Title pages will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and trip:..cate to be
forwarded to 0. i/ c 2nd Echolon for disposal.
( Era.e heading not required)
Date Hour Summary of Events and Information

44 l OOO T.beae bu1ld1qe boilla were a1 tuatefl 1.n tb1 aqaare and. oollaeqaelltlJ aa
approach t o them from oompany poa1t1oaa nBoe1'a"' ry bul4 effort
by the OCl'!par!i b a. po.lltJ.Liona V/&re b7 n1ght:f'al.l..
. i 200
lJ.lrvM-6 I
The tt nl 1on Jv'Tk gtt.ns woJl t 1 nto ac t i on ageinat bvJ.lti.RIII in tbe area ot
350. 4 , 1n wil.1crt the cnut'Y hcl<l c; t rcngJ.y toz't1t"1wd tl. G. pot.
The Q.M.. Cap-t. D. D. <laaeJ'Oa, m c1 atat:r, ooo.tlq eqca1,.G"t and nppllea
a.p to J.H.Q. 1:t.l the 111 prep&ratio.u "Lor Cllr.Lataae
The l.aJ or. R. c . li. arrived at pointetl.J remarklq oa
04 !lis 9ntranoe J Well, at last I ..e aot all 111 Ohttroh!. Ja.dH 1e
alwaf to oooaea1one auu DeVilr t&1la to a 4eo1da4 111
api 11. t wbe:reftr .be aoea.
510 .B:d.ga4e Headquarter roporte4 that, 1n the Dight the enaa7 had oa:Lle4 f'or
u 1.1r oanal 't1tua larlq the 111 tiJe towa. hacl beeA
B Oompanr -thJ ha4 o'baene4 A oomp&n7 on their aad that
upport1na t&Dka were 4o1DI a -.cdel"lal of Glut1q tba 8ll81D7 ca-;
1530 lte1nforoementa1nolad1aa6 0;[.f1oera an4 85 other ranka arnn4 at .. B.Q.,
ano.u1"t them t.eiq manJ familiar !aoea. 11aJor J. lowa.n at J .&ohelca
laa4 posted tllem to their reapeot1.Y\l compaD1ea before the7 left there.
Remarks, 1eferences
to Appendices and
M.F .M. 11
& S/37
In.stroctions regarding prepamtion of
War J)iaries (whiah will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation m embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. l.
&- Title pages will be prepared.
Original, duplicate triplioate to be
forwarded to 0. i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
In the .Field
Date Hour

44 1600
{Era8e heading not required)
Summary of Events and I nformation
( Oo n. t1
Major Janoe o.c. A Coy waa killed ln aot1on and Capt.
aeiiWiled Oom.7 and of the Oompany.
Lieut. w. t:l. Hyndman or...d his J\llfk Platoon plaoad coma.and o:t the
lio)'al. Regt to all1at 1!1 ahootilll ap the t1p or thB tlo)WJl wl!1oh
waa proving an atrong po1nt. waa too cloao 0 eoya
fer tbs aappot, howeer, th6 house1 were encage4.
The CCmpsn1ea were aoc!ntertng opposition aroQnd Dead Horae Sqaare
A OompanJ reporte4 that they bad one aeotioA in the b1tterlJ f1ght1n&
tha Gemans who wore at ontt end of tlll oharo)l., tae ohuroh now lJelng ill rlli.l.
T:ta en.am7 t.b.e oompanies were . eaoou.nter1n.g \lfere a to:nnidabltt toe, Paratrooper
the orGam of' the German .ll'7DJ, ter11na on many war BR&Mia, .lfrioa. franoe
S1o1lf and wttre tnatruoted by their Ot1l to Bght to th lat man.
nlrtng the day, the oompaLL1ea adJanoet yery alowly, and Qt ld.ght were 1a
the opoa:l tlon of being 1n the aame lJGil.dlns aa the small M!l4
srenade aort1ea taking plaoe all llight.
One aeattaa of A oompan7 satned oontrol ot aohool liplns out
bat tbe BnfllD1' new prepared ehargea Wlder the lnU.ldlna, arJ1aa ' of the men
.Attemp1 to pt the men pre annooaaarlll.l.
!he Q.. Id.. Capt. .B. Cameron apent a lnt7 morn1AI t1nnc QP 4etalla :ror the
Chr11tma .D.lDAer to be h4tld 1n the oha.roh ooap1d '' ll.Jl.Q. The lroteot1Ye
Group aat part1ea of me.a. aroucl: nnne4 houaea 1a the tom oolleet1D& ehl.D.&ware.
Remarks, references
to Appendices and
M.F.M. 11
40/P & S/37 (9/,21
Instructions regarding preparation of
Wa.r Dia.rios (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. I.
;2 _.} TitJe pages will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and triplicate to be
forwarded t<l 0. ifc 2nd Echelon for disposal.
(Erase heading not required)
Place Date Hour Sun:unary of Events and InfOl'IIl8tion
Remarks, references
to and

In the l!'ield
5 (Oontinul)
0900 The aetting for the dinner waa oompl_.t e
loag rowa taolea Ni tlt vau te 'table
clotha, and a bottle ot r man, oandia, olgarettes, nata, ornnaea an4
e.ppl and ohooolat e oar providing the ext rae.
'.rt ..e o.o. Lt.-ool. :.>. W. lat d o.a. til&. t.b.e Compan.a.e ul4 eat i.a Nlaya
1n th order ot <J-.&,..:8-D, aa eaoh oompanJ t11111iib.ed be1r they wuali.
then go !orwa:r4 mtd relieve tha next oompm.t.J. The firat oompan;v we. to be 1n
a'l ll ou hra. 2 hour a waa to al.Lot'Nd for ..:tach oomp&lJ for
mentA for the dinner ba1nac Soa.p, Pork wi"L;h apple aauo eaul1tlot:tr
mixed maahl!d potatoes, graTy. Ohr1stma.s pudding and minoe pie.
llOO 0 Compe..ny was the lirst Coy to eat Dinner 1n the ohureh a that nooae
ha4 tel t po&ailtle ander auoh oond1 tlon, bu.t no one had tl'l.llJ taated tn
lnsenu.i t7 and reao llroefo.l.lnesa; of Q.M. Capt. .D. a. Camron aa4 ata1'f.
Fiero llOO to 1900 hra, when the last aaa of the E&tta11on reluotantl7 left
the table to return to .De srim r4jal1 t1au o:r the day, there was an atmosphere
of a.n.d sood fellowah1p in tb.e oharoh. A true Ohr1taa ap1r1'i.
the 1mpolil1ble had h&pptJ.o.ecl. No OD.ft had. looked tor e. celei1'ation tlda aa,,
eeem)er 25th waa to " anotllr clq of ha:rd.abip, 4laeoll1'ort_. tear and,
aDDther 4ay of war. The e:xpr$11d.on of the taeea of the a:rt7 ltee.rt ml'l aa .
the7 entere4 the lnLS.lcD.ns,; was a rewucl that those reponaille a:re aen:t-
to foraet.
ftc a Oempan7 bad fl. J'd.ahed their Urm.r, the7 r8l1 .A. oompallJ ao that
theJ' might oome 'baok -the )08 or 400 yan tor the an4 ao .l .OJ rel1e"fe4
Cey an4 B, Oo7.
1930 !Jle lat'\ex- were to nooae reaene CompaAJ, 'but the a1 tua'tlon ba4 I.I'Own teaae
W1 th 0 Compan7 on the lett tlaak.
M.F.M. ll
40/P & S/S7 (9/42}
Instructions regarding preparation of
War Diaries (which will be kept froro first
day of roobiliza.tion, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
;;. t( Title pages will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and triplicate to be
forwarded to 0. i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
( ErafJe heading not required)
Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
In th Ei
II r :: .
C >n t1 nu.e d)
Capt. J. MoLec.n tol k !hi& Company bao.k into '.he fight. Chri stma3 day waa no leu
"lti.lct. iha'l hG.: pt eoe<iing onvLi, b1.1t 11, la one that this rtcg1ment .v1::..1 n&iel forget
.Pip'- ,,taj o.r .;s,.,on played hi.::, t:uaes ut the I!leals. .During
;.he di.u.nor, the .::>tgual Lit.ut... pla.Y(;d the oh11roh c.rgan.;
and, w1. Ll1 t.he a1 d of an 1ilJprovl sed ol'.o1 r, by .Padre, Cal
l'nng t.he choroh.
poz1tlon of Compa:l1:.:s at tlmti L.hat the 3 fo-rward OQilpan1ea
A, .D. and C"1ng in a l:ine from .)2816S to Jj2l72, w1 th D Coy ill .reaerve.
Th(:: .had taltun, but oonct:(\ud ba:}.k i <-' .:,mc:ruy tJle building
dfle to the hHavy p(JUJ.ldl..J.ts it had reo....;i'Ved .t.rom Ol.l.r liU.ppo.rt1ng :.anka
75 gunu.
OrJy-i still .holo1ng tho aume t1ons of thu p.rt;v10UB night. a1.11 ....
shelling and mortazlng the Battalion a.1.'ea.
Re1n:t'ct"oatnent a a:rrt ved an.d ;V'dl'e 01.1t 1.0. the oompaa1ea whoe ranl.:a
wt:re sadly Jepl.:.t ed du (.;! to heavy oaw11al t1ea.

we Compan1 reported that a.:caona o:r one of their had out ot:r
a.nd at thB preaaut t1me 1t wa 1mpoaa1ble for to llDk up >"4th the Joye.
The enemy ware at1l. atubbornlJ hold:ir-: on to 8tl'f'eral houaes cle11p1 te aevere
poundlng by all ou.r support weapoaa.
1000 The c. o. A/ Lt.-col.. s. Thomson reported to B. H. Q. that h<t waa now fo.rwar4
directing operat1ona.
' ..
Remarks, references
to and
M.F.. 11
40/ P & 6/17 (9/42}
Instructions :regarding preparatJi.on of
War Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
> Title will be
Original, duplicate and triplico.te to be
forwarded to 0. i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
(Erase heading not requ1red)
Place Date Hour Summary of Eventft and Information
In the Field 1000 c. o. tanku were batns used to advantage and. the oomparU.
were alovrl:,y hoaae b7 bollae to th(J NORTH of tbe town. meet1q
heay7 oppo&dtion eyer7 o! the Wftl.
1100 ..\ O"mptm7 thi:lt one of tl.te1.r '.!Jtl.PPO:t'ting tanJts ba4 been kn(lo4 oat
b a. "alJ, fi&"t t.raJ !l red from an"tal.l"a -. ct a .boat
1115 The Lo7al J;IJmoatoo ie&1 rupor1.ed that uore lli1A& a llr.Jl(f.l l.brotMr
1.0. tJ\e1r bu.t af te:r elL reot1A& n re 1n that ar.,a, a.
ha coUap1ed In al.i.. az whsN -llie 1lue t.b..rower waa &Aee.t. ud 1 t wae ao t
enoonn-tored a;atn.
1.]00 C Ccmpun.y they had reo0961'8d tlle:l% 2 111814 q at!Gtlone intact. Some
ot the il*n1q men had. MUD of the Ge:raana 1u a bl.--.t YrVre
tttrned oYel' looae, 1rhen oar troop oaptured tm hoa ... klll1a, manJ 4
takiq 16 prl.oner.
L R .Q. mond !md oooup1d a lt\lilding in the Qf tM to-.
ltnaoael' wrer 'b.rousht 111 to LB. Q .. all wra, JOU&Jw av-!'aae aa \e1q
the Ocmtan1 report theJ were meett.As \d.!S:h tronc 7 oppo81t1on fna
atroaS].7 tori1tle4 !loa itt the e:na of Jl. Oar taRka r
fJrS.q po1nl 'lu.k at tlle ho th eaemy ftn.
!h OompaAJ oo.raM114ate4 for the 1A a llD t.l'a..Qa1aa tam J281'9 -to
Romarks, references
to Appendicee and
M.F.M. 11
40/P & 8/i'l {9/f2)
Instructions regarding preparation of
Wlll' Diarios (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-.
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol 1.
Title pages will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and triplicate to be
forwarded to 0. i/o 2nd Echelon for disposal.

In the .I!'1eld

Date Hour
27 O'Ot

( Era11e heading not required)
Summary of Events and Information
( ov nt1 nu.e d)
CApi D.S. Harley, O.C. C Coy waa
Lieut. s. Healy.
severley wounded, also one of h1a Platoon
Tl'.&.e ,;JJ.effiy L.'t011'tar1ng all night.
throughoa.t the night developing
Strong Aot;1va patrol& on both s1dea, olashea
into a emall band g:r.enade war.
The Companies were stlll holding the same poaltlona.
mortaring the Battalion area.
ahelllng and
080( ttDtt Company reported mortar fire on their polid. tiona coming trom the area
of' .328165.

1 50( Company reported. advano1ns slowly, progreaa hind:red by heavy enem;y
oppoa1 tion. D Company reported 1:ayou.rable pro1reaa.
C Company reported that the;y were on objeet1 ve (_
Reinforcements arr1ved at and were diatr1ou.ted am.ongat the ocmpan1ea.
0 Company that a large factory at .330168 was atrongly occupied b7 the
enemy, they were able to into basement of the building, but were
unable to get oa the floor wh1oh wa& heavily fortified by the enem;y.
An ttQtt G.rou p was held at wh1oh the c. u. J/Lt.-col. s. w. Thcmaon 1 t clown
that at f1r&t light, A Compan7 would attaok the factory holding tlp C Compall.J
progreaa, would take 4 to 25 pound oprgea w1 th them arul demoliah the bu.1141ng.
Remarks, reference.s
to Appendices and

M.F.M,. 1l
oiO/P & S/17 OJ/42)
Instruotiona regarding preparatiOD of
War Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
?, \ Title pages will be prepared.
Origina.l., d"klplicate and triplicate to be
forwarded to 0. ij o 2nd Echelon for disposal.

Pl.aoo Date Hour
In the Flel d
ITALY 1500

(Erase heading not required)
Summary of Events and Information
(Con t.1 nue d)
D Company to croes thtt atreet from whel'e t.hey hold1ng oa.t no_,., and wtpe
out all oppo sl tion. The Loyal ..t:.dmonton would contrm w1 th the ;:)eaforth
of C in oonjWlotlon with them, eatablleh a la"\eral line. The P.POLI '
would then mo-.e and olean up tho remainder of tm towa around the
oemetary arsa.
The qompan1e& to maintain aot1Ye Htmlll dlll'ing 'he evening and night.:
&hell1ng and mortaring yery light the night. J.otl Ye patrolling
on both li1 de a reilu.l ted ln many olaahea.
Compen1ea reported. enemy -.ery quiet, no 11 re at all.
2 a:l."Yilian reported to B.H.Q. that the t:nemy had v4. thdra. n tha town at
0430 hr1. The c.o. 4/Lt.-oolJS.W. Thomaon reported th1a lnformatlon to
Dr1gade Headq1.1artera who a"t t.hs 1ame time bad reo1ev4td a similar report tmm
Lo7al RegLment.
J/Lt.-ool. t>. w. 'l'homaon 1natruoted A and B oompan1e1 to their way :forward
and cend baok 1n:torma.t1ona t onoe.
The Comman.der. .Brigadier .B.M. Ho:ffmt-:1eter ar.r1.Yed at B.E.Q. to
:further operat1o:1a :from there.
F 10m report a the oumpanl e a a en t in to B. H. Q. , 1 t waa en den. t the enumy had
w1 thdram fNm ORTON A. B9 t#Aded a lona blodd.J ae1ae. Which waa l1ke.acl "to
bJ the Pre_aa a11 a miniature Beige of Leningrad.

Remarks, r eferences
to Appendioee and
M.F.M. 11
40/P & S/87 (9/,2)
ln.struotiona regarcting preparation of
War Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
J pages will be prepared.
Origi.n.a.l, daplicate and kl!Jiicat.e to be
forwarded to 0. i I o 2nd Echelon for ctisposal .
l .n tm Field
heading not required)
Date Hour Stmllllal'y of Events and Iniormation

(Conti nu.e d)
llOU The oompan1es that the town was tha but the roada
and atreeta were m1necl, and many the bu.11Q11lga booby trapped. l'hey
aaked for the to asll1 at them by aweeplng patha through the m1n
1200 1200 z Light .A;.:k .Aok Un1 ta movEtd into ORTvNA 1n preparation againat expected enemy
at. r att aok&.
A Compeny reported they bad enoo untered no enemy and bad ruaohed and f'ound at eart
the gully 1n the n. w. eotor of town, had oberved moement 1 on the
other 511de of the and asked for the Batt al1on j Mor, tara to fire
on area. The c. o. W. Thomon la1 d on aa ahot w1 th Arty FOO.
but lAe ahoot waa oanoelled when A oompany reported moementa o-aeryed were
Italian a1 villanw mak1ng tlle1r way toward the town.
Loyal. that an vld l!'ort ani which the
enemy had wa& now elear.
1800 6 planes attacked the town atraf1ns the strdeta and dropping 2 bomb.
Ack Aok defense2 aooounted for one of the planes.
.for a snal.l amo.unt of shelling, 1n the tovJD. the night waa very
br1nainc to a oloae ono of thw tougheat and blo4d1eat bat1ea the
ha& fou.ght i n/ '
Dur1ng the day, the town beoame a h1e of aot1vlt7 aa AMGOT and var1ou
other mo?ed 1n.
Remarks, references
to Appendioee and
initial a
M.P.M. 11
40/P & S/17 (9/42)
Ina.truntions regarding preparation of
Wm Diaries (which will be b>oi:n first
day of mobilization, meation or embodi-
ment), nre contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
Title pages will be prepared.
. Original, duplicate o.nd triplicate to be
forwarded to 0. i /c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
Pla.ce Date Hour
In tha Field 29
(Erase heading not required)
Summary of Events and Information
( oo .u t. 1 nut: d)
Mobile baths arrived and Q.M. Capt. D.n. arranged
f.o.r the mer.. to have shower and aooea to ths1r large paoks, 1h ere the7 cou.lcl
get claan clothes to ohange 1n to after bathing. It wae the f1rat t1m& 1n
days t.bat troopa were able to relax and olean up.
:Burial parties w..:rtj organized from the to bury our fal.lan oomradea.
Act1v1ty wail limited to looal pat.cols and the moYed into the
following a,rt;;as. A oompany .330169 B company jJ2170 0 Coy .)29172, Coy
329165 and .BHQ 3.3166. During the day Jrd Cdn Inf Bde made a lf't flanid.n&
contacting tlhe our own front be1ng very qu.1et.
Tht: Brigade called 1u to the Sea.forh of c B. B. Q. for and o Grw. p
f!here he stated that th;;;: 2nd .Bde would remain 1 .. ORruNA for a m0nth 1.D a
ve :role, aadafor and re-equ.ipment. All troops to
be bllletod 1n d.Ltr1.q that per1od.
A smal.l ao 11nt c:f sl1ell1ng ia town ckZ.r1ng night.
Already, labou.r was oe1ng Horuited from a1v111an popQ.latio.n tor the
p11rpoae of cleaning the Brigade thrv .gh the
town and took up pol1 t1ona 1n tho area oi llll.
All oompanlee spent the day 1n olean up &ld rest, all men\now
'b1ll et ed 11f hou.eea.
Remarks, references
to Appendicea and

M.F,M. 11
40/P &S/37 (!l/ 42) WAR DIARY
Instmctions regarding preparation of
War Diaries (which will be kept from first
day of mobilization, creation or embodi-
ment), are contained in F.S. Regs. Vol. 1.
L Title pages will be prepared.
Original, duplicate and triplicate to be
forwarded to 0 . i/c 2nd Echelon for disposal.
Place Date Hour
la ll 1114 at
ALY .D&.iO
( Jilrmn heading tiQt req""'ired)
Summary of Events and Information
( c.ontl nae<l)
Lt .;..ool. A.J. Orelpton arn-.e4 to aaaume oomarad ot th llattal1.ea. .1/Lt.-ool.
a. 1. 'l'hom80A rcWerto6 to the rank of !aJor 1A preparatS.oa tor llia re'\un o
BnJl.aA4. M.ajOJ' 1). ClU'k a.rrJ.Ye4 to takt: OTer Ule cl\'dlea Of 2 l/
A mall smou.t of tell on the ou 1.ak1rta of toa ftr.t.q the .Dipt
)1 !m o.o. Lt.ool. A.J. Oretchi.oa bl the 2 1/o 1a.a3or Clark, ucs.
laiC a of the eompN17 areaa.
Oompan1ee orgaa1ae4 put1sa to eleaa P their raapotl a:reu. B&ta ,arMea
a4 steoral oieaa ap were 1n one.r aJ.l cJAQ'.
Co7 (k.aa:ulen prepared. 4etd .. plea of t-heir a:r.u 1a ou ot ooaa,eJt ahuk
tht;t cem.J.
the Mld.l1&.rl' U.r.i."fe4 1a toa, eA 4014 ... $o e.bojf a f1ls ta et
tile ttu1141D& aext eYein&e
Ot:f11S.U.& ,.,... to ia :f.l'OII 1411 a 4 were p:rGIIp'tlJ laaadle4 '7 AIICW!.
11o u1-. cla.nq tho "'7 lMlt u ta
int.o tlM:t t.owa.
Remarks, references
to Appendices and
. ,
, I
1. J'altt 11 Orclen
4ft 3001 -.a 3009 X
Me-. recelYW 41U'1Jlc Deotal*l' X
Cbriat- cnetbsl 'o aU 'hoop
frena tlll ,._, Ooter X
!.'ra.el et....,. llluf1el4 b Oll!OBA AJII6. X
Dttallat o c ~ o u et Seat.n!t. af o. u.a-.1.
~ u14 'b7 ottioen a\a,t.oaet Sa V.I. X
7 Oc=end.hc Ottwr ad. ~ OoaNacSu
4eWld aocout of Aotiou Ia Dloabv 1,a.3 X X
2. A.F.W.s
J. MESJAl6Ei3 ..JUR!ll1J DEC.
7 0 0 a AND COY. OliDRS. DEf AIL.hil)
X. x.
0 /<' lv AA- ~ ~
c ~ e r ~
' TH'!!. S!!A1;0RTH UIGHtAHDERS oj GA AC11 .
lie;st London, 30
' . - <::

i,,,_ Brit'; J. R.oS. Lough," 'Lt-c-ol <h'S. Clark arid !fajor .. Griffin
conati tuted themaelvss a eonimittee to examine the
holding an Dinn ... r for !lUch of the Officors of the Regiment as
were 1n
_ ..
2. . .. __ neces::tur y it was foWld that some fifty
Officers . '!e _expected to be available. .-. This soon
after bJ. a draft of some 17 Officers ...preclf'Min!' ov&r-kas, and
by the unfortunate incidence or an exercise which involved a number of
those serving at H.<.(, .l;c"irat Cdn Army and in ' troops. The outlook
appeared dark on this account as a numbr$r of were thus
Lt-col W.G.H. Roar, Major u.s. Gibson, Major D.W. Davidson,
Major D.c. dutton, Capt c.c. Tarbuck, Capt E.D. Fulton, Capt R.B.
Licut J.M. Bell-Irving and L1eut P. Stratton. Fortunately
a decision was reached to proceed in any event.
3. original guest list included A.G.L. McHaughton,
Lieut-Oen Sir Wm. M. Thomson, the of the Regimant, Major-Gen
P ._r. Montague. and llr1g A. W. who unfortunately t their
Maj-Gen G. Lamroie, Dir. of Quartering, in place of
Sir Wm. Thomson.
4. for dinner were made b-y Lt-ool Clark at
Claridge&, and a was sent to all concerned. Tho estimate
originally Bade, based on the probable affects of the Exercise, was
twenty. In the enu, however, twenty-uine (29) sat down for dinner.
5. The price level chosen made it impossible to include port
under present conditions. Through the kindness of the Scots Guards
Holding Dn., Pips Wajor Peter Muynard was in attendance to the
traditional tune& and although not s ifted with the Gaulle he
and gave the usual toast.
6. The response was almost of those who were
free to attand. Capt W.G. proceeding Overseas, sent
1. o. o. as a donation, which found its way to the Piper as part
of his fee.
7. By good luck the C.B.C., at the instance ot Capt J.L. Gowan,
(Adjt. of the lin}, made available at this time reoordines of tho
Massed Bands playing Retreat in Catania on 25 Aug 43 and 1t was
decided that the of to the Depot should be mado
on this ocaaa1on to tAaj-Gen Lamrnie. Through the co-operation or the
Canadian War Services, it was possible to have them
over after dinner.
e. Lt-Cdr. H. Bell-Irving, RCNVR, had some days
located Lt-Cdr. D.G. Woodward, RlNH, who had landed the Wlit in Sici ly
and was kind enough to bring him to dinner. Anothur b : t of was
the arrival in from the front or Lt-col H.P. Bell-Irving, DSO.,
2 1/c of the unit and now detailed for duty at the Cdn
Training School. This bit of news had rollowea closuly on the
promotion of Uajor J.D .t<orin to be Ltcol in place of Lt-col B.M..
Ho.ffmeister, whose to comauind 2 Cun Inf Bde was known
unof!1c1ally at the time. The only othtj:r Officor present who had
seen action with the unit was Lieut J.C.M. Scott, who had been wounded
and to England.
9. A nominal roll of tboat:3 praaunt 1a attached. Among those
sorel y m1osoa Lt- col A. J . Creighton and r.ta jor .s . Ca.mpbull
whose retUftl f r om Co.naua flUB teJ uaEly, un<.i Capt 11 . T. Vicars
ho was toroect t'o his r ovruts at t11e last
10. Jumnury ot procoed1Dbs at the 41DDeP 1a &t\aohd
Copies of this and attached aro to to
Vancouver dllC; to 'the .Bat"&alion in the
, .o.;
09 -"t
3 MB
' c
"'o L
80& tro J
td eb
n-teo.too l a
o s.tou'l1:e
l aoqMl
-r.;. tUi.7 if'10Alli
J al a
o! lq.-'-l 1.:tlw b
1'1 UO"tHT
"l tj
jon de;t

t tlu

.ano!Jlo < u
'10lA6t.i oql " . m.i Bftlo!oR
J Dna B&lUSJ
I vs
od , l .teo e &Mw ano d
aP boeo , w
oot t e ;t l rwo'r r!'l11w .nol.:tAnoL s

eb ,
ltal.."i a
ljit.:tn eb'l4

j n

w J! '
nou- 2' o.:t n tasoao Rt
uolv"' e nol nslbana
q eteg.ft:J "to ... Io-s l A .e

Le Feuillete dHomard La Reyniere
Le Faisan dEcosse Perigourdine
Le V eloute de Celeris
Les Haricots Verts Frais
Les Pommes Fondante.s
La Salade Lorette
La Doyennee du Cornice Marquise
La Charlotte Glacee Dame Blanche
3oth OCTOBER 1943
i:Srig. J .R.S. Lough, DSO, VC, VD
Lt-col a.s. Olark
Ltcol T.o. Jlorr1a
Lt-col l!.P. Bell-Irving, DSO
Major H.B. Mclnt.,re
J.tajor M.J'. arif'fin
D .l4
Major R .. G.S. Lough
C&pt. R.s. Clark
Capt. A.E. Letroy
Capt;., D.G. Bals1ll!e
Cept. 1" .s . ?err,-
Capt. n.x.
Capt. J.D. Pierce
Capt. D.c. Lae
Capt. A.T. Carroll
L!eut w.n.c. 'r'uok
Lieut. W .. A. Rudkin
Lieut. a.w.a. Fraser
L1eu t. :.c.v. Scott
Robertson, RCAMC
Col. W.M. Rae
Lt-Clndr H. 8ell-Irv1ng,
L tCmcSr D.G. 1t'oodw6lrd
MaJor H.P. Goret
Lt.aen. a. La-nm1e, CBE, J!C
Xaj.Oen. R.F.O. Letson, uc, ED
Br1g. a.s. Barvie. Watt
Jfr. 1f .A. XaAdem
"G" Group B.Q.
C .M.H.Q.
1 c ooro) w1n cTS
H Q. C ,ft U
Firat C4n Army (PA Br,)
C. st .B ,.Q. ot ( 8 .P.)
1 CIRU (Att. 5 {Battle)
Wing C,T.S.)
1 C,I,R.O. (P.E.)
2 Gen Hoa p (Bramahotit)
c .l! .Q. <a P )
Att. B.Q. Firat Cdb Arm1
Air L1a1aon Incremen
1 C I .R U ( P E. )
1 Corpa
5 W leg C '1' .s
1 C .I .R .U.
c .x.B .Q.
10 Gen. Hoap. (Watford)
l Gen R.U. (4tt. 16 Oen Boap)
Cdn. Le3ion
R .C .li 'I R
Director ot Qua l'tor ina,
'l'ho lfar Office.
Adjutant-General Canadian
Pore ..
Principal Pr1Yate aecr to
.Agent-General for Br1tiah
OVDSB.&S tnri!
Broac:toaat1Dc Bouse,, W. 1
27 Ooteber, 1943.
Dear Kajor Gr1ttm,
J.ttubed an twv seta ot the beat reeord!Jll
obtained at the Seaforth HihlaDdera lteuzdon held at
C&tu!a 1Ja, 0118 tor the recillent 1a leotla.Dd,
aDd the other tor the 4epot Ill Vanoounr.
I aa wr1 tiDe to Capt.a1Jl Gowan tedq telltaa
hSa that his request baa 1:MteJl Cftllted
aDd a)' I tab
this opporton1t7 or thanldnc ,_ tor 7CRI1' eo-operation
in this

(Sifl) J .K. b,Jmawin
J l[amewiJl
OVerseas Director
Major M. J . Griffin,
u.s. Branoh
Canadian Headquarters,
2 Cockspur Street,
' J
. r
OanadiaD Military Beadquartera,
2 Cockapur Street.
Overaeaa D1reotor,
Canadian Broadcaa,ing Corporation.
Broadcasting Bouse,
London, W.l.

I refer to our recent telephone convaraat1on
and to JOur letter or 27 October, with which JOU delivered
two seta ot reoordin&a obtained at the saatortb. Jlighlandera
reunion held at Catania 1n Augua t ot th1a par.
I have delaJed wr1t1trg to acknowledse 7our kind in order to be able to gl ve JOU. a oM 110re dettnl
aooount of ita d1ap'da1tlon. At a Reaa Dinner attended b7
ott! cera the C&lladian Bat tall on 1n England on SO 0o t ,
ronaal presentation or one aet or the record1nsa wu de
to the Bome Battal1ona, who were represented b7 Major-General
G. Lamll.le, C.B.E., 11.c Director of Quartor1ns, bJ Lt.col.
B.P. Bell-Irving, D.s.o., who waa with the Battalion at the
time the wel"e taken and who baa since returned
to the United Kingdoa.
I am now llllk1ng arrangement to forward the one set
to the under mentioned, who lately coma.nde4 the Dtlpot at
Port George t
Li-col J.E. ZcConnall, O.B.B.
Territorial Aaaoc1at1on,
57 Cburcb Street, Inverneaa.
RarlJ opportun1tJ will be taken to deepatch the other set 'o
the Rg1mental Depot, Seaforth Highlander of' Canada 1n
Vancouver, B.C.
After dinner, the rec:ordins were pla7ed over al'ld
proved to be a great aucceaa.
You m&J be aaaured that 70ur presentation ha1 given
great aat1ataat1on to all or ua and that the record1ns will
be sate-guarded tor a long t1 to coae.
?rooeedings at Mess Dinner on 30 Oct 43.
1. The guusts assembled in good order and were piped into
dinner. where in solemn form was pronounced by Lt-col Norris.
2. The sc.Hlting were informal excapt for the
As C.O. - Brig J.R.S. Lough with Maj-Gc;n Lam.role on his right
Aa 2 1/o - Lt-col H.P. with Uaj-Gen Letson on his right
Prasident - Lt-col Clark with Hrig on his
As President - M.J. Griffin with Mr. McAdam on his ri cht.
3. After "The King" thd played "The Mackenzie
Highlanders" and proposGd the hGalth of the lads of
C!:ibar Feidh.
4. 'fhe toast to Comrades" was proposed by MaJor D.M.
Clark, who recalled that for the first time w.a had comrades who had
in this War
as Yiell as the last War, to remember. No na111es
W<)z:'8 . read. The pi1)er played the
Flow era o' the by
"Scotland the Brave".
5. The President then called upon Maj-Oen Ldtson, who had been
pleased to the 1nv1tatiort, a toast to the
.Maj-Gen Letson spoke of his long and friendly- rolu.tions ,.ith the
of recollections qf the 16th Bn going off in. the last
war when still a cadet, had ldft behind; of the satisfaction
"his own unit in France haa always had in being placed on of
the Sdaforths . werc tnerefore on their left and
regularly sllared rum ration with them; of Militia days when
combin(;d Ops - such as we thun knew - were carried out with the Royal
Navy at Maple Bay, (quite thought the thfSn D.o.c., but at .they promoted understanding between services had urged),
and of the Seaforth or c. marohint; to the station in December '39, and
now at last of the exploits of the unit in Sicily (be read some
extracts frqm the War Diary the action at Ag1ra). Through
all of he said, the same spirit had mttde evidont, a spirit
springing froln earlidr than t.he.f.oundation or the Uanadian Bn of
the Seaforth a spirit always old always young and
strong: the spirit of the
6. 'Lan:unie in rc:plyin;_;, the of Lt-Gen
Sir lvm. Thomson at his inability to u.ttend. Hu in such
detail as was possiblu to t.he movements of the I3atta.liona of
the Regia0nt, to the vary happy meeting of rBur Battalions in
Sicily, and to :Oi' the L;ttpot. from ll"ort lieorge as a
temporary war H(j 41LS&ured utt all of a ready Wdlcorne in
circles in anu of 1nturest taken in the
dolnt:;s of the unit both now and previously, and in Vancouver of which
he h!:id h..;ard so r4-uoh and to which he rrope:H.i he. might sor:tu duy .be able
to retire.
7. 3r1g Lough then introouced the 01..1ests and their
hualth expressing our pleasure at being abl 0 to have them with us.
Brig Harvie-Watt replying recalled that this was nut the first time
he bad dined with the liegiment. By way of illustrating his feelings
he told the story of the .::cotsman who, havint5 been advlsed to take
his whlskey with hot wa.tfjr for !.ho of hls h:::alth, had no ready
means of procurinc hot water e;xc ,;pt .for shuving, and therea ter
tho staff of his host0lry by shaving seven tim-;;a a day.
'lhis, he salo, was the he felt towurd dinners. (Loud
8. At thls point, Lt-cul H. ? . D(.;;ll-Irving !.!; H.V0 sorne account
Oar Jouruy f:roa lWlA.NXLID to the SABG.RO, tor ita coatilmal hal te, and ln the
laa' taw all.ea, tor i \a a low - tortuouaq a low procreaa oTH' ell the)T DaZTov roacla
-.c1.e OTer trOll the vreckap \be OarmaD cleaol1t1oa Bfluab had lett behind them, waa
oae ot the laaat eatiatac\o17 we had eYer carriet out. It wu after alclnigbt whea
we d.ebuaeed, dapoalted our greatcoat 1a 007 6 !oDnera, and 1a flle, beh1ad Lieut.
Xelhulah, ov Jcle L. 0 .. , made our wq down tile road to the river becl and aoroaa
foot croealng.
!he 'Yahialea al"Olllld b7 a aore ciroaUou route to the vehicle oroeatDc
dow \he rlver, repor\ecl later aa huardna ln the ez\reae beoauae ot ita Da!'l"ow
approa.chea and aott embuJreanta. We loat no vehiclaa thouch then were u.D7 aoetl.T
BritiSh, ditched there.
ln clark, w paaaed tbl ArQ'Ue and Sutlulrland Hlghlanden vho were coa1ng
out. they were of the .... llrigade ae the l.oTal Wea\ Xeata who were alao on their
wrq out and were to \aD onr traa ua at 'BA.BAJilll!t.t.o. !he Bighlandera nre, 1a coa-
vaat to the ll. W. lent a who had passed ua oa the nad, cherr, and reaclT to paea
ooament on the flald. they were qui \tiq. She' a all JOur Seaforth and 7ov wl-
oo to 1t, Gin ea old hell, Seafortha, and othar leae e&TOUZ'J' comments W11ch oDe
might n:pect troa the mouths ot \he Glasgow J:Utiea\1ng looee 1n relief at
turaing \heir 'baek8 to a hard battlegrcnmd when th$1 had bee repeatecll.T called.
to pull cheatau.h, aa well aa do their ow Jo'ba which had beea laid dowa. !heae
Unite of the 78th have autfered ba4l.T 1a the ;rear of fightf.Dg 1n Borth Africa aDd
'!be Bo7al Weat Xenta have ued up 4 time their atrancth and thia 1e lU:awiae
of the o\her UJllte aDd wre, froa the look and aeiaa of their offlcera W1o caDl8 to
BABADLLO to bite owr, worn to a traaal.e, Tat, \.hat le the aormal atate 1n
war of fightlDg
We wcnwl our _,. acrose the bed of the SA)IGJ.O 1tp on to the bank:meat whloh oaoe
carried the road. over the aow, completeq blow., ma117 arched. br1dge of atou, p'
recl1n1D.c fora of J'PCLI whose guid.aa had not J"8t oome up, aDd oa up the road \e
where ov gaiua, 2 1/c' of Co7a UDder tile coJ818Dd of MaJor !hoaaon our 2 1/o ot
the Battalion aval\ed.. Ia no \1M the .robing troopa were cl1eperaed in theu areas;
later on \he vehiclea cuae up and. were tucltet a_,., thia Juat before dawn., eo loq
had. i \ taken k ll8ke \he oroaa!Dg.
Worat1on by the I. 0. , ga1ne4 OJL hh YiaU \o :Ide B.Q. waa that Ukeq we
would. remaiJL 1Jl ov place oemi&bt. lel'U.Jl clive-'bombera cue la tm aoralng, but
alulea laD4ecl far fl"ell ue, nPerthel.eaa, aU\a were tug. A hot meal vaa had
and claaa 11p aact ahave preceeud w1 \h. thea aa a bolt, CaM the warning order to
aove, and I went off to ::Sd.e H.Q,. for or4era.
'!he aituatloa ahead waa that the lriah Brigade of the 78th vas vorld.Bg ita wq
to BAli YIIO and required its '!b.ird ltattaUon, 'fhe lzmiakilllnp, ill order to u:ploU
forvard.. !'hie Unit wu ailed in a detanaive poaitioa near ROCCO, cariDc for the left
flaJik ot the Br1pda and the gap betnn the 78th and Indian D1v1aioae' fronta. !o
u feU the \aak of relief.
l want forward with the :Brigad.1er to ROCCO, met the c.o. ot the Inniak1Ulnp
and reviewed the area w1 \h 2 of a:r whoM ooapaaiea had beea
brolJllht 11p expe4i tloueq oa wb.eela of OWil contri'Yiag.
We bad. mo'Yed 1n on the lriah 'b7 2. 30 PM. and then followed our aati-t&Dk guns,
4 of \hea and the )
Mortara. We ealarse& the alita and to6k an earneat view of our
aak, aettliDg 1ll without and hubbub. !hat a few ahelle aue O'Yer into ov
ana without canalt1ea. We were atlll etf tM air within the DlT la hopae, l nppoH,
that the Gel'JI&Jla would. not know, \ill 1\ pl.e&ae4 u, tbat the Cana41au were about to
faoe h1a. lex\ 110mins, Gel"'laD Din-Boa'bera aue again an4 eo boaba came down not
tar troa ov area. A prett7 coaa\aa\ ubrella wu aaintaS.ucl bT our fl&btera who
aooved the U;r all dq. We aaw lle.l.U.110rea, 48 of the, fli'1Bg 1n two aorU.ea, each
p againa\ tbe ILD7 poaitiOJLa and. drop \helr loada. Saw 2 Gel'IIU flghten aealt la to
boa'b, the lndtana ahot \hea down, and the Gel'lllall Ack Ack abo\ dow ou of ew flghura.
- 2-
that afternoon, tha whole llripde made off towarda SAN Yl!O and ancallped till
after dark 1n an orchard area on the h1gh gro1md weat of the town, athwart the rail-
way line. No Shelling that night, and. we llOTed our troopa through SAN VI!O, aero a a
the d1Yers1on and up onto the nex' escarpment when we took up poaUiona on the :last
West Boad. on either aicle of the town of APOLLlN.AlUS. !he diepoaition of companies
waa troa: Ead to West, "JS" Coy Eaat of the town of UOLLINABIS, some elementa
actuall7 occupy1nc houaea. C and A. COIIp&D.ioa West of the place, D COIIIpaDl'
and to the south of the road in low ground behind the cemetary for counter attack
and anti-infiltration force. All coapaniea ware atrengthened b.1 A/!k gana and 2
:Battalion of !anka stretched along the road.and Wood Eaat of us, gave ua aecuri \7'
againat German ambush, whoae meana of approach in aDT event aeemed hard, for the
River MOBRO vith ita blown bridgea, aa time would prove, vas an adequate A/'fk
All night, we were shelled about :B Collp&DT &Dd lii" araaa at regular intarYala.
!he Apol11nari Bd Junction, the oeaetar;y, the 4rav where we wen, but fortUDatle7,
there were no casualties. BHQ. proper, fo'Wld an Italian Farm house well protected by
a bank behiDd the cemeta1"7, and the R.A.P. as good a place cloae by. SlUe ware dug,
and precaution& followed on the ahewlag of aoke and light for, except for the ahelter
of the olive groves in which. ve were in part harboured, we were in view of the GerJD&D.a,
frOil the otber side of the bank of the MOBRO B.iTer.
!be next morntDg I visited the companiea areas. Found could all contrive a
meal. !he carriere of the Commanders which carried greatcoats, ratione and
aoae ammo, were taken to be
vehicle& (M7 carrier served. tbe purpose of BHQ)
and vera bro'Q&bt up in IIUCh a caae. Jrom \heae, the un could oontri ye to aet warath
and their Jl8&18. Up until attar SAN I.ZANA.BDO, we loat no vehiclea, though the Ii1dmll
loat 3 and the PPCLI at leaet 2. Soft skinned onea, which tMy ventured to bring forvar
onto thia hazardous, narrow, aMll aearched gro'UII.d. !hera do come tillea when Mortar and
A/!k Tehiclea ll' be rleked but when cazmot a CGap&JV' 3 !fanner be let where it ia Note.
llchelon or Bear :rtt :ilchalon? I thlnk that too JmCh aphasia is shown on
tiDg vehicle a
up, for what purpose now ahewnf
MaJor Williams, c. o.
s rep 3 J'ld Ragt R.C.A. and Capt Carter J'.o.o. 2 :Fld Regt,
Carried out regiatrations on nuaeroua targeta to the point acroaa the MOJlRO. Yi/'1
a1lence now being broken all aorn1ng. Capt. Buchanan advised ua of
:B" Co7a position,
and requested leave to make a red1atribut1on of the Coy, in doing ao, Germans spotted
the movent, arty came dow and wounded Liauta. Parrett &nd ackie both 1n the ara,
both al.ightq. !he objective of the anerq 4 to be to dlacourage movell8nta of our
troops, obaervat1on by '1111, and use of the road. In thia he clid not succeed, but ahce
artillery fire fro ed11Dl guns 1a alwqa diaconcerting, he did embarrass free movement.
!he topography of the count1"J' fro teraoli, Borth for many" miles is mounta1no'1111,
ita munta1u towering 11p for J11aD7 ld.lea ialaDd and aea on the right, the intervening
stretches being indented by deep draws carrylDc atreus east to the ua, tbe plateaua
between the dreams are flat and in ao caaea, aome thouaancla of :metrae in length froa
Ii1ast to waat, ll&king fair taDk runs. The tactica of the Germans haa been to deatro7
beJ"ond reclamation, all acrose atreama, aomeUmea to mine approaches on th.e1r
aide to diilpoae their artillery to cover the croaa1ng and preclude our work on d1ver-
a1ona. Their infantry on the forward alopea, and in places of vantage, e.g. towna,
farms on the plateaux overlooking the stream bed. !be SANGBO had been treated with
more than casual eara. The Germans had prepared hi1 winter qaartera on the north aide.
We came acroaa dugouta and comfortable and aettled bT Troopa
who, however, when the SANGB.O had been breacbed, left eYer1'th1ag, includ.illg blaDketa,
piatola, weapon a, and tons of high axploaivea. !he defencea ovetlooking the MOlUlO were
not ao coaplete, but the slopes and high ground overlooking and aro1Uld SAl WJlAlU)() and
EL POSO held good allta, and another advantage was that the ground which we had for
marahalllnc the :Brigade, and our supporting tanka, being the plateau beheen the MOllRO
and SA.Ji VI!O.vaa narrow, cari71Dc one Eaat to Weat road aloag ita crest, under Genaa
obaerYation. Our obJective waa to ovet the MOBBO quicklf; establish a bridgehead,
pt anaour over and exploit through. !he Firat Brigade waa to do the same in the Coaat
road, and the Incl1an Division waa to puah forward on our len, all to the OR!ONA -
ORSOGNA road and then 'beyond to :aooco and up the coast road.
- 3-
iqaelf and the coJBpaJST commanders were able to atuq approachea acroas tha
MOBRO and \o the tvo towna perched on the other aide of the plle:r from ..t.POLLIJWS,
cll8pUe German aballiDg which eou,;ht to preTent obaervation, but patrolling on closer
inspection vaa not possible. Orden came froa :Brigade that afternoon that 2 Cl"'asiDCB
would be made that night, one on the axis of the 'bl.()vn bridge before SJ.B I&HABDO by
the Seaforths, and t he other on the axle of a bridge blown aome 4 to 5 llilea "P the
r1Yer by the PPCLl.. The oroaetDc vaa to be a quiet ou i.e. by atealth, armour to
follow at first light after eetabli&bment of a diversion by the R.C.E.a. Uu definite
information aa to Geraan atrengtb or dispoeit1ona, no tiae allowed for patrolllnc, no
.apportlng fire. lt looked like a ruah Job, and ruah Jobs have to ua
unfaYOurable f!ett1Dge and advantage with the Germans.. Zero hOUl" vaa at midnight, 11M
Seafor\h1 had to colllllit one COIIpaDT to the main road axie to en1ure eafety for the
R.C.Ea. mine 1vaepera, and the route of the other companies were left to me.
Plan: 2 phaaea: l Capture BAli LEANARDO, 2 capture EL FOSO, the1e two place a to
fol"'l the bu.lvark of the brldgehead. PHASI 1.
COIIpaJIT Cl'OIBiDc rlnr near APOLLl-
lWUS to furnish left fla.Dk proteatlon to .tn effort by '\ up post t1on on hlgb.
ground between the 2 towns. and reventin& interoe,tloa by aJr en887 force from EL J'OSO.
C" Com,paey to cross near blown bridge and approach 11p axte. :a and C to croee at Hro.
"All to cross down ctream t 12.30 given blown bridge. and oarr:r out a right
flanking ove up hat appeared to be a oCYe,ed approaoh into SAJJ I.IAltAJDO.
D Oompa.DY and lmQ. to fol.low up after either .A. or C coapaniea vh1cheTer won aucce11
and exploit th1a. Phase 2: Actlon\ EL !'OSO, by whlcheTer COIIpaJIJ' vu 'he Mal\
1nvolved, likeq D and :a routes to riveralcle ln the flrat phase reoced by our Officer
lWp f!'OII each comp&nT. iatlona, Also. and span lS eet batteries, to be aarriecl tor-
ward by- ll1lle under oompaDT arrancenta following crolDC by te.Dka. !he
oroealnc vent wU, all compalliea gaining the other aide without being DOticed. JW
plned ita obJective without fired on tlU dawn. and dug ln. "C" wa
eoae bandred. )'al"de up the road to SAll IaANAIUlO, vben they wore laced b7 all lntenee MMQ
fire froa high grcnmd to the west on fU.d Unea coYert.Dc their approach, the,.. were
1mabl8 to go further uttl aoll8 nn\rallsatloa cauld be bro\'ICbt froa &rJU other tbaa
their own. HA
comp&n7 made equalJ.T good progreu at first, and with auddeneaa, caae
under the aame tJPB of fire from high ground, and the forward alopea to the Eaat and D
probablT 15 to 20 MMGa served to tops thea.
MaJor Vance, blinded by an explosive bullet, hie C. S.M. killed, and Lieut Bal.dwln
1n the same plight ae himself, kept control, tried to work small parties forvard,
and withdrew back over the r1Ter, and then recrossed, following Hen comp&nT
s route.
The net reault, vaa the formation of a very narrow brid&ehead which did not aene to
control the ground dominating the bridge croasing. !he with the exception
coy, was obscure, from time of oroasing till about o4oo hra. D coy and :BHQ.
were re\alned on thia aide pending clarification. I went forward with the I.O. to
cround overlooking the bridge crossing, also the Scout Officer. !he Germans were
shelling the JDUl.e track approach used bT A and C Coy-a, and the diversion and road with
heavy ahella, ao that the RCE
a could not car1:7 out their work of putting up a
We could see the outline of German MMG fire directed at A and C co:mpa.niea from the oraq
tracer the Germans uae a.t night. A Compaey- went off the air from the 18 B'3t breakdown
from the time of crossing and 1ts location and progress could not be till it
Joined up vlth C much later on.
!he relative position of our foro be1Dg mch aa theT were, no asaiatance could
be bro'Dght to them till Ught from artT and 4.2 mortars, and consequently, no alterna-
tive remained but to dig ln and await tanks. All COIIpa.Dlea dug ln. D com:pa.DT and :BHQ.
were not comml,ted, lt being descia1on aa '\he situation cleared, to keep them ln
and shoot them forward when some talllt force had won a.croaa.
!he tanka tried repeatedl,y to get over, but failed, thq tried 1n four places,
tried repeatedq a.laoat all dsl', and fiaall7, after several of their taaka had 'bogged.
down, f!J1Ve lt up. The balance of their ba'tallon took up poeiUona of the eaoarpment
on this aide, and lambasted German MMG poata 1n the town of SAN LEANARDO and on the h1Cb
ground on which A company had been .t:lven 10 ll11Ch trouble. Still. they vare operatbg
from a long range and the view waa not Tel"T clear, and so a good deal of fire was
sped". I Jlade a. further plan with 1400 bra aa sero hr, hoping to giTe IIOilent'UIIl to thil
bogged-down effort, and to bang w1 th the Germa.n hazard (which was wrong as was proven)
"D" Collp&D1' waa to move acrose the river, ualng a na.\ural draw from the eaeential
ecarpaent from our aide aa a aeana of approach, followed bT BBQ, v.p to 8.Ul IJWIARDO, 'o
be tolloved b7 C which waa to lhake 1taelt loo froa ita elite (it had auftere4
no ca811&1 Uee), and follow D Coy and stand a.s Cotmter atta.ak company. B Coy wae to
exploit into l!:L 1080, and A coy to a\a.nd re8pona1ble for &DT, all except fr011 the lilaat,
- 4 -
at cutting our linea of coJBJDunlcation up the main axla. !he aupporting fire wae to be
fUl'lllehed by o'baenad fire frca the tanka frOill the hull down on ov.r eecarpnt, and
arty concentrations on EL J'OSO sero-10 to zero on SAN LEANABm, zero to aero lO on high
gro1md and ground. alopea east of SAN r.&AN.ABIX>, uro to zero 10. 2 regiment& of arv
to be eaployad. 4.2 Hortara to ca1"1"7 on on .ilL i'OSO firing 1ero to zero 20 vlth H.lil.
and 1110ke. Areas of arty to froa the forward edges of the \ovn, to 300-' to 4oo.t
the purpoae being to knock out .lmowa eneJJT Mortar poata. !he veaknaas of the plan of
couree, vaa that no pro8pecta uietad of getting the tanks the atreall da1'
or night, nor aa a matter of fact, the next d..q if the Germna controlled the bridge
crossing with their arty fire in the same volume aa the previous night, and an excellant
tank run into both towns for the Germane and orchards vbere their outskirts
where, they bad their Anti tank guna could aet up and blov dovn the build.iDga in vhich
we should of course, have to put some of our troops.
Actualq, the prospect that faced ue waa e:matq that vhich it bad been prono'Uilced
b;r Bripde that we would not be colll!litted to. !he prospect left me uneaq and uncbaerofo
tul. '!'hen an intervention came froa an outside source. J'our German t&Dlta appeared in
SAN IIJ.NABDO at l4oo hrs, Just ae D vaa heading down the drav to erose the
stream. !he OC tanka nov told u on the air that thla had nov becotae hie prima target,
and he could not support ua in aa far except ae the fire against \hem would be ot asaiat
ance, result, wash out tank fire 8npport. I acted to poatpone the whole
shov, art;r, 4.2 and infantr;r, sending D Coy and :BHQ, 'back to their harbour aenral hun-
dred 7arda back of the escarpment edge, in reverae ground, putting them on 30 minutes
Fortunatel1' the llripdier phoned ae .,1uat then, and 1 reported. He ordered me to
his Command Post, his tank 500 yarda along the eacarpmant where I went and awaited ou'-
coma of his pow-vow vith the Corps OoJIIID&D.d.ara rehl.,, Bo reinforcement of our effort to
be made to croaa the r1Ter. ae tank suyport vas out, oroaaing here. probab}T to be
abandoned aa not :taaaible, and the one up the river to be exploited. Went to the
Group at Brigade after dark, got ordera to withdraw coy-a back: and mOTe :Be.ttalioa
up river (along road) to posUiona back froa escarpment, but c09'erbg in depth
approaches to upper bridgehead. The Edmn Begt to exploit and improve the t>\her elde of
bridgehead complement&r7 to that made bT the PPCLl.
lletjrnad to BHQ in haete, got 2 i/o and rape awa.y to new area for a reoce. Got A
and C Companies atarted back over river (Capt Thomas replacing MaJor Vance) OC
-out out of touch vith B Co;r, the last word being that it was being counter atta.oQ4 bT
a superior n'Wiber of Germans. Stracglara came in wi'Gh dubioua reports as to B Co;ra
pos1 tion, the1r at,;Daller came in vith his lS t out of aoiJIJlies1on, lost for 3/4 of an
hour, but at laat came a runner straight from Capt Buchanan asking for permission to
vithdrav; this baing granted with more vigour than could enr be 1magined. Away went
the I"UlUler. Plane were ll&cle to feeb
:8" Coy men and w han greatcoats etc; loada to
be carried on Coy Clldr' curler a to proceed to new areas be e.ca1lo.ble for A Wld
0 companies on their arrival there. All coy arraQC811enta worked very veU, nev
tiona vera taken 1lp except by ":Btl coy vbo vera allowed to remain in their old billets lJL
.APOLLINABlS and reorganbe feed and rest. Capt lmcbanan reported to me w1 th MolJr14e,
hie aubaltern, both exhausted. ftle exploit ot thie CompaDT under the moat wizardq hazul
of th1a new Oo7 Cmdr, waa outeUl1d1zag. Located by the Germans at fir" Ught that aorn-
ing, they had beea aortarad stead1q and heavill' u.chine gmmed. They vorked the1r 'AT
tovarde lilL roso dm'1Ja8 the c1q and overran the German poets one after another. 16 ill
aU feU to the Ooapa.DT by nightfall, eending in prlaonere a total of 50 to 6o and Kill-
iDe a nwa'bar equal to their ovn a.e they claimed. !hey made a buaJI&!L' s holicl.q of it,
the example of C&pt Buchanan leDdiDg inepiratlon even to the loweat rank in all efforts.
In short, "B' Coy out tho'QCht, out aahed, and then outtouclltthe Germane. With nipt-
:faU, a large party of Germana, 200 to 300 came into EL JOOO and made to envelop the
ool!lp&l17, Bncbanen gave """ keeping hia platoons intact, plaTing now thle, nov that off
aga1net \he Hun, and the vhole, with the exception of leaa than half a dozen, colliq
\hrough the trap. Capt Caner of the 2nd l!'ld llagt BOA vho vent forward as J.o.o., vaa
paiBfullT wcnmdaci, and couldn't walk. He and 7 German prisoners at Coy !It vero broacht
back intact. It wa1n
t util the next morning, that Capt BucbanaD, after a night
sleep, lllal"ahaUad theae facta, and ieoiad. thea. Caelii-- 2 Xilled, others
thought be ltllled., 2 aisaing, to incl'Qd.e the loat,t.6. AU::EU'r& and 'bom'ba, anci. aU
but 2 Brans (l ill the banda of one of those to be killed) were broqbt back.
A Tery creditable performance.
We reinad 1A our nev areas the :aext dq, vera mor'and. and shelled, 'but lightq
and loat onq one 118.11 vbo IQ'Starioua] disappeared fl"'a D Coy lS late that night,
after clark, ve vera relieved 'b7' 13 Pa:AJaba of the Indian Div and our owa reapeoti't'e Co7.-
made up, off the road to nev Coy areas reoced by Capt Murdbck and hb lii Sec reps. Oar
new poaUion vaa ver7 nearly our fol"lller one.
- 5-
!he new Br1pde plan d1oa,ed bT D1T vaa to re-ezploU the fir1'
I.JAAIUX> brid.phead. !'ha' nl&tlt, under \he 2 1/c, Coy 3 !cmaera were brot v;p aa4
a-.11 packa aDcl 'blu.kata 41atn'ba.ted, allowlnc a Rah and abaTe the aut u,-. !here
Ter, he&'YJ' U..Ulnc along the road. aiL4 in partiaalar in 'he area of BBQ, aZI4 C Coy
bT Oerua azul mortara. I cu lnllt ban been alter b Mlaka u4 vehicle
ailllng arOUDd ill cnat D.Uil'ben ill the area aDd cobc up and dow tlw road. oar
Tehicle cue ud went w1 thout culty, ucept for C Coy 3 ouer whoP 'ire wen
holed, it was clracP4 off 'by L.A. D. the aut clal', ud bT aoon, ntunaed. to Ech
repaired. .At leut 2 Tehlcle1 vent up, OIL8 aa. anaoured Teh oloae to our tara houe,
UDder an awtulnolM and i' flaaiq carcaaa 'brough' clan abol;r Genan -fire. One ua
b. c Coy waa killed, and although ou of \he IHQ. lSllle' wu hl,, b7 a 110rtar bou, no
oaaualtie1 tllare, thi1, a waa aov bec0J11Bc alao1t unal, vu the aoet hea"ft.l.T 8heU.4
area ill the Batb.Uon. 1m the IODI wa Ht for tile COilbill.,d 2nd. :B4e ud !aDk
Bela lho'!a h aaaittac u.s v.p tlU llOv, had. been .lrlti8h. !hie show 1Jmt1Te4
aoae help troa the lit Bd.e. I attended. a conference v1 th 2D4 Ide Cadi' 8114 \aak Jc1a Cadi'
Brtpde plan. !he 48th Highlander to '-ke 11. 1'080, a.c.b. SAl WUDO on 9/lD
o 8lld . , form a bridgehead. 'l'be B.O a to pu' 1a a diTer1ion u tea 6 '-kl and 2
anti tanks gana at blown bridge site during the nl&ht of 9/lD Die, ad ]lg1 to aveep
up t he road to LRA}TARDO ahead of the tanka. tub aero (Jroli 13 Oalcar.r
Tanka) to be a full &Cluadron careyin.g on top of thea, our coy, to pall throup SAl
LEAHABDO, cut alcmg the track l"' South- Vest froa the place aad 1tand on. gro1md.
alHra. t !;jOt) 7U clear of town rea4T to left hook" to Oll!OJI.t.-OiSO road when the aa1ll
effort vu aountecl.
.L.!:. Dl4D't Ub Wantry on tuka, .U'Yer did, foucht it at Senior Officer Sohool u
u. outmoded iclea, no tille her"e with oertaiaty of mortar fire and arty fire on
lon& road approach to dlTer1ion, and at dl'Yeraion aci"OII vhlob the tanka would haTe \o
ol"awl. the pro1peot vas ao1t UDta'YOU'ablAa What I voul4 baTe like done, vae to haTe
coy dow ow det1l .. , aero the rlnr an4 to a proteot1Te Mn"ia&e P"0111Ul ahort of the
T1Uace, the \aJI.U tollowln road an4 defU.e.
lollowb& th11, the balanoe of the Seatorthe '0 f1D4 ..,. aero to Jiarrlap croud
on forward alope of otber eacarpMilt, aDd await 21lcl 8q4D. of tankl, urrr up and theA
proo .. 4 throuch SAB l.KQAR])() up the in ana to area about 6oo to 700 74 Oil the other
14e, tMre 'o fol"'l a t1ra baa for paeaace thl"o
to OR!OB.A.-OUOGJU. road. to !he I.oyal
141m llep and 1 Sqdll U.U and exploitation later 'by PPCLI vi'h twther Ulak force to
oa!OIA. AD.'i 'auk cuna to be broucht up lA du oovea to etrencthn. our firll bale poi-
tioa Oel"llall 4l"'leur atkck vhioh expected.
Orclera to ay ColapaJq' Coamancler aepara,eq, and then our Joint attendace a\ till
'&Dk co--.n4er oonfereue reached. veU nich' MaJor WalDa ., CO. lWp an4 I
each hacl a teak aUoted. to u1 aDd had our 11 ' ancl operawn ille\allecl tha' nicht.
lt vu late when aU ellA were tied 1a, ve tlephone4 1ll to lk1e BQ. . upotbc an earlT
oall, 'but it d14a
t cOM. Moderau lhelllnc that alcht, .... 1leep all arolllld., D coy
ll0Ye4 into tank bal"bour azul aot-aalq t..-clup with tub vbo were to carry thea forward.
they left BT collll&lld that night. !he batv.lloa vent on halt u bov notice fro 0900
hr1. Bext, I then took up q po1itioa 1n. .,. UDk aacl U1\ened. to the progre of the
a crap.
the bridgahead waa r eporud 18CI1D'e4 which auat the 48th were ialiL J'OSSO, and the
a.c.a.. 1n LEAlWUlO (mark the Wt) and. the 41nrioa ooa;pleMd and fir1t \ana
aaroa1. &bout 6 got over and up to the tow with all D Coy. It wu toUDd. at th11
.tucture, that the tow vu la Germu haJld.l u weU u the hich croud to \he eaat, an4
pooke' ln. be'veea it and BL l'OSSO not cleared out. D and h.Dka etartld
clear1ng it out v1 th a vlU!! and brolJCht in a creat lot of pri1oaera, Jd.Ue4 aore and.
loet A ILUJI'ber of vo1Uided thola&h eaq 'wo ld.llecl, 1eTeral vnndecl while U'\7'1 tuak1 en
ware held 11p 1r.1 arty aa4 aortar tire. aea the Jo'b vu capleted., oaq 39 OBI
remained etteotl'N. !Mre delq ill IVIeplJlc the road up to \he ton, the llCB
""Pin& par\7' ao' to 'be fo11D4, I offered. our own Pioneer party of 2 a who were vl U1
ua a\ \he moaen\ vl\h uteo,or, and 'he7 were taken 11p to 41nr1on on tank top1
Jut u the lie twne4 up, the Job took oYer an hov, 1IL the a:atlae, one tuk ha4
'beea aine4 out of the lot who hacl ftll\-e4 11J, aD4 those up 1a towa vere iJlTOlTecl in a
tank Tl taDk battle with 12 OeraaD tukl JOt IY1. Meu.tlae, the balaaoe of the :Battalion
aroaHd the riYer "'&&lUr h8aT7 fire followb&,
007 1111 OVIl route fro a AfOU.IJARliJ
and o, A and lllQ, dow our defile, ao cuualtle1, and -.rriap P'ftad. reaohed and. 'becau
there va a d.elq cllalnc 1D. barad on, the delq oau1eA by the taak U.t\le aov taklag
plaoea preeentq our '-ll:a outmmberecl the Gei'IIMI aDd he vltbclrev troa the near eaT1roa
of the ton, oftr hi1 rod of .A..P. 1Yel7 once awhile, ua.til at'er dark aacl
al1e dJ:v.a B. B. aU nlcht, earohin.l \he approache1 of the tow 1taelt.
% dark, 1D addition \o 13 t&Dka mod of 12 (Ona:rt.oa) were up, and the onq
infanl')", Seaforth of 0 and one ot R.o.a.. who aact. COlla up the road 1D fU.e
Just aa 1 got there 1n taDk and long attar dark tb8 place bad. b .. n the
R.O.R. Ooy Olldr kllaw ao anavara but placed hie caap&DT where ve moat naecled thea, on
the right fla.Dlt. !he Brigadier vaa preaalng me to co thro
to our firm poaitlone, l
prepared to do eo in exgactat1on ot earq arrival of the Lo7al J:d.JIIl Beet to ciTe local
protection to t&Dlta 1D harbour, then ill conaultation with o.o. Unka, nniga4 aDd
placed the lat'-lloll in all round deteuce "A Collp&D1' had takell ])II Coy' 1
poaU101l and vaa off v1 th ita balta on left flaU: readT to forward. tbe nut 1101'Jl1D5
ll, 0 Blld the :a.o.ll. Oo7 vera allotted areaa vith aOile tanka each for A/'lil. gana had JLO\
yet COH up. D Oo;r waa in good. cloae 1a aa co'Wltar Oo7. Attar a long tiae,
prob&bl7 3 houra, it had bean dark for over that Uae, the firet 007 of Edmn Beet
arrind, and vera dlapoeed by in the abeence of their C. o. Vha'.l he and the balance
of hia Bn came up, we toned a double ufence r1DC
f11T B and D coya to aon back to
-.rr1ad ground at firat 11ght. Bothinc but ahaUiBg aU ni&bt. Written ordara froa
llripd.e that 1 vaa not to aon till the apending tank battle had been fought. !hil
nanr came ott, ao 1 .,.,.4. up.
1 mved 11p w1 th 3 b.nke after ha'fillg a Tiaw of the groud froa u O.P. in an Hotel
in the toVIl Meanu ... , "A" Oo;r and. ita t&Dke 110Ted. ott, sero at 0900 houa lett tlank-
vard.a. .ul. other Coya reached. their gro1JDd and prepared defealive elite. !he approach
waa UDder beav ariille17 and aor\ar tire a' ttaea aDd placu. !bare no ea81JT
-u arae tire thoup.
!hie vu the 1ituatlon a\ 1430 houra 12 Dec who forward vaa e,ablbhed.
Sj.pecl: L\-Ool J.D. J0RU
0.0. the Seaforth Bl&hlender of OaDa4a.
Beport Of 'llle Aetion J'oug;ht by
0" Compan;r on 20 Dec 43 before OR!Ola
:Jk& Capt D.S. Harl!l. 0,0. "C
On 20 Dec 43, 0 Co11pa117 waa ginn the taU: of the :Bdaonton llegbaent's
attack alone the 11a1n road lDto OJli!OllA, by pa.ttiDg 1ll a divaraioDa1"7 aUack alone \he
coast. !he COIIpaltl''s star\-llu, vaa the high groWLd. at 342152 and their route led
them oTer the crest, dow the "18ry ateep slope to the :Brick l'acto17, aero .. the -.1a
mine field betveen the J'aoto17 and. the .aiD road and. up the allaoat preaipi toua lope
to the outak1rh of the town, w:t.ra they wre to li:U: 11p w1 th the Eclllonton lleciment.
Owing to the Bd.aonionl making 'better procnaa than waa anticipated., C were
ordered to croaa their start line 45 minutaa ahead. of tlae, and 1iha barrace \hat waa
to aee th81l acroas tbe mine field was cancelled.
!he mlne field vaa dortaateq cres1ad. vithout mishap, and \he collp&ll1'
a first
obJectiTe, a line ot four achine gun nests, obtained, by the .urpriae of their
approach oTer the aea1 cliff. !betr poaitloa vaa quicklT conaolld.ated. !be aaxt
o'bJectiw wu the church about 4oo yar4a ahead Y1nqaria, 15 plakoa, UD4er
Sgt lillaschuk, vaa despatc:Ud on a left fl.aDk1D.g JBOYe.ant to aecve a ot cottac-a
4oldDat1Dg the Ooy'c position, tl'oa where they were belnc fired on ucl at the .... tt.l,
to endeavour to make contact vith the Bclllontona. Attar a brisk fight, thia obJect:i'ft
waa p.Ued. l4 Platoon UDder command of Lint. llallbU17, vas thea ordered to make a
rl&ht flanking onmen oa the ohurch. !he en-.r by ht.a tiM, had. reCO"''ered troa hia
flrat aUZ'priae, and vaa aulaJecting the whole area to light 1101"\ar, aa wll aa aa11 araa
fire, and at the e time, dom1llatintg the poaUioa by anipi.Dc fro the olm.rch \Ower.
)).;.. platoon eoon ran up a.gaint atrong eD.e!Q" poaitlona, and nfferecl Mr. Hanbuz':
Cpl Mugford and 4 Prlva.tee be1Jl8,wounded, and 15&' Mo\tl u.d 2 Pr1vatea bet.Dc killed.
!he 8UDT lanedlately ae111Dc the advantap, c01mter attacked alaoultanen17 Oil
both 1"1a.nka. 13 platoon mcceaatulT repeUed the attaok on their aector, but the re-
aaincler of 14 lacking leaderlhlp, 'bepa faUiag back in 41aord.U'. b CompaDT
Ooammder bmed.iateq orclered Lied. BobiJlaoa, w1 th 15 platooa, to the right tlallk with
iutru.otlona to act bol41T aad repair the altuat1on. Whernpoa, he led two 1eotlou ot
hie platoon lato a .,.out charp, Jmoclr:ad out two machine can poata aDd cauae4 the
ene117' to taU bacll:. During '\ operatloa, Lieut. Bobinaon, Opl DoherQ" aad one PriYate
1oat their UYea, 2 PriYated were wounb4.
lll the .... tiM, sp :llaachak on the lett, beat ott another counter attack. At
thla Junotve, it waa learned that the .UOatou were ao :tarther forward thall a Uu
kat - Weat thro\1Ch the Coy' tint obJeotl-re, an4 the Ooy Ooiiiii&Dcler, oa report1Dc thll
to lS.B.q,. wu ordared. to pV.ll back hia GOJR.PUT f:roa \u Church and oouo1:1clate n. U

:tint obJectlYe. In thia poaitlon the coap&DT reuine4 thr013Chout the hours of darklleaa,
exchaJI.ginc ocaaaloaal tire with the en..,.. At fil'lt light a patrol reported. the
enft!T had witilclrawa. !he COIIpMT lllmedta-taly d into the ana of the Chvch.
22 Dec 43
SicM4: D. S. lWlLTAY, Capt.,
o. c. c Ooa,p&IQ"
!he waa alotud ane first al4 - for tha attack, bu.t the Coy Oadr waa
intoned that perMJmel from the ll.A.P. W1ll4 be fel.l.owln& 'ferr cloaeq b nar. Ow1q
to three blowout on the roa4 paat the Brlok: h.ctory and O'YfJZ' the r1 nr, and the 4ena1 ty
of the ainetield., t:uae ll.A.P. peraonnel were 'Uilable to coM 11p w1 th the Collp81l'T.
!he wcraDdetl were ted 1B rear of Coy B.Q,., bu' vhea at laat li&ht, ou ot ov own
med.i ahella lan4ecl vi th1a 50 teet of thil poai U.oa, iatUotinC further W01ULd.a on the
canal tie a, and teaporariq putting out of aotloa the oaly :tint aid an, the Coy Cadr
ord.el'ed the vo1lDUd. to be acrred ewe!' the oltft Oil to a J.eqe.
At 2300 bra, it waa at laat poaai'ble to obtain atretchera froa the Edaonwa aa4
80ft the V011114ecl aoa' la'boUI'OU8}T the 1/2 aile to the latter' ad'hDCe4 R.A.P. J'ra the
u ... they wre WO'I.ID4ed UDtil the laa-t llall wa haded ewer to the Bclllontou at 0200 bra,
the oalT ccwena. they had were gu capea, and 1 t wu haartbrea,lrlDg Ulk encleaTOUI"iDg
to keep up their t1ag1Dc aplrlta.
22 Dee 4.3
Signed.: D.S. H.AllLWr, Capt.,
o.c. c
Our journey f'rom'-J BAR.ANELLO to the SANGRO, for 1 t s
continual halts, and in the last few miles, for its slow '-
tortuou.sly slow progress slitheyr narrow roads made
over from the wreckage the German demolition squads had left
behin_d them, was one of' the least satisfactory we had ever
carried out. It was after when we debussed, deposited
our greatcoats in Coy 6 Tonners, and le, behind Lieut.
Melhuish, our Bde L.O., made our way down the road to the river
bed and aero ss the f'oo t oro ssing.
The vehicles.made by a more circuitous route to the
vehicle crossing down the river, reported later as hazardous
in the extreme because of' its narrow approaches aDd soft
embankments. 'fe los.t no vehicles though there were many
mostly British, ditched there
In the dark, we passed the Argylle and Sutherland Highlanders
who were coming out. They were of' the same Brigade as the
Royal Kents who were also on their way out and were to
take over from u.s at BARANELLO. The Highlanders were, in
contrast to the R. 'f. Kents who had passed u.s on the road,
cheery and ready to pass comment on the field they were
quitting. " She's all yours Seaforths and your welcome to it
Give em old hell, Seaforths," and other less savoury comments
which one might expect from the mouths of the Glasgow Kilties
letting loose in relief at turning their backs to a hard
battleground where they had been repeatedly called to pull
chestnuts, as well as do their own jobs which had been laid
down. These Units of the 78th have suffered badly in the
year of fighting in North Africa and h'ere.
The. Royal West Kents have used up 4 time their strength m d
this is likev4. se of the other units and were, from thelook
and meins of their offl. oers who came to B.ARANELLO to take
over, worn to a frazzle. Yet, that is the. normal state in
this war of :fl ghting. folk.
We wound our way across the bed of the SANGRO up on to the
embankmentvooich once carried the road over the now, completley
blown, many arched bridge of stone, past reclining form of
PP.C.L.I. whose guides had not yet come up, and on up the road
to where ou.r goi des, 2 i/ c r s of Coys a.nder the command of
Major Thomson our 21/ c of the Batt ali on awaited. In no time
the marching troops were dispersed in their areas; later on
the vehicles came up and were tucked away, this just before
dawn, so had 1 t taken to make the oro sst. ng.
Information by the I.O., gained on his visit to H.Q. was
that likely we would remain in our place overnig;Lt. German
dive-bombers came in the morning, but their missles landed
far from us, nevertheless, slits were dug. A hot meal was had
and olean u.p and shave proveeded with. Then as a bolt, came
the warning order to move, and I went off to Bde H.(. for
The situation ahead was th&t the Irish Brigade of the
78th was working its way to VITO and reqUired its
Third Battalion, The Inniskillings, in order to expluit
forward. This Unit was sited in a defensive position
near ROCCO, caring for the left flank of the Brigade and the
gap between the 78th and Indian DiVisions' fronts. To us
fell the task of relief.
I went forward With the Brigadier to ROCCO, met the C.O.
of the Inniskillings and reviewed the area with 2 of
my Company Commanders, whose companies had been brought up
expeditiously on wheels of our own coptriving .
We had moved in on the Iri&h by 2.30 P.M. and then
followed our anti-tank guns, 4 of them and the 3" Mortars.
We enlarged the slits and took an earnest view of our
task, settling in without and hubbub. That night, a few
5h ells came over into our area- w1 thout casual ties. We
were still off the air within the Div in hopes, I suppose,
that the Germans would not know, till 1 t pleased u:s, that
the Canadians were about to face him. Next morning,
German Di ve-Bpmbers came again and some bpmbs came down
not far from cur area. A pretty constant umbrella was
maintained by our fighters who scoured the sky all day.
We saw Baltimores, 48 of them, flying in two sorties,
each go against the enemy poa tions and drop their loads .
Saw 2 German fighters sneak in to bomb, the Indians
shot them down, and the German Ack . shot down one of
our fighters.
That afternoon, the whole Brigade made off towards SAN ViTO
and encamped till after dark in an orchard area on the high
ground west of the town, athwart the railway line. No
Shelling that night, and we moved our troops through
SiAN VITO, across the diversion End up onto the next
when we took up positions on the East West
Road on e1 ther side of the town of AI?OLLINARIS. The
disposition of compm ies was from: to Nest, "B" Coy
East of the town of APOLLINARIS, some elements actually
occupying outlying houses. C and A companies West of the
place, D c.ompany and BHQ to the south of the road in low
ground behind the cemetary for counter atack and anti-
infiltration force. All cvmpanies were strengthened by
J/Tk guns and 2 :Battalion of Tanks stretched along the
toad and food East of us, gave us security against German
ambush, whose means of approach in any event lileemed
hard, for tbe River MOBRO with its blown bridges, as time
would prove, was an JITk obstruction.
All night, we were shelled abuut B Company and BHQ areas
at intervals. The Apollinari Rd Junction, the
oemetary, the draw where we were, but fortunatley, there
were no casualties. B.H.Q. proper, found an Italian
hoase well protected by a bank behind the oemetary,
and the R.A.P. as good a place close by. Slits were
and precautions followed on . the shewing of smoke and lights
for, except for .the shelter of the olive groves in which
we were in part harboured, we were in of the Serman,

from the other side of the bank of the lVIORRO P.i ver.
T-he next I visited tm companies areas. Found they
could all contrive a meal. The of the Company
Commmders which carried greatcoats, rations and some ammo,
Wle'.!'e taken to be "essential" vehicles ( My carrier served
the purpose of B.H.Q.) and were brought up .in such a case.
From these, the men contrive to set some warmth
and their meals. Up until after SAN LEANARDO, we lost
no vehicles, though the 3dmn Regt lost 3 and the FPCLI
at least 2. Soft skinned ones, which they ventured to
bring forward onto this hazardous, narrow, -shell searched
ground. There do come times when Mortar and J(Tk vehicles
must be risked but vh en cannot a company 3 Tonner be left
where 1t is safe, in "A" Echelon or Rear "F"
I that too much emphasis is shown on 'getting vehicles'
up, for what purpose now shewn?
Major Williams, C.0.4s rep 3 Fld Regt R.C.L and Capt Carter
F. 0. 0 2 Fld Regt, carried out registrations o,n numsrous
targets to tha point across the MORRO W/T silence
now been broken all morning Capt. Buchanan advised us
of "B
Coys position, end requested leave to make a redi st-
ribution of the Coy, 1n the doing so, Germans spotted the
movement, arty came down and wounded Lieuts. Perrett and
Leckie both in the arm, both slightly. The objective of
the enemy seemad to be to discourage movements of our
observation by us, and use of the road. In this
he did not succeed, but since artillary fire from medium
guns is always di&concerting, he did embarra&lii free movement.
The topography of the country from Termoli, North for
many mile is mountainous, its mountains towering up for
many miles inland and sea on the right, the intervening
being indented by deep draw& carrying &treams
east to the sea, the plateaux between the streams are flat
and in some ' cases, some thousands of metrG s in length
from East to West, making fair tank runs. The tactics of
the Germans has been to destroy beyond reclamation, all
across sometimes to mine approaches on
their side to dispose their artillary to cover the crossing
and preclude our work on diversion&. Their infantry
on the forward slopes, and in places of vantage, e. g.
towns, farms on the plateaux overlooking the stream bed.
The SANGRO had been treated with more than casual care.
The Germans had prepared his winter quarters on the north
side. We came across dugouts and quarters completley
comfortable and settled by German Troops who, however.,
when the SANGRO had been breached, left everything, including
blankets, pistols, and tons of high
The defences ov&rlooking the MORRO were not so complete,
but the slopes and high ground overlooking and around
SAN LEANARDO and EL Foso hela good slits, and another
advantage was that the ground which we had for marshalling
the Brigade, and our supporting tanks, being the plateau
between the MORRO and VITO
( 4)
was narrow, carrying one to West road along its crest,
under German observation. Our objective was to get over the
MORRO quickly; establish a bridgehead, get armour over and
expluit through.!he First Brigade was to do the same in the
Coast road, and tre Indian Division was to push forward on
our left, all to the - ORSOGNA road and then beyond
to ROCCO and up the coast road.
1V1yself and the company oommanderli were able to iltudy the
approaches across the MORRO and to the two towns perched on
the other side of the gulley from APOLLIHAlUS , despite
German shelling which sought to prevent observation, but
patrolling on closer inspection was not possible. Orders
came. from Brigade that afternoon that 2 crossings would be
made that night, one on the axis of the blown bridge before
SAN LEANARDO by the Seaforths, and the other on the axis of
a bridge b!hmwn some 4 to 5 miles up the river by the PPCLI.
The crossing was to be a quiet one i.e. by stealth, armour
to follow at first light after establishment a diversion
by the R.C.E's. No definite information as to German strength
or dispositions, no time allowed for patrolling, no supporting
fire. It looked like a ruah job, and always rush jobs have
spelt to us unfavourable settings and advantage with the
Germans. Zero hour was at midnight, the 0eaforths had to
commit one company to the main road axis to ensure safety
for the R.C.E. 's mine sweepers, and the route of the other
companies were left to me.
Plan: 2 phases: 1 Capture LEANARDO, 2 capuure FOSO,
these two places to form the bulwark of the bridgehead.
Phase 1. "B" Company crossing river near APOLLINARIS to
furnish left flank protection to main effort by taking up
position on high graound between the 2 towns, and preventing
interception by any enemy force from BL FOSO. "C" Company
to cross near blown bridge and approach up axis. B and C
to cross at zero. "A" Company to cross down stream at 12.30
given blown bridge, and carry out a right flanking move up
what appeared to be a fairly covered approach into SAN
LEANARDO. "D" Company and to follow up after either A
or C companies whichever ?ron success, snd exploit this
.Phase 2: Action against .DL FOSO, by whichever company
was the least involved, likely D and B routes to riverside
in first phase recced by our Officer Rep froG, each company ..
Rations, Ammo, and spare 18 set batteries, to be carried
forward by mule under company arrangements, following
daylight crossing by tankli. The crossings went well, all
companies gaining the other side without being noticed.
"B" gained its objective without being fired on till dawn,
and dug in. "C" Company won some hundred yards up the road
to SAN L.C:ANARDO, when they were laced by an:.::. intense MMG
fire from high to the west on fixed covering
their approach, they were unable to go further until some
could be brought from arms other than their
own. "A" company made equally good progress at first, ad
w.ith came under the same type of fire from high
ground, and the fcrward slopes to the and N.. probably
15 to 20 served to stop them.
Major Vance, blinded by an explosive bullet, bis C.S.M.
killed, Sl d Lieut; :Baldwin in the aame plight a& bimaelf,
kept control, tried to work small partie& failed,
and w1 thdrew back a.ver the river, Sl d then recroaaed,
following "0" route. The net result, was the
formation of a very narrow bridgeheat which <1. d not serve
to control the ground dominating the bridge crossing.
The situation, wlth the exception of "B" coy, was obscure,
from time of creasing till about 0400 hrs. D coy and BHQ
were retained on this aide pending clarifications I went
forward w1 th the I. o. dJo ground overlooking the br:i.dge
crosidng, also with the icout Officer. The Germana were
ahelling the mule track approach uaed by A and C Coya; m d
the diversion and road with heavy shells, ao that the RCE'a
could not carry out tpeir work of putting up a diversion.
We could aee the outline of German M.M.G. fire directed at
A and C companies from the crazy tracer the Germans uae at
night. A company went off the air from the 18 set breakdown
from time of crossing and its location and progress could
not be learned till it joined up with C Company much later
The relative poaition of our forces being such as they were,
no aasistanoe coUld be brought to them till light from arty
and 4. 2. mortar&, and consequently, no alterna"ti ve remained
but to dig in and await the tanks. All companiea dug in.
D company and BHQ were not committed, it being my de&ciaion
a& the ai tuation cleared, to keep them i n hand, and shoot
them forward when some tank force had won adroas.
The tanka tried repeatedly to get over, but failed, they
tried in four places, tried repeatedly almost all day, end
finally, after several of their tanks had bogged down, gave
it up. The balance of their battalion took up positions of
the escarpment on thi&Ll &ide, and lambaated German lY.IMG post&
in the town of SAN LEANARDO and on the high ground on which
A company had been g1 ven so much trouble. Still, they were
operating from a long range and the view was not very clear,
and so g good deal of fire was "on sped". made a further
plan with 1400 bra aa zero hr, hoping to give momentum to
this bogged-down effort, and t<D- hang w1 th the German hazard
( : which was wrong aa was proven).
"D" Company was to move acrosa the river, using a natural
draw from the easential escarpment from our side a& a mean&
of approach, followed by B.R.Q. up to SAN LEANARDO, to be
followed by C Company which was to &hake it&elf looae from
i** alit& ( it had no casualtiea), snd follow D
Coy and stand as Counter attack company. B Coy was to
exploit into into EL FOSO, and A coy to stand re&ponsible for
any, all except from the at outting lines of
communication up the main ax!&. The supporting fire wa&
to be furnished by ob&erved fire from the tmk& from the hull
down on oar escarpment, and arty conoentration& on EL FOSO
zreo-10 to zero on SAN . LEANARDO, zero to zero 10 on high
ground and ground slopes east of SAN zero to zero
10. 2 regiments of ary to be employed. ' '
4.2 Mortaril to carry on on EL FOSO firing zero to
zero 20 w1 th H .ii. and _smoke. Areas of arty to t-each
from the forward edge& of the town, to 300+ to 400+
the being to knock known enemy Mortar poats.
The weakness of the plan of course, was that no prospect&
exi&Jted of getting the tankil across the atream that day
or night, nor as a matter of fact, the next day if the
Germans controlled the bridge crossing with hheir arty
fire in the same as the night., and an
exoellant tank existed into both towns for the
and orchards where their outskirts Where, they and their
Anti tank set and blow down the
in wbich we of course, have to &Jome of
the prospect that faced u.s wa.s exactly that
which it had_been rpronounced by Brigade that we would
not be committed to. The proilpect left me u.nea&y and
unCheerfu.l. Then an intervention came from an
source. Four German tank& appeared in SAN LEANARDO at
1400 hril, just as D company taa heading down the draw
to eros& the stream. The 0.0. tanks now told me on the
a1 r that this had now become h1 s prime :target, and he
could not support us in ail far except a& tre fire against
them would be of a&si&Jtance, result, wa&h out tank fire
support. I acted immediately te postpone the whole ilhow,
arty, 4.2 and infantry, &lending D Coy and B.H.Q. back to
their harbour several hundred yards back of the
escarpment edge, in reverse ground, putting them on 30
minute notice.
Fortunately the B11.gadier phoned me ju.&t then, and I
reported. He ordered me to hi& Command l?o&t, his tank
500 yards along the e&carpment Where I went and awaited
outcome of bis pow-vvow wi_th the Corps Commander; reault,
No reinforcement of ou.r effort to be made to 'cro&& the
tiver, tank ilU.pport waa or9ssing here, probably
to be abandoned aa not feaaible, and the one up the river
to be exploited lent to the "0" Group at Brigade after
dark, and got order& to withdraw ooya back and to move
Battalion up river ( along position& indicated
back from eacarpment, but covering in depth, approaches
to upper bridge head. The Edmn Regt to exploit and
improve the other side of bridgehead complementary to that
made by the l?.l?.C.L.I.
Returned to :B. H. Q. in haste, got I i/o and rep& away to
new area for a recce. Got A and C Companies started back
over river ( Capt Thoma& replacing Major Vance) O.C. "A"
Coy, but out of touvh with :B Coy, the last word being
that it waa being counter attacked by a superior number
of Germans. Straggler& came in With dubious reports as
to B Coy s position, their came in W. th his 18
set of commission, lost for :/4 of an hour, but at
last came a runner &traight from Capt. Buchanan a$k1ng for
permission to withdraw; this being more
vi gou.r than could ever be imagined.
Away went the runner. Plans were made to feed "B" Coy
men and to have greatcoats etc; loads to be carried on
Coy Cmdr's carriers to proceed to new areas and to be
available for A and C companieli on th:eir arl1. val there.
All coy arrangements worked very well, new di spo si tions
were taken up except by
B" coy who were allowed to
remain in their old billets in .A.POLLINARIS and reorganize
feed. and rest. Capt. Buchanan reported to me wihh McBride,
bis subaltern, both exhausted. The exploit of this
Company under the most Wizardly hand of this new Coy Cmdr,
was outstanding. Located by the Germans at first light
that morning, they had been steadily and heavily
machine gWDllled. They worked their way towards EL ]'OSO
during the day and overran the German posts one after
another. 16 in all fell to the Company by nightfall,
sending in prisoners a total of 50 to 60 and killing
a number equal to their own as they claimed. They made
a busman 's holiday of it, the example of Capt. Buchanan
lending inspiration exen to the lowest rank in all efforts.
In short, "B" Coy out thought, out schemed, and then
outfought the Germans. With nightfall, a large party of
Germans, 20m to 300 came into EL FOSO and made to envelop
the company. Buchanan gave way, keeping his platoons
intact, playing now this, now that off against the Hun,
and the whole, with the exception of less than half a
dozen, coming through the trap. Capt. Carter of 2nd Fld
Regt R.C.A. who went forward as F.O.O., was painfully
wounded, and couldn't walk. He and 7 German prisoners
at Coy H.Q. were brought back intact. It wasn't until the
next morning, that Capt. Buchanan, after a night's sleep,
marshalled these facta, and recited them. Casualties
totalled 2 Killed, others thought to be killed, 2 missing,
to include thelost, 6. All and bombs, and all bpt
2 Brens ( 1 in the hands of one of those thought to be
killed) were brought back. A very creditable performance.
We remained in our new areas the next day, were mortared
and shelled, but lightly, and lost only one man who
mysteriously disappeared from D Coy 18 set. Late that
night, after dark,we were relieved by 13 Punjabs of the
Indian D1v and our own respective Coys made up, off the
road dJo new Coy areas recced by Capt. Murdock and his
"I" Seo reps. Our new position was very nearly our
former one.
The new plan dictated by Div was to re-exploit
the first main" SAI"' LE.ANARDO bridgehead. That night,
under the 2 i/ c, Coy 3 Tanners were brought up and small
packs and blankets distributed, allowing a wash and shave
the next day. There was very heavy shelling along tle
road and in particular in the area of B.H.Q. and C Coy
by German meditmaw.and mortars. I guess they must have
been after the tanks and vehicles milling around in great
numbers in the area and going up and down. the road. Our
vehicles came and went without casualty, except for C Coy
3 tenner whose tires were holed, it was dragged off by
L.A.D. the next day, and by noon, returned to "A" Ech
At least 2 vehicles went up, one an armoured veh
close to our farm houae, under an awful noise and
its flaming carcass brought hnboly German fire.
One man in C Coy was killed, and although one of the
BHQ was hit, by a mortar bomb, no casualties there,
this, as was now becoming almo&t usual, was hhe most
heavily area in the Battalion. Next day, he scene
was aet for the .combined 2nd Bde and Tank Bde show;
the tanks asBisting up till now, had been British.
This involved some help from the 1st Bde. I attended
a conference w1 th 2nd Bde com.;J,andEr and tank Bde Cmdr.
Brl gade plan. The 48 Highlander& to take EL FOSO, R. C. R. S
SAN LEANARDO on 9/10 Dec and so form a bridgehead. The
ROEs to put in a diversion to take 6 tanks and 2 anti tanks
guns at 'Qlown bridge site during the night of 9/10 Dec,
and ROEs to sweep up the road to SAN L.D.AN.ARDO ahead of
the tanks. First tankii across ( From 13 Calgary Tank&) to
be a full &quadron carrying on top of them, our nn coy,
to pass through SAN cut along the track running
South-West from the place and st.a.nd on ground a'Qout 500 yds
clear of town ready to "left hook" to ORTONA - ORSOGNA
road when the main effort was mounted.
!:.2,. Didn't l;ike infantry on tanks, never did, fought it
at Senior Officer's as an outmoded idea,
saver, here with certainty of mll7rtar fire and arty fire
on long road approach to d1 version, and at diversion across
which the tanks would have to crawl, the prospect was mo&t
unfavourable; what I wuould have like done, . was to have
coy down our defile, across the r1 ver and to a
protective marriage ground short of the village, the tanks
following road and defile.
FolloW. ng this, the balance of the Seaforth& to find way
across to marriage ground on forward slope of other
escarpment, and awa1 t 2nd Sqdn of tanks, marry up and then
proceed through up the main axis to area
about 60G to 700 yds on the other side, to form a
firm base for pasaage thro' to ORTONA -ORSOGNA road to
Tbe Loyal Edmn Regt and 1 Sqdn tanks and exploitation later
by PPCLI w1 th further tank force to ORTON A. Anti tank gun&
to be brought o.p in due courlie t.o strengthen oo.r f1. rm
base poai t .ions against German .A.rmoo.r attack which was
Orders to my Company Commanders seperately,,and then our
joint attendance at the tank commanders conference reached
well into the nigb.t.Major Walkems my c.o. s Rep and I each
had a tank to and had our 18 sets and operatorii
installed that night. It was late when all end& were tied
in, we telephoned in to Bde H.Q., expected an early call,
but 1 t d1 dll
t come. Moderate shelling that night, some
sleep all around, D coy moved into tank harbour and
actually teamed up 'Wl th tanks who were to carry them
forward. :rhey left my command that night. The battalion
went on half an hcu rs notice frem 0900 hrs. Next, I then
took o.p mynposi tion in my tank and listened to the progress
of the scrap.
The bridgeheaD. was reportedsecured which meant the
48th were in FOSSO, and the R.C.R.S in SAN LEANARDO
(mark the last (I) and the diversion completed and first ,
tanks across. About 6 got over and up to the town with
all D Coy. It was found at this jWlcture, that the
town was in German hands as well as the high ground
to he east, and pockets in between it and BL FOSSO
not cleared out. D company a!ld the tankli started clearing
it out with a "Will! I and brought in a great lot of
prisoners, killed more and lost a numbe:r wounded though
only two killed, seferal wounded while artys tanks en route
were held up by arty and mortar fire. When the job was
completed, only 39 IDRiil remained effective. There was
delay in sweeping the road up to the town, the RCE sweeping
party not to be found, I offered our own Pioneer party of
2 men who were with us at the moment wihh detectors, ald
they were taken up to the diversion on tank tops just as
the RC.ii;'s turned up, the job took over an hour, in the
meantime, one tank had been mined out of the lot who had
ventured up, and those up in town were involved in a tank
vs tflk battle w1 th 12 German tanks Mk lVs. Mean:tme,
the balance of the Battalion crossed the river under
heavy fire follo-wing, "B" coy its own route Apollinari s
and C. A. And BHQ down our defile, no casual ties, and
marrigge gro.und reached and because there was a delay
digging in embarked on, the delay caused by the tank
battle now taking place; presently our tanks outnumbered
the Germans and he wi thtlrew from the near environs of
the town, but sailed over his rounds of A. P. every once
awhile, until after dark and also medium H.B. all night,
searching the c:;pproaches of the town 1 t self.
By dark, in addition to 13 tanks of 12 (Ontarios)
were up, and the only infantry, Seaforth of C and one
company of R.O.R.s who had up the road in file
as I gpt there in my tank and long after dark the place
had been reduced, the R.O.R. Coy Cmdr knew no answers
but placed his company where we most needed them, on the
right flank. The Brigadier was pressing me to go thro
to our firm pG si tions, I prepared to do so in exp8 ctation
of early arrival of the Loyal Bdmn Re gt to give local
protection to tanks in harbour, then in-consultation with
O.C. tanks, renigged and placed the in all
round defence positions. "A" Company had taken "D" Coy's
position and was off with it tanks on left flank ready
to push forward the next morning. B, c, and hhe &O.R. Coy
were allotted areas vi th some tanks each for J\I'Tk guns
had not yet come up. D Coy was in good close in-as
counter attack Coy. After a long time, probably 3 houri,
it had been dark for over that time, the first CoyLlOf
Bdmn Regt and were disposed by me in the absence
of their C. 0. When he and the balance of his Bn came
up, we formed a double defense ring, my B and :0 coys to
move back to married ground at first lightD Nothing but
shelling all night. Written orders from Brigade that I was
not to move till the impending tank battle had been
fought. This never came off, so I moved up.
I moved up ~ t h 3 tank5 after having a view of the
ground from an O.P. in an Hotel in the town.
Mvanti me, "A" Coy and its tanks moved off, zero
at 09lG hours left flankwards. .All other Coys
rt;3.ched their gn.und and prepared defensive sl1 ts.
The approach was u:n.der hcavw: Artillary and mortar fire
at tLrpes &J:ld places. There was no ~ n m y sii:J.all arms
fire th0ugh
This was the situation at 1430 hours 12 Dec when
B.H.Q. forward was established.
Signed; Lt;-col. J.D. Forin
0. C. i; he Seaforth Highlanders of Canada.

On a<> Peo 4j, c Oo:npany VT.etre 61Vt,.... the t3.ak upporitlq
the RefP.ent ' attaol alona etaln I'Oad 1nto ORTOBA,
1 1n a dlvoretonary along ooaat. ooapu.J'
naJ"t-11Hep ae the gt'CWld e.t 3421,2 aJ1d tblll,' Z'QtltO led .th
the oreat
down ver;; slc-pe to t!:e !r1elt Paetor,,
aon the 11a1n mine tlttld tl":cei PP.ctc,rr KO. 'the aa1a "at
aD.4 Q t.he almuat preo1p1 toaa to th ota1U:S.rta of tu
*" the7 were to llnk up Wi. th tM idr.c.ntol'l Ril t.
Owln1 to 1:he .aki,as li;attel' proar tua wa antl01Jat
0 ww.n ordered to vro11a 1.be11' astar-t llae 45 Jll1ARtea
llb.ead, and W&\li 1oo ee 'hee aoz-oaa be
mlno Uold waa
The m1Ali :tJ.eld na to.rtuatlJ oro wlthoa't IUahaJ
aA4 tl ocuap&lly'a tl.ret oliJeot.iye, a line oi' toiiU' ataohlll., .-
aeat a, otata1nad, ma1.U11 b thtsr of tllelr O'f8Jl
tll" Gtilll1 eUtf. r po a1 tl.O!.i. us ckl7 oonacl14aie4.
fhe aeat o (<JO ve na.a bt oll!J.:reh t. 4-\1.' ;tilr4w abe.4 t.l\JIOup
"t'lneyar4e. 15 platoon, l.llld'::l.t' Ji1-ylaachclt, we.:. oA a
left movea:ant to <t.. o:t eo\ 40aiaatlaa
Ule ooya po.S. f:rort where they wr:rt! buing !1 red: on &A4 at
tll -e t1a., to tc maks oontact: f1 t.h tbe 4Jncntoa.a.
a brtak s o'bJ WatJ JPJ..nt;cl. 14 FlatOCJilt
11Adillr OOmm&ll! o! 1'1.-:JUt. Hanbl.U'j, fftl:a vl'dered to make &\
Jipt fl:1nk1ng on tL at\U'oli. '!lw bJ tble t1ae,
ha4 from .ida t1rst cild wa.a. $ttbjQot1Di the
wmle area to t1aht tuOrtar, i1Sll as .:.-.ell na1s 11 r a 4 a\ the
- tlll cloll1ne:t1n1 tha po1:t1on by 1'-i !rem tbi ob.roll
tower. 14 eoon ru up aaatn' "'l'OD.S ill OJ polttoaa,
a4 several;r. Mr. Cpl ant 4 Ill
belAs woaA4Gd, and Set rtottl and 2 .Private betng k1lle4.
The ene:nr . ttw.od1&ot l#ll ztna ttie ooutezt
ataoke4 aiaoultanoouslJ on lJ GQooaoatRl7
th61 attaek on tr..e1r ,hi! reaa1.a.ter 14
platO<Jn, lc:a4el"Bhlp, baok 1n M. eortezo.
!Jae OOmpaa1 crde:r-e ft<:)b1nson, 1fL th
15 pla'loon to the Wltb 1ro . .etruet1olla to aot bolcllJ
-.4 1'8JalJ- the llltut1oA. Whtreapoo be leO. two seotJcu ot
141 piatooll into 8 baJOnet oat tWO aoJalDe iU
peat aAd Oa.t86d the eneay to !all baok. .lJu.r1q t}Ua open.t1oa, Iiabln.aon, Cpl Dohert7 alld. one .Pri at$ loat -.;hn:' l1"Yaa,
2 11'1 Y&t e a wt;jr ""uet.e d.
ln 'he Ela8chtlk on tile, oft
other O\oUAter t-.ttuk. At tl:.1s lt leaae4 tia\
\be $41Don" on wore no tuth e: :to rwar-d t - W t
Uueqh the Oo;r' ll.rat o})Juat:i..-, and tr .. t 007 oommc4el', Otl .
tll1 to li .. 11. -4. 'faa ordere i to t'la.ll baok b1a oompallJ fi'OII
ih Olu.lroh U4 a.u lt s n rat objenl.,.. 1n t.ll1e poal.ti.OJ
Ul OOIIPUJ .HIIa1Jled tlli'OQ&hOLl' the hoU8 Of Aubaa .. uaSi .. wilh 'thlt
. ..
At f1 :rt llgll1. a report e4 that thlll eaEU17 hat
wL 'tllUa. !:U ooapUJ imaeUatelr 1ato ihe area
ot' the Chueh.
J.l. Capt.
o. c. o oe,.
Ike OoapUJ waa oD17 alo'ttet oae fil'at a14 - tor the
llat the OOJ Cab 1D.torae4 that pe:raouel
tro the :a .&.P, wolll4 lie tollowlq eJ.oelJ S.D .. u.
Owlal to t:Uee oa tlw nat paat the 111.ok .tutor,
onr tlle, aa4 t!J8 4eall1 t7 of the atats.ellt.
tllen a. A. P. z-aozuull were aaaltle io ooae q W1 th the
tile waaa4e4 wezre aated. la nar ot Oo7 H. Q. , lMlt whea at
lut 11g111, oae of ou .. u .. ueUa late& w1 t)d.a
50 :t-eet th1 poe1u.oa, S.atl1ot1q tutkel' WGWlAI ea the
eaaulU.ea, a4 1eapo1"81'S.l7 pattlq oat of aot1on the
Oal.J fint aid aaa,. t)t.e Oor Qab Oft8H4 t)le 110Uile4 to H
' oyeJ.' tlB _ oUtt oa to a leqe.
At 2)00 - .. lt waa at lan poaS.llle to elltala atretolt.e:ra
the aaontoaa aD4 ao" til -.ou.a44 aeat lUou..roaal7
the l/2 lllle t'> tlle l&ttel'' at:naoed 1..4. R.
t t1a 1;he7 were woaatel ut11 the laat .. wa
lla U4 0 .. 1' to t)le J!:dJIOatona at 0200 kft, the OalJ GeY8.1'1Jlll
the7 It&t were c ., ., at 1 t a uutltreald.q taalt
ateayo 111'1q te keep ap the1r tlaglq p111Jta.
ll. S. Jlaltle7 CIPt
o. o. o eo,.
office will arrange for the filing and custody
of its own correspondence." (F.S.R. Vol. I. SGc.
1. Titles and Numbering of Files.
A simplo filing system adaptubll' for ust> in any
military office at home or iu the field is illustrated by
th:.: " Lil:lt of File Titles" overleaf.
Al l document s handled by a unit fall into one or
other of t.he nine categories enumerated, 1 to 9. The
titles of the nine main divisions are based on British
army opcntt.ions, organization, administra tion and
t.bc regulations governing. Each title may be broken
down int.o ten component pa.1ts or, by add-
ing a dash and subsidiary numbers 0 to 9. In turn
each of these may be further broken down by adding
a second dash and a t hird digit , and if necessary a
t hird daah and a fourth digit . Thus 4-7-3 might be
"Cooking} Course at Kingston ." According to oir-
cumst.a.nces, a fighting unit would expand the 1-3
prefix to all arms and services with
which it may be concerned
2. Date reference.
I n giving communication.s a reference number, it is
convenient to usc the date system of four figures
indicating day and month, e.g. 0102 for 1st li'ebruary;
3010 for 30th October.
3. Combined Numeration.
If the systems outlined in parns 1 a.ncl 2 are com-
bined, by placing the four date figures under the sub-
ject file numbers, a simple and informative method
of referencG results, thus
might be immediately identified as a communication
dealing with replacement of gas maskR, dated 8th
NoTE.-This method is not applicable to signal
messages, A.F.C. 2128, which bear serial numbers
1 to 9999. 'rbe use of dashes eliminates confusion
bet ween serial numbers and file numbers.
4. Documents for Preservation.
The monthly review of correspondence (F.S.R.
Vol. I, sec. 171.3) is facilitated and future confusion
avoided by jacketing the material in "Category ii"
(i.e., uno longer required", etc.) to conform with
the system.
5. Correspondence in the Field.
The functioning of the office of a formation or unit
dttring active operations may be simplified by keeping
a log or register of all orders and messages, written
or verbal, received or sent during the action. This
may conveniently be done by extending the use of
the "Field Register of Communications Received or
Despatched", (Army Form 2040, F.S.R. Vol. I.
sec. 171) to include verbal as well as written orders
and mess1tgcs in chronological ordor as received or
Time of sending and of receipt arc of importance
second only to Lime of event, and should be entered
both on the office copy of every field message or other
document, and in the log or register. A carbon copy
for contemporary refmence of the commandot or
others coneerned is deRirable.
A brief precis of written orders, reports ami mes-
sages, with the sender's number, is sufiicient, for t.hoy
will be kept on file. But particuln.r care is necessary
in maldng entries of times of moves and of vo1bal
orders, reports or conversations, by tGlephono or
otherwise, which in the st_ress or action, may not
otherwise be recorded on paper. In battle, open<tions
messages dealt with by one officer may number over
twenty-five per hour for several boUI'S on entl.
The: record should be kept convenient to the
tBlephonc. Entries may bu made by a clerk, or by
the officer on duty at the telephone.
Such a record is invaluable to the cOinmander in
ma.k'ng appreciations of the situation during the
action, and in compiling his report on the action
afterwards. It is contemporary evidence of t he
highest quality, a.nd therefore is of the highest his-
torical value, and should be attached as an appendix
to the original copy of the War Diary, together with
the origiMl documents sent and received.
(Appendix to Routine Order No. 147 C.A.S. F.
22 Nov. 39).
1. Operations (G.S.) (or Teehnical Functioning).
1-1. Orden;.
1-2. Insttuctions.
1-3. Co-operation l).jd Liaison.
1-4. Intercoinmullication, sigs, etc.
1-5. Working Parties.
2. Ptotection. (G.S.)
2-0. General.
2-1. Guards. and Patrols.
2-2. Alarm Posts.
2-3. Field defences.
2-4. AgaiJWt
2-5. Against A.F.V.
2-6. Gas.
2-7. Defence Schemes.
for allotment. ,
3. Intelligence.
3-0. General.
3-1. Secrecy. Coues.
3-2. Censorship.
3-3. Enemy fo1ccs, Prisoners of war.
3-4. Reports and sketcl1es.
3-5. Maps.
3-6. War diary.
3-7. Weather.
for allotment.
M.F.M, ItA
200M-S40 (5165)
H .Q. 17723\}165$

4. Training. (G.S.) (or Technical).
4-0. General.
4-1. Drill.
4-2. P.'l'.
4-3. Technical: Musketry, Gun Drill, etc.
4-4. Route Marches.
4-5. Tactical Schemes.
'1-6. Courses and Schools. .
4-7. Lessons learned and Pamphlets.
for allotment.
5. 01ga:J't-ization and Administration ( A.G .) .
5-0. General.
5-l. Establishments.
5-2. Medical and Sanitation. Dental.
5-3. Inspections. Ceremonial. Visitors.
5-4-. Police.
5-5. Office.
5-6. ROutine Orders.
5-8. A vailahle for allotment.
6. Personnel ( A:G.).
6-0. General.
6-1. Offieers.
6-2. Stre11gths, Casualties, Reinforcements.
6-3. Part II Orders.
6-4. Chaplains Welfare.
6-5. Pay. Financial.
6-6. Burials. Effects.
6-7. Honours and Rewards.
6-8. Demobilization n.n:l
6-9. Available tor allotii'l.cnt.
' I
7 . .Movements and Quarters. (Q.M.G.)
7-0. General.
7-1. Moves by road, rail, water, air.
7-2. of transport.
7-3. Reliefs.
7-4. Barracks, Billets, Camps.
7-5. Baths and Laundry.
7-G. Boundaries and areas.
7-7. Traffic.
for allotment.
8. Sur;plies and Maintenance. (Q .. M.G.)
8-0. General.
8-1. Rations, forage, water, disinfectants.
8-2. Petrol and lubricants.
8-3. Fuel and Light.
8-4. Engineer Stores.
8-5. Postal.
8-6. Remount& and Veterinary.
8-7. Canteens, Comforts, and small consignments.
8-8. rrinting and Stationery.
8-9. 'Avail11oblc for allotment.
9. St&res. (M.G.O.)
9-0. General.
9-1. Arms and armament. ..,
9-2. Ammunition.
9-3. Clothing and Necessaries.
9-4. Personal Equipment.
9-5. Unit equipment.
9-6. Vehicles.
9-7. Salvage.
for allotment.