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Midwifery Personal Statement Example It has always been my ambition to dedicate my life to helping others through a career in the

healthcare profession. Unfortunately, I was prevented from pursing my role as a urse in the !"#, however I am now in a position to realise my dream and loo$ forward to attending university with great anticipation. I was introduced to the world of Midwifery since the birth of my child, and have been fascinated by it ever since. %he whole &ourney from the beginnings of pregnancy through ante'natal classes to childbirth and post' natal care is truly special and I would love to be involved with women and their families at such an important time in their lives. I recently undertoo$ a #irst Steps to ursing university module, specialising in eonatal Intensive (are. I was inspired to learn more about this exciting area by ta$ing a subscription to the )*ritish +ournal of Midwifery, and ma$ing extensive use of the university library. I love reading about the ways Midwifery is constantly changing and updating its practices, and loo$ forward to &oining a profession with such a $een focus on continual training and self' improvement. -aving been out of education for a long time I chose to do this course part' time. -owever, I found that I .uic$ly settled bac$ into study, and soon excelled in all my coursewor$. My lecturer has $ept a copy of my portfolio to use as an example to future students and my essay and report have been uploaded onto the university *lac$board site. I am now confident that I can succeed at degree level, and will be fully committed to doing so. Since /001 I have wor$ed in a (are -ome as an "dministrator. I am responsible for invoicing, supplier payments, spreadsheet compilation for accountants and the payroll. %he organisation and attention to detail this has re.uired has e.uipped me with the written s$ills necessary for a nursing career, to ensure patient records are accurately completed. I also developed the interpersonal s$ills that are essential in Midwifery 2 I am able to communicate well with other members of the team as well as with residents and their families. I am extremely discreet when dealing with personal information and show empathy and compassion in sad circumstances. 3utside of my studies and wor$ I en&oy spending time with my family. I am the %reasurer of my children,s school P%", for which I am responsible for $eeping accounts. I also sit on the school council, where I wor$ with other parents to arrange activities for the students and resolve any general issues. 4hen I was younger I was a member of the "ir %raining (orps, where I reached the ran$ of Sergeant. %hrough exciting activities including flying, gliding, shooting and annual summer camps on !"# bases I learnt discipline, respect and teamwor$. I en&oyed teaching and supervising younger cadets, particularly watching children who were shy or from a

troubled bac$ground blossom. I have also completed my 5u$e of Edinburgh Silver award, which re.uired stamina and taught me resilience. I pride myself on my nature as a highly self'motivated and reliable individual, with an organised and diligent approach to wor$ and excellent communication s$ills. I am friendly, approachable and love meeting new people. I believe these attributes give me the potential to be a great Midwife, and would love the opportunity to perform this wonderful, fulfilling role. %han$ you for ta$ing the time to read my application, I hope you consider it favourably.