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Revision Draft Maqbool, Zohaib RHET 1311 James Wilson September 19, 2013 Roads and Bridges with

increase in population Since population is being increased day after day and we are having a lack of roads. In our everyday life we never expect to stuck in traffic for hours but the fact is quite opposite of this. People are rushing for their offices to get their office at time, students are rushing for their school, some people have appointments with doctors and to be there on time, but who knows when they will see a huge car wreck in their way and spend hours being stuck in that traffic jam. People do not do their breakfast because they are afraid that if they waste their time on doing breakfast then they will be running late for their offices. Parents wake their kids up too early in the morning so that they leave home as early as possible so that they do not miss their class or tests. If we look at the percentage of population increasing every year in Arkansas we will become to know how fast are we moving towards being a most populated and crowded state in U.S. We are all aware of what is actually happening around us. We have made our lives that easy that we do not even prefer to walk. After each and every mile we get to see bunch of cars moving around us. Population in Arkansas has increased in past 10 years by the rate of 9.1%. According to Arkansas Population Growth Rate, we have got 9.1% increase in population from April 1, 2000 to April 1, 2010. With this such an increase in population we must have to think about the future that what would happen next if our

population will be keep growing with this rate. By having these plans we can think of building more roads and bridges for the safety of the people. Today, to be at time in class or in office we have to leave our houses early in the morning but still we cannot predict when either us or other people driving other cars will be a part of wreck. Even though we see the wreck on a freeway but if we had more roads or bridges to use we could possibly use them to get at our works and classes. We sometimes see people getting ready In their cars because of not having enough time at home and they get ready while they are jammed in traffic. Some may even do their breakfast in their cars which is the main reason of having accidents. So by building more roads we can not only save peoples time but also prevent the accidents. Alternative roads will make our lives much easier. We can save our time and utilize it to get our work and school assignment done instead of being stuck in traffic for hours. Nowadays since everybody have cars in their houses but not enough roads to drive those cars at. Each and every single person has his/her own car to drive to work or school. By building new roads and bridges will not only help us to save our time but it will also help other people coming from other cities or states to drive without being stuck in traffic. In short, with the increase in population we are having a lack of roads and bridges in Arkansas. By building more roads and bridges will make peoples life much easier and safe. More roads will keep accidents from happening.
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