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Thundering clouds clash Rainfall pelts Electrically charged Lightning bolts Groan and heckle Flash and flicker Tenseness builds As forces bicker Crashing cymbals Thunderous paeans Ghostly Convoys Phenomenal Displays A telluric planet Entices rage Fulminating Upon our stage A wet cacophony Stygian dark Jagged lasers of silver light Angry winds Fight and thrash Manic, aimless Fated to clash Gravity defying Tempest wrath Rushing everything In its path A formidable tempest Is a primal beast Irrepressible Once unleashed

Tears Weep within my Soul My mind adrift, yet not wandering free Vague memories, dark thoughts, utter despair Unwanted images come rushing in As tears weep within my soul My mind adrift in a wave of doom Fettered like the tides to the moon As much as I try to put barriers in place They come tumbling down in haste My purpose, my being, the reason Im here Has left me forever, thats what I fear Discombobulated is my minds state From moods of helplessness to feeling irate The darkness enshrouds me like a sea roke As my chest tightens and I begin to choke Inside my head is like an empty shell Indwelled with demons straight from hell Marking time like a mouse on a wheel Each day that passes is the same as the last The world I live in is as dull as its grey Having nothing to do, hence nothing to say None of my friends call on me anymore They petered out like a withering flame The only person who knocks on the door Is the postman to ask me to sign my name Ive tried the medication and the CBT Yet nothing appears to agree with me So I slowly drift through a life not my own As I suffer in silence, completely alone

The Denton Hatter

Felt hats, silk hats, soft hats, stiff hats Flat caps, mad hatsMad hats? Hide the rabbits, mercury calling Delirium forming, synaptics storming Turn fur to felt, the factories mix A dire solution that makes you sick Itching and scratching, some in great pain As the toxin sneaked into the workers veins Coughs and splutters amongst the force As mercury poisoning ran its course Standing out from the madding crowd Their pink skin in a monotint town In a dreamlike state as they made for work Their faces wearing an insane smirk As mad as a hatter people would say As they passed their neighbours every day And so this place was no Wonderland No Mock Turtle, no Knave of Hearts No Cheshire cat in those Lancashire parts And the only Alice living round there Was a little old lady with silvery hair

The Unknown Soldier The Unknown Soldier Buried 11 November 1920 Westminster Abbey

The Unknown Soldier Was not really unknown For he had a mother Who wished him back home Alas

Back home he did not come But fell in foreign land Killed by the Hun From whence he did stand
This unknown warrior Had a name, rank and number Sadly shot by a foreigner Triggered his eternal slumber Brought back to England To his final resting place Bestowed by a band As they returned him to base

You can see his sepulchre At the west end of the nave For he is the unknown warrior Who was oh so brave

My name is Flip My oppo is Flop Thanks to BFPO & Fat Albert Our ETA was bang on Now at your service We had a Mov O From your NOK And were RTM ASAP We brung along a Sit Rep U can read with a wet On your scratcher Enjoy the soap And your degunge You hummer And crack on So hurry up and wait Thats our speciality One step forward Two steps back But we are not Jack When wearing us No beasting youll have No tabbing youll do Not whilst youre chinstrapped Just a shower will do Friends we met On the way Toothbrush and paste Hot chocolate sachets Boot laces Hand cream OXO cubes And Ovaltine DVDs, CDs and MP3s Of Every description From Heavy Rock To Easy Listening But the important thing Is our thoughts Miles from home And the love we bring Just for you

The Devils Work

Now let me speak to you About the Devils work As he spews out his venom With an impish smirk It started with a whisper Murmuring in my ear I would look around As shadows disappear Back then I shrugged it off As just one of those things And to myself I would scoff I was simply hearing things But then he began to infer When I was least aware He knew I was a deceiver Hed scream from his lair Angry, I would yell, Go away! To which he would just hoot Dance around inside my mind As he played upon his flute Then whilst at my lowest ebb The venomous voice had said Its time you walked with me But be careful where you tread The beast had me in his thrall And I was powerless to desist He whispered vices in my ear Without reverence he would hiss It is time you did my work Ive been tolerant up till now He shouted whilst he was irk Or hed smite me he did vow He whispered in my ear Atrocities I shall not repeat As he instilled me with fear Without being so discreet A mouthful of profanities Before he got to the point Then came the formalities And charges hed appoint You will kill in my name With that there is no doubt I wont spend my time in vein And come away with nowt And yet although I could go on for An eternity about the devils work Its time I closed this chapter Before it becomes too murk

The Forgotten Generation

Dull eyes, heads shying Their Shoulders drooped Wearing their huddies Identifies their group They cover their faces And hold their heads low With fists in their pockets They walk with a woe Consumed with alcohol Or high on drugs We assume these children Are a bunch of thugs But dont misunderstand This generation weve lost They just need direction And deserving jobs With no jobs to apply for And no vocation in life Criminal behaviour Will surely be rife Yet our politicians In their ivory towers Point their fingers With ill-gotten powers

Attic Space Left my thoughts In the attic space Poems Id written In my own place But now I surf And wander free Not tied down Dont need a key But when I need To settle down Maybe Ill go back To my old town Pull out my thoughts And pour me a drink Whilst I reminisce With time to think Look back over time Before I roamed free Things were sublime And I was happy

Dead of Night Dead of night A sombre mood Stillness induces Heavy lids Mind adrift Beyond this plane Rest you sleepy head A sound resonates Out of place Body twitches Wide awake Darkness grips A fearful mind Heady thoughts Start running wild Shapes shift As eyes dilate Chasing shadows You will never find A Cold sweat Your hands tremble Ears adjust To bumps and creaks Stairs groan Floorboards moan Aching pipes Give you the creeps All alone as Your family sleeps Yet it seems A watchful eye Means you harm On this night Curtains flit A drafty pane Senses heightened As fear consumes Bolt upright as You let out a scream As once again Eyes dart The darkened room And as your mind Amends to the reality Silence consumes The empty void The Mind slows Your pant desists Composure regained With heavy lids Quietly descend Pillow head And gently slope Off to sleep And Into The land of nod For the watchful eye Is only God

Echoes of my past Shadows of old My memories lambast Leaving me cold There was an age When I was proud And I could gauge The world around But now my mind In pieces shattered I can no longer find What once mattered And so I sink Into a deep depression And begin to drink To seek suppression Suppress my thoughts Those troubling me Demonic thoughts I cannot free So in the gloominess A solitude form A far-reaching bareness My soul is torn And so I try To quell my pain From the drink I cant refrain For only the drink Changes me So I cant think And sets me free

The pendulum swings Like the metronome Every hour it brings Its dulcet tone A serene chime It does sing Denoting the time Its suspension spring Theres something about Being half asleep When theres nowt Making a peep No floorboards creaking No woodwork creeping No cars beeping Just the pendulum sweeping And as the tic and the toc Of my grandfathers clock Gently sends me to sleep I dream soundly and deep

Bitter Sweet
The dancing snowflake fairy Is back in our realm As she stirs up a flurry With her sprinkle spell A delight for the children Not so for the old As the sun steps back To let in the cold Jack Frost waits In the wings He waits for the fairy To finish her thing And as the winds hurry Like a bustling wizard It transforms her flurry Into a full blown blizzard And without conviction Hurriedly swirling In every direction The wind continues raging And when the snowflake fairy Takes a day off In comes the silvery Slippery Jack Frost Cracking and creeping Stepping on everything he likes Leaving fern like white patterns On the bitterest of nights Without discrimination Black ice or white Jacks manifestation Snaps with bitter spite Mischievous, ill-behaved Slowing us all He has us enslaved We are in his Thrall Treading timorously Driving with fright The whole country shivering At Jacks personal delight And as the Suns radiance Fails to reach our once green land Jack Frost continues his dance Just as he had planne Burrr

Band of Brothers Come to me my child For you are in Gods Grace Having done your stint For the human race Now this is your time Rest your weary head Youre under my wing For youre my beloved And I promise you this Your perpetrators I shall cast out Into the wilderness With this have no doubt For I stand by my word Thou shalt not kill Least not in my name For its not my will Yet your heart full of love For the ones left behind Be not dismayed You shall be re-entwined And with me at the helm You need not fear For as you walk through my realm All will become clear For a new Band of Brothers Now walk by your side With my Army of Angels You can march-on with pride

Robin Wood A canopy dancing To a summer breeze A patchwork arrangement Of lush green leaves Shafts of light Break through the crowns Dappling the undergrowth Upon the ground The steep wood bank Runs from end to end Giving squirrels, hares and rabbits Plenty to fend They deliver their broods For they spend all their time Looking for food Wildlife bursts into colour In early spring Bluebells and Bee Orchids To name but a few A Kaleidoscope of colours Nature will bring Ensuring the undergrowth Is looking brand new Nowadays, the month of June Can be dark and grey But nature has surprises To brighten the day Fauna and Flora In abundance youll find Even when the weather Is a little unkind With a wealth of butterflies Dancing on air These colourful creatures Are everywhere Yet not forget The Damsel and Dragonfly too For they add a splash of colour Especially a blue And they serve a purpose As nature intends Feeding the birds And their furry friends From the Woodpecker to The Robin Redbreast The woodland provides A cornucopia to digest And as for the stoat Well if he has his way The squirrels, rabbits and hares Will be his prey So Mother Nature can be As cruel as she is kind But thats how The circle of life is designed


Random thoughts Rush through my mind A settling thought I cannot find My dreams elude me Its stupid o clock For I cannot sleep So watching Facebook My thoughts replaced By others like me Friends and family Too are not sleepy So here I sit Laptop and tea Making comments On what I see I look at the clock Its hands seem still With a tic and a toc So much time to kill My lids are heavy And my mind adrift For those who can sleep Its truly a gift If it wasnt for this site Id be out of my mind As I stir in the night No solace to find And as the Sun Rises to greet me This is no fun For now I am sleepy

Playing with words Like music notation Both Song and verse A divine conception From articles, nouns Verbs and adjectives Conjunctions, Prepositions Lest forget suffixes Almost a million words Excluding inflections From which word-nerds Strive for perfections From adventure stories To Science fiction From simple inventories All wonderful Diction And full of wealth The poem is a blessing Whilst expressing self Without self-expressing

September rain Afore winter blues As the vine unwind And perennials snooze An autumn chill Is in the air As leaves spill Everywhere The weather unknows What to do As it blows An autumnal stew Sometimes it rains Sometimes its dry When the wind drops by As the sky turns grey And the sun retreats Come what May As umbrellas strain

Till again she greets

From a young age it was said Into the darkness I was led With no role model to guide me true A crooked path I did pursue Thus a jailbird I came to be Returning to my cage, habitually Living amongst a nest of vipers This is my charge, paying the piper In that prison-gloom, Black clouds did settle Over my soulless form An empty vessel That was Until one morn as I woke Crepuscular rays through my window broke And a voice so warm it soothed my fear As it whispered kindness in my ear It was The voice of God who had spoken to me Lifted my spirit and set me free And now I live without suspicion As I am a reborn Christian

Insanity Sickened by this insane war Sickened by the Taliban Sickened by the loss before I entered this hellish land Sickened by those insidious IEDs Those bedraggled ghostly rags ignite As a transmitter they intensely squeeze From behind a wall and out of sight This emptiness inside of me Its not normal, yet not my fault My burden I cannot speak free Locked up sorrows in a vault I get black moods I cannot shrug My mind wanders astray I wish there was a magic drug To make this go away Sickened by the swarms of flies Relishing on the stench of death As the body count begins to rise I wonder who will be left The scars on this torrid land I shall take home in my mind But not scars that can mend These scars are not that kind Although among my buddies I feel as lonely as the dead We all stare blank like zombies When we lose another friend Then back to the job at hand Searching out those slippery snakes But like a mirage in the sand They vanish in our wake It reminds of Wac-a-Mole I played at the funfair Popping out of one hole Then another one elsewhere But theres no fun in this And its certainly not fair And the price if you miss Your life then and there

I see you Looking at me Looking at you I turn away From looking at you Looking at me Only to see A reflection of me Looking at you Still looking at me I pretend to not have seen The reflection of me Looking at you Looking at me So I stare at my watch As you stare at me And dare not look In case you see I take deep breath And I turn to see If you still stare Only to see Youre not there

So I tip on my toes For a better look And as the crowd grows I have no luck A sea of folks In front of me That just chokes cos I cant see So I return to my reflection And what do I see You behind the store window Smiling at me

Drifting off into A persistence of memory A dream caused By the flight of a bee Still life Moving fast In complete contrast Is the face of war Geopoliticus child watching The birth of the New Man The Invisible man Tuna fishing The swallows tail The first days of spring Morphological echo Dreams do bring Swans reflecting Elephants Galatea of the Spheres Slave market With the Disappearing bust Of Voltaire The Ecumenical Council The Sacrament Of the last supper The bread basket Crucifixion Christ of Saint John Of the cross The disintegration of The persistence of memory Drifting back I am Salvador Dali The great masturbator The Lugubrious Game The ghost of Vermeer

Weeping Willow I never saw it coming I hadnt a clue Last night you said I was stunning And you loved me too I thought We were planning our future My beating heart you took That was Until I opened my computer Read your message on Facebook It said Its time we both moved on Its over my darling Grace Sorry about the message Just cant tell you to your face And now My heart is broken Youve broken it in two Until my heart is mended I can only think of you So As I cry into my pillow To which no one can console Im like the weeping willow My head is hanging low The great times we had together Special moments we did share Knowing theyre gone forever Has left me in despair I thought we were good together And that we were true soul mates Our love would last forever Until the pearly gates And As I cry myself to sleep My heavy breathing subdued I sink into a dream Of the times I had with you

Grumble My back aches Like a tired lion As I crave My elephant grave My head swells Like oceans deep Ankles break As I creep Hunched shoulders Cracking bones Though I sit still My body moans My sagging skin Now monotint Creases Paper thin So now I know Once I did not My furrowed brow Tells a lot For yesteryear Was my lot Lived without fear Didnt give a jot Yet my memories Are fading fast I cant recall My things of past Friends petered out Theyve all gone No one left Im the only one And now my time Is near its end Its only now I comprehend If only I knew then What I know now Id begin again Without a doubt Yet this may be true For some & not others I still envy the young You lucky buggers

The edge of the playground Is where I did stay Excluded from fun With no one to play Estranged for being different I was always left out Everybody made judgment And insults they did shout And being excluded It hurt oh so much I tried my hardest Yet they didnt give a fuck My desire for acceptance Was my only whim So I changed my semblance Just to fit in Yet those in the clique Were blissfully unaware I was crying beneath The faade I did wear I thought I had vanquished My demons years past Yet I still feel the pain That makes me lash Lash out at people Who are closest to me Who bear the brunt Of this tragedy

Barely a life My childhood was stark Barely a life Left its mark Like a serrated knife Began my sentence When I was self-aware I suffered in silence With utter despair Picked on for being A social outcast I remember feeling Completely downcast My best clothes Were rags to others Hand-me downs From the neighbours Amongst my peers I was quiet and lost Hid my tears But at a cost I wanted to curse Yelling Im here too Making things worse Me looking a fool And looking around I fervently knew That one day Id be rid of you And from the shackles I did break free And all those Jackals Were no longer with me And a confident life I went on to live I have a wonderful wife Two brilliant kids Travelled the world The sights I did see As I uncurled It set myself free

Broken Men Thousands of men went loyally to war Injected with drugs not trialled before Most returned to the governments apprehension And suffer with sickness as they fight for a pension The majority injected with a cocktail of drugs Their superiors said they would do them good Administered with Black Death, Anthrax too And anti-nerve agents to name but a few Little did they know a battle had begun Way before the ground war day one As they took on a far more sinister foe Their young fit bodies the new battle zone Men became sick sometime after Iraq Once fit young soldiers now under attack But not from Iraqis who gave up the fight But sickness and diseases are now their plight A myriad of illnesses blight thousands of vets Shattering their lives as the depression sets Many turn to drink, some to drugs too As they cant get the answers as to why they are ill

Early Spring

As treetops blossom And birds begin to sing We experience the first signs Of an early spring Daffodils flourish Ready for mothers day And new born lambs nourish On their mothers whey And Crocuses revel Even in a penumbra From sea level To Alpine Tundra And as the lion leaves And incomes the lamb Our green land receives The Sun with open hands The goldilocks season Not too hot nor too cold Mother Nature has a reason And thats life to unfold So next time it rains In April, May or June Dont show disdain Its simply the time For life to renew

Hell on Earth On the front line I serve Three Afghanistan tours in Starting to lose my nerve As my head begins to spin They watch us like wolves In the dead of night And upon us like devils In the daylight My mouth is dry My voice is hoarse As we fight in the desert With all our force So now I am weary Tired of this fight Some of my friends killed This is not right I watch my oppos back As he watches mine As we wander deep Within the enemy line All is quiet All is still But not the type That is tranquil For we all know From experience past The Taliban will show With an almighty blast

Lifes Stage

I make my first quiver As I enter lifes stage Polar-cold as I shiver Screaming with rage From whence I come That familiar cocoon I am forced to leave For the delivery room My heart breaking Dragged into the cold The midwife waiting Her hands take a hold Leave me alone I continue to scream I was comfy in there I was having a dream So alien is this It seems so bright I stare into the abyss At the blinding light Then A reassuring sound Resonates in my ear Its my mummys voice I can hear her so clear And once in her arms With a soothing greet I again feel calm As I hear her heartbeat And off I fall Into a deep sleep Not a sound I make Not even a peep

Faith Dark clouds gather as twilight befalls My last breath I take, before my body stalls My eyelids close, for death is nigh My chest sinks as I release my last sigh But then A bright light ensues, a scintilliance so divine And a whisper follows, so beautiful and benign As cautious as can be, Im told to follow the light For it is enshrouded in the blackness of night A place where evil comes to play Determined to take me another way As the devil rushes my side Offering himself as my guide And although God is watching me As I edge forward in a trance Satan will take the opportunity If given half a chance So as I walk this no-mans-land Limbo, by its proper name So long as I keep my faith in God The devils ruse will be in vein

Fate There are infinite paths We all could take But its in the aftermath We realise our mistake One path we follow Right or wrong We make our choices As we go along A decision we hum A decision we har Life is a conundrum A puzzling affair What if Id done if this? What if Id done that? We all know life is A bit of a twat So we create our own path Wherever is takes To keep us on track And count on our fates Yet some of us fall foul Of the decisions we make Only later to realise We had made a mistake For human is to err Weve all made a mistake Yet everyone deserves To be given a break Yet only a fool Does not learn from his error And has to live With his mistakes forever

If someone gets drunk Or drinks a lot Its that terrible sad feeling They just want to stop We all have many facets Some our frailties And some our assets Vices in a crisis Seems the only way to hide When the time arises You can no longer abide One drink ago I couldnt fit in that bottle Yet now I know That neck I will throttle Squeeze it dry Every last drop Although I try I cant seem to stop So before I am judged For my tendency Think the path I trudged Drifting aimlessly Solitude is a terrible thing That severe depression seems to bring Yet I dont want your pity Or even a kind word Just not think of me With a swear word We all have our sins And yes some do have more Some with thick skins Yet others abhor So this is my time To bow out of sanity And worry tomorrow Of the gravity

FMJ Wrapped in my jacket In the chamber I sit And boy what a racket Ill make when Im hit Slap my cap With the pin From the breach I will spin A rush of gas And a flare Then my ass Is out of there From the muzzle I did nuzzle Now on my way To kill my prey Barrelling away Supersonic Dont get in my way Im demonic My punch is hard My nose is hot Once discharged I will not stop From the breach To my terminal If you I reach Its your funeral But if I miss And pass you by Youll hear a whiz And breathe a sigh

Colour Blind Colour Is only skin deep The person inside We must peep People the world over Are all the same Yet moreover No ones to blame Those who prejudge Are alien to me Facts they fudge For theyre greedy Greedy for power Greedy for lust Greedy for control People we mistrust The one thing That unites The human race Is our dire straits Ordinary folk Trying to get by Those who are broke And live on the fly We all want peace A place to live Only the extreme Never forgive The Bible Quran Tanakh & Guru Granth Sahib Do tell us all How to live But its up to us all To put the effort in

Two Second Delay

Have you ever thought? A two second delay Might have sent your life A different way You couldve met On a train If they didnt forget To have the right change If on that fateful day It hadnt rained And they didnt stay And hadnt remained Out for a walk On a sunny day Hadnt stopped to talk As you passed their way Had remembered a ball For their faithful dog, Jack Mayve have landed near you As you handed it back If he had turned left Instead of right Missing the bar You were in that night Had they stopped at the lights You had just lit Instead of dodging the traffic Without being hit If they had not left A party that night Where you turned up late As they went out of sight If they had taken the lift Instead of the staircase As the doors opened Youd have met face-to-face If they hadnt forgotten Their case Re-entered the house As you walked passed their place But thats the way Fate is a strange thing And that two second delay Could mean everything

The leaders of this world Would have us all killed We can never live in peace Whilst they want their piece Their piece of this world No matter what the cost As long as that cost Is not their lives lost For it is us; the poor The worlds underlings Who pay the price For their insane meddlings They send us to war Whilst they ramble on Fighting with words Whilst we fight with a gun So as we pay with our lives They continue to contrive Pretending to pay respect As they continue to convect Blowing hot air With their hypocrisies Thinking they are fair With their unjust policies Millions of lives lost Sent to war time & time again Always at the cost Of the poor mans requiem

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