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jeromes laneway festival 2013

Last January 26, Singapore witnessed one of the biggest editions of the renowned Australianbred music festival. Complementing the already star-studded line-up, the prominent indie festival took residence in a new venue too: Gardens by the Bay Singapore. From dazzling close-ups of the musicians to the passionate fans, this is the story of Laneway Singapore 2013.
a photo essay by Patrick Elicano

top-left: Of Monsters And Men lead singer Ragnar Raggi rhallsson warming up to the start of their set. top-right: DIvine Fits frontman Britt Daniel stretching his vocal chords to complement his buzzing basslines. bottom-left: One of the outstanding performers for the day, Channy Laneagh's haunting yet mesmerizing vocals continue to captivate the audience. bottom-right: Arnar Rsenkranz Hilmarsson leading the 8,000 faithful in a resounding rendition of Lakehouse. (opposite) top: Real Estate lead guitarist Dylan Baldi showing that he is the real deal, grinding gutar riff after riff. bottom: The ever-beautiful Nanna Brynds Hilmarsdttir with a show of swagger that enhanced her stage presence.



It was a showdown of sorts when Polica and Of Monsters and Men frontwomen Channy and Nana took the stage much to the delight of the males in the audience. In one corner there was the mystical and enchanting presence and vocals while on the other was simplicity in beauty and a calm demeanor throughout her set.

(opposite) top-left: One of those who did not get the spotlight as much, Alex Fischel did not let that get in the way of him producing a key effort as keyboardist of Divine Fits. top-right: A perplexed smirk or a disgruntled expression, only he knows as Arnar Rsenkranz Hilmarsson gazes out into the crowd. bottom-left: Dan Boeckner with that grit and edge that pure rock'n'roll is usually associated to. bottom-right: There was no holding back this ruff'neck, Joe Boyer unleashing his commanding presence on stage with Cloud Nothings. bottom: Such was the grandeur that supergroup Divine Fits encompassed, even rocking out was made to look easy by Britt Daniel.



Japandroids were one of the few who received the hottest welcomes and the duo repaid the efforts of the Singaporean faithful by producing a blistering set making each minute count.

(opposite) top: When duo Japandroids came out to play, the fans were all but ready to join in with them as many took to the front rows to rock out with their heroes. bottom: Finnish folk group Of Monsters and Men showcasing a colourful line-up matching up to their equally colourful set.



Stunning the crowd was Nanna Brynds Hilmarsdttir of Monsters and Men who delivered a breathtaking vocal range.



Dan Boeckner of Divine Fits shining brightly on stage as he exudes the same aura of grandeur as bandmate Britt Daniel.



(this page) top-left: Not holding back, Japandroid frontman Brian King hyped the crowd with his swashbuckling style, energising them to go all out in enjoying the show. top-right: Standing quietly on the sidelines Brynjar Leifsson of Of Monsters and Men were one of the unsung heroes of the show. bottom-left: It was a tantalising mix when Of Monsters and Men leading singers Raggi and Nana showed exquisite vocal dynamics and harmonies that wowed. bottom-right: Channy Laneagh of Polica showing that you don't have to be in the crowd to dance along to the music (opposite) top-left: There was a healthy mix and 'rojak' in the crowd with majority being locals, and the occasional exotic asian presence as seen here. top-right: Many 'angmohs' were present either to catch some of their native countries' talent, or just to fangirl over those good-looking guys on stage. bottom: It was fun all round under the sun as the 8'000-strong crowd poses for a picture.