BRIEF HISTORY Syndicate Bank was established in 1925 in Udu i!

the ab"de "# $"%d &%ishna in c"astal &a%nataka with a ca ital "# Rs'()))*+ by th%ee ,isi"na%ies + S%i U end%a -nanth .ai! a business/an! S%i 0a/an &ud,a! an en1inee% and 2%'T 3 - .ai! a hysician + wh" sha%ed a st%"n1 c"//it/ent t" s"cial wel#a%e' Thei% "b4ecti,e was %i/a%ily t" e5tend #inancial assistance t" the l"cal wea,e%s wh" we%e c%i led by a c%isis in the handl""/ indust%y th%"u1h /"bilisin1 s/all sa,in1s #%"/ the c"//unity' The bank c"llected as l"w as 2 annas daily at the d""%ste s "# the de "sit"%s th%"u1h its -1ents unde% its .i1/y 2e "sit Sche/e sta%ted in 192(' This sche/e is the Bank6s b%and e7uity t"day and the Bank c"llects a%"und Rs' 2 c%"%e e% day unde% the sche/e' The %"1%ess "# Syndicate Bank has been syn"ny/"us with the hase "# %"1%essi,e bankin1 in India' S annin1 ",e% () yea%s "# i"nee%in1 e5 e%tise! the Bank has c%eated #"% itsel# a s"lid cust"/e% base c"/ %isin1 cust"/e%s "# tw" "% th%ee 1ene%ati"ns' Bein1 #i%/ly %""ted in %u%al India and unde%standin1 the 1%ass%""t %ealities! the Bank6s e%ce ti"n had ,isi"n "# #utu%e India' It has been %" a1atin1 inn",ati"ns in Bankin1 and als" has been %ece ti,e t" new ideas! with"ut h"we,e% 1ettin1 u %""ted #%"/ its distincti,e s"ci"+ec"n"/ic and cultu%al eth"s' Its hil"s" hy "# 1%"wth by /utual sustenance "# b"th the Bank and the e" le has aid %ich di,idends' The Bank has been " e%atin1 as a catalyst "# de,el" /ent ac%"ss the c"unt%y with a%ticula% %e#e%ence t" the c"//"n /an at the indi,idual le,el and in %u%al*se/i u%ban cent%es at the a%ea le,el' The Bank is well e7ui ed t" /eet the challen1es "# the 21st centu%y in the a%eas "# in#"%/ati"n techn"l"1y! kn"wled1e and c"/ etiti"n' - c"/ %ehensi,e IT lan is bein1 ut in lace and the skills and kn"wled1e "# the Bank6s e%s"nnel a%e bein1 u 1%aded th%"u1h a ,a%iety "# t%ainin1 %"1%a//es t" %"/"te cust"/e% deli1ht in e,e%y s he%e "# its acti,ity' The Bank has launched an a/biti"us techn"l"1y lan called 8ent%alised Bankin1 S"luti"n 98BS: whe%eby 5)) "# "u% st%ate1ic b%anches with thei% -T3s a%e bein1 netw"%ked nati"nwide ",e% a ; yea% e%i"d' The Bank is i"nee% a/"n1 .ublic Sect"% Banks "n launchin1 8BS' Ou% bank has al%eady achie,ed 8BS i/ le/entati"n a/"n1 all its b%anches' Thus! the bank is 1))< 8BS enabled'

The bank with its s"ci"+ec"n"/ic ai/ was /akin1 e5tensi,e 1%"wth and ad,ance/ent and ente%ed F"%ei1n E5chan1e business by " enin1 F"%ei1n E5chan1e 2e a%t/ent at B"/bay' In 19=;! the bank chan1ed its na/e t" 6Syndicate Bank $i/ited6 and the head "##ice was als" shi#ted #%"/ Udu i t" 3ani al' The bank had then set u an Ec"n"/ic Resea%ch 2e a%t/ent! bein1 "ne "# the #i%st #ew Banks t" e/ hasi>e "n %esea%ch in Bankin1! e,en be#"%e nati"nali>ati"n' In 19?1! it " ened the #i%st s eciali>ed b%anch in F"%ei1n E5chan1e! in 2elhi' Fi,e yea%s late%! it " ened its #i%st ",e%seas b%anch " ened at $"nd"n'

! Syndicate Bank a/al1a/ated with United India Insu%ance 8"' $td' #"% dist%ibuti"n "# @"n+$i#e Insu%ance %"ducts' In 2)).ices • Rec".e bankin1! Syndicate Bank has c%eated a na/e #"% itsel# in the last () yea%s' R""ted in %u%al India! the Bank has a clea% ictu%e "# the 1%ass %""t %ealities and a .! Syndicate Bank " ened its 1)))th b%anch in Hau> &has! 2elhi' In the sa/e yea%! it unde%t""k the /ana1e/ent "# 3usanda/ E5chan1e 8"' in 3uscat' Fi. Out of these branch locations 152! .isi"n "# #utu%e India' 8han1in1 with the chan1in1 ti/es! the Bank has well e7ui ed itsel# with all the #acilities "# the new a1e! with"ut! h"we.ices: • Syndicate Di#t 8he7ues %u%al and the se Syndicate Bank Branches Today the bank has grown into a full fledge banking institution with a large network of over 2125 branches.a%tici ant Se%.ati"n "# %ailway tickets th%"u1h Indian Railway 8ate%in1 B T"u%is/ 8"% "%ati"n $td #"% its cust"/e%s' It was du%in1 this ti/e that it ente%ed int" a 3OU with SF-8 #"% %"/"tin1 "# in.e%! alte%in1 its distincti.el" /ent! "# b"th the Bank and the e" le! has w"n it a l"n1 list "# clientele! which includes b"th the Products & Services • 2e "sits • $"ans • Inte%net Bankin1 • Insu%ance • 8ash 3ana1e/ent Se%. lakh sha%eh"lde%s' @e5t yea%! in 2)))! the bank established its #i%st s eciali>ed 8a ital 3a%ket Se%.ices • Elect%"nic Funds T%ans#e% 9EFT: Syste/ • Synd2e/at 92e "sit"%y .e s"ci"+ec"n"/ic and cultu%al cultu%e' Syndicate Bank6s uni7ue %inci le "# /utual de.e yea%s thence! in 19(9! Syndicate Bank " ened its 15))th b%anch at &anaku/bi' In 1999! it %aised a ca ital "# Rs' 125 8%"%e #%"/ its /"%e than .ices! at 3u/bai' In 2))A! Syndicate Bank ente%ed int" a 3OU with Ba4a4 -llian>! #"% dist%ibuti"n "# $i#e Insu%ance %"ducts' In 2)).ices • -T3 Se%.O "ut#it "# a @ati"nali>ed Bank! SyndBank Se%.ices th%"u1h Inte%net bankin1 int%"duced' In 2))5! the bank c"//enced the "nline %ese%.est/ents in -1%i+business %"ducts' The 2)))th b%anch was " ened at T"ndia% et! 8hennai! in 2))=' In the sa/e yea%! the bank c"//enced the #i%st B.In 19(.ices $i/ited' This was a wh"lly "wned subsidia%y "# Syndicate Bank' Cith the a1e "# %"1%essi.e%y 8hannel • @RI Se%.! Syndicate Bank als" sta%ted utility bill ay/ent se%.

ices • @RI Ru ee 2e "sit Sche/e • Inte%nati"nal Bankin1 2i. 'oreover the bank o%erates (ational )$change *o. in 'uscat.ices a%e /ade a.isi"n • F8@R Sche/e • Syndicate Dl"bal 8a%ds • Syndicate e+bankin1 • 2e/at -cc"unt • Insu%ance • 8ash 3ana1e/ent Se%. in +oha and 'usanda# )$change *o. .ices! the bank has the c"/ lete %an1e "# bankin1 %"ducts and #inancial se%.t o%ened its 1---th branch in 1.in1s 8u%%ent • Te%/ 2e "sits • H"/e $"an • .%" e%ty • @RI Se%.%i"%ity Sect"% $"ans • Educati"n $"an • 8a% $"an • 2ebit cu/ -T3 8a%d • 8%edit 8a%d • E/i 8alculat"% • Rec".wide a%%ay "# bankin1 %"ducts and se%.e%s"nal $"ans • -1%icultu%al $"ans • .ices that includeE • 2e "sits • Sa.branches offer core banking and e"banking services to #illions of custo#ers.ailable by Syndicate Bank t" the citi>ens "# the c"unt%y' Chethe% y"u a%e l""kin1 #"% e%s"nal bankin1 %"ducts "% @RI se%.ices • e+ ay/ent ./0 at 1au2 3has +elhi. Syndicate Bank also has e$%anded its o%eration in overseas and it has a branch in &ondon. The 2---th branch of the bank was o%ened at Tondiar%et Syndicate Bank Products and Services .e%y 8hannels • Tw" Cheele% $"an • D"ld $"an • Rate "# Inte%est • $"an -1ainst .

• • • • • • • • • Online .ailable #"% l"ans taken #%"/ Standa%d 8ha%te%ed Bank' A%d 3a%ch 2))=' /i+u%ban class' .licati"n F"%/ 8hennai "n 2-.e @" Secu%ities! @" Dua%ant"%! @" 8"llate%als %e7ui%ed Fle5ible %e ay/ent " ti"ns with tenu%e u t" =) /"nths Hassle #%ee a licati"n %"cess Easy d"cu/entati"n* 7uick %"cessin1 and disbu%sal T" u s a.( /"nths and ab".ail "# l"ans u t" A) lakhs 1< %ate wai.e% and 5)< disc"unt "n %"cessin1 #ee "n a lyin1 "nline Det y"u% last E3I wai.ed "## at ten"%s "# .

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