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Characters: Accused 3 Witness 2 Witness Expert witness (Cyber Law Expert) - Diana Mari Arnel Cal n!

" r the pr secuti n - Manny #anitary 2 Witness Marcel Al n! $ "riend - %asa&a niya %u&a%ain' (went : #i &arcel ) %u&a%ain siya sa italianni*s +reenbelt 2 with +r up " "riends' (u&a%ain sila n+ salad tap s na%a%ita sila n+ ipis' #abi n+ pr secuti n) &ay in+redient na &u%han+ ipis' ,a+ a& % siya s pinalitan na lan+' %inabu%asan) na+p st si baden+' Mana+er: -: What is y ur ccupati n. A: /ranch Mana+er " the 0talianni*s -: Where are y u n 1uly $$) 22$$. A: ,asa 0talianni3s -: what happened n 1uly $$) 22$$. 4b5ecti n - 6a+ue -: May i rephrase y ur h n r' What happened at 0talianni*s 7estaurant) 8l rietta 2 /ranch at ar und 9 p'&' " 1uly $$) 22$$ A: 0t was &y duty at that ti&e) 0 did &y usual 5 b t super6ise the restaurant' -: What incident that transpired durin+ the said date' A: 0 re&e&ber this cust &er &a%in+ c &plaints ab ut the salad that was ser6ed t hi&' -: What ab ut his c &plaint.

A: :e is &ade re&ar%s that the salad t hi& was ser6ed with c c%r ach' -: What did y u d ab ut the cust &er*s c &plaint' A: 0 explained that it was n t a c c%r ach but actually herb that was really part " the in+redient " the salad' -: What was the reacti n " the said cust &er. A: :e was still &ad and he is already callin+ the attenti n " ther cust &ers' -: What did y u d a"ter that. A: 0 tried t ap l +i!ed t hi& and ""ered t chan+e the salad int an ther &eal. -: What was the resp nse " the cust &er. A: :e accepted the c &ple&entary &eal ser6ed t hi&' /ut &ade c &&ents that he will &a%e necesary c &plains because " the incident' -: What did he said. A: :e &ade re&ar%s such as) 3this is s uncalled " r3) 30 d n*t deser6e such ser6ice) 0*& payin+ t &uch " r y ur &eal and 0 +et such %in+ " ser6ice3 -: What else happened a"ter the said cust &er le"t the restaurant. A: # &e " the cust &ers durin+ that ti&e "elt ann yed and le"t silently' We had t ap l +i!ed t ther cust &ers as well' -: What ther c &plaints d y u recei6ed "r & cust &ers. A: 0 had been in the restaurant " r the past "i6e years and this is the "irst that 0 recei6ed c &plain "r & cust &er re+ardin+ sanitati n'

#anitati n ""icer

-: What is y ur ccupati n. A: 0 a& w r%in+ as sanitati n ""icer in the City " Ma%ati' -: What is the nature " y ur 5 b. A: assists with ensuring total cleanliness, sanitation, and food safety of all processing equipment and support areas
as dictated by the guidelines of Regulatory Agencies and company policies. Q: What is the scope of your responsibilities? A: I am in charge in the sanitation inspection of almost every restaurant in Greenbelt . Q: What are the restaurants in Greenbelt which you have inspected A: There are many, but the big ones include, Golden Arches Corp, Italiano Bistro, and Jollibee Food Corp Q: You have mentioned of Italiano Bistro, what specific restaurant of Italiano Bistro are you referring? A: Italianis Restaurant Q: Since you have inspected Italianis Restaurant, what grade or rating have you given them in terms of sanitation. A: I have rated them as outstanding in terms of sanitation because they complied with the standards set by law Q: What are these standards which are set by law A: