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Marketing Report on Coca-Cola


Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

Mission Statement of the Coca Cola Company

Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. Our mission statement is to maximize shareowner value over time. In order to achieve this mission, we must create value for all the constraints we serve, including our consumers, our customers, our bottlers, and our communities. The Coca Cola Company creates value by executing comprehensive business strategy guided by nine ey beliefs! 1. To refresh the world... 2. To inspire moments of optimism and happiness... ". To create value and ma e a difference. #. Consumer demand drives everything we do. $. %rand Coca Cola is the core of our business &. 'e will serve consumers a broad selection of the nonalcoholic ready(to)drin beverages they want to drin through out the day. *. 'e will be the best mar eters in the world. +. 'e will thin and act locally. ,. 'e will lead as a model corporate citizen. The ultimate ob-ectives of our business strategy are to increase volume, expand our share of worldwide nonalcoholic ready to drin beverages sales, maximize our long(term cash flows, and create economic value added by improving economic profit.

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

The Coca Cola system has more than .& million customers around the world that sells or serves our products directly to consumers. 'e eenly focus on enhancing value for these customers and helping them grow their beverage businesses. 'e strive to understand each customer/s business and needs, whether that customer is a sophisticated retailer in a developed mar et a ios owner in an emerging mar et. There are nearly 6 million people in the world who are potential consumers of our companys product. ltimately! our success in achie"ing our mission depends on our a#ility to satisfy more of their #e"erage consumption demands and our a#ility to add "alue for customers. $e achie"e this when we place the right products in the right markets at the right time.
Our Vision %ur "ision ser"es as the framework for our Roadmap and guides e"ery aspect of our #usiness #y descri#ing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achie"ing sustaina#le! &uality growth.

People: %e a great place to wor where people are inspired to be the best they can be. Portfolio: %ring to the world a portfolio of 0uality beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy people1s desires and needs. 2artners! 3urture a winning networ of customers and suppliers, together we create mutual, enduring value. Planet: %e a responsible citizen that ma es a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities. Profit: 4aximize long(term return to shareowners while being mindful of our overall responsibilities. Productivity: organization. %e a highly effective, lean and fast(moving

Live Our Values %ur "alues ser"e as a compass for our actions and descri#e how we #eha"e in the world.

Leadership: The courage to shape a better future Collaboration: 5everage collective genius Integrity: %e real

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

Accountability: If it is to be, it1s up to me Passion: Committed in heart and mind Diversity: 6s inclusive as our brands Quality: 'hat we do, we do well

Focus on the Market

7ocus on needs of our consumers, customers and franchise partners 8et out into the mar et and listen, observe and learn 2ossess a world view 7ocus on execution in the mar etplace every day %e insatiably curious

Be the Brand

Inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun

COC6 CO56 I3T9R36TIO365

Coca(Cola 9nterprises, established in !"# , is a young company by the standards of the Coca(Cola system. <et each of its franchises has a strong heritage in the traditions of Coca(Cola that is the foundation for this Company. The Coca(Cola Company traces it/s beginning to .++&, when an 6tlanta pharmacist, =r. >ohn 2emberton , began to produce Coca(Cola syrup for sale in fountain drin s. :owever the bottling business began in "!! when two Chattanooga businessmen, %en-amin 7. Thomas and >oseph %. 'hitehead , secured the exclusive rights to bottle and sell Coca(Cola for most of the ?nited ;tates from The Coca(Cola Company. The Coca(Cola bottling system continued to operate as independent, local businesses until the early .,+@s when bottling franchises

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

began to consolidate. In .,+&, The Coca(Cola Company merged some of its company(owned operations with two large ownership groups that were for sale, the >ohn T. 5upton franchises and %CI :olding Corporation1s bottling holdings, to form Coca(Cola 9nterprises Inc. The Company offered its stoc to the public on 3ovember A., .,+&, at a split(ad-usted price of B$.$@ a share. On an annual basis, total unit case sales were ++@,@@@ in .,+&. In =ecember .,,., a merger between Coca(Cola 9nterprises and the >ohnston Coca(Cola %ottling 8roup, Inc. C>ohnstonD created a larger, stronger Company, again helping accelerate bottler consolidation. 6s part of the merger, the senior management team of >ohnston assumed responsibility for managing the Company, and began a dramatic, successful restructuring in .,,A.?nit case sales had climbed to ..# billion, and total revenues were B$ billion

The hierarchy of Coca Cola Company is as follows.

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

Get to Know Our Leaders

Board of Directors
4uhtar Eent :erbert 6. 6llen Ronald '. 6llen :oward 8. %uffett Richard 4. =aley %arry =iller :elene =. 8ayle 9van 8. 8reenberg 6lexis 4. :erman Robert 6. Eotic 4aria 9lena 5agomasino =onald 7. 4c:enry ;am 3unn >ames =. Robinson III 2eter F. ?eberroth >acob 'allenberg

46RE9T ;:6R9:
%eing the biggest company in the soft drin industry, Coca Cola en-oys the largest mar et share. This company controls about $,G of the world mar et.

Income Chart
The operation income earned by Coca Cola Company can be illustrated by the following pie chart.


The global unit sale of the Coca Cola Company is increasing from the last ten years. There is positive growth in the mar et of the Coca Cola Company.

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

There is a worldwide volume increase by #G with strong international growth of $G. This is only due to the innovative mar eting programmers, which has deepened the relationship of the customers and Coca Cola. The financial health and success of their bottling partners is a critical component of The Coca(Cola Company1s ability to build and deliver leading brands. In A@@,, the company had wor ed with their bottlers to turn good intentions into reality by improving the system economics. The results in A@@, reflect this steadily improving and mutually constructive relationship between the Company and their bottling partners. The main reason behind this relationship is to continue realizing shared opportunities for growth, with closer coordination of operations including customer relationships, logistics and production.

46RE9T ;:6R9 %< 6R96!

Coca Cola is the world(renowned soft drin and the company is currently operating through out the world. The world wide total is about .*.+ billion. The operation review according to the segments is as follows. $peration %evie& C'orldwide unit case volume by operating segmentD 3ORT: 649RIC6 "@G 56TI3 649RIC6 A$G 9?RO29 H 4I==59 96;T AAG 6;I6 67RIC6



Marketing Report on Coca-Cola


;o the volume is least in the 6frica and most in the 3orth 6merica. The data about the mar et share of this company area wise is given in the following table.

7I363CI65 R92ORT!
This company is financially very strong. It is due to the strong finances, the company is still surviving the ups and down of the business world. The financial report of Coca Cola Company of the year A@@+ and A@@* along with the percentage change is as follows.

'ear (nded December ) * +In millions e,cept per share data* ratios and gro&th rates.//! .//" Percentage change "$ '%$ #2$ #2$ #2$ "%$

3et operating revenues Operating income 3et income 3et income per share CbasicD 3et income per share CdilutedD 3et cash provided by operating activities

20 0!2 % 3%2 3 !&! ")&0" ")&0" ' ""0

"! ##! 3 &!" 2 "(( 0)##2 0)##2 3 %#%

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

%usiness reinvestment =ividends paid ;hare repurchase activity 7ree cash flow Return on capital Return on common e0uity ?nit case sales Cin billionsD International operations 3orth 6merica operations 'orldwide

(!&3) (" (!") (2(() 3 "'( 2&)&$ 3#)%$ "2)% %)3 "()#

(((!) (" &#%) ("33) 2 #0& "&)2$ 23)"$ "")! %)2 "()"

2'$ &$ "0#$ "2$ %$ 2$ '$

A@@, basic and diluted net income per share includes a non(cash gain of B.@A per share after taxes, which was recognized on the issuance of stoc by Coca(Cola 9nterprises Inc., one of the e0uity investors of this company.

A@@, basic and diluted net income per share includes the following charges! B.A# per share after income taxes related to an organizational Realignment. B.., per share after income taxes related to the Company1s portion of charges recorded by the investors of the company. B..& per share after income taxes related to the impairment of certain bottling, manufacturing and intangible assets. B.@$ per share after income taxes related to the settlement terms of a discrimination lawsuit. B.@. per share after income taxes related to incremental mar eting expenses in Central 9urope. These charges are partially offset by a gain of B.@$ per share after income taxes related to the merger of Coca(Cola %everages plc and :ellenic %ottling Company ;.6. and B.@# per share after income taxes related to benefits from a tax rate reduction in 8ermany and from favorable tax planning strategies.

There are different brands of the Coca Cola Company, which are currently in use through out the world. This company not only deals in the carbonated drin s but also other drin s. 'hile launching its product, the mar eting team considers the culture of the country.

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

4a-or brands of coca colaI2roduct line

Co e 7anta =iet co e Co e classic ;prite Einley Cmineral waterD 8eorgia coffee C>apanD 4arocha 8reen Tea Ciel C4exicoD mineral water %ona0ua CRussiaD mineral water

The over all volume of this company is as follows.


Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

The commitment of the company is to devote resources to water only in mar ets where it expects profitable growth. This strategy has paid dividends. The company has successfully applied it/s approach to brands in several ey mar ets, including Ciel in 4exico, 4ori 3o 4izudayori in >apan, Bonaqua in Russia and Einley in India. %ac ed by a strong networ of bottling partners through out the ?nited ;tates. Three of the water brands, =asani, Ciel and %ona0ua each achieved sales of over .@@ million unit cases for the year. In A@@+ and A@@,, the company has also made good progress in coffees and teas. %everage 2artners 'orldwide, the renewed and strengthened mar eting partnership with 3estlJ ;.6., began operations in A@@+. This partnership combines 3estlJ1s nowledge in life science, research and development with the expertise of Coca Cola Company in brand building and distribution.

Enow the most recognized word on the planet after KOELM

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

6mong the soft drin s 0anta and Sprite become successful along with the ma-or brand Coca Cola and Diet Co1e. In ey mar ets, the company has created new pac aging sizes to satisfy consumer demands.

;TR6T98IC 25633I38
In the year A@@,, the company had a great success, as the strategy wor ed which resulted in ma ing Coca Cola Company the world/s leading company. In A@@+, company accomplished the crust of it/s strategy as 'orldwide volume increased by # percent with strong international growth of $ percent and clear signs that our 3orth 6merican business is growing solidly and predictable. 9arnings per share grew by +A percent, as we delivered on our commitment to create volume growth while aggressively Return on common e0uity grew from A" percent in A@@* to "+ percent this year. Return on capital increased from .& percent in A@@* to A* percent in A@@+. The company has generated free cash flow of B".. billion, up from BA.+ billion in A@@*, a clear indication of its underlying financial strength.

The strategy for the future of the company is very straightforward. The mar1eting strategy for the year .//! is as follows, 6ccelerate carbonated soft(drin growth, led by Coca(Cola. ;electively broaden the family of beverage brands to drive profitable growth. 8row system profitability and capability together with our bottling partners. ;erve customers with creativity and consistency to generate growth across all channels. =irect investments to highest potential areas across mar ets. =rive efficiency and cost(effectiveness everywhere.

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

46>OR CO429TITOR 292;I I3T9R36TIO365

2epsiCo is a world leader in convenient foods and beverages, with revenues of about BA* billion and over .#",@@@ employees. The company consists of the snac businesses of 7rito(5ay 3orth 6merica and 7rito(5ay InternationalN the beverage businesses of 2epsi(Cola 3orth 6merica, 8atoradeITropicana 3orth 6merica and 2epsiCo %everages InternationalN and Oua er 7oods 3orth 6merica, manufacturer and mar eter of ready(to(eat cereals and other food products. 2epsiCo brands are available in nearly A@@ countries and territories.

2epsi/s 2roducts
2epsi Teem 4irinda 2epsi 4ax 2epsi 5emon 2epsi %lue 4ountain =ew *up

COC6 CO56 26EI;T63

The Coca(Cola Company began operating in 2a istan in .,$". Coca( Cola, 7anta and ;prite are the brands in 2a istan. The Coca(Cola ;ystem in 2a istan operates through eight bottlers, four of which are ma-ority(owned by Coca(Cola %everages 2a istan 5imited CCC%25D. The CC%25 plants are in Earachi, :yderabad, ;ial ot, 8u-ranwala, 7aisalabad, Rahimyar Ehan, 4ultan and 5ahore. The remaining two plants, independently owned, are in

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

Rawalpindi and 2eshawar. The Coca(Cola ;ystem in 2a istan serves *@,@@@ customersIretail outlets. The Coca(Cola ;ystem in 2a istan employs .,+@@ people. =uring the last two years, The Coca(Cola ;ystem in 2a istan has invested over B."@ million C?.;.

#, years of refreshment in 2a istan

Coca2Cola introduced in 2a istan !3) 7anta introduced in 2a istan !#3 ;prite was introduced !4. =iet Co e H 7anta 5emon .//

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

2RO4I;9 O7 COE9
The basic proposition of our business is simple, solid and timeless. 'hen we bring refreshment, value, -oy and fun to our sta eholders, then we successfully nurture and protect our brands, particularly Coca(Cola. That is the ey to fulfilling our ultimate obligation to provide consistently attractive returns to the owners of our business.

T6R89T 46RE9T
Co e/s commercials basically based on young generations, ;o, the young generation is the target mar et of Co e because they want to represent Co e with the youth and energy but they also consider about the old people they ta e then as a co(target mar et.

46>OR ;98493T;
4a-or segments are basically those people who ta e this drin daily and those areas where the demand is higher then the other areas. There are so many people who ta e this drin daily and those people who ta e wee ly and those who ta e less often are always there as well. ;o, their basic segments are those people who ta e this drin regularly.

76CTOR; 9779CTI38 ;659;

There are so many factors, which affects the sale of co e. :ere we are discussing three ma-or factors which effects co e. 2er capita income Competitors 'eather

2er Capita Income

7irst we will discuss about K 2er capita incomeL. This is ma-or factor that affects the sale of this soft drin . %ecause which every passing year budgets are becoming very strict and tight in order to purchase things. ;o the disposable incomes of the people are coming down. They spend heavily on rents, utilities, and education and basic necessities and after that when they

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

get extra money they thin about this soft drin .;o the decreasing per capita income effects badly in selling and production of this soft drin . 6nd to
get through with this difficulty there is need to increase the level of per capita income of 2a istan because it is much lesser than the rest of the countries.

Co e/s ma-or competitor is K292;IL and there is no hesitation to say these because every one nows that and all the other cold drin s and water, coffee, tea are the competitors.

'eather is the third ma-or factor in effecting the Co e/s selling. This is underdeveloped mar et so the co e/s consumption in summers is &@G and in winters is #@G.

46>OR C?;TO49R; 399=

7irst of all the ma-ority don/t care that what they are going to have. In other words, they don/t care before drin ing that whether it is K2epsiL or Kco eL. They don/t actually differentiate between these two brands in order to their tastes. Consumers basically drin what they get. They believe on *WHAT COLD THEY SOLD+ Consumer/s availability in brands is basically wor s li e! 2ush availability 2ull consumer/s demand. 7or this reason Coca(Cola have provided their coolers and freezers in the mar et. They have maximum number of coolers and freezers in the mar et. They provide this infrastructure free of cost -ust to provide child co e to their customer, which they want to be purchase. Their salesman and mechanics regularly visit all the shops where co e has its infrastructure to chec that either it is in proper condition or not, if not then they immediately change or repair it.

Consumers firstly decide that they are going to have a soft drin . Then they compete brands with each other. 5i e they compete Co e with 2epsi and ;prite with *up and team .;o the ma-or competitor of Co e is 2epsi.

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

'hen they motivate to any other brand or on Co e it/s in instinct basically that based on messages derive certain feelings. %ut Coca Cola thin s in a different way, they believe that RC Cola, new coming 64R6T Cola, and all -uices, even they ta e water and tea as their competitors.

;TR6T98I9; O7 O?65IT<
6fter 4icro and macro analysis %rand Kco eL is primarily role .. 9nhance competition moments A. 'hen people watch cric et ". Through commercialization #. 7un time Though these strategies there could be better understanding and better connection with the public. These are the K ey consumptionL.

T:R96T; 7RO4 CO429TITOR;

Threats are well planned. 2rice is the ma-or threat. 'hen price goes certain beyond the exact price whether come down or go higher its effects the consumption of soft drin . %ecause when the price go higher people go for the substitute of Kco eL i.e. 2epsi. 6nd when price goes down they thin that there is must be some thing wrong in it. In short it all depends on customer/s perception.

T6R89T; T:6T 'O?5= 5IE9 TO 6TT6I3

9very organization runs on the bases of profit maximization so Co e is also loo ing for a high profit margin. There are three ma-or ways of ma ing money Over night profit 'indfall profit 9thical and un(ethical ways

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

Over 3ight 2rofits

They could be over night profit that is for the number . brand for the year. This could be got my increasing sales volume

'indfall 2rofit
Can be windfall profit. They are the extras profit. 'hen the consumption the consumption is on boom. ;o, there is different ind of profits.

9thical 6nd ?nethical 'ays

2rofit can also get through ethical and unethical ways. They believe on this 0uote K 9very thing is fare in love and warL. ;ome profits stays for some time li e Kover night profitsL and some -ust come and go li e Kwind fall profitsL. 6nd they can also get profit through different approaches.

9P263=I38 T6R89T 46RE9T

In last A years Co e has come bac in aggressive manner. Consumer has choice 6ttractive brand name %rand differentiating

Consumer :as 8ot Choice

3ow the consumer has got choice. %ecause now they now the name of another big brand, though co e is the A nd best name but it can get a better position after some time

6ttractive %rand 3ame

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

3ow the consumers now the 3ame of Co e, because Co e is the name, which is the most popular after the word Ko L. ;o people can better differentiate brands with each other.

%rand =ifferentiation
3ow different companies have got different brand names. ;o, people can distinguish between brands. Two ma-or brands Kco eL and K2epsiL also have brand names.

Coca Cola/s %rand

Coca cola is K?;L brand. %ecause they believe in the togetherness, being people together and friends are being together. Coca Cola strongly believes that 2a istani temperament is K?;L not K49L

2epsi/s %rand
2epsi/s brand is basically is basically K49L branded. They use the temperament of K49L. In contrast to Co e they believe on individual struggle.

T:R96T; 63= O22ORT?3ITI9; 7OR 2RIC9

If Co e is considered a luxury product. Then there is the tax rate system .$G ( sales tax A@G ( excise duty A*G ( goes to government @"G ( In ma ing %udget 6fter paying all these taxes co e has to pay electricity charges. 'e have to spend on distributions. 6fter paying all these expenses Co e/s margin s0ueezed and consumers have to pay for increasing tariffs. These are the opportunities through which we can increase the price and can get profits.


Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

There are much more threats in increasing prices. %ecause same problem of substitute. If Co e increase the price lets say . rupee. Then people definitely won/t go for co e. They have the best substitute of Co e that is 2epsi. ;o these are the threats in increasing prices. Co e will lose the margin of its profit and can face loss.

;wot 6nalysis!
1. Effective advertising campaign 2. Youth sensitivity marketing 3. Collaboration ith other companies !. "orld#s largest beverage company $. %avorite drink

1. &ot all products are available in all divisions 2. Cost instability 3. &o performance in snack division

1. 'rend to ard healthy eating and drinking 2. (egulations regarding arning labels 3. )ossible entrants in the industry !. )arting of &estle and Coca*Cola

1. ,se of digital marketing platform 2. -ncreasing investment 3. CS. divesting in the beverage industry

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

;TR6T98I9; O7 89TTI38 8O65; I.9. K:I8: 2RO7IT;L

To increase the price is the least thing, which Co e can adopt. There are so many ways through which Co e can increase the profits. ;ome ma-or ways are as follows. Folume can be increased Interest level of consumers To ta e part in energetic festivals

:ow to increase the volume of consumersQ

Co e can increase the volume by expanding the industry of co e. Through advertisements, offering different interesting things to attract people towards this product.

:ow to increase the interest level of consumersQ

Co e is increasing the interest level of consumers by offering different flavors. 7or example Co e is increasing the number of flavors in K7antaL, this is one of the product of co e. Through offering different flavors Co e can increase the 5evel of consumers and through this profits can be gained.

:ow to ta e part in energetic festivalsQ

Co e is already ta ing part in the festival li e K%asantL since last " years. Co e offers different attractive things in their festival and through this Co e gained high profit and consumption of co e increased on these occasions.

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

6nd this year in this year A@@, people were anxiously waiting that what interesting thing co e is going to offer.

46RE9TI38 ;TR6T98<
Our local mar eting strategy enables Co e to listen to all the voices around the world as ing for beverages that span the entire spectrum of tastes and occasions. 'hat people want in a beverage is a reflection of who they are, where they live, how they wor and play, and how they relax and recharge. 'hether you1re a student in the ?nited ;tates en-oying a refreshing Coca(Cola, a woman in Italy ta ing a tea brea , a child in 2eru as ing for a -uice drin , or a couple in Eorea buying bottled water after a run together, we1re there for you. 'e are determined not only to ma e great drin s, but also to contribute to communities around the world through our commitments to education, health, wellness, and diversity. Co e strives to be a good neighbor, consistently shaping our business decisions to improve the 0uality of life in the communities in which we do business. It1s a special thing to have billions of friends around the world, and we never forget it.

46RE9T 2O;ITIO3I38
2roduct Range
The total range of Coca Cola company in 2a istan includes! Co e. ;prite. 7anta. =iet Co e. 6nd company offers their products in different bottle sizes these includes! ;;R% 5R% 3R% 29T ..$ C63; Cstanders size returnable bottleD Clitter returnable bottleD Cno return bottleD or disposable bottle C..$ litter plastic bottleD Ctin pac ""@ mlD

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

2ac ing
Coca cola products are available in different pac ing A# regular bottle shell & bottle pac for ..$ pets .A bottles in a pac for disposable bottle A# cans in one pac .

2RIC9 ;TR6T98<
Trade 2romotion
Coca Cola Company gives incentives to middle men or retailers in way a that they offer them free samples and free empty bottles, by this these retailers and middle man push their product in the mar et. 6nd that/s why coca cola seen more in the mar et. 6nd they have a good sale in the mar et because according to the expert which product seen more in the mar et that sells more. K;een as soldL They do agreements with a shop eepers and stores to exclusive sale in that stores. These stores are called as E9< accounts in their local language. 6nd co e also invest heavy budget on these stores and offers them free samples and free bottles and some time cash incentives.

=ifferent 2rice In =ifferent ;easons

;ome times Coca Cola Company changes their product prices according to the season. ;ummer is supposed to be a good season for beverage industry in 2a istan. ;o in winter they reduce their prices to maintain their sales and profit. %ut normally they reduce the prices of their pet bottles or . litter glass bottle.

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

2RO4OTIO3 ;TR6T98I9;
8etting shelves
They gets or purchase shelves in big departmental stores and display their products in that shelves in that style which show their product more clear and more attractive for the consumers.

9ye Catching 2osition

;alesman of the coca cola company positions their freezers and their products in eye(catching positions. 3ormally they eep their freezers near the entrance of the stores.

;ale 2romotion
Company also do sponsorships with different college and school/s cafes and sponsors their sports events and other extra curriculum activities for getting mar et share.

?TC ;cheme
?TC mean under the crown scheme, coca cola often do this type of scheme and they offer very handy prizes in it. 5i e once they offer bicycles, caps, tv sets, cash prizes etc. This scheme is very much popular among children.

=I;TRI%?TIO3 C:63395;
Coca Cola Company ma es two types of selling =irect selling Indirect selling

=irect ;elling
In direct selling they supply their products in shops by using their own transports. They have almost #$@ vehicles to supply their bottles. In this type of selling company have more profit margin.

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

Indirect ;elling
They have their whole sellers and agencies to cover all area. %ecause it is very difficult for them to cover all area of 2a istan by their own so they have so many whole sellers and agencies to assure their customers for availability of coca cola products.

76CI5IT6TI38 T:9 2RO=?CT %< I37R6;TR?CT?R9

7or providing their product in good manner company has provided infrastructure these includes! Fizi cooler 7reezers =isplay rac s 7ree empty bottles and shells for bottles

Coca cola company use different mediums 2rint media 2os material Tv commercial %illboards and holdings

2rint 4edia
They often use print media for advertisement. They have a separate department for print media.

2O; 4aterial
2os material mean point of sale material this includes! posters and stic ers display in the stores and in different areas.

TF Commercials
6s everybody now that TF is a most common entertaining medium so TF commercials is one of the most attractive way of doing advertisement. ;o Coca Cola Company does regular TF commercials on different channels.

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

%illboards 6nd :oldings

Coca cola is very much conscious about their billboards and holdings. They have so many sites in different locations for their billboards.

9P29CT6TIO3; 7OR T:9 CO4I38 <96R

9very thing starts from the attitude of consumer/s behavior. 6nd the basic ey to attract the consumers is to throw the Kmoney awayL. 6nd positive feeling felling with the brand, which they used to have Co e wants to advertise their products heavily in the coming year. 6nd it will ta e the .@G of their profits. 6nd when we ta e it as a global level it is B I billion. Coming year is the challenging year for the industry of Co e. They have to ta e lots of decisions that how to increase the production and where they have to spend money. 7or gaining success in coming year they have to have some important things li e! .. 5oyal consumers are important for company/s success. A. 'or ers should be the brand centric not the promotion centric. ". They should now how much to for the brand activities. #. They should also now that how much to do with the promotion activities for brand.

:O' COE9 =9T9R4I39 T:9 <96R5< %?=89T

Co e determines its yearly budget by the Increase ;ales volume Increase 2rofitability Target volume

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

;659; 2RO4OTIO3 6CTIFITI9;

Coca(Cola Cric et
Cric et the most sought afterN watched H played game in 2a istan .the game of cric et has been owned by various brands in the industry for the promotion of their products over a period of time. It has ranged from tobacco to lubricants to communication companies to ban s to airlines H lately to the beverage industry. The competition has become tougher H tougher as the time has progressed. Coca(Cola signed a sponsorship agreement with eight of 2a istan/s 3ational cric et players. Coca(Cola realizing the fact that cric et is a very strong element by which it can reach it consumers H masses invested in the opportunity and launched a massive campaign on mass media showing all these cric et stars endorsing H complimenting Coca(Cola brand. The Coca(Cola Company developed three TF commercials H four testimonial ads with the player H ran them on the national net wor during various cric et matches. These bold steps ta en by the Coca(Cola mar eting unit acclaimed them many ac nowledgements across the board. This campaign helped Coca(Cola to establish its association with the game H the player.

Coca(Cola Concerts
6brar(ul(ha0/s distinct style, lyrics H songs have made him an instant hit among the masses in 2a istan. :is enormous popularity in the country H abroad is supported by Coca(Cola/s commitment towards providing healthy H fun(filled entertainment for the youth of 2a istan. Coca(Cola brought 6brar to his fans through holding concerts H featuring 6brar in a much(appreciated TFC H 44T featured throughout the country. The TFC campaign focused on the hectic lifestyle of a pop star who found respite H relief through Coca(Cola in short moments that he had to himself during a concert. Coca(Cola/s brand positioning of providing deep down refreshment for the body, soul H mind were captured accurately in the TFC H depicted aptly how the drin completes the moment for 6brar.

Coca(Cola 7ood 4ela

'ith a splash of food, fun H prizes to be won, the Coca(Cola food mela treated the people of Earachi, to a festive food festival comprising of $@ restaurants, spread out all over the bustling city/s map. The promotion saw the avid families H friends en-oying the delicacies at the restaurantsN all resiliently upholding the Coca(Cola identity.

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

Coca(Cola %asant 7estival

In 7ebruary the month of basant the par s H horticulture authority in 5ahore nominated Coca(Cola the official sponsor of the basant festival .Coca(Cola added to the carnival atmosphere by ma ing the festival free to enter H decorating all main roads in 5ahore with illuminated ites. Coca(Cola also hosted a concert of pop idol 6brar(ul(ha0, had children/s parade H held the Coca(Cola ite flying championship during the basant festival. 3ow Kwhere there is basant there is Coca(ColaL, it has been impossible to envisage basant without Coca(Cola. Coca(Cola give the more refreshing flavor to the colors of basant by adding more life to the festival, giving the consumer a uni0ue experience which they had never tasted before.

Coca(Cola 8O(R9=
Ouenching the thirst of motorist, pedestrians H passerby/s during 5ahore/s hottest summer season, Coca(Cola/s K8O(R9=L teams went out into the cities main 0uadrants to Kserve H refreshL on the spot with ice(cold Coca(Colas at discounted prices bac ed by a heavy 74 announcement campaign the K8O(R9=L stall, served well to promote the Coca(Cola industry.

Coca(Cola 2arty in a 2ar

In >une A@@*, Coca(Cola created an experiential musical evening in 5ahore, where >unoon performed. This program was recorded and one(hour program shown in the national TF for free..@ million households saw Coca(Cola R2arty in a 2ar / while .@ thousand people attended the event.

Coca(Cola ;hopping 7estival

Coca(Cola hosted KThe Coca(Cola ;hopping 7estivalL 5ahore/s first shopping festival, a resounding success with tempting discounts, live music, great prizes H fire wor s. 5iberty mar eting 8ulberg was a hive of activity during the wee long shopping extravaganza. The in augural event proved so popular that it is now set to become an annual fixture.

Coca(Cola 2et 2romotion

In .,,&, Coca(Cola launched ..$ liter 2et contour bottle for the first time in 2a istan. Targeting house wives H family home, Coca(Cola/s ..$ liter 2et bottle,

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

too the limelight H gained momentum with a campaign promoting the uni0ue pac aging and its numerous consumer benefits .6 treat for the family, Coca(Cola/s 29T was offered through a Kprice(offL promotion that saidSSS. 5o out 6 get some

Coca(Cola Ramzan Campaign

6 very special occasion for the people of 2a istan Ramzan saw another very special Coca(Cola/s promotion, mar eting the popular ..$ liter 29T bottle H the . liter bottle with a super price(off promotion. The emphasis on en-oying Coca(Cola at KIftarL with friends H family.

Coca(Cola 'onder of the 'orld 2romotion

In >uly A@@*, Coca(Cola set the stage of the grand ?TC promotion. Coca( Cola went ahead with the idea of giving consumer chances to win fabulous, magical Kdream vacationL to numerous Kwonder destinationL throughout the world on every purchase of a A$@ ml R8% bottle of Coca(Cola, ;prite, H 7anta.The promotion gave consumers a chance to win free drin , a trip to 26RI;, :O55<'OO=, 39'<ORE, ;I3862OR9 H C6IRO along with airfare H four nights free stay in these dream lands. The promotion saw avid consumer collecting Coca(Cola RCrown caps/ H spar ed a een response from the public , rendering an outstanding testimonial campaign in the second phase, highlighting the winners over whelmed in the magical delight of their favorite beverage Coca(Cola.

Coca(Cola H 3o ia
In 6ugust A@@., the new under(the(crown promotion K 7i1la 8iyaQLC'hat have u wonD was launched in collaboration with Chimera 3o ia.The promotion gave consumer a chance to win thousand/s of Coca(Cola branded 3o ia "".@ cellular phones on every purchase of *$@ml R8% bottle of Coca(Cola ,;prite, H 7anta.The other highlight of promotion was the 9Caught %ed :anded; campaign. %randed Coca(Cola with Rcaught red handed/ team in them went to 5ahore H Earachi for three days, with target that anyone being caught drin ing Coca(Cola will be awarded a no ia "".@ mobile phone H if someone is caught tal ing on a no ia mobile will win free supply of Coca(Cola. Caught red handed become a huge success among the masses as it was one to one interaction between the Coca(Cola brand H the consumers. This activity helped billed confidence and brand loyalty among core consumers.

Coca Cola TF 4azza

Marketing Report on Coca-Cola

The coca cola new campaign is coca cola tv mazza, it is a utc scheme in which people are getting television sets of different sizes. These days this scheme is very popular among the people.

Coca(Cola H 4c =onald/s
Coca(Cola H ey account of 4C =onald/s launched the K &e go togetherL -oint promotion to reinstate amongst consumers a real sense of the affinity that, both shares globally. The promotion ic ed off with pos material C=anglers, %unting etcD displayed at all 4C =onald/s restaurants along with a special offer for co e H fries.

7anta H ;prite 5aunched

In 3ovember A@@* moving on to the ;prite H 2a istan witnessed a soft launch in essence. The new K3on(ReturnableL bottles of ;prite H 7anta flaunting the innovative pac aging convenience. considerable success in 2a istan. 7anta brands, the consumers in Coca(Cola Company declared the as the K3ew, On the 8o 2ac sL 7anta H ;prite are sure to en-oy

=iet Co e
6fter the ac0uisition of the individual local franchise bottling facilities in .,,&, the company has successfully launched its first new product, diet co e, for the first time in almost " years. The was lin ed with three fashion shows as =iet Co e is related to fashion H fitness, but the ma-or hit was thematic fashion shows in restaurants, which are the ey accounts of the company as this has been never done before in 2a istan.

6fter thorough research, we come to the conclusion that the mar eting strategy of Coca Cola is wor ing for them and the product is gaining popularity among youth day by day. Coca(Cola no doubt come the heart
beat of 2a istanis. Coca(Cola is one of the leaders in sponsoring the most important, thrilling events. 9.g. Cric et matches, concerts and many other social occasions. 9vent at the present they are organizing a Basant festival for which they busily organizing stuff<

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