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Put the correct forms of the verbs into the gaps. Use Simple Present in the statements.

1) We 2) Emma 3) They ) !ohn ") # $) %e

our dog. (to call) in the lessons. (to dream) at birds. (to look) home from school. (to come) my friends. (to meet) the laptop. (to repair) hello. (to say)

&) Walter and 'ran( )) The cat *) +ou 1-) .he 1) # 2) 0ita 3) We ) Tim and Pat ") 1liver $) 2aria &) %e )) The dog *) +ou

under the tree. (to sit) ,ater. (to drink) the lunchbo/. (to forget) a good mar(. (to get) an e/ercise. (to do) the table. (to lay) te/t messages. (to send) fun. (to have) their room. (to tidy up) a ne, 2P3 player. (to buy) out of the house. (to run) your glasses. (to need)

1-) .he

a sna(e. (to touch)

Simple Present - Negations - Long forms - Exercise 1

1) Tom 2) +ou 3) !ulie )# ") Tina and 3ate $) 4dam &) %is sister )) We *) 2y father 1-) !ohnny and 5anny

stamps. (not/to collect) songs in the bathroom. (not/to sing) in the garden. (not/to work) at home. (not/to sit) the ,indo,s. (not/to open) 'rench. (not/to speak) lemonade. (not/to like) to music. (not/to listen) the car every .aturday. (not/to clean) in the la(e. (not/to swim)

Simple Present - Negations - Contracted forms - Exercise 2 6omplete the sentences. Use short/contracted forms of the auxiliaries only

1) We 2) 7aura 3) 2ar( ) .usan and !erry ") They $) +ou &) 2rs .mith )) 2y brother *) The teachers 1-) #

handball at school. (not/to play) her room. (not/to clean) his home,or(. (not/to do) T8. (not/to watch) at $.3-. (not/to wake up) shopping. (not/to go) a big bo/. (not/to carry) English. (not/to teach) stories. (not/to tell) in a plane. (not/to fly)

Negate the first sentence in each tas! "rite the negations of the #er$s into the correct gaps. 1) The girls are outside. < The girls 2) .he (no,s the ans,er. < .he 3) We live in a small house. < We ) # have coffee for brea(fast. < # ") Water boils at *-=6. < Water $) 2y brothers ,or( in a caf>. < 2y brothers &) 2arie and %elen do ?udo. < 2arie and %elen )) The dog al,ays bar(s. < The dog *) # remember @ill Auite ,ell. < # 1-) 3ate can sing alone. < 3ate . @ill Auite ,ell. alone. outside. the ans,er. in a small house. coffee for brea(fast. at *-=6. in a caf>. ?udo.

Put in the correct #er$ forms into the gaps Use Simple Present

1) 2) 3) ) ") $) &) )) *) 1-)


mineral ,ater9 (to drink) their pets9 (to feed) your home,or(9 (to check)

.arah and 7inda your teacher they the cat :ina your parents your grandmother 4ndy

in the old house9 (to live) on the ,all in the mornings9 (to sit) computer games9 (to play) T8 in the afternoon9 (to watch) the phone9 (to answer)

the shopping9 (to do) a cup of tea in the afternoon9 (to have)

;arry and 3en

Put in the verb in brac(ets into the gap and form negati#e sentences in Present Progressive.

Use long forms of the auxiliaries only.

1) The children 2) :ic( 3) # ) %e ") The baby $) We &) They )) ;erryB !oe and @oris *) 2y teacher 1-) The rabbit

Auestions. (not/to ask) to the gym. (not/to go) the door. (not/to open) ?o(es. (not/to tell) no,. (not/to cry) a farm. (not/to visit) the phone. (not/to answer) hamburgers. (not/to eat) at the bus stop. (not/to wait) over the fence. (not/to climb)

%uestions in Present Progressi#e - Exercise 1

Put in the verbs in Present Progressi#e into the gaps.

1) 2) 3) ) ") $) &) )) *) 1-)

0ichard she the children you the cat 6liff and 1liver your mother the birds 6armen they

in the garden9 (to work) a cup of tea9 (to have their home,or(9 (to do) the (itchenB Tom9 (to clean) in the bas(et9 (to sleep) friends9 (to meet) sand,iches9 (to make) ,ater9 (to drink) a pullover9 (to wear) a piCCa9 (to eat)

Present Progressi#e - %uestions - Exercise 2

Put in the correct verb forms and the nouns into the gaps. Use Present Progressi#e.

1) 2) 3) ) ") $) &) )) *) 1-)

in the la(e9 (Lisa/to swim) your brother9 (you/to help) a museum9 (he/to visit) her T<shirt9 (Doris/to wash) home9 (they/to run) to the radio9 (Henry/to listen) the buc(ets9 (the boys/to carry) the string of the (ite9 (she/to hold) brea(fast9 (we/to make) the computer9 (Ron and Fred/to check)