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1. General Requirement 1.

1 Scope of supply
Technical requirements and quantities as detailed in the tender and Pre-delivery inspection as per Acceptance Test Procedure ( ATP ). All the individual factory test reports of the complete lot of the dozers shall be made available to the inspecting Engineers before inspection. Quality certificate from internationally accepted organization, quality related data, detailed technical drawings and related brochures in English to be included.

2.1.13. Engine Performance data:- Shall include power, torque & specific fuel consumption VS engine speed (rpm), dearation. Other necessary data shall also be supplied. 2.1.14.The data shall be certified from third well known international organization .(certified, updated and Lowest specific fuel consumption will be given full allocated point) 2.2. Fuel System 2.2.1. Injection System: - to be stated (Mechanical fuel Injection system is preferred).

2.2.2. Fuel Filtration: - Units fitted with additional primary and water separator is preferred.

2.2.3.Injectors:-Shall be accessible, interchangeable and readily removable. 2.2.4. Fuel tank Capacity, min : 450 lit (16 hours working time per day is to be considered)

2.3. Lubrication System 2.3.1. Oil pump : Gear type 2.3.2. Oil filtration: primary and secondary filters. Full flow-spin-on canister type is required. 2.4. Cooling System General:-Cooling system must be adequate for engine to operate at continuous full power rating at 0 ambient temperatures of up to 50 C. Cooling system must be suitable for operating in very dusty conditions. 2.2.2 Medium : Water. 2.2.3 Radiator:-The radiator shall be of tropical type, heavy-duty construction properly mounted to withstand shocks and strain likely to be encountered in operation. The radiator shall have adequate capacity and flow area. It shall be easily removable and accessible for maintenance. Radiator core protection grill and radiator cap with relief valve & strong chain permanently attached to the radiator shall be furnished.

2.2.4 Cooling fan : Heavy duty, tropicalized and belt driven. 2.2.5 Pump: Centrifugal belt driven. 2.2.6 Oil Cooling: The oil cooler shall be, sufficient to maintain oil temperatures within manufacturers limits at low speeds and continuous full power rating.

2.5. Air intake System Heavy duty, dry type two stages air cleaner with cyclone pre- cleaner & automatic dust ejector. Service indicator shall be provided.

2.6. Exhaust System:- Exhaust out let direction shall be vertical & shall maintain the sound level as low as possible, heavy-duty muffler with rain cap shall be fitted in accordance with current standards. 2.7. Electrical System 2.7.1. General:-The electrical system and any electronic system must be suitable for use in conditions of 0 high temperatures (up to 50 C) and high humidity (up to 100%).The wiring must be adequately protected from external damage by bushes, trees cane stubble and others. Control boxes, switches, and connectors must be resistant to, or be adequately protected from liquid mud, heavy rain extraneous matter and routine washing. 2.7.2. Battery type : Tropicalized, 2x12v, heavy duty. 2.7.3. Battery Capacity : As per manufacturers current standard. 2.7.4. Current : to be stated Alternator output: As per manufacturers current standard 2.7.6. Starter motor capacity : As to manufacturers current standard 2.7.7. Lights:- All high working beam lights shall be provided for night work. Lighting should be sufficient for night working and conform with Ethiopian road authority regulation.

2.7.8. Instrument / gauges:- All necessary gauges shall be indicated like oil temperature gauge, direction indicator, brake indicator, ammeter, back up alarm, etc.

2.8. Transmission 2.8.1. Type:- Torque converter + power shift 2.8.2. Draw bar pull versus travel speed curve: to be provided 2.8.3. draw bar pull and speed: to be stated (the highest draw bar pull and speed will be given full allocated points ) First gear: Second gear : Third gear : 2.9. Steering 2.9.1. Type :- Power shift differential steering.

2.9.2. Pump Output (Steering) :- to be stated 2.9.3. Steering pressure : to be stated. 2.9.4. Servicing : details of the ways of servicing, the schematic drawing, the controlling system, the way of troubleshooting and diagnosing of steering system shall be described and evaluated according to machine down time experienced.

2.10. Brake :- Power shift clutch shall be provided.

2.11. Hydraulic System : to be considered for heavy duty operation for 24hrs.

2.11.1. Pump type:- Piston-type pump 2.11.2. Tilt Cylinder Rod End Flow :- to be stated Tilt Cylinder Head End Flow :- to be stated 2.11.4. Bulldozer Relief Valve Setting pressure: to be stated. 2.11.5. Tilt Cylinder Relief Valve Setting pressure : to be stated. 2.11.6. Ripper (Lift) Relief Valve Setting pressure: to be stated. 2.11.7. Ripper (Pitch) Relief Valve Setting pressure:- to be stated 2.11.8. Hydraulic tank Capacity :to be stated 2.12. Dimension 2.12.1. Ground Clearance > 400 mm (the highest ground clearance will be given full allocated points) 2.12.2. Track Gauge :- to be stated 2.12.3. Width without Trunnions:- to be stated 2.12.4. Height (ROPS Cab) :- maximum 3.28m (the lowest height will be given full allocated points) 2.12.5. Height (Top of exhaust):- to be stated (the lowest height will be given full allocated point) 2.12.6. Length of Track on Ground:- to be stated 2.12.7. Overall Length (Basic Dozer):- to be stated 2.12.8. Overall Length (dozer + blade +rippers):- to be stated 2.12.9. Length (blade straight):- to be stated 2.12.10. Undercarriage :-steel shoe Type Serviceable 2.12.11. Width of Shoe:- to be stated (the widest the shoe will be given full allocated point) 2.12.12. No of Shoe each side : to be stated 2.12.13. Ground Contact Area:- to be stated (the highest length will be given full allocated point) 2.12.14. No of rollers-each side :- Minimum 7 (more no of roller is preferable). 2.13. Blade 2.13.1. Type: power tilt general purpose.

2.13.2. Width: - minimum 3.5 m (the highest width will be given full allocated point ) 2.13.3. Capacity of the blade: - to be stated (the highest capacity will be given full allocated point) Digging Depth: minimum 400 mm (the highest depth will be given full allocated point) 2.13.5. Overall dimension of the blade:- to be stated 2.13.6. Ground clearance (full lift) :- to be stated (the highest clearance will be given full allocated point) 2.14. Rippers 2.14.1. Rippers: removable shanks, parallelogram type linkage, replaceable tips, parabolic shape and suitable for ripping gravel quarry condition of three rippers. 2.14.2. Penetration Force (shank vertical) : to be stated 2.14.3. Pry out Force (shank vertical) : to be stated 2.14.4. Digging depth :- minimum 700mm 2.14.5. Overall dimension of ripper:- to be stated 2.14.6. Net weight :- min. 26000kg 2.15. Service Refill Capacities 2.15.1. Fuel Tank: - to be stated (16hrs of working time per day shall be considered) 2.15.2. Cooling System: - to be stated 2.15.3. Engine Crankcase + oil type: - to be stated (easily available oil is preferred) 2.15.4. Power Train + oil type: - to be stated (easily available oil is preferred)

2.15.5. Final Drives (each) + oil type: - to be stated (easily available oil is preferred) 2.15.6. Roller Frames (each) + oil type: - to be stated (easily available oil is preferred) 2.16. Guards and protection Following parts of the machine shall be guarded and protected. 2.16.1. Bottom of the Engine sump 2.16.2. Bottom of the transmission 2.16.3. Exposed part of the radiator 2.16.4. Exposed hoses, wires and so on. 2.17. Cabin 2.17.1. TYPE:- Shall be air conditioned deluxe type. Seat: An adjustable deluxe operators seat with back rest and hand rest.

2.17.3. Rear view mirror : Right, left and interior mirrors. 2.17.4. Grips : Hand rails and footing plate on the. 2.17.5. Service giving areas shall have sufficient grip. 3.After sales support The bid evaluation shall give emphasis to the quality of after- sales support which will be available for the units stated above. This will include spares supply both from within and outside Ethiopia, the dealer's personnel resources and facilities for complex repairs and training of Technical staffs. It will therefore be to the bidder's advantage to provide full information on these factors.Where there is no response, the available services will be regarded as negligible. Bidders providing evidence of the quality of their after sales service from public enterprise will be regarded as having better service. Where there is no response, the available services will be regarded as negligible. 3.11. Technical support:-The number and experience of the dealers staff with the type of equipment should be provided.

Indication should also be given of the dealers back up services and equipment resources that would be available to support the machinery purchased.

3.12. Dealer: - The name of the manufacturers dealer or agent in Ethiopia (if any) is to be supplied. The updated authorization letter from manufacture shall be mandatory for detail technical evaluation.

3.13. Special tools: - A priced list should provide of any special tools or diagnostic equipment that are essential for the repair or maintenance of this equipment. Electronic diagnostic tool and troubleshooting with laptop (Electronic controller, adapters, software installers, and other accessories for the purpose) Details should be given of any of the above equipment that is or will be held by the dealer post-sale. 3.14. Spares stock : - The tender should indicate whether any parts for this type of machine are or will be available by the dealer in Ethiopia post-sale. The approximate value of any spares stock should be provided.

3.15. Spares imports: - The bid should indicate the probable time required to supply and import urgently required spares by air and sea freight.

3.16. Training:- Full details regarding the training for the equipment that will be provided for operators and maintenance crew shall be provided.

Reputation:-The bidder shall in have adequate reputation both nationally and internationally supplying Articulated Agriculture Tractor .The local dealer also shall have sufficient after sales services, well equipped workshop and sustainable spare parts supply throughout the life of the machine.

The bidder should provide evidence of its reputation from large public agricultural enterprises. Evidences from Ethiopian sugar factories are advantageous. Where there is no response, the reputation of the will be regarded as negligible.

Reputability of manufacturers and dealers. Familiarity to the project site. Standardization to facilitate interchangeability of Parts. Fuel consumption :- Details should be given of the equipments fuel consumption at full power. OECD test figures would be provided.

3.19. Documentation:-the bidder must attach the manufacturers original brochures to avoid any ambiguities and manipulations of original performance data. Failure of the bidder to attach original manufacturers broachers at the bidders own risk and it will be considered as non-responsive for that evaluation where brochures are required. Bidders shall provide with their Bid specification, full description of the equipment they propose to supply in strict compliance with the bid document. Such descriptions and specifications shall include : Engine performance curve showing overall efficiency and guaranteed efficiency at specified duty. (OECD test). Equipment fuel consumption at full power. (OECD test) Detail technical data and design data including pertinent bulletins by various manufacturers of component parts and schedule of type and serial number of all items supplied. Following the notification of award and up on placement of order, the successful bidder shall provide properly bound and indexed manuals.(for easy reference) in four copies that contain: Commissioning instructions, including step-by- step check list for commissioning systems and components.

Operation and service manuals, including sequence of operation, maintenance schedule and recommended procedures for repairs and lubrication to particular parts in two copies. Spare parts catalogue Test data sheets and guarantees. Part drawings and schedule giving complete information necessary for the ordering of replacement parts. Electrical circuit wiring diagrams. 3.20. Additional information required Special items:-Information should be provided on any other special items. Lubricants :- Alternative list of lubricants which can be used for the machine's operation need to be provided. POINTS OF FUNDAMENTAL COMPLIANCE FOR PRELIMINARY SCREENING The following Basic Parameters are selected from Various Parts of technical specifications for Preliminary Screening of bids for Substantial Compliance. Any major deviation from listed parameters is subject to immediate /automatic rejection & shall not be considered for further detailed technical evaluation. 15.1 Schedule of requirement and scope of supply. 15.2 Diesel Engine- Inline 6 cylinder 200-220hp (ISO 9249 / SAE J1349) @ rated speed and sea level, track type dozer.

15.3 Documentation (Original brochure and Dozer test certificate from third party well known testing organization).

15.4. 3 tine ripper with removable shanks, parallelogram type linkage, replaceable tips, suitable for ripping in gravel quarry conditions and minimum digging depth of 700mm. 15.5. Power tilt, general purpose blade having minimum width and digging capacity of 3.5 m and 400mm respectively. 15.6 Cab: Fully Air Conditioned. 15.7. International accepted and updated full dozer and engine test data from well-known third party, genuine manufacturers brochure and drawings, manufacturers authorization letter to dealer, OEM for major assembled components or system of the dozer. 15.8 Cooling system: Belt driven fan. 15.9 Steering system: details of the ways of servicing, the schematic drawing, the controlling system, the way of troubleshooting and diagnosing of steering system shall be described and evaluated according to machine down time experienced from Ethiopian Sugar Factories.