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The Great Mind Challenge - Project Scenario Template Note: Already filled information should not be changed

1. Name of the Project Employee Expense management System

!"jecti#e$ %ision

To build an automated employee expense management


'sers of the System

(. (dministrator ). Manager C. Employee *. )ac+,p (dmin i. %o,cher Entry 3 Screen for entering expense #o,chers for any reim",rsa"le expenses "orne "y the employee. ( #o,cher sho,ld ha#e one header and m,ltiple lines pro#iding detailed information of expenses inc,rred along 4ith amo,nts ii. M,lti-le#el 4or+flo4 3 )ased on the Employees department and designation5 the #o,chers sho,ld flo4 to his s,per#isors for their appro#als. The n,m"er of appro#als re0,ired 4ill #ary according to total amo,nt of the #o,cher and appro#al limits set for s,per#isors. iii. Case Management 3 E#ery #o,cher sho,ld start a ne4 process instance 1case2. Managers sho,ld "e a"le to #ie4 #o,chers 4aiting for their appro#al in their 6n"ox "y logging in to the application. Employee sho,ld "e a"le to trac+ progress of his #o,chers iv. *raft %o,chers 3 System sho,ld pro#ide the a"ility to sa#e incomplete #o,chers and s,"mit them for appro#al later after completion. #. /ejection flo4 3 (t any point in the 4or+flo45 managers sho,ld ha#e the option of rejecting any #o,cher stating appropriate reasons. /ejected #o,chers sho,ld come "ac+ to the Employee5 4ho is then allo4ed to change details on the #o,chers or pro#ide additional information re0,ired for the appro#al. #i. (cco,nts %ie4 3 (cco,nts department ,sers sho,ld "e a"le to #ie4 appro#ed #o,chers of all employees and mar+ #o,chers as paid. This step completes the lifecycle of the #o,cher and the associated process instance. i. ii. iii. Sec,re access of confidential data 1,ser8s details2. SS9 can "e ,sed. - : ; a#aila"ility )etter component design to get "etter performance at pea+


.,nctional /e0,irements 1(tleast Eight2


Non-f,nctional re0,irements 1(tleast .o,r2


time .lexi"le ser#ice "ased architect,re 4ill "e highly desira"le for f,t,re extension a.


!ptional feat,res

". c. (. Professional loo+ and feel ). 'se of (=(: atleast 4ith all registration forms


'ser interface priorities

C. )ro4ser testing and s,pport for 6E5 NN5 Mo>ila5 and .irefox. *. 'se of Graphical tool li+e =(SPE/ to sho4 strategic data to admin E. /eports exporta"le in .:9S5 .P*. or any other desira"le format 1 .MIS Reports MIS reports stating status of the vouchers 2. Exception Reports Reports listing vouchers awaiting approval above a defined turn-around ti e !threshold" #. Master data anage ent $reation of asters for E plo%ee &ierarch%' setting approval li its etc (. E plo%ee &ierarch% )iew - )iew of E plo%ee &ierarch% *. Re+ected vouchers report Report listing vouchers re+ected b% Managers ,. Reports custo i-ing the stored data in a platfor independent for at and displa%ing it using st%le sheets. .. /d in ust be able to data in reports in excel sheets 0. /d in ust be able to a1e pictorial depiction of data in excel sheets for better understanding 2. Reports should be elaborate for all the users. (. ). 3 - st,dents 'M95 = EE5 :M95 e-.orms5 (=(:5 Be" .A5 Be"-ser#ices5 S!( /!SE$/S( $ Be"Sphere Modeler Eclipse$ /(* $ 9ot,s .orms *esigner $ Portlet .actory Be"Sphere Portal$ B(S$ B(S CE $ BPS *) Express 3 CC8 or *) '*) Ti#oli C*P$TSM $ Ti#oli *irectory Ser#er



@. 1A. 11.

!ther important iss,es Team Si>e Technologies to "e ,sed

1 .

Tools to "e 'sed


.inal *eli#era"le m,st incl,de

9in,x 4ill "e the preferred !S. (. !nline or offline help to a"o#e said ,sers5 (pplication deployment exec,ti#e and de#eloper ). (pplication archi#e 1 .4ar$.ear 2 4ith so,rce code C. *ata"ase "ac+,p and **9 Script

*. Complete So,rce code