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Taimoor Khwaja

Phone number 903-669-6997

Professional ex erience! "n Touch #re$i% &nion Present Frisco, Tx Personal Financial Assistant Provide professional and accurate service when assisting members and visitors with their transactions and requests. Fulfill the duties and tasks of any position, as assigned, at multiple branches and or departments including! branches, call center, loan processing, accounting, wires, plastic cards, and operations support. "se basic interview techniques to uncover members# needs and make appropriate recommendations utili$ing the full range of credit union products and services. Provide leadership guidance for staff when direct supervisor is unavailable. %eliver concierge banking level assistance by serving as a single point of contact for product and service delivery. &ontact current members to inquire about any potential needs for available products such as! consumer loans, auto loans, mortgage, and investments.

'K Tra$ing #o Paris, Tx Accounts Payable -esponsible for providing financial and administrative in order to ensure effective, efficient and accurate financial and administrative operations. -eceive and verify invoices and requisitions for goods and services .erify that transactions comply with financial policies and procedures Prepare batches of invoices for data entry %ata enter invoices for payment Process backup reports after data entry /anage the weekly check run -ecord all checks Prepare vendor checks for mailing 0ist all vendor checks in the log book Prepare manual checks as and when required /aintain listing of accounts payable /aintain the general ledger /aintain updated vendor files and file numbers Print and distribute monthly financial report

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()*# *u%o +inance 0ewisville, T3. Account -epresentative+ &ommercial 4ervices 5roup

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&ommunicating with small business owners and accounts payables to resolve outstanding balances and offering short term and long term solutions during financial hardships. 6ffering such programs as -enewal contracts and refinancing based on customer need to provide more affordable payments with in 5mac#s commercial services group. Processing electronic payments and all necessary documents in a timely manner to ensure fast response times to loan inquiries, renewal quotes, and best financial options for our consumers. 7nbound 6utbound communication performed regularly with clients to ensure customer satisfaction and being proactive in handling any upcoming financial obstacles.

*merican ,ome )or%gage '( )''2+ ', )''( 7rving, T3. 0oan &ounselor &ontacting homeowners by phone or incoming calls in hopes to resolve delinquency or negotiate payment arrangements. Assessing financial situation of homeowner to affectively qualify for loss mitigation programs such as repayment plans or loan modifications. &ommunicating regularly with management and loss mitigation teams to ensure effective and efficient resolutions of delinquent accounts. &omplete documentation of all efforts to contact, obtaining reason for default and homeowners intentions for bringing account current. #oun%r-wi$e ,ome .oans ') )''1 8 '2 )''2 Plano, T3 0oss /itigations 4pecialist 6ffering programs and counseling to homeowners facing foreclosure Providing solutions to get home owners out of default of their loan Providing customer service and debt counseling and cross selling products &ommunicate regularly and effectively with homeowners that are *+('9 days delinquent in order to identify and negotiate the best solution &ontacting borrowers to solicit, negotiate, and pre+approve workout options &omplete documentation of workout and or collection efforts, reason for default, payment plans, and update contact information Partner with management to provide feedback on current policy and procedure methods ,/'# *) )'': 8 '* )''1 0ewisville, T3 &ollections -epresentative ;orked on delinquent accounts ranging from :'+1'9days Provided customer service on incoming and outbound calls Ad<usted fees, reviewed financial situation, and arranged repayment programs 7dentified potential losses and utili$ed collection strategies, training and experience to negotiate loan payments -esponsible for documentation of card member contact Provided skip tracing skills Performed special pro<ects =xpert at resolving difficult conflicts over sensitive or complex issues 0$uca%ion!

"niversity of Texas %allas Plano, T3 &urrently pursuing >achelor#s degree in Finance and =conomics &urrent =stimated 5pa! :.) /1ills! Adobe ?et4uite Photoshop /icrosoft 6ffice 4uite 0otus ?otes @ome base A4A'' PowerPoint Publisher 7vr Buickbooks