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They’re young. They’re in love. They’re on the run. When Will turns eighteen, he and Zoe decide to run away, to leave all their small-town problems behind and start a new life together in Las Vegas. But they never expected their escape to be so dangerous. . . . When the world is after you, sometimes it seems like you can’t run fast enough.
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1. Z  oe thinks Will has become her “new belief ” (p. 21), and later worries that she might be addicted to him the same way her father was to alcohol. Do you think Will and Zoe’s relationship is healthy? 2. Will thinks he has to let Zoe “be strong on her own, ’cause a guy like me ain’t gonna fix her” (p. 57). Do you think it’s anyone’s responsibility to “fix” Zoe? 3. Will insists that his money belongs to both of them, but Zoe wonders, “Is it wrong to depend on him? It feels unnatural, frightening. But people who care about each other shouldn’t feel that way” (p. 96). Do you, like Zoe, think depending on someone makes you unequal? 4. W  hat do you think of Will’s reaction after the guy in the denim jacket grabs Zoe (p. 71)? Has Zoe ended up with someone like her dad? 5. D  o you think Will’s mom made the right decision when she left him? Was there a right decision to make?

6. W  hy do you think Zoe decides to turn them in? What do you think of that choice? 7. So much goes wrong on Will and Zoe’s journey. Do you think any of their problems could have been avoided? How? 8. W  hen people start to come forward with “stories to tell” about Zoe’s childhood, she thinks, “They don’t realize they already destroyed me with their silence all those years” (p. 287). Why do you think no one stepped up to defend Zoe from her father before? 9.  In the end, Zoe is even more committed to finishing school, becoming a nurse, and helping to right some of the wrongs she and Will experienced throughout their lives. What do you think is next for her? 10. Even though they didn’t succeed, do you think Will and Zoe’s attempt to run away was worth it?

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