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Grade Level: Overview



English Language Arts Curriculum Objectives


2 x 60min class

This will be an introductory lesson to the novel Matched, written by Ally Condie. This lesson is largely meant for organizational purposes, in how the novel study will unfold – and expectations of how to conduct the reading log. During this lesson students will set-up their organizational folder/notes for reading and answering questions for their Reading Log (that will occur throughout the novel). They will also begin by reading the first chapter of the novel.

1.2 develop ideas by asking relevant questions and responding thoughtfully 4.3 seek meaning in reading, using a variety of strategies 6.2 respond to texts by questioning, connecting, evaluating, and extending 7.2 make inferences, draw conclusions, and support responses to content, form, and structure 8.2 use note-making, illustrations, and other ways of representing to reconstruct knowledge.

Introduction to “Matched” by Ally Condie and Reading Log.
Teacher Guide Ice Breaker/Opener
(Exercise to introduce the topic/bring in focus)

Student Adaptations If there are students who require additional help with reading the novel, provide audio-book version of the novel to accompany. Materials Needed  Matched novels.  Individual folders for journal entries/assignments.  Sticky-notes, highlighters, etc.

Address any questions that were raised in exit-slips from previous class. Distribute copies of the novel Matched to students. ** Be sure to number the novels, and record which student has which copy. – Accountability purposes.

(Give and/or demonstrate necessary introductory info to subject matter)

Give students a brief introduction to the author Ally Condie. Show students the cover image of the girl in a green dress, trapped within a bubble – ask students for predictions about what the novel might be about. (Could be their first entry into their journals). Give a short introduction to place the novel in context (possibly just read preface). Reading Log/Writing Journal Explain to students that during the novel study, they will be expected to write and respond to the chapter in an individual writing journal/folder. Distribute folders to each student in the class. (Give them roughly 5-10minutes to decorate their folder). Students will be given a list 4-6 questions that can be used as writing prompts for each chapter. The expectation is that one full paragraph will be written for each chapter. (Students are NOT required to use the prompts if they have an idea or topic they want to write about in response the assigned chapter. Explain that this will be checked weekly, and all responses and writing will be kept in the folder, in class. Show students an example of a writing prompt question that might be asked, and an acceptable response. (Modeling example). Have students create a check-list for their reading log to include inside their folder. This will ensure that they have submitted a response for each chapter.

(Describe the independent and/or group activity for students to gain better understanding of material)

Other Resources  Potentially an audiotape version of the novel.

(Activities for further study into content material for students who have completed activities ahead of time.)

If we clearly get through the explanation an organization of the reading log, we will begin by reading the first chapter of Matched as a class. (Led by teacher). Ensure that students are utilizing highlighters, or post-its and other note-making strategies to keep track of major characters and events that are taking place as they read. . As a class, ask students to share which characters we have encountered so far in the novel – and what it seems like is happening in their opinion. Also encourage students to make projections and predictions about what may happen. As students are sharing ideas and opinions, stress the importance of making jot notes to help with assignments later on in the novel study. Give students the first set of writing prompt questions for Chapter 1 (Be sure to have the questions typed up on a PowerPoint to display and leave up on the board!). If there is time left at the end of class, they can begin working on answering the questions, and writing in their reading log/journal. Those who do not finish in class are responsible for taking this home and finishing for homework, in addition to reading Chapter 2 on the novel for homework. (Students should be using the same note-making strategies while reading at home as well.) Writing prompt questions will be given as an opener for the next class. Additional Notes

(Allow for questions/clarification on the subject from students – reinforce original objectives and lesson purpose)

(Assigned work for remaining class period, homework, or following class i.e. test, project etc)