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Grade Level: Overview



English Curriculum Objectives


1 class

In the novel Matched, the main character Cassia is at many times learning new things from Ky that many other members in the society do not get the pleasure of learning. Ky knows how to cursive write but Cassia has no idea how someone can write words like that. This lesson is going to show students what it is like to learn something for the first time through language of another person. This will help the students put themselves into the shoes of the main character.

1.1 Examine others’ ideas to clarify and further their comprehension 2.3 give precise instructions, follow directions, and respond thoughtfully to complex questions 3.2 demonstrate an awareness of talk by articulating how it influences and manipulates, reveals ideas and values

Blind Cursive Writing – Matched
Teacher Guide Ice Breaker/Opener
(Exercise to introduce the topic/bring in focus)

Student Adaptations Materials Needed  Copy of the novel Matched

To introduce the topic for this lesson students will have had to read the end of chapter 15 as well as chapter 15

(Give and/or demonstrate necessary introductory info to subject matter)

Before beginning the activity, the teacher is going to re-read the beginning of chapter 16 when Ky is describing cursive writing to Cassia. There will be an example activity for the students to see using symbols instead of words (ex: get one student to try to teach another student how to draw a happy face sitting back to back)

(Describe the independent and/or group activity for students to gain better understanding of material)

Students are going to get in partners in the classroom and sit back to back with each other. One partner is going to be Cassia the learner, and the other partner is going to be Ky the teacher. The teachers role is to think of a short (3-4 letter) word that they will describe how to write to the learner. With only language, the teacher is going to attempt to teach the learner how to write the word they chose to use. The learner will be actively listening and writing down on a sheet of paper. Once they have finished they are going to reverse the roles, and the learner will then become the teacher Students can choose to do another word if they finish early, or try to do a harder symbol that they can think of. .

Other Resources  Writing utensils  Paper  Discussion questions for the closure activity

(Activities for further study into content material for students who have completed activities ahead of time.)

(Allow for questions/clarification on the subject from students – reinforce original objectives and lesson purpose)

Come back together as a class to discuss the experience they just had: What was difficult/easy about being the learner What was difficult/easy about being the teacher Take a minute to write down how this activity may or may not change how you perceive the society as well as Cassia as a learner of new knowledge

Additional Notes  Allow as many groups as possible to share their experience

(Assigned work for remaining class period, homework, or following class i.e. test, project etc)

Check for understanding and conversations that occur during the activity, as well as their answers to the discussion questions. There is no formal assignment being marked for this lesson.