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5-6 days ( 2 classes introduction to debates, 3-4 classes to assign roles and practice)

Overview Students are going to have a debate about the pros and cons of the society in the novel Matched. They will each have roles and responsibilities throughout the practicing and the final project. Students are going to be able to connect the subject matter of the novel to their personal ideas and opinions in a formal debate.

Curriculum Objectives 1.2 develop ideas by asking relevant questions and responding thoughtfully 3.1 demonstrate active listening and respect for others (analyze the positions of others 6.1 respond to texts regarding issues, themes and situations while citing appropriate evidence 7.3 explore the relationships of language, topic, genre, purpose, context and audience

Society debate – Pros vs Cons
Teacher Guide Ice Breaker/Opener
(Exercise to introduce the topic/bring in focus)

Student Adaptations Materials Needed  Copy of Matched  PowerPoint of information on debates and jobs  Handout for students to keep clearly defining each expectation

Ask the students: What do we or don’t we like about the society Cassia and her friends/family live in? Describe some of the rules the society has Introduce the activity by describing what a debate is. Give examples of other debates that students may be aware of (ex. Presidential debate, student council)

(Give and/or demonstrate necessary introductory info to subject matter)

(Describe the independent and/or group activity for students to gain better understanding of material)

Day 1 - “what is a debate” The first day will consist of going over the parts that make up a debate (opposing sides, rebuttal from either side) Day 2 – The roles and responsibilities that exist in the debate. Each role will be clearly defined so students understand what each job will be expected to do. Day 3 – Student roles will be decided. Students will decide whether or not they will be on the pro side or the con side for the final debate. Students can choose themselves, the teacher will be there to guide to ensure there are even numbers on each side. Time for clarification and questions will be cleared up in this time period Day 4 – Start of class teacher will have a list of tasks each group should accomplish in the time frame. They will meet as a group to start discussing which points they want to talk about/who will say what Day 5+ - the remaining class times will be spent rehearsing and preparing for the final debate There will be a trial run before the final assessment. If they have everything they need ready for the final debate, students can begin to think of possible rebuttals for the final debate. .

Depending on student needs, there are many different roles that students can have in a debate setting. Some involve speaking and writing and some only include one. Students who have troubles with speaking or writing, they can get involved in roles that best support their interests. (to be announced)

Other Resources  Computer lab if needed to research debates and how to participate in them ( if students feel that would be beneficial)

(Activities for further study into content material for students who have completed activities ahead of time.)

(Allow for questions/clarification on the subject from students – reinforce original objectives and lesson purpose)

After the debate has happened each student is going to write a journal entry on how they thought the debate went. I want to know what worked and what didn’t and what they think of debates in general. This will be added to their other journal entries for Matched.

Additional Notes

(Assigned work for remaining class period, homework, or following class i.e. test, project etc)

Students will have formative and summative assessments for this activity. Formative – will be conducted throughout the practice time and trial run of the debate where students can ask any final questions and receive feedback for what they have done thus far Summative – they will be graded formally on the final debate. Rubric attached.