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Solidremote SR-F Fixed Code Remote Control Duplicator Instructions

Thank you for purchasing Solidremote SR-F series self-learning fixed code remote control duplicator. Familiarise yourself with the following
instructions prior to commencing set up. Store this information in a safe place for future reference.
Compatible with MOST common fixed code and learning code remote controls working at 433.92MHz. DO NOT compatible with
rolling code or hopping code remote controls.

Copy / Clone Instructions - 2 Easy Steps

Code Clear

Press and hold the top two round buttons at the same time for approximately 10 seconds until the LED indicator begins to flash, indicating that
the pre-installed remote control codes have been deleted.

Code Clone
Original Remote Control
close together
Remote Control Duplicator
Find Best Duplicating Position
Head to Head
Head to Bottom

Place the original remote control and copy remote close together (<10mm). Press and hold one button on your original remote and the button
on copy remote which you wish to be programmed on at the same time, until the LED indicator begins to flash rapidly, indicating that the button
has been successfully copied.

Repeat the above cloning steps for other buttons you wish to copy on the remote control.

The best duplicating position varies depending on the original remote control you are using, you may need to try different positions until the
code is successfully copied. Some key fobs have their transmitting component located to the underside of their casings. Please remember if
you didnt see the LED flashes rapidly, the cloning process has failed. Lift your thumb off the button then press and hold again AFTER you have
moved its position.

Code Recovery - Use ONLY when you mistakenly removed the code copied

Code Recovery

Press and hold the lower two round buttons at the same time for approximately 3 seconds until the LED indicator begins to flash, indicating that
the previous remote control codes have been restored.
Press and hold the lower two round buttons for 12 seconds until LED indicator flashes more rapidly to restore factory preset master codes.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply: 12V DC with 27A battery
Frequency: 433.92MHz 100KHz
Range: 100 - 150m with aerial tuned in free space
Temperature Rating: -4F to 131F (-20C to 55C)
Button: 4 Channels
Weight: 1.41 ounces. (40g)
Physical Size: 2.08"L x 1.29"W x 0.55"H (53mm x 33mm x 14mm)


When LEDs are erratic, dim or not illuminated after pressing
any button:
Make sure codes has been learned to the button pressed first, then
check the battery and make sure the battery is connected to the
cloning remote properly and the battery is not flat. If the cloning
remote continues not showing LED, you may need to repair or
replace the cloning remote control.

Note: To replace the battery, use a screwdriver to open the cover,
replace the battery with only 12V 27A Alkaline batteries.

Special Notice

The descriptions and illustrations contained in the present manual
are not binding. Solidremote reserves the right to make any
alterations deemed appropriate for the technical, manufacturing and
commercial improvement of the product, while leaving its essential
features unchanged, at any time and without undertaking to update
the present publication.

Solidremote Technologies Co., Ltd.
DOCID: SR-F-120316 / Printed In China