Tarboro High School

(566 Howard Avenue Tarboro" C 7)889 !hone/ 7:7.87;.5785 <a'/ 7:7.87;.6897

#r. #ichael Turner" !rincipal #r. $arryll ,ichardson" Asst. !rincipal #s. Lauren !rudenti" Administrative *ntern *ntern

Tarboro Athletes Bring Leadership to the Classroom Tarboro—Twenty five student athletes of Tarboro High School recently attended a leadership training geared towards training athletic leaders to make a greater impact on their school community. ominated by !rincipal" #ike Turner" and Athletic $irector" %aime &illoughby" the athletes represented appro'imately () sports teams at Tarboro High School. *n con+unction with THS" the orth Carolina High School Athletic Association sponsored a $.,.-.A.#. Team training. The acronym e'plains the program.s purpose/ $aring to ,ole #odel -'cellence as Athletic #entors. As such" students engaged in discussions surrounding being part of a team" diversity" becoming a role model" effective communication skills" and building relationships. A high emphasis was placed on students showcasing pride for their school. etonya Boddie" a 0th grade student at Tarboro High" felt energi1ed by the day.s activities. $uring a diversity training activity" students were placed in uncomfortable positions and treated by a label they received on an inde' card placed on their forehead. Boddie stated" 2the event made me a stronger team player because * reali1e how it may feel for others to be +udged.3 Boddie stressed learning the importance of empowering a teammate to make positive choices in difficult situations. Senior" yasha Savage" thought the day was more than what she e'pected4 she was able to get to know a lot of new friends and get to 2partake in activities outside her comfort 1one.3 Savage remarked that 2a lot of athletes stick together with their teammates4 it made me more knowledgeable about the people * know past my usual group of athlete friends.3 *t is reported that the presenter challenged student athletes to think about varying degrees of sportsmanship. Lisa %ones" senior" returned from the conference and immediately implemented leadership skills by displaying a poster in the hallways of Tarboro High. Said poster was created by her group to describe characteristics that student athletes

should possess. &hen asked #s. Savage what she wants to do ne't with her new leadership skills she remarked" 2attend another conference=3

According to !rincipal" #ike Turner" the leadership training is a step in several planned initiatives to encourage a collaborative school culture at the high school. The training was supported by the school district in allowing the -C!S !rofessional $evelopment Building in !rinceville to be used for this event. Thank you to the willingness of students to participate in this event/ ,ad+a Bobbit" $avid >uevara" yasha Savage" Lisa %ones" Samuel <lythe" Lu?uon Holiday" Anna %ohnson" Carrington $avis" $eshan <armer" !eyton Crowe" Staton $upree" %esse <utrell" Tyler $o1ier" akee !ollard" %ames Tillery" Trey &ells" ?uantavious Battle" @aylyn orville" etonya Boddie" LaTonya %ones" $awson Harris" Talik Lassiter

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