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Vol. 74 No. 40 December 4 - 10, 2013 50 cents

Israel, Canada Hoist World Cup Team USA Honored as Top Country
By Lucas Wiseman - USBC KRASNOYARSK, Russia Israel's Or Aviram and Canada's Caroline Lagrange emerged as the champions when the 49th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup came to a close. Aviram defeated top seed Guy Caminsky of South Africa, 2-1, in the title match, while Lagrange took down Cherie Tan of Singapore, 2-1, at Sharovaya Molniya Bowling Center. Team USA's Danielle McEwan and John Szczerbinski won the award for top country as both players finished fourth in their respective divisions to give them the best combined finish by a country. "We would have liked to have made it to the finals to have a chance to win the World Cup but finishing with the top country award is a big honor," Team USA coach Rod Ross said. "Team USA is all about team, so to win the team award is very special for our program." In the men's final, Aviram took the first game 279-245 before dropping the second game 277214. He pulled out a big win in the deciding game, 258-182, to hoist the World Cup for the first time. "It was insane, and I'm speechless," said Aviram, who finished second at the World Cup in 2005.

Mike Pasch 816 at Montvale Lanes
MONTVALE, NJ - Mike Pasch blasted scores of 289-258-269 for an 816 series to lead in the Thursday Early Bird at Montvale Lanes. Rich Naclerio also rolled big numbers posting scores of 289234-247 for a 770 series. Ed Kilianski hit 247-725, Tom Bruno 288-725, Matt Vanderhoof 247-691, Mike Folchi 276-681, Larry Diebner 236-678, Dave Spano 246-673, Henry Carlos 259671, Jimmy Rivers 257-670, and Al Ghiotti 288-662.

Hari Soedarmasto 300 at RVC Lanes
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Hari Soedarmasto blasted perfect with a 300 game in the Friday Late Mixed at Rockville Centre Lanes. Mike Clark rolled 269-257-690, Joe Haines, Jr. 259-227, Peter Hill 258-223, James Hood 258, Clayton Hunt 257, Brian Selwin and Scott Zimmerman 249, and Willie Cunningham 248.

USBC photo

World Cup Champs Or Aviram of Israel and Canada's Caroline Lagrange. "It is an amazing feeling because great shot and it just didn't strike." the last time I was here, I finished Russia's Alexei Parshukov and second and I wanted to break the the Dominican Republic's Aumi curse." Guerra finished in third place after Lagrange, who won the event in losing in the semifinals. Parshukov 2009, had a much different path to lost to Aviram, 2-0, while Guerra victory. After winning the first fell to Tan, 2-0. game 242-207, she lost the second As for Team USA, McEwan game 247-212. missed making the championship In the deciding game, Lagrange round by 66 pins, while had a chance to shut Tan out but Szczerbinski missed out by 58 pins left a 2 pin on her second shot in after 40 games. the 10th frame. Needing a double The 49th QubicaAMF World to win the World Cup, Tan threw Cup featured bowlers from 78 the first one and then left a ringing countries and is the largest bowl7 pin on her next shot. ing event in the world in terms of "It's always special to win for participating countries. All rounds your country," Lagrange said. "It of the competition were broadcast was hard to sit and watch, knowing live on's BowlTV. that she could beat me. She made a

Rey Cruz 300, Efren Capalaran 298 at Lodi Lanes
LODI, NJ - Rey Cruz blasted perfect with a 300 game and Efren Capalaran came close with a 298 while contesting in the Saturday Fil-Am at Lodi Lanes. Joel Martinez tossed a 277 game and Jennifer McCaffrey posted a 248.

Joey Jones, Andrew Davidowicz 300 At Holiday Bowl
OAKLAND, NJ – Joey Jones and Andrew Davidowicz each blasted 300 games while competing in the Sal Marino Classic League at Holiday Bowl. Dean Lavecchia shot 257-248268-773, Victor Padilla 268-248HOPELAWN, NJ- Rami Ahmed earned top honors in the Middlesex County Classic League at Majestic Lanes firing games of 223-300-247 for a high series of 770. 753, Mike Kenney 267-257-742, Vinnie Castiglione 268-248-739, Louis Lavecchia 245-242-718, Chip Jones 247-235-232-714, Ken Knipping 266-710, Anthony Lisi 264-704, and Rick Stellingwerf 259-700. Joe Quinn rolled 279-237-237753, Patrick Plate 211-279-245735, Rico David 268-268-720, Dom DiReda 277-213-227-717, Thomas Ortiz III 247-278-714, and Andy Polidura 257-279-711.

Rami Ahmed 300 at Majestic

Anthony Silva, Nick Filosa Blasted 300 Games Brandon Kwestel, 13 years-old, Rolls First 300 At South Levittown Lanes At Rockaway Lanes
LEVITTOWN, NY – In the Monday Charlie Cap Classic it was Anthony Silva and Nick Filosa spotlight each posting a 300 game. James DeGennaro was high with a 279 game to highlight his 747 set followed by Ed Brady 279-740, Jason Kubat 278-759, Ronald J. Broege 278-730, Nick D’Anna 274, Chris Ziesig 269-743, Fabrizo Cerutti 268-760, Darren Pitnick 266, Carl Clory 266, Jim Lizzo 259-740, Will Watson 258- 713, Joseph Kurdziel 258, Larry Straus 257, Tavie Caratozzolo 257, Carl Slater 257-747, Kelly Sulllivan 243-703, Christina Schultze 236, Michelle Montgoris 228, Mike Perrone 726, and Shawn Green 718.
ROCKAWAY, NJ -Brandon Kwestel, age 13, rolled his first perfecto in the Friday league at Rockaway Lanes, he then went on to bowl 4 more strikes for a total of 16 in a row. Brandon has been bowling since he was six said, “I was so nervous my whole body was shaking” said Brandon, “and I wasn't even sure I could bowl the last ball.” He finished the session with a 655 set on games of 155, 300 and 200. Brandon hopes to participate on the bowling team and the ice hockey team at Morris Knolls High School next year.



December 4 - 10, 2013

Nick Westergaard Blasted 298-802 At Rockaway Lanes
ROCKAWAY, NJ - Nick Westergaard bowled his first 800 series while contesting in the Thursday Nite Mixed at Rockaway Lanes he highlighted the 802 series with a near perfect 298 game. Crabby Brown posted a 258 in a 715 followed by Steven Haneveld rolling 246-627, David Ireton 232, Lynne Coleman 247-658, Tami Mehesey 233-555, and Martha Hoffman 207-541. Thursday Triples Lee Goldfarb 278/747 Chris Chicchetti 258/723 Dale Shaw 258/703 Nicole Candela 266/694 Karen Goldfarb 209/609 Monday Mixed Handicap Hi Phung 258/739 Michael Samways 279/636 Randell Pender 266/726 Lisa Larsen 267/633 Dolores Nigro 254/663 Becky Novello 256/594 Thursday Match Point Rory Altman 289/715 Peter Radioli 277/705 Brian Hueter 268/738 Friday Nite Mixed Ralph Barrientos 268/688 Joseph Peltzman 257/680 Michelle Lavaro 220/559 Dolores Nigro 216/553 Wanda Gutierrez 202/590 YOUTH Scholarship Junior/Teen Kevin Lai 252/617 Emmanuel Vazquez 236/629 Lawrence Bianco 202/517 Anthony Mastroianni 192/509 Jaclyn Bianco 186/516 Alyssa Doto 159/445 Junior Doubles Joshua Rivera 154/362 Jacob Villaronga 153/363 Jonah Smith 148/394 Chris Innella 157/405 Antonio Intartaglia 174/405 Brandon Paunetto 145/411 Elijah Sampayo 108/294 Adult/Child Michael Martell 258/722 Raychon Brown 233/658 Anthony Mastroianni 221/532 Giovanni Reyes 205/571

Jake Rollins, Nick Cilento Spark Youth Travelers at Holiday

Joe Donnarumma Rolled 773 At Parkway Lanes
ELMWOOD PARK, NJ – Joe Donnarumma led all pin attackers with scores of 237-257-279 for a strong 773 series in the Wednesday Teterboro Bowling League at Parkway Lanes. Peter Honan tossed 255-756, Steve Semancik 244-710, Frank Beamon 247-709, Ulises Medrano 257-708, Carole DeGroot 246-688, Bob Spoto 248-682, Dennis Scott 246-677, and Rich Miller Jr. 245-676.

Mike Folchi Tossed 731 At Montvale Lanes
MONTVALE, NJ - Mike Folchi fired scores of 242-266-223 for a 731 series to lead all scoring in the Thursday Early Bird League at Montvale Lanes. Other fine shooting for the night included Keith Conti with 269-716, Ken Brown 245-705, Steve Scorzetti 249-705, Rich Satriano 265-702, Tom Bruno 279-693, Phil DeSantis 255-687, Jim Rivers 258-687, Eric DuBiel 264-681, and Joe Truchan 277-680.

By Vince Albrecht OAKLAND, NJ - Inspired by the torrid play of 14-year-old Nick Cilento 217-227-214-658 and 15-year-old Alex McGuire 234-192-206-632, league-leading Holiday posted 836-2405, its high net scores of the season in capturing a hard earned five points from a game Fair Lawn quartet, 2960-2921 anchor Ana DeLeon closed with a stellar 223 and 13year-old Ryan McGuire added 204-193 for the victors. Fair Lawn anchor Jake Rollins stroked 213-247-214-674 and 14-year-old Madison Perry parlayed 203-180 into an awesome 795, the girls individual high handicap threesome to date. Tyler Nappi contributed 190-189 and Katrina Plaszky a huge 74 pins over average set for Fair Lawn. Bowler City III capitalized on the hot hand of 15-year-old Nick Reyes who blitzed the plastic-coats with a triple deuce [227-214-202] 643 to hold off Lodi, 2916-2911. Also scoring high for the winners were Alijah Jackson 213 and Nathan Tombo 192-181. Lodi mounted a tremendous comeback in the finale, tallying league high handicap game of 1054, largely due to anchor southpaw 15-year-old Chris Navarro’s 222 and Dwight Morrow freshman Mariah McKelvey’s sixty pins over average single. The Lodi squad benefited as well from Avery Brown’s 225-570 outing. After dropping the opener, Montvale charged back to win two nailbiters from Boonton which held onto wood, 2855-2824. Matt Russell sparked Montvale’s comeback in game two with a 231, while soon to be 11-year-old Michaella Raab produced an early birthday gift for herself with 157, her best game ever, in helping her team snatch the finale, 919891. Her 10-year-old teammate Joseph “Hammer” Mahoney [love the nickname] recorded games of 193 and 173. The Boonton squad came through with some fine scores with anchor Matt O’Dea rolling 222-208, Erik Kattermann 203-193, Sean McGuire 199-179 and Randy Devitt 180. Ryan Sweeney rolled 223, Kelley Grippo 180 and Joey Biondi 177 as Bowler City II stormed from the gate with a 1007-951 opening game win, but Bowler City I roared back to take two games and wood in a tightly contested encounter, 2900-2887. Firing deuces for BC I were anchor James Kane 200-205, JonMikal Sepero 202 and Welmer Paguay 200, to go with his strong 193-191.

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December 4 - 10, 2013



Rob Benenati 772
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Rob Benenati topped the scoring in the Wednesday Night Mixed League firing games of 278-261-233 for a high series of 772. Keith Benenati shot 266-278213-758, Andrew Laurita 215214-278-707, Peter Otero 267207, Joseph Gomez 266-210, Don Rialey 258-214, Bruce Skellington 226-201-257-684, Terry Boyle 254-225, Dawn Laurita 265-235-694, and Vicky Lockwood 200-235-265-700.

Anthony Scigliano 290
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Anthony Scigliano topped the scoring in the Thursday Mixed League firing a high game of 290. Bill Ruland shot 287-212, Bill Koste 278-238-228-744, Paul Barbuzza 278, Matt Wright 278275-723, Ed Small 268, Luis Cardona and Teddy Avgerinos 264, and Frank Cimino 257-221226-704.

Carl Clory 280
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Carl Clory topped the scoring in the Thursday Custom Thumbz Doublez League firing a high game of 280. Alex Bogolubsky and Joe LaSpina shot 279, Chris Barbaro 277, Harlan Wittensetin 228-275258-761, Sean Dubose 269-243740, Jag Gabino 269-725, Willie Fessler 268-266-738, Mike Lapkowski 268-235, Julio Zambrano 267, Rennie Garnder 266-266-715, and Tony Amendola 262.

Pat Zenker 733
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Paul Zenker topped the scoring in the Tuesday Late Men’s League firing games of 269-249 for a high series of 733. Jim Carey rolled 259-248, Ralph Carolio 252-234-246-732, Chris Piccininni and Michael Fisch 240, and Joe Mazza and Michael Kearns 235.

Stanley Rosadio 681
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY- Stanley Rosadio led the scoring in the Thursday Senior Men’s League firing games of 278-212 for a high series of 681. Roberto DeGuzman shot 260, Ed Frontera 247-225-676, Murray Schultz 237-213, Gerald Fields 233-212-213-658, Charles Johnson 225, and Richard Franklin and Gerry Dunham 223.

Ramon DeLeon, Jr. 280
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Ramon DeLeon, Jr. topped the scoring in the Sunday Adult/Child Doubles League firing games of 280-214 for a high series of 650. Adam Malave shot 235-604, and Joe Migkiorno 202.

Chris Johnson 717
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Chris Johnson led the scoring in the Saturday Scholarship League firing games of 239-236-242 for a high series of 717. Adam Glickman rolled 258-221660, Tarik Zephrine 226-623, Gregory Schultz 222-204, and Evan Rudolfsky 212.

Tom Saitta 258
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY - Tom Saita paced the scoring in the Wednesday Senior Doubles League firing a high game of 258. Stan Rosadio rolled 256-224245-725, Aubrey Periera 246, Robert Picard 245, George Fields 237, and Bob Schiavone 235.

Alfred Benett 771
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Alfred Benett topped the scoring in the Sunday Night Mixed League firing games of 258-235-278 for a high series of 771. Carl Rissland shot 277-269, Jason Simonetti 267, James Nolan 258-237-258-753, Rich Rothmansky 257, Jarvis Skellinigton 256-216-217-689, Matt Stanisic 214-225-225-694, and Michelle Montgoris 258-662. In the Monday Ladies Classic League Linda Walsh rolled 208, and Linda Ellison 202.

Mark Gralo 279
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY - Mark Gralo led the scoring in the Tuesday Oceanside K of C League firing a high game of 279. Rob Allegra hit 278-233, Phil Schaefer 277-212-690, Ed Graeff 231-276-214-721, Mike Simeone 258-255-228-741, and Pat Zenker and Nolan Ryder 254.

Scott Glickman 279
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Dr. Scott Glickman led the scoring in the Temple Am-Echad Men’s Club League blasting a high game of 279. Elizabeth Schuster shot 246-267223-736, Bill Stein 255-248-713, Joel Schatzberg 210-209, and David Schuster 204.

John Moran 268
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – John Moran led the scoring in the Thursday El-Cheapo League firing games of 268-204 for a high series of 653. Matt Rizzo shot 233-207-621, Peter Micca 228, and Ryan Ciccimarro and Steve Frey 213.

Al Digangi 266
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Al Digangi led the scoring in the Wednesday Early Men’s League firing games of 266-222. Glen Smith shot 258-231-707, Chris Froehlich 255, Jim Guardino 253-214, Tom Carley 247-231, and Paul Barbuzza, Ken Bruce, and Antonio Flores 246.

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Karl Kastner 289
MADISON, NJ – Karl Kastner topped the scoring in the Wednesday Trio League firing a high game of 289 and a high series of 706. Bryan Katz shot 265-710, Oren Warter 257-686, Lissette Tapanes 232, Stephanie Rahn and Dawn Gammon 214.

Barry Clare 730
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Barry Clare topped the scoring in the Wednesday Early Men’s League firing games of 268-247 for a high series of 730. Keith Manza shot 257-247719, Bob Freohlich 279-235699, Paul Centineo 276-228, Jim Guardino 265, Ken Bruce 259, Adam Swensen 256-241, Antonio Flores 254-220, and Tom Carley 244.

Jake Bird 279
MADISON, NJ – Jake Bird paced the scoring in the Police & Fire League firing a high game of 279 and a high series of 667. Ian Lerner hit 247, Thomas Litland 244, and Tommy Magers 640. In the Thursday Mixed League Mike Jenkins shot 222, Bill Phair 213, and Thomas Litland 209.

Jack Vander Meulen 278
MADISON, NJ – Jack Vander Meulen led the scoring in the Junior/Major Breakfast Club League firing a high game of 278. Richard Hufnagel shot 221, and Robert Bednarik 210. Frank Filliman shot 229, Jimmy Granato 228, and Dave Hanft 216 in the Tuesday 400 Doubles League.

Bo Serillo 283
MADISON, NJ- Bo Serillo led the scoring in the Livingston Business Men’s League firing a high game of 283 and a high series of 749. Greg Vogler shot 246-650, Steve Payne 245, and Victor Pitra 604.

Mitch Weinberg 701
MADISON, NJ – Mitch Weinberg led the scoring in the Friday Classic League firing a high game of 267 and a high series of 701. Jim Hintze shot 258-676, Joe Parisi 247, Dave Granitzki 665, Stephanie Rahn 227, and Ellen Moore 220. Karen Reinacher rolled 233, and Cindy Heinemeyer 177 in the Ladies League.

Rich Keirstead 254
MADISON, NJ – Rich Keirstead shot 254, Joe Cheringal 235, and Peter McRae 227 in the Pharma Plus League. Charlie Glunk hit 171, and Zachary Linder 161 in the Bantam-Prep Breakfast Club League. In the Monday Night Ladies League Jodi Belli shot 205, and Nancy Roberts 189.

Ed Frontera 687
ROCKVILLE, CENTRE, NY – Ed Frontera paced the Thursday Senior Birds firing games of 221243-223 for a high series of 687. Henry Clay shot 247-212-224683, Aubrey Periera 267-227-669, Murray Schultz 200-222-234-656, Charles Johnson 235, Gerald Fields 233-223, and Earthel George 223.

Joe Parisi 728
MADISON, NJ – Joe Parisi shot 279-728, Romeo Lerro 279, and Jennifer Dunklin 254-688 in the CMIL League.

Ta k e Yo u r Fa m i l y B ow l i n g and E n j oy the Holidays



December 4 - 10, 2013

Monday Seniors: Rich Jones 221, Richie Coyer 206-203, Kurt Behrens 200, Ray Wilson 200, Marguerite Burt 202. Monday LIA: Brian Sulzbach 257, Kenny Daughn 256-245-691, Ray Perry 246, Mike Sodano 246, John Le Cren 242, Jen Zappolo 248, Tricia Krac 214, Laura Hines 213. Tuesday Postal League: Dave Roberto 235, Paul Hargrove 215. Tuesday Early Birds: Jenn D’Lorio 267-600, Anne Zajack 213, Freda Amon 202, Debi Makovy 200. Tuesday BK Sweeneys: Dan Hastings 277-235-712, Mike Gregorio 279-245-706, Rich O’Neill 245. Wednesday Young at Heart Seniors: Richie Coyer 217-210-622, Gus Poulos 200, Nancy Ellis 212. Wednesday Swingtime Seniors: Cappy Caporusso 288-203-664, Joe Hopp 201. Wednesday Hicksville Elks: Jon Crawford 258-700, Ivan Rodriguez Sr. 243, Jon Crawford 238, Byron Lamm 256. Thursday Night Foursome: Walt Stashin 270, Chad Pilatsky 265, Dan Kantor 257-253-718, Ken Wojdylo 255, Eddie Weissman 254, Nick Spinelli 703, Heather Mitchell 219, Courtney Giudice 203. Sunday AM Trios: Chris Norton 279, Ed Stadtlander 278-257-772, Frank Yodice Jr. 277-711, Dave Diamond 266, Eddie Norton 266-715, Lukas Zito 266-256-748, Mike Sodano 739.

Ben Johnson 660
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Ben Johnson led the scoring in the Senior Men’s League firing games of 232-215-213 for a high series of 660. Willie Koenig shot 220-206, Chip Bonomo 203-223, John Castro 213, and Hal Solomon 203200. In the OLSS League Jennifer Dennis rolled 222.

By Gloria Volpe Wednesday Early 5 Man Al Luzzi came up with the high score for the night with his 289 730, Mike (Mush) Barone and Joe Leardo Sr. 278. Bob Haase hit 264, Tom Smith Sr. 258, Dennis Richie 257, Steve Blitzstein 256, Steve Mastro 252, and Nino Polanco 250. Public Safety High game in this league was no other than Kevin (Tito) Jackson with two 258 games and a 257 to finish with the high set of 773. Frank Mena hit 248, let’s not forget Kenny Lee and his 245, Joe Murgittroyd 244, Dennis Figueroa 237, and Bill Ochiuzzo 231. Monday Trios Gerald Roundtree posted a 256, followed by Austin Masser with a 248, Mike Kavanagh and Marc Montalbano each hit 245, Mike Roman and Chris Vitale 237, and Nick Mancini rolled a 234 game.

Rita DiPietro 647
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Rita DiPietro paced the scoring in the Friday Nite Mixed Quartets League firing games of 216-216215 for a high series of 647. Donna VanVorst shot 211-221, Ashley Gottleib 214-605, and Pat Driscoll 213.

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December 4 - 10, 2013



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December 4 - 10, 2013

Dale Alberino 774
FARMINGDALE, NY – Dale Alberino topped the Thursday Good Timers firing games of 258267-249 for a high series of 774. Mike Bagnato rolled 205-258217-680, Ken Tamburrino 247223-645, Steve Butera 235-203, and Ron Demuth 225-203-621.

Gerald Pannullo 757

Mike Clark 718
FARMINGDALE, NY – Mike Clark led the scoring in the Friday Late Mixed League firing a high game of 289 and a high 718 set. Scott Zimmerman shot 279, James Hood 278, Hari Soedarmasto 268227-222-717, Gary Haines 249245-716, Joe Haines, Jr. 249-240695, Eddie Wing 245, Tony Caridi 244, and Junior Pascual and Rich Barone 243. In the Sunday Adult/Junior League Michael Coakely shot 212, and James Prince 203.

FARMINGDALE, NY – Gerard Pannullo led the scoring in the Tuesday Early Birds League firing games of 255-234-268 for a high series of 757. Kerrick Jones shot 27-269-756, Edward Brown 279-278-744, Amefika Greaves 246-244-237727, Damion Collins 279-232Lukas Zito 698 FARMINGDALE, NY Lukas Zito 722, Nathaniel Fuller 254-246led the scoring in the Tuesday Nite 708, Anna Bell 247-224-225-696, Owls League firing games of 269- and Loue Serafini 241-217. Sal Yannacone 736 212-217 for ahigh series of 698. David Koestner shot 200-277- FARMINGDALE, NY – Sal 216-693, Steve Pasciuto shot 242- Yannacone led the scoring in the 211-245-698, Donald Price 214- Monday HS Practice League fir251-210-675, Earl Condit 210-248- ing games of 276-259 for a high 216-674, and Pat Melito 235-222- series of 736. 213-670. Darius Fuller shot 241, Nicholas Mencarelli 229-226-626, Jenna Gary LaCara 270 FARMINGDALE, NY – Gary Liguori 245, and Arianna Dumas LaCara fired a high 270 in the 244. Monday Night Fourplay League. Rob Buckling shot 268-263-737, Eddie Allen 258, Steve Frey and Danny Riccobono 246, Michael Martin 245, and Paul Conboy 244.

Nick Kideris 653
FARMINGDALE, NY – Nick Kideris led the St. Martin Major League firing 252-225-653. Ales Gusmano shot 245, Luke Richardson 234, Emily McLaughlin 241, Kerri Delisi 235-205, and Maria Lucente 206204.

Mike TenBrink 258
FARMINGDALE, NY – Mike TenBrink led the Sunday Early Mixed firing a high game of 258. Garret Knispel shot 235-216, Anthony Cotter 233-202, Derrick Dobert 228, and Nick Butera 224.

Brian Simers 256
FARMINGDALE, NY - Brian Siemers paced the Wednesday Party League firing a high of 256. Eric Vazquez hit 255-222-659, Dave Green 235-214-652, George Marrazzo 235, Mike Siry 234-221648, Lloyd Hasluck 230, and Christopher Pappas 221.

Tom Pennica 676
FARMINGDALE, NY – Tom Pennica led the Saturday Island Trees League firing games of 247235 for a high series of 676. Joe Catalano shot 216, Tony Cintando 214, Lori Siebner 213, and Tony Saracino 208. In the Friday Sunshine Kids League Ken Lauri shot 191, Joe Livolsi 189, and Fai Livolso 180.

December 4 - 10, 2013



Anthony Botterio 300 at Shell Lanes
BROOKLYN, NY - Anthony Botterio found perfection in a 300 game while bowling in the Papa John's Mixed League at Shell Lanes

Mike Ormsby 772 At Howell Lanes
HOWELL, NJ- Mike Ormsby fired high series 772 with 279255 at Howell Lanes in the Wednesday Scratch Classic. Brandon Ferrell tossed 762, Ken Bocan had a 750 series. High game honors went to Jordan Marangelli for his 280 in a 738, Chris Jones hit 267-724, and Brian Shade 266.

Monday Early Birds: Chris Larick 239-659, Kevin Sikora 237-592, Ed Hardy 236-623, Bradley Kohl 226-629, Michelle Clouse 193-533, Doris Macone 186-481. County Tuesday Night Mixed: Gene Pukas 278-705, Charles Wilfong 269-692, Daniel Lorenzo 268, Lynne Coleman 269-734, Nichole Opsasnick 235-629, Donna Miller 218-611. Fox Hills Seniors: Rick Martone 225-555, Steve Friedman 219-582, Joe Tobjy 216-593, Johanna Hofgesang 168-469, Joanne Margiotta 168-379, Marie Toto 162-380. Morris Hills Mixed: Barry Webb 212-512, Andy Romo 200-520, Bob McClughan 170-430, Beth Williams 173-464, Violet Indyk 167-460, Pam Antiniello 162-412. Rockaway Women: Tammy Baldwin 208-558, Susan Chillemi 202524, Pat Sommers 200-527, Lois Kehmna 199-522. PBA Experience – bowled on changing PBA lane conditions: Tim Panek 238-606, Philip St. Amand 226-582, Joseph Caologer 220-580, Liesl Apgar 199-565. NorBu Lodge: Bill Karpack 246-623, John Hearn 237-613, Chris Bakos 235, Lynn Perry 212-553, Stacy Titus 197-517, Marie Vantreuren 188-545. Thursday Nite Mixed: Nick Westergaard 257-652, Wayne Poverstein 245-681, Mike Wheeler 245-626, Kevin Helm 232, Nidia Haneveld 233, Melissa Peachman 221-596, Carol Crenzio 212-533. Lake Hiawatha A.C.: Joseph Albensi Jr. 280-686, Larry Lewis 259634, Vernon Tatum 258-656, Paul CeCe 253-637, Doug Batsch 234, Maryann Abasto 203-578, Jaclyn Coren 156-424. Rockaway Mixed: Jim Testa 279-795, Dennis Neilsen 278-678, Sean Cook 278-720, Glen Malmstone 268-694, Donna Sodano 265-657, Keri May 245-660, Lynn Coleman 236-622. Spanish American Mixed: Bill Coleman 250, Steven Matias 249, Jesus Cruz 248-687, Lynne Coleman 233-634. Junior Leagues Sizzlin’ Strikers/Weekend Warriors: Nicholas Thies 161-415, Mark Howarth 139-393, Andrew Dunleavy 134-350, Emma Thiese 178-438, Chelsey Cruz 80-217. Gutter Busters (2 games): Jared Glickman 87-158, Chirsopher Dunleary 86-164. Rockaway-Denville Recreation (2 games): Miranda Glynn 78-148, Alexander Schulte 38-78, Emma Gantert 91-163, Kyra Morris 90-177, Hannah Gigangi 75-142. Bumper Busters (2 games): Dominic Mellifiore 105-183, Ricky Rodriguez 104-196, Michael Mellifiore 92-177. Lucky Strikers: Colin Fisher 79-201, Samantha Fisher 62-183. Ball Busters: Jack Cook 259-682, Thomas Kleczynski 227-595, Tyler Bott 225-575, Zachary Clark 224-609, Haley Paccione 193-539, Emma Wright 155-385, Stephanie Sihlanick 129-336.

Ron McCullen 300 at Shell Lanes
BROOKLYN, NY - Ron McCullen blasted twelve strikes in a row to tally a 300 game while competing in a recent meeting of Robin's Chislers League at Shell Lanes.

PJ Adams 805 at Rockaway Lanes
ROCKAWAY, NJ - PJ Adams tossed a high 805 set highlighted by a 270 game and Tim Panek rolled 279-719 in the Rockaway Foursome. Angelo Melchiorri 267-675, Peter Furio 247. Joan Dakak 235-643, and Liza DiNapoli 222-560.



December 4 - 10, 2013

Joe Thurston 711
HOPELAWN, NJ – Joe Thurston topped the scoring in the Friday Nite Mixed League firing games of 279-245 for a high series of 711. Richard Funk III rolled 246-237205-688, Gary McGinness 225257-662, Kevin Eccleston 225-233630, and Melissa Hertenberger 225202-625. In the Avenel Youth League Branden Barrese shot 206.

Matt Myers, at 14, Dazzles Scratch Doubles
By Vince Albrecht HACKENSACK, NJ - High school coaches should start pursuing eighth grader Matt Myers for their 2014-15 bowling programs, this lad has got it going for himself. Myers lifted his ten week average to 191 with a stunning display in Bowler City’s Youth Scratch Doubles, blistering the plastic-coats with a thunderous triple deuce 232-269-214-715, high league set to date. Partner Alec Gruttadauria, a Rutherford sophomore, added 198-567 as the team took two of three from George Held/Devin Puccio to climb into fourth place. The latter quickly squashed any thoughts of a sweep by the victors by collaborating on a scorching finale of 474, with eighth grader Held firing 252, giving him a 601 threesome and Paramus Catholic senior Puccio chipping in with 222 and a 591 total. Paramus Catholic junior James Kane raised his average to 195 with the day’s second best threesome of 668, forged with a triple deuce 211-226-231, but he and teammate Joey Biondi ran into a torrid opponent in Danny Bivin and Danielle Quitola who combined for 1223 to sweep all seven points. Danny’s 225-205-615 left him one stick shy of lifting his average to a deuce. Danielle came through with a super effort, her best to date, firing 190-214-204608. Paramus Catholic girls’ bowling coach will be thrilled to see a freshman distaff talent in Kristen Kane who pounded the maples with a consistent three-deuce 215211-211-637, combining with Bergenfield junior Greg Khan’s 216 high to shut out Mary Kate Alvarez/Christine Vradenburg. Bowling skill among young keglers abounds in this league as further evidenced by Passaic Tech sophomore Anthony Rizzo who continues to climb the ladder, now in fifth place, just four and onehalf points back of second. Anthony caught fire in the finale, smoking the pins with 267 for a 638 set, and league high average of 200. His sterling outing pushed his team to a sweep of Alex Vorhees/Tony Crismale, whose top score was Alex’ 189. Despite Dumont freshman Kyle Schellberg’s 216-221-200-637 threesome, his team dropped four of seven points to Arielle Wallace, a 202 high and Jonmikal Sepero a 199. Rounding out play, Samantha Berger/Avery Brown earned seven points against the vacancy while pacesetting Brittany Hovan/Ryan Perez took two of three games from Kelley Grippo/John Silvestro. Brittany had a 212 high for the winners while Kelley closed with a 211 for her team.

Mike Dellamanna 672
HOPELAWN, NJ – Mike Dellamana led the scoring in the Atlantic City Trios League firing games of 248-202-222 for a high series of 672. Brian Vicidomini rolled 225-224205-654, Andrew Bock 240-2256335, and Joe Defini 224. Mike Grant rolled 215 in the NJ Turnpike League.

Rick Funk III 703
HOPELAWN, NJ – Rick Funk III led the scoring in the Academy Madness League firing games of 221-255-227 for ahigh series of 703. Dan DeBenedetto shot 233-246671, Mike Dellamanna 226-210216-652, Nick Viverito 214-224634, and Frank Viverito 212-206214-632.

Rich Hardish 665
HOPELAWN, NJ – Rich Hardish led the scoring in the Garden State Mixed League firing games of 236236 for a high series of 665. Richard Bienvenue rolled 204231-217-652, James McMillon 214-231-204-649, and Bill Slattery 203-236-638. In the K of C League John Poesi shot 237-202-626, Mark Makwinski 214-216-623, and Frank Grossi 216-207-622.

John Baginsky 257-633
HOPELAWN, NJ – In the LaBuona Pizza League John Baginsky, Jr. rolled 257-633, Joe Britton 266205-629, Lenny Novak 241-625, and John Baginsky 213-212-620. Rich Rowley rolled 209, and Wayne Michel 172-171 in the Winter Senior Citizens League. In the Tuesday Night Mixed League Daniel J. Willard shot 222, DJ Petardi 214, and Mark Cumber 207.

Rollin E. Ball 650
HOPELAWN, NJ – Rollin E. Ball led the scoring in the Thursday Nite Mixed League firing games of 244220 for a high series of 650. John Decibus shot 258-642, Vinny R. Medvetz 202-236-604, and Scott Akalewicz 233-604. In the Merck League Tom Vickry shot 227-216-623, Mike Eglesia 204, Andrw Siarkiweicz 221, and John Strauss 209.

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