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What can you sow and grow in a cold frame? There are plenty of options for growing in a cold frame but these are some of the most popular: Arugula Broccoli Beets Carrots Chard #ale Cabbage Anghinare Bloccoli Sfecla Var a !orco" ??? soi de Var a !ustar Ceapa )idichi Spanac

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Spinach -

Swiss Chard and Kale Recipes

Sweet and Sour Swiss Chard (ne bunch of swiss chard* cleaned and torn into bite si ed pieces (ne medium onion* sliced + tablespoons oli"e oil + tablespoons red wine "inegar , tablespoon brown sugar Saut- the onion in the oil until it is golden. Add the swiss chard and stir fry for /-0 minutes. !i1 the "inegar and sugar together in a bowl. 2our this onto the chard and onion mi1ture and stir well. 3eat through before ser"ing. Tuscan Greens with Raisins (ne pound of Swiss Chard or #ale* rinsed and torn 3andful of raisins (li"e oil Toasted pine nuts Salt to taste 2re-soa& a handful of raisins in "ery hot water for /4 minutes. Saute the greens and raisins together in three tablespoons of oli"e oil in a large* hea"y s&illet for three minutes. Season with salt and sprin&le with lightly toasted pine nuts. Kale Chips , bunch of &ale* washed* dried* and torn into bite si e pieces + tablespoons oli"e oil salt 3eat o"en to /54 degrees. Toss &ale with oli"e oil. !a&e sure all lea"es get a coating of the oil. 2lace in a single later on an oiled ba&ing sheet. Sprin&le with salt. Coo& in the o"en for about ,+-,5 minutes. )emo"e crisp pieces as they get crispy and allow the remaining &ale chips to also get crispy. Chard Lasagna 3ere6s a 7uic& and healthy way to ma&e lasagna. (mit the noodles. 2lace se"eral large lea"es of Swiss Chard in the bottom of an oblong pan* then alternate layers of filling and chard* ending with a thin layer of filling topped with bread crumbs. 8ood ingredients for fillings include saut-ed onions* 8ree& oli"es* saut-ed mushrooms* pine nuts* crumbled bacon* ham or

sausage and* to bind it all together* tomato paste* mo arella* 2armesan and ricotta cheese. Ba&e 05 minutes at /549:. Sauteed Kale (ne or two bunches of #ale* washed and dried and chopped (li"e oil 8arlic 3eat oil* toss in &ale and turn for +-/ minutes* longer if &ale is more on the mature side. Add garlic in the last minute of coo&ing* continuing to turn. Noodles with Kale , large bunch of &ale* cleaned* trimmed* and sliced thinly ,+ o . ;oodles li&e soba* spaghetti or fetticcini + tablespoons toasted sesame oil + tablespoons soy sauce , tablespoon sesame seeds 2ut a large pot of water on to boil. When it boils* add noodles and coo& for about 5 minutes. Add &ale and stir. Continue coo&ing until noodles are done and &ale is tender* about three more minutes. <rain and return to pot. Add last three ingredients and toss. Ser"e hot or at room temperature. Chard and Cheddar Custard = o . fresh chard lea"es* stemmed and chopped coarsly >/ cups* pac&ed? , cup hea"y cream 0 large egg yol&s , cup shredded sharp cheese @ teaspoon salt ,A= teaspoon freshly ground pepper ,A= teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg 2reheat o"en to /+5 degrees. $ightly butter a casserole dish. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil o"er high heat. Add the chard and coo& until tender* about fi"e minutes. <rain and rinse under cold water. S7uee e out the e1cess moisture from the chard. Whis& the cream and yol&s in a large bowl until well combined. Stir in the chard* cheese* salt* pepper* and nutmeg. 2our into the casserole dish. 2lace

in a large roasting pan and add enough hot water to come about halfway up the side of the casserole. Ba&e until set when gi"en a light sha&e* about /4 minutes. Ser"e. Twice-Baked Potatoes with Savor Green Sauce B large potatoes* scrubbed and po&ed with a for& / tablespoons butter C cup mil& or half-and-half Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste + clo"es garlic peeled C cup sour cream , teaspoon prepared horseradish + cups baby &ale or chard* washed* chopped and dried

Ba&e potatoes in a 054 degree o"en for about one hour until tender. Cut each potato in half lengthwise* and scoop out the flesh into a bowl* lea"ing potato s&in shells. !ash the potato flesh with the butter and mil&* and season with the salt and pepper. )efill the shells* and* if necessary return to the o"en to &eep warm. Dn the meantime* ma&e the sauce. :it a food processor with the metal blade. With the machine running* drop the garlic through the feed tube to mince the garlic. Add the sour cream and greens and process until the greens are pureed. 2our the sauce e"enly o"er the "ery hot potato hal"es. Ser"e.