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Information Privacy Breach,

Electronic Data Recovery, and
Regulatory Protection
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The Doctors Company is ercely committed to protecting doctors. As the largest national
insurer of physician and surgeon medical liability, we identify emerging risks and deliver
innovative coverage solutions. As proof of our commitment, we are the rst insurer to include
cyber liability protection as part of our medical liability coverage.
Patient Notication and Credit
Monitoring Costs Insurance
(Up to $50,000)
Includes all necessary legal, public relations,
advertising, and postage expenses incurred by
the member to notify patients of a breach of
information. Will also pay for credit monitoring
for all affected persons.
Network Security and Privacy Insurance
(Up to $50,000)
Includes coverage for both online and ofine
information, virus attacks and denial of service
attacks, identity theft, and more.
CyberGuard eRisk Management Web Site
Provides online access to regulatory compliance
guidance, risk reduction resources, sample policies
and procedures documents, and information to aid
in management of a data breach.
Regulatory Coverage
(Up to $50,000)
Includes coverage for defense of a Red Flags Violation,
HIPAA, or any other investigation conducted by a
government agency resulting from a privacy breach.
Also covers regulatory nes.
Data Recovery Costs Insurance
(Up to $5,000)
Includes all reasonable and necessary sums required to
recover or replace data that is compromised, damaged,
lost, erased, or corrupted.
CyberGuard is aggressive, broad coverage that protects doctors against regulatory and liability claims
arising from the theft, loss, or accidental transmission of condential patient or nancial information,
as well as the cost of data recovery.
CyberGuard meets the evolving needs of the modern medical practice as it becomes increasingly reliant on
technology and electronic data.
2010 J7908 8/10
All coverage is subject to a maximum aggregate limit of liability of $50,000. CyberGuard is designed for and provided to doctors in solo and small group practices. For our largest groups and
institutional customers, custom cyber liability package policies are available. All policy provisions are subject to regulatory and underwriting approval and vary from state to state. You should
consult your representative regarding specic policy provisions.