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Type : Public (Euronext :CA)

Founded :1957
Headquarter :Levallois- perret, France
Industry :Retail
Products :Discount, Grocery and
convenience stores, cash
and carry, hypermarkets,
Revenue :€82.15 billion
Operating income :▲ €3.338 billion
Profit :▲ €1.868 billion
Employees :490,042
Chairman of the management board and CEO

:- José Luis Duran

Chairman of the supervisory board

:- Amaury de Sèze
Deputy Chairman
:- Jean – Martin Folz
The are three specialized committees
Within the Board of Directors:
The accounts & internal audit committee.
Committee members are:
- Jean- Martin Folz (Chairman),
- Sébastien Bazin,
- René Brillet.

The remuneration, appointment & corporate

governance committee. Committee members
- Anne-Claire Taittinger (Chairman),
- René Abate,
- Nicolas Bazire.
The strategy committee. Committee members
are :
- Amaury de Seze (Chairman),
- Bernard Arnault
- Sébastien Bazin,
- René Brillet.
Group Overview
Business Strategy
Financial Overview
Key Credit Strength
Group Overview
Carrefour Group
Carrefour Group Today
No 1 mass retailer in Europe & No 2 Worldwide
Over 490042 colleague worldwide
12,547 stores in 30 countries
More than 3 billion checkout transactions p/y
€36 billion market capitalization (10 largest in
Leader in10 countries
Group Overview
12,547 stores in 30 countries
France: 3993 trade Europe:(exc france)
Name stores. Over- 7,109 trade name
-seas territories: 144 stores
Trade name stores.

Asia: 465 trade

Name stores
Group Overview
Carrefour operates in 10 countries in Europe,
representing 84% of group net sales of H1 2007.
In 5 countries out of 10 carrefour is No 1.

It operates 3 countries in Latin America, accounting for

9% of group net sales of H1 2007.
Carrefour is No 1 in 2 countries.
Group Overview
It present in 6 countries in Asia, accounting for 7% of
group net sales of H1 2007.
In 3 countries out of 6 carrefour is No 1 in hypermarkets.
Group Overview
Group Overview
Complementary multi-format retailers
Hypermarkets: Offer the customer in single
location a wide array of food & non-food
products(general merchandise, household pdt,
entertainment pdt, etc) & service at competitive price.
"Choice and quality for everyone"
An average of 80,000 items are offered in stores
measuring 5,000- 20,000 sq meters with free parking.
Trade name-

1163 stores including 74 franchise in

28 countries in Europe, Latin America
& Asia.
€50.9 billion in retail network sales.
Group Overview
Supermarket: Meet the needs of a
convenience store customers who shops about every
five days: a practical layout that saves time, quality
fresh pdts, strong customer relation & competitive
price. Stores generally have between 1,000- 2,000 sq
meters of sales area and offer approximately 10,000
different items.
"The prices people want, close to home"
Trade name:

2,708 stores in 9 countries in

Europe & Latin America.
€23.6 billion in retail network
Group Overview
Hard Discount Stores: Offer a limited
array of food pdts at unbeatable price in sales
areas of between 300- 800 sq meters, with a
large proportion of house brand pdts.
"Grocery products at low, low prices"
6,166 stores in 7 countries in Europe & Latin
Trade name:
€5.7 billion in retail network sales.
Group Overview
Convenience Stores: Neighborhood or
village stores offering a range of pdts covering
all food needs at reasonable price & adapted to
the convenience market. Any array of service
generally offered.
"Just what you need, right next door"
Trade name:

3245 stores in 7 countries in Europe &Latin

Group Overview
Cash & Carry: Primarily wholesale and
retail food self-service targeted at professional
"Proximity and accessibility for catering
Trade name: ,
198 Stores.
€7 billion in retail network sales.
Group Overview
e-commerce: An on-line cyber market for
internet shopping and home delivery. This site
offers a broad range of over 6,000 products
including 1,200 fresh pdts.
Trade name:
Group Overview
Financial Overview
Revenue :€82.15 billion
Operating income :▲ €3.338 billion
Profit :▲ €1.868 billion
Market capital : 24,033,667,785
Shares outstanding :704,903,000
Closely held shares :100,721,864
Share type :Actions ordinaires
Financial Overview

Stock data:
Current Price(9/19/08): €34.10
Business Strategy
Strategy: Profitable Growth
Business Strategy
Strengthening the group’s position in its key market

Hypermarkets: acquire market share in a wide

shopping zone & attract more customers with price that
compete with the lowest in the market & regular
Supermarkets: Increase store frequency rate
& customer loyalty through card programs, the quality
of a fresh pdts & attractive prices.
Hard Discount stores: Adopt a highly
centralized organizational structure & standard
management & operating principle.
Business strategy
Lever for value creation:
Lever 1: Making the brand work harder &
generating cash: strengthening commercial
model, faster growth in m2(opening+expansion),
annual operating cost reduction of 0.10% of sales,
better management of capex & working capital.
Lever 2: Optimizing capital allocation : further
rationalization (€1.5 bn disposal program), continuous
review of non strategic assets.
Lever 3: Managing the balance sheet actively &
leveraging property assets: free cash flow of
€1.5 bn per annum, retain long term control of real
estate subsidiary, capital rising of around €3 bn to
strategic real estate institutional partner & IPO.
Business Strategy
The customer at the heart of it all
The carrefour group puts its customers at the heart of
everything it does.
It has simplified its organization, giving more
independence to store managers to enable them to
adapt their business.
The carrefour group has
expanded customers choice,
adapted its store brand range
and increased its service
For society “ say no to plastic
Key Credit Strength
Global food retailer with leadership position in Europe
Substantial diversification through multi-format strategy
and worldwide presence
Significant international experience & presence with
leadership in main market(e.g; France, China, Brazil
Strength & diversity of cash flow
Stable A2/A credit
rating recently affirmed
by S&P and Moody’s
Carrefour committed
to A2/A



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