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3: Develop an Implementation Plan

Determine the project goals

In order to start planning, you will need to determine what your goals are for the project. Answer these questions:

When will you start your project

Consider the !ap Analysis as the start of your project

When do you want to complete it Schedule the !ap Analysis, and communicate to all employees what is "eing done, and why. #ou will want to "e a"le to ma$e the employees comforta"le with answering your auditors questions.

%he auditor is the person conducting the gap analysis. It may "e an audit team or one indi&idual.

%his 'ree planning template will help you state your goals.

When do you want to become ISO 900


%he answer to this question will determine your timeline. (se this IS) *++, !antt Chart as a reference.

-ow long will IS) *+++ implementation ta$e %he shorter time frame allowed for the project, the more resources the project will demand during implementation.

It is important to $now what your goal is "ecause other dates will "e determined "y this information.

'ind out if there are company goals, are there clients that are requesting certification or other circumstances that will determine the date

#our date may "e re&ised later. #ou will use this as a target date, and as we mo&e along to the gap analysis and creating the tas$ list you will "e a"le to determine if the date is realistic. It will depend on what you currently ha&e in place for your quality system, and how many resources you ha&e a&aila"le for the project.

-ow much will IS) *++, implementation cost

Identi!y Project #esponsibilities

It is important to determine who will "e leading this project. Are you the person leading the charge If so, you would "e the project manager. #ou do not need to identify the management representati&e at this point. #ou will need to clarify who ma$es up .%op /anagement.. %he standard has requirements to "e fulfilled "y %op /anagement, and the sooner they are in&ol&ed in this project the "etter.

0o we need a consultant Who is your project manager Who ma$es up %op /anagement at your organi1ation

If you are not doing this solo, you2ll want to ta$e a %eam Approach

What is a Steering %eam Who should "e on the IS) *++, Steering %eam %his team will play an important role in planning, coordinating and pro&iding resources for the IS) *++, project.

What are tas$ %eams

$egin to !ill in the Project %imeline

When will you conduct your !ap Analysis and how long will it ta$e to complete If you s$ipped this step, please learn a"out !ap Analysis

A !ap Analysis can typically ta$e anywhere from 3 days to 4 days to perform. It will depend on the si1e of your organi1ation, the num"er of auditors, the state of your current quality system and the e5perience of your auditors.

-old 6lanning /eetings to assign %as$ %eams.

%his will ta$e one or two meetings. %ips for 6lanning your 6lanning /eeting. %he project manager and top management should "e in&ol&ed.

Select a #egistrar
)ne of the first things to do to start your project is to tal$ to some 7egistrars. %hey will come to your location and discuss the registration process. When you choose a 7egistrar you are starting a relationship that will last at least 8 years, most li$ely longer. #ou will want to ma$e a careful decision to lay the groundwor$ for a smooth and lasting relationship.

We ha&e a list of recommended 7egistrars on our site. -ere is a list of suggested inter&iew questions to as$ the candidates. %al$ to at least 8 different 7egistrars.

Some may ha&e auditors in your area, and some may ha&e to fly auditors in. It will help $eep your costs down if you can find a registrar with a local auditor.

%arget a date !or Introductory training !or all employees&

#ou will want your employees to "e aware of the project, what will need to "e done, who will "e in&ol&ed, and why you are implementing IS) *++,.

(se IS) *++, 9mployee %raining to meet the IS) *++, requirements Choose a date that is after the planning meeting discussed a"o&e. %hat way you can decide if some people that will "e in&ol&ed in the project need more detailed training, and you can let employees $now who will "e wor$ing on the project.

/ore detailed training for the project team is recommended. 6lan training "efore the %as$ %eam meetings so indi&iduals in&ol&ed in the tas$ groups understand IS) *++, "efore their first meeting.

Planning your ISO 900

Planning 'eetings

(& %he )ey In (n *!!icient (nd *!!ective 'eeting Is In %he Preparation

And the most important aspect is deciding who is needed in the meeting. Always try to ha&e a top management representati&e when $ey decisions or information must "e made or discussed. -ere2s your test to determine who should "e included:

,. 7oles and responsi"ility at the employee le&el must "e decided, so who can ma$e those $inds of decisions 3. If these new tas$s will ma$e hea&ier "urdens on certain employees, will those in attendance "e aware of this and how to get the proper resources to e5ecute the tas$s

Always put together some type of meeting guide or agenda to $eep things on trac$. -ere are some suggested items to include:

,. If an in progress meeting, ta$e time to re&iew what has "een assigned and accomplished to date. 3. If there are a large num"er of tas$s, consider grouping them "y area :i.e. function, responsi"ility, critical path, etc.; If you can, segmenting duties "y the department or other organi1ational group will allow easier assignment of tas$s, since those .teams. who ha&e the most rele&ance to the tas$ can ta$e responsi"ility for the larger "loc$ of tas$s. 8. /a$e those assignments at the person or at the team le&el.

<alance roles and responsi"ilities to ensure they can "e accomplished and that no one is unduly "urdened

=. /a$e sure that appropriate support :tools, la"or, training, etc.; is pro&ided to those who must complete the tas$s. :'or instance, normal responsi"ilities may need to "e

reassigned so those who are pro&iding support for IS) *++,:3+++ registration may complete their certification>related tas$s in a timely manner 4. Identify added e5ternal resources and?or supporting aid or tools such as:

o o

An IS)>e5pert from outside the company :i.e. consultants, trainers, etc.; %hose who are on the company2s payroll who may ha&e or "e trained to "e a resource

o o

/anagement assistance, authori1ation and permission /aterials such as quality manual templates or other elements of the quality management system

Added training such as internal auditing or use of planning and document trac$ing software

@. 0eadlines must "e pro&ided in order to $eep the project on tas$.

Create the project plan so that it doesn2t put undue "urdens on critical resources such as "y starting phases at different times rather than in parallel.

'ollow the .critical path. method of project planning "y understanding which phases must "e completed "efore others can start. :)ne e5ample of this is where the Auality 6olicy and Auality )"jecti&es must "e completed early on;.

<e realistic in your estimates of the amount of time and resources needed to ma$e sure the project proceeds at the proper rate.

$& +onducting the actual meeting

,. Beep to the meeting plan, and in particular note who is assigned a particular phase and when they agree to ha&e it completed. 3. Always pu"lish meeting notes afterward, and "e sure to include top management and any other .must $now. types of employees on the meeting notes distri"ution lists.

<ac$ to Step 3: !ap Analysis Step 8a: %he %eam Approach

,ree -uic.start )it

Where in the Process

6repare your )rgani1ation

/!ap Analysis 06roject 6lan 1%raining 20ocumentation 3(se and Impro&e A/S 4Internal Audits 5IS) 7egistration

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