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Did you know the Library is home to many tools that can help you get ready for exams? Here are a few: Past Exams from 2000-2012 are available at http://hvrd. me/brlawexams. CALI Lessons provide interactive lessons on many areas of the law, great for learning or review. Get the HLS code and details at http://bit.ly/hlslcali. Study aids, including outlines and Nutshells are available on most topics. Search HOLLIS (http://hollis.harvard.edu) or ask a librarian for locations. Last but not least, earplugs are available at the Circulation and Reference desks, and coffee is available in the kitchen at the north end of the Reading Room (by the Caspersen Room) after 9pm on weekdays and all day on weekends. Good luck on exams! If you have research questions in the middle of the night or want to try some new research on your own, check out our Ask a Librarian page at http:// asklib.law.harvard.edu. Ask Lib answers FAQ about library services and resources, but it can also answer some research questions when we aren’t available and guide you through using library resources. Give it a try!

Volume 4 Issue 10: December 2013

Exam Prep Help

The Library will close for the holiday break at 12:00 noon on December 24. Plan ahead by checking out materials you need—or consulting a librarian for research strategies—before then. The Library will remain completely closed with no 24/7 access until we reopen and resume normal hours on Thursday, January 2. Have a restful break! As temperatures fall and exam preparations ramp up, now is a great time to take a break with a nice cup of hot chocolate. The Crimson has reviews of several popular hot chocolate options near campus. Check them out at http:// bit.ly/crimsonhotc11 . For something fancier, try Finale on Dunster Street, which features four different specialty hot chocolates. If you’re in town over break, check out the Brattle Theatre’s calendar of screenings of holiday classics from It’s a Wonderful Life to Die Hard at http://bit. ly/brbtcal13 .

Winter Break Coming: Plan Ahead!

Holiday Gaming!
By popular demand, we are once again extending the due date on our games collection for the upcoming holiday break! Before you leave for break, check out a game and it won’t be due until January 2. For the complete list of games, visit the Circulation Desk or http://bit.ly/hlslgames. Don’t forget we also have a collection of DVDs available in the Lemann Lounge.

Hot Study Break

Considering the Circus?
Has law school got you down? We’ve discovered another option in the neighborhood: S o m e r v i l l e ’s Aircraft Aerial Arts circus aerials school! They even have taster classes so you can test whether aerial silks are more your style than the Socratic method before you run away to join the circus. http:// aircraftaerialarts.com/

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Holiday Movie Fun

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