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Case Study, Ingrid L. Blecha Ges.m.b.H.

, Neunkirchen (AT)


Ingrid L. Blecha Ges.m.b.H., Neunkirchen (AT)

Project Objectives
u Central warehouse for maintenance and spare parts u Increased storage capacity u Increased efficiency u Automated inventory management u Improved employee safety u Secure storage of spare parts

Our Range of Products and Services

u Concept planning and project supervision u Support for construction interfaces u LogiMat vertical lift including installation u Warehouse management software for LogiMat

Customer Statement
The expert advice we received meant we were able to find an optimum, space-saving solution for spare parts storage. Michaela Bauer, Member of Management Ingrid L. Blecha Ges.m.b.H.

Ingrid L. Blecha Ges.m.b.H., Neunkirchen (AT)

Ingrid L. Blecha Ges.m.b.H., Neunkirchen (AT)

Ingrid L. Blecha Ges.m.b.H. was founded as a one-person company in 1986, and is now a global enterprise specialising in aluminium pipe fittings for tanker trucks, aluminium fence systems for European fence manufacturers, and aluminium profiles and pipes of up to 18 m in length. The internationally successful Austrian company exports to Europe, America, Asia and Africa and currently delivers to customers in the aluminium, automotive supplier, CNC, metals and fence system industries in 60 countries worldwide. Blechas customers also include manufacturers of vacuum conveyor systems, primarily operators or manufacturers of plastic granulate conveyor systems. Many components and accessory parts are held in stock. Customers in Austria and neighbouring countries are supplied daily by the companys own truck pool. Aluminum products are developed, stored, picked and dispatched from Neunkirchen, Austria. Owing to a space shortage - and to allow for future growth - the booming business expanded the new Hall 6 and improved the maintenance infrastructure and build a new central spare parts warehouse in 2012. SSI Schfers pre-project phase expertise and support, excellent value for expenditure, and optimum solution-finding approach to meet the customers requirements convinced Blecha to source the logistics equipment from the world market leader in intralogistics, and combine both requirements in a single solution.

Vertical Lift LogiMat

The new 14-metre-high LogiMat met all these requirements. Because of the traffic situation, the vertical lift was not installed inside the building but on the warehouses outside wall. The LogiMats fire-resistant shell was secured to the steel skeleton. This minimized the warehouse expansion costs to a minimum as only an opening in the existing wall for the operation of the LogiMat was needed. It also allowed a free choice of machine height, one of the main selling points of this efficient storage and picking solution. Clad in fire-resistant panels and featuring a built-in smoke vent and automatic fire safety door, the vertical lift integrates seamlessly into the existing infrastructure and fire protection system.

All maintenance components and spare parts can now be stored in the SSI Schfer vertical lift, where they can be retrieved in the maintenance workshop for use either in the workshop or in other locations. Storage location management is handled by the LogiMat software, LogiSoft ADVANCED. Items placed in storage are allocated to the trays and plastic containers or boxes located on these trays. This ensures the unique identification of every article position and automatic inventory control in the carousel. Combined with the goods to picker principle, this ensures fast, reliable access to stored parts, increases picking capacity, and increases warehouse safety. Low space requirements, intelligent and cost-saving design, fast and safe processes and greater quality follow. With the integration of the LogiMat vertical lift - with SSI Schfer as their expert implementation partner - Ingrid L. Blecha Ges.m.b.H. is taking a groundbreaking step into the future.

Short and Sweet

Because of warehouse traffic, the vertical lift was not installed inside the building but instead on the outside warehouse wall. The LogiMats shell was secured to the steel skeleton and fitted with fire-resistant panels and a smoke vent to comply with local fire protection codes. This minimized the warehouse expansion costs, and allowed the vertical lift height design to be independent of the building height.

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