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Exodus For Followers Of Jesus

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From Wilderness To Wonder


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Volume 37 Number 29 September 22, 2013

Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina

Dear Eastminster Family, This Sunday we will have the pleasure of Dr. Dave Peterson preaching during worship and teaching during the Sunday School hour. While I know the thought of a visiting preacher provides enough excuse for some to be tempted to skip worship(!), let me encourage you to seize this opportunity to hear, learn from, and worship with Dave. For the past eighteen years, Dave served as pastor of one of the half-dozen largest Presbyterian churches in the country, Memorial Drive in Houston. Even more than the number of members, the people of Memorial Drive exhibit our Lords radical generosity by giving fifty percent of their budget for ministry and mission beyond the local church. Having known Dave for nearly ten years, I have found him to both real and really good. Dave led Memorial Drive Presbyterian in being a church that provided opportunities for members to grow in Christ while also uniting the church family to offer a vibrant witness in the larger community. Upon retiring from Memorial Drive in May, Dave began working with the Bob and Janice McNair Foundation where he continues to work on Kingdom community-building endeavors not limited to, but including, the Souper Bowl of Caring. God is reaching to you. I pray you will respond. See you Sunday, Brad P.S. It would be great to have five more Lunch Buddies. It entails spending one lunch hour every second Tuesday with a third grader at Bradley Elementary. Be Gods hand and feet. Reach out! Contact Dorothea Evans ( or 2561654 to learn more. (See the Lunch Buddy testimonial on the last page of the newsletter.)

9:00 & 11:15 a.m. - Sanctuary 11:15 a.m. Jubilee Dr. Dave Peterson

Lunch Buddies 2012-2013

8:00 Celebration Choir Rehearsal 9:00 Worship & Childrens Church Jubilee Band Practice 10:00 Combined Sunday School Class First Step Class Generation Change 10:05 Chancel Choir Rehearsal 11:15 Worship & Childrens Church Jubilee Worship 2:00 Cub Scouts Mtg. 3:00 Cub Scouts Mtg. 4:00 Covenant Family Meg. Pre-School - 5K Group 5:00 Sunday@5 Elementary Program Middle Highs Sr. Highs Childcare 6:20 Closing Worship

Peanut Butter Patty wanted to thank everyone for their donations and remind them we need their continued help ! Please pick up a jar or two of peanut butter when you are in the grocery store and bring them with you on Sunday morning to church! Please join us for Breakfast in the Breezeway on Sunday, October 20th from 8:30 a.m. 8:55 a.m. Breakfast finger foods, as well as coffee and juice, will be served in the breezeway as members enjoy a brief time of fellowship together prior to the 9:00 a.m. worship service. Hosted by the Fellowship Committee. Calling all men! Youre always welcome to join us at 7:00 a.m. each Monday morning (excluding holidays) as we gather in Thompson Hall for a full breakfast, for an enriching, enlightening Bible study (currently the book of Acts), for great fellowship, and for prayer. We conclude at 8:00 a.m. whether our teacher-of-the-day is finished or not, so that everyone can get on to the office or the shop or the golf course. No reservations needed. We hope to see you! We invite all women to attend this five-week study on the 23rd Psalm led by Jean Padgett. Some of you may remember Jean from her Rooms of Your Life class she taught at Eastminster. The class will meet on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in room E-351 beginning on October 1. Childcare in the Drop-in nursery will be provided for women attending the Bible Study. Does the church have your e-mail address? If not, we cannot share our daily devotionals from Exodus with you also. Did you know that the classes on Exodus that Mark Durrett is teaching on Wednesday mornings and evenings can be viewed on line? Even if you cannot attend the class, you can watch the lesson on your computer or tablet on You Tube. Go to and follow the link on the front page. The Flu Shot Clinic will be held on Tuesday, September 24, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon in Thompson Hall. The cost is $25.00, and they will bill medicare or HMOs. If you have private insurance you must pay either cash or check. No appointment is necessary; just come by between 10 a.m. and noon. Crossroads Career Network offers programs and opportunities for job seekers, career explorers, employers and regular church attendees to get involved. We meet most Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m. in the Christian Life Center, room C- 265. Contact Jim Hatchell for more information:

Peanut Butter Sunday - September 22

Breakfast in the Breezeway

Mens Monday Morning Breakfast Bible Study

MOnday, SEPtEMBER 23

7:00 Mens Prayer Breakfast 9:00 Count Team Fifty Plus Exercise Class 10:00 Senior Fitness 2:00 Pastors Mtg. 2:30 Program Staff Mtg. 5:30 Yoga Cub Scouts Mens B/B League 6:30 BSF

Womens Bible Study Beginning October 1

9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:45 12:00 12:30 1:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 5:30 6:00 7:00

Drop-In Nursery Staff Meeting Senior Fitness Flu Shot Clinic EPC Bible Moderators Mtg. Tuesday Lunch Savvy Seniors Bradley Lunch Buddies IEP Mtg. Exercising for Arthritis Grief Groups Tai Chi EPW Meals to USC Students Zumba Fitness Handbell Rehearsal MSB Training Zumba Fitness Scottish Country Dance

Did You Know?


9:00 Fifty Plus Exercise Class Drop In Nursery 9:25 EDS Chapel 9:30 Prayer Shawl Ministry 11:00 Exodus Bible Study 11:30 Sanders Lunch Buddies 3:15 Brownie Scouts 4:30 Love Bearers 5:15 WE@EPC Dinner 5:45 Childcare 6:15 Officer Training Crossroads Career Ministry WE@EPC Classes Mens Divorce Care Grief Group Angel/Junior Choir Rehearsal Middle School Bible Study 7:15 Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Flu Shots at Eastminster, September 24

Not Employed or Under-Employed?

9:00 Drop-In Nursery 10:00 Senior Fitness 3:00 Exercising for Arthritis 5:00 Yoga 5:30 Zumba Fitness BSF Leaders Mtg. 7:00 Zumba Fitness 7:30 Jubilee Band Practice

For our loved ones . . .


9:00 Fifty Plus Exercise Class 11:00 Support Staff Mfg. 2:00 Flora Football Team Meal


In memory of Lisa Jeffcoat, given by Amy Cain. In memory of Katherine Sawyer, given by Bartow & Betty Gilbert. In memory of Bernice Hubbard, given by Bartow & Betty Gilbert. In memory of Molly Wood given by Bartow & Betty Gilbert. In memory of Gale Kennedy, given by Bartow & Betty Gilbert. In memory of Leland Humphrey, given by Bartow & Betty Gilbert. In memory of Avis Ramsey, given by Stan & Karen Pearson, Mast General Store, Otto & Catherine Pearson.

All adults are invited to Thompson Hall for a joint Sunday School class on September 22. Our guest speaker is Dr. Dave Peterson, recently retired from Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church in Houston, TX, where he began serving in 1995. He earned his Bachelor of Science from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, his Masters of Divinity from San Francisco Theological Seminary, and his Doctor of Ministry from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI. Dr. Peterson will lead the Eastminster Officers Retreat the weekend of September 20-21, and will be the guest pastor in our worship services on September 22. Please join us at 10:00 a.m. in Thompson Hall and come early for doughnuts, coffee and fellowship!!

Joint Adult Sunday School Class


EPC Prayer List Part of what it means to be a Family of Faith is to be in prayer for one another. Contact the church office at 256-1654 to be included on this Prayer List. EPC Special Concerns Boots Fuller, Remer Waguespack, Dr. Mary Tobin, Carol Strasburger Hoefer, those serving in our military, Stephen Ministers & their care receivers and all those in need of Gods special care. Hospitalized this week Carol Tanner, John Hill Births Congratulations and love to:

Savvy Seniors return . . . September 24, at 11:45 a.m. with an indoor picnic in the Adult Reception Hall. Anyone who is Savvy is invited to make a reservation with Mary Baldauf, at 256-1654 or . Come to meet Joshua Evanovich, our organist, enjoy his talents and have a delicious meal! First Grade Sacrament Training is a two-Sunday special track for first graders to learn about communion and baptism. Games, self-directed stations and Power Point presentations convey an age-appropriate, Reformed understanding of what the sacraments mean. This is held during the Sunday school hour, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 29 and October 6. No advance registration is required. Join us in the CE building room 251. Go Tell It on the Mountain The Story Behind the Story is the theme this year. Our speaker is the Dr. Robert Fuller, pastor and head of staff at Fairview Presbyterian Church in North Augusta. We are once again at Blue Ridge Assembly, December 6 through December 8, and the retreat will spotlight Bobs insights (along with his guitar skills), bring us a return of our own terrific Appalachian Band, grant us incredible opportunities for fellowship, and help prepare all of us for Advent. Grab a brochures when you are at the church and sign up!

Picnic with Joshua Evanovich

First Grade Sacrament Training - Begins September 29

Christy & Braden Stoneburner, on the birth of their daughter, Blakely Scott Stoneburner, September 9, 2013. Grandparents, Judy & Craig Stoneburner.
Deaths Congregational love and sympathy are extended to:

Eastminster Advent Retreat - December 6 - 8

Joey Copley, on the death of his father, Thomas Walker Copley, September 9, 2013. Friends & family, on the death of, Dorothy Dot Hanna Vanderlip, September 10, 2013.
On weekends a minister is on call. If you have a crisis which one of the ministers needs to know about, phone 256-1654 and leave a message. A minister will return your call.

The CHAMPS students traveled to Myrtle Beach the first week of August to work with Team Effort, located in the Myrtle Beach tourist hot spot, sitting just a few miles up the coast from where there is great need. Due to the economic recession and the loss of hundreds of jobs, there are numerous families who struggle to meet their daily needs. Team Effort thanked the CHAMPS students saying they represented our church well as they helped re-build a porch in the Longs Community. We can be proud of their accomplishments knowing many lives in the Longs Community were changed by their words and actions.

Thank You to CHAMPS Students

... In 2013, Eastminster contributed $17,000 and professional counseling to Eastminster members in their time of need through various ministries such as Stephen Ministry, Columbia Pastoral Counseling Center, Care Team Ministry, Crossroads Career Ministry, and several other ministries designed to support our congregation family.

Did you know . . .

Dont miss out! Send your information to share with the congregation to Please have your information in by Wednesday, September 25, to be shared in our next newsletter on October 6, 2013.

Deadline for UPDATE

Eastminster Presbyterian Church 3200 Trenholm Road Columbia, South Carolina 29204

Nonprofit Org. US POSTAGE PAID Columbia, SC PERMIT No. 27

Update for September 22, 2013

It is hard to put into words all of the moments that I have experienced during the time I have participated in Lunch Buddies. I decided to become involved in the Lunch Buddies program because I have a daughter the same age as the children we were to spend time with. This, to me, was a natural place to plug in. On the first meeting I was expecting church members who had a lot of time on their hands to be participants. Yet I could not believe how many men and women came dressed in their business attire; they were taking time out of their busy day to try and make a difference in the life of a child. Everyone was enthusiastic and faithful each week. Jesus was there among us, guiding us as we sat patiently listening to the children read, write, and play. I am looking forward to the upcoming school year. My lunch buddy has graduated to middle school, but we are being assigned new third graders. I am grateful for the friendship of these children, as well as the friendship of other Eastminster church members that participate in this program. John Barr Eastminster is seeking a volunteer to help answer phones and greet visitors on Thursdays from 12:00-1:00 p.m. If you can spare just one hour each week to cover the front desk at lunch time, please contact Tricia at 256-1654.

Testimony from a Lunch Buddy

SerVIng on Sunday September 22

OFFICERS PRAYER: Elder George McCutchen DEACONS: Spence Jenkins, Susan Laird Elder Jason Tompkins (Jubilee) Deacon Patrick Turner (Jubilee) ushERs: Eddie Laney, Joey Copley GREETERS: (9:00) Ginger Foster Alex & Sarah Dillard Simpson & Kathy Fant Buddy & Paulette Freeman (11:15) Craig Freeman, Pat Fuller Boo Griffin, John Hart Stewart & Maria Harvin INFANT ROOM - CLC 115 (9:00) Caroline & Johbe King (11:15) Erin & Brad Dampier TODDLER ROOM - CLC 117 (9:00) Edward & Ashley Rawl (11:15) Kim & John Leighton 2-K ROOM - CLC 119 (9:00) Matt & Andrea Reynolds (11:15) Drew & Joni Richardson CHILDRENS CHURCH 101 - 3K (9:00) Nick & Beverly Steinhaus (11:15) Stephen & Holley Van Horn CHILDRENS CHURCH 103 - 4K (9:00) Frank & Stephanie Mood (11:15) Erin Pope CHILDRENS CHURCH 106 - 5K (9:00) Jason & Alex Chastain (11:15) David & Mary Wells

We Need you at the Reception Desk!

Eastminster Youth Basketball 2013

We are again organizing another exciting Eastminster basketball season so remember to include us in your familys plans for this fall! Youth Basketball Registration started on September 1st. Look for your registration form in the E-News. Teams will be available for boys and girls in 2nd grade through high school, and will be formed based on the availability of coaches and gym space.

All current EPC youth basketball coaches and anyone interested in coaching or helping with basketball, please contact Bill Ketchin at 256-1654 or bketchin@ Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on them and to let them know that you trust them.

EPC Youth Basketball Coaches