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Emotional Release

The following program is a very powerful method by which any person can free themselves from all kinds of emotional issues. From simple depression and anxiety, to overcoming OCD and phobias such as fear of spiders fear of flying and the very ultimate fear we all have a certain issue with, the fear of dying. It can also release us from things like anger, jealousy, and in fact as some people who have used it will give testimony to, eliminate physical issues as well. Introduction. So what is emotional release ? Emotions quite simply put are the feelings we get at any given moment in time. We may feel angry fearful or it may just be that we feel out of sorts. We may feel that the world is not such a great place to be in from time to time and find it hard to fully understand why we are feeling the way we do. Emotion just means energy in motion, its the bodys physical response to any thought that we may be having at any given time. We change our thoughts and our physical body responds accordingly. We can feel this usually as a gut reaction, we feel it in the pit of our stomachs in particular when we are frightened or upset. But we also feel all kinds of emotions differently as in when we are sad depressed or feeling totally apathetic because of some real or imagined upsetting situation. Its called cause and effect. We think a certain way and the body reacts in direct response to the stimulus. What we put in is what we get out. So what is the emotional release that we talk about and how does it feel. I am sure you have at some time in your life be overwhelmed by something that made you feel fearful or apprehensive. That feeling of foreboding and doom that something is about to happen or may happen that is maybe life threatening to either you or someone dear to you. You know the feeling I am referring to that awful sickening feeling deep in your tummy which may also manifest itself as shaking of the hands, and body. Now what happens when the perceived threat is over and you find out that there was nothing to worry you about in the first place. That feeling of thank God its ok I was worrying over nothing. Now how does your body feel? Yes youre felt it before I am sure. That feeling of winding down and shutting of the alarm bells inside, and with it a feeling of being more relaxed and lighter. Well thats emotional release, that feeling of the body returning to normal after a trying time.

The physical response to stress When we perceive a threat to ourselves, especially an immediate threat like crossing the road and a bus is bearing down on us about to run us over, the brain immediately sends a signal to our bodies to respond quickly to avoid the danger. It does this by energising certain chemicals we have the main one being adrenaline. This rush of adrenaline allows us to gain great strength so that we can respond quickly and get off the road fast. The physical feeling that we get is an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and a rapid increase in our breathing. All of which are felt as an intense feeling of going into overdrive. This is done by a particular part of our nervous system called the sympathetic which responds directly to a fear stimulus. After the threat has passed a second system kicks into action called the parasympathetic whos job is to neutralize the effects of the first. Thats the feeling of relief you feel when the threat has passed and the emotion of fear is released. Now if we are exposed on a regular basis to fear type stimuli, a thing called sensitization of the sympathetic nervous system takes place. Instead of our system returning to normal and relaxing, the nervous system begins to show signs of not returning fully to a normal relaxed state. After time we start to respond more quickly to a fear stimulus to a point were we may even begin to feel fearful most of the time for no apparent reason. This is an elevation in the response of the body to anything even remotely fearful. At this point this elevation will lead to feelings of irrationality, were the person knows his response to the situation is way out of proportion to the actual event, but feels powerless to do anything about it. It in itself is quite normal because when we feel fearful it effects our perception of events around us, and causes us to lose sight of rationality. Your not going mad its just a normal response under these circumstances. We may be caught up in a vicious cycle of fear which it turn creates more fear and so on. This will inevitably lead to things like panic attacks phobias and almost uncontrollable anxiety states which in turn can cause all kinds of emotional issues like depression and feelings of worthlessness and insecurity. Your work and relationships then suffer which just adds to the misery. I think at this point enough has been said on that subject, and anyone reading this will know exactly how this feels. To break this cycle of fear and anxiety I will show you a method which will expose the truth behind these feelings you are having and will ultimately destroy them and I mean permanently. You will begin to free yourself from them almost from the very first few minutes you start using it. Believe me this is powerful stuff, and so simple to apply at first you may not believe just how effective it is.

The Method
At this point I want you to forget all the things you may have been told about anxiety states being incurable and that phobias are something you will have to live with the rest of your life. These statements come from people who have failed to find an effective cure, and it has no part to play in what I am about to show you. Lets Begin Ok lets try you out from the word go, no more talking just action, because I hate long winded intros when all you want to do is get on with finding relief from your suffering and you will, sooner than you think. Everyone will have different issues to address but the principal is exactly the same no matter what the problem or issue you are living with. I want you now to sit back and make yourself comfortable. You may lie down if you wish just as long as you are reasonably at ease and preferably in a place were you wont be disturbed or distracted. Ok I want you to close your eyes and think or see in your minds eye the problem or issue youre be living with. Now you will instantly start to feel the emotion thats attached to the issue. It may be a fear of spiders or you may picture yourself boarding an aircraft which instils intense feelings of fear or foreboding. You may just be suffering from an overall feeling of anxiety depressive thoughts or maybe just a feeling of apprehension. Whatever the feeling I want you now to just allow yourself to feel whatever youre feeling in this moment in time however bad it might feel, just for the time being allow yourself to experience it fully or as fully as you can. See it and make it as clear as you can. You may find you start to sweat or even shake this is normal and they are only feelings that will do you no harm. Hold this feeling for a few minutes and go through the entire experience. At this point I now want you to ask yourself this question. CAN I JUST ACCEPT FOR THIS MOMENT IN TIME THE WAY THAT I FEEL And then I want you to answer into yourself YES OR NO. Wait for a few seconds and then repeat the experience. Feel the feelings again picture it again in youre minds eye

the same issue or situation. Feel the sensations the same fears or worry related to the issue at hand, and do this for another few minutes. And again then ask the same question CAN I JUST ACCEPT FOR THIS MOMENT IN TIME THE WAY THAT I FEEL. And then answer into yourself again YES OR NO. You will at this point notice and I guarantee it a subtle change in the intense feeling towards the issue. Repeat this again and again and you will start to see a massive change in your reaction to the thing that has maybe plagued you for many years. After repeating this maybe 7 or more times start to look for any negative reaction youre still having about the issue, and if so repeat this exercise again until you feel no more uncomfortable responses to it. You will probably find at this point that your mind will start to drift unto other things. This is good it means youre broke the connection to the fear stimulus attached to the fearful event. I know this may sound to simplistic to ever effect a solution to something you have feared for many years, but I totally guarantee the results. Memory The part your memory plays in this should now be addressed. Because you may have suffered a long time with youre particular problem memory may from time to time bring to the surface the same issue to hand. This is normal but because you have changed your core belief about the problem and have exposed it for what it was a feeling and nothing more, your core memory will quickly kick into action reminding you instantly that you no longer fear this issue. You have now travelled to the other side of the fear and no longer have the same reaction to it. Let me put it this way. When you first set foot into a car with the intention of learning to drive, what was your initial reaction? FEAR This is something you never done before and thats totally normal. Now what happened the next time you drove the car, was your fear just as bad as the first? No it wasnt and you know why, because you now had learnt something from the previous experience. And then again and again and so on until there came a day when you jumped into the driving seat, travelled to your destination and almost forgot how you got there. Sound familiar? Of course it does and this method is really no different. When you repeat an experience no matter how fearful you begin to lose your fear of it. Do you know what fear stands for? FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. When you allow yourself to fully experience the emotion and continue to do so over and over you quickly lose your reaction to it and see it with a more relaxed mind, and then put yourself in a position to judge it in a totally rational way. When you avoid a particular fearful situation you only endorse it. What you resist persists

what you face melts. This method works for everything you do in life and not just fear stimulus either. What about positive feelings. Lets look at positive feelings Happiness joy love and so on. Now we have seen what happens when we let go of negative emotions fear, depression, anxiety etc. They melt away dont they? What about when we let go of positive feelings what happens to them. Do they also melt away? The answer is no they dont they actually increase in intensity. Heres a short experiment. Sit back or lie back and picture for a moment a time when you felt happy or reasonably happy. Take a few minutes and put yourself into the scene or situation when you felt the emotion of being happy. Now ask yourself the same question as before. CAN I JUST ACCEPT FOR THIS MOMENT IN TIME THE WAY I FEEL Now answer the question again into yourself YES OR NO By the way the answer is really not that important yes is just as good an answer as no it makes really no difference its just a way of giving the mind a choice and not a command. Now repeat the exercise again and ask the same question and then give yourself an answer. After a few times you will find that the feeling of happiness related to the scene will begin to increase. Try it out this one is fun to work with. Now try this one. Picture something that excites you of a sexual nature. It could be anything of your choice and its totally private to you. Now ask the same question CAN I JUST ACCEPT FOR THIS MOMENT IN TIME THE WAY I FEEL. And again answer into yourself YES OR NO Do this as many times as you wish but be warned its very powerful. All positive emotions will increase in intensity when you continue to release the previous one believe me. Other emotional states There are other emotional states of mind and this method works on all of them. If you feel jealous for instance allow yourself to fully experience the feelings of jealously using the same procedure and see what happens to it. If you feel anger towards somebody or thing try it on that with the same results. You will lose the ability to feel the jealousy and the anger in a very short time and the results are permanent. The overall results you will achieve from releasing yourself from negative emotions will change your life enormously and for the better you will become more relaxed and your confidence in life will take on a new meaning.

Physical ailments
Up until now we have dealt with emotional states of mind and its effects on us and the way it can have a destructive influence on our wellbeing. Now what about the way it may affect us on a physical level. In researching this program over the years, my main objective was to release the emotional issues that ordinary people from all walks of life suffered from and whose lives had been adversely affected by them. But I could never have been prepared for something which happened almost by accident and for which I continue to this day to research with the sole purpose of understanding the true power of this method and its implications for mankind as a whole in relation to illness and other related issues. Read below some of the testimonies people have kindly submitted to me after being touched by this releasing method and who have expressed an overwhelming desire that I should continue with my research in this field. In July 2004 I started having severe pain in my lower abdomen which left me bent over and totally unable to move. After a few weeks I went to my local casualty department and after numerous tests was diagnosed with having multiple cysts on both my ovaries. I was told that if they continued to increase in size the only option was an operation to remove them, something which set me off it total panic. It was around this time that I talked to you in relation to the way my emotional state had taken a dive because of my condition, and you promised that after a very short session you could remove my emotional reaction to it. You set up the session and after thirty minutes or so of releasing my fearful thoughts had vanished completely but something else happened which even surprised you. My pain was gone as well. Just two weeks later at my routine check up the doctor in the hospital conducted a scan which showed beyond doubt that my ovaries had returned to normal with no trace of the original condition. Even he could not believe what he was seeing and from that time I have been totally symptom free. As if that were not enough you decided to do a release on my arthritis which I had suffered from for over ten years. And days later I stopped my medication and one year on I am still symptom free. Thank You Angela H County Antrim

I contracted pneumonia two years ago which left me on life support for over a week, and after that I was bedridden for a further five weeks, at which time the muscles in my legs had began to deteriorate. After a number of sessions of therapy to regain them I was told that ultimately I was going to be left semi disabled for the rest of my life, and at fifty one was left devastated at that thought. You suggested we try the release and after just 45 minutes I could feel the strength returning. After another two session over that week my mobility had returned and I no longer rely on the walking stick that had become my close companion. Henry P. County Antrim After 22 years suffering from sciatica and being told that I had severe nerve damage I am free of pain and lead an normal life after using the release. Many Thanks Dominic M Belfast At 67 years of age I had given up hope of being free from clinical depression which had been diagnosed at the age of 11. After just 3 sessions with you I can now honestly admit to myself I am a totally changed person and others have seen it too. Peter T County Louth. Those are just some of the people whos lives have been transformed by this releasing method a method of letting go of what just may be more than emotional issues. I cannot make any claim on the physical side as research is still very much ongoing, and I continue to work with people on all fronts. There is one hideous condition of an emotion type which is all too prevalent in our society today, and thats Post traumatic stress disorder. For one reason or another many people find themselves in situations where they may witness events so traumatic that it leaves them with very severe memory recall of the original event. They waken in the night with vivid images and have the most appalling nightmares. Reliving over and over again the trauma. I pay special attention to this condition because it leads to other anxiety states like depression (GAD) General anxiety disorder (OCD) Obsessive compulsive disorder, and many more. It can literally destroy a persons quality of life. Using the releasing method just as described the person is asked to relive the memory of the traumatic event but I fully realize the full implications of this as it will undoubtedly bring a lot of pain and suffering initially to the person as they vividly recall the event. I can only tell you that with a little courage this too will pass as you repeat the procedure over and over again. Trust me this will work for you also. I would suggest that people releasing on trauma events consult their medical practitioner before hand to assess their overall medical condition.

In addition to the practise of emotional release I use a very powerful method of meditation called mindfulness meditation. It differs greatly from ordinary meditation practise in that it confronts the overall internal thoughts and feelings of a person in each and every moment in time. Whilst standard meditation addresses changing thought patterns to reach a state of calmness. Mindful meditation confronts the very feelings and thoughts that we have in any given moment, and allows them to be just as they are without question or trying to reason with them. It means permitting any thought or feeling to remain as it is without trying to alter it in any way. Allowing bad thoughts fearful thoughts or indeed nice thoughts just to be and only look at them from an observers point of view. Try it Sit back or lie down and close your eyes. Now just allow yourself to look inside and feel whatever youre feeling or thinking in this very moment. As you continue to observe and refrain from second guessing yourself watch as sooner or later you feel an energy shift in your overall being. Your mind will begin to wander and lose interest in your focus. At this point just gently bring your thoughts and feelings back into your awareness, and each time you do this you will begin to feel a sense of overall peace start to develop inside. You will become comfortable with each and every thought and sensation and the world will start to take on new meaning. A world without fears or worries you begin to find you feel more at one with yourself and the people around you. Practise this for no more than 20 minutes each time at least twice a day if time permits. You will see massive changes in your overall attitude towards life in general and an improvement in relationships at home at work or amongst friends. The reason I say no more than 20 minutes is because at this point most people fall asleep and thats not the purpose of the exercise. This meditation starts to change your core believe system and you start to see things in a very different and peaceful light. The more you use it the stronger those feelings become. Its Powerful.

A phobia is an irrational fear of something which ordinarily should not evoke such a strong reaction. Fear of spiders for instance. When a person who fears spiders is asked why they find them something to fear, they often find it difficult to explain. If the fear was real they wouldnt have much problem in doing so. The fear probably stems from some distant event in their childhood maybe a mother who showed the same fearful reaction and it then became a learned response. Whatever the reason its not necessary to delve into the past to effect a cure for such a strong reaction. I will deal with a spider phobia here but all such phobias are dealt with in exactly the same way. Lie back or sit comfortably with your eyes closed. When you are ready I want you to picture a spider make it a large spider great big hairy thing, and picture it on a table in front of you about 4 feet away. Now allow yourself to feel your strange reaction to it. Feel it as intensely as you can go for it make it really vivid. Now after a few minutes ask yourself the same question as before. CAN I JUST ACCEPT FOR THIS MOMENT IN TIME THE WAY I FEEL Now answer the question YES OR NO Now repeat this but this time picture holding the spider in your hand and again allow yourself to feel whatever reactions your feeling in the moment. Repeat the above statement and answer again. Repeat this as many times as you feel is needed and you will find that after a very short time you will begin to lose your fear response. Continue doing this until you feel totally indifferent towards the spider. Do this with any other fears you have and watch them all melt away and yes the changes are permanent. Every fear can be dealt with in exactly the same manner. (ED) Erectile dysfunction Lets look at something that effects a lot of males and something which most find it difficult to talk about, even to their GP. Now I must state clearly we are referring to the kind of disorder that has been diagnosed as emotional in origin. There are other kinds which have many other reasons for which we are not here to address. The fact that a man has had an episode of failing to achieve an erection for whatever emotional reason is

enough to cause him to be fearful that next time it may happen again. This very fear is more than enough to cause this undesirable effect. Ok if you are in this situation there is a very easy solution to the problem. Sit back and close your eyes. Now put yourself into the very situation that is causing you concern. It may be during an intimate moment and you picture yourself being incapable of performing the task in hand. Now I want you to feel exactly how this situation is making you feel. The level of emotion and your strong reaction to it. You may feel angry at yourself or you may feel depressed at the very thought of it. It may be one of total frustration. But whatever it is allow yourself to feel it fully. Live in the moment. Now after feeling whatever feelings are arising ask yourself the same question as before. CAN I JUST ACCEPT FOR THIS MOMENT IN TIME THE WAY I FEEL. Then answer the question YES OR NO. Again repeat this over and over again maybe dealing with the various other emotions attached to it. But whatever your feeling just allow yourself to feel it without question and see what happens. I can tell you, you will be pleasantly pleased at the way in which you change your views on it. In a short time maybe even minutes you will lose your ability to become concerned over the issue. I know it sounds too good to be true just try it and see. Take all issues right to the very core of the feeling checking to see if you have any reaction to it at all. If you do repeat the exercise again and again and again until there is nothing left to fear. Remember all fears are just feelings and they are not really you. Go to the far side of fear as I have shown you and expose it for what it is FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. After using this releasing method you may have some questions on either the method itself or on issues in your life that we havent touched on. I want you to know that each and every fear has its foundation based on exactly the same principal. When we look at any situation through the eyes of fear we cannot see it for what it truly is and so we become irrational in the way in which we deal with it. The whole thing comes down to this. In life there is only one fear and that is fear of fear itself. When we have a fear of something its our reactions and bodily response to it that gives it an importance. When we lose the reaction what is left? Nothing but peace and utter contentment. I suggest you make acceptance of what is whatever it is a part of your life. All fear is based and lies in the past and in the future of some perceived catastrophe. Remember the past is over we cannot alter it and the future is not written. We can only change things in this present moment thats why we look inside ourselves only in this moment each time.

We constantly dwell on past events in a fearful way without truly facing them, because the fear they instil in us makes them seem important. But when we look at them head on and accept them even a little at a time they start to lose their grip on us and we start to free ourselves from the past. Our minds only dwell on fearful thoughts, when we lose the fear they are only memories, and time fades memory. Using this method may at first seem to simplistic but do not underestimate its power I have seen it do so much for people and change their lives completely. As human being we always look for some complicated way to solve our seemingly complicated problems. This could not be further from the truth. This is the natural way of our being because believe it or not at our very core there is only peace, this method will help you find that peace. Use it in every trying situation and before long it will become the most natural way for you to deal with lifes stresses and problems. To Summarise Whatever the issue just allow yourself to feel whatever feeling is attached to it in the moment. Feel it fully even if it feels frightening or uncomfortable. Then ask yourself the question and give yourself the answer. Repeat this as many times as you feel necessary and feel the emotional attachment breaking. Acceptance is the total key to all of this. When you continually accept and the fear starts to reduce in intensity the memory of the issue loses its importance, and with it comes total freedom. Depression Depression can feel like the world is totally black with no future and no joy. It robs you of motivation and happiness is everything you try to do. Believe me depression will respond to this method just as easily as all the others. Use the method in exactly the same way. Just allow yourself to feel the depression fully and then go through the same procedure as outlined. You will be surprised just how quickly your feeling of depression changes to one of joy and hope for the future. Wealth I have seen this method do some astounding things, many of which I have no explanation for. But I know they do occur and all too frequently to be a coincidence. I have met people who have strived for many years to be

successful financially without achieving their desired goals, and then in a short period of time after using the release making some profound monetary gains. Listen to this and in may go some way in explaining what happens when you release. What happens to things that you desire ? Ok chances are you never acquire them. Its like fear when you want to offload yourself from fear what happens is you give it credibility and with it resistance. And what we resist persists. Now what happens when we start to accept our fears fully. They dissolve and disappear. Desire is another way of saying that you lack. When you lose the desire for anything you are letting your mind know that you do not lack. Thus this stress of feeling we do not have is released. There is a saying that I think sums this up and I would hazard a guess that its meaning has a lot of truth to it. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Why it that do you think?. Well if you are rich you automatically release the desire to be rich because you already are. And the result is that you attract even more wealth, were the poor are full of desire to be wealthy and the result is they get poorer. Remember what you desire you dont get what you do not desire you usually end up with. I have seen this so many times that I think it should be kept in mind. Its like positive feelings when we release them they get even stronger. When we release on negativity they weaken. Its the natural laws of order in the universe to acquiring all that you need. Experiment with this and see the results. I know you will be amazed at the outcome.

Depersonalisation and derealisation Here are two conditions which I really should mention, because their affect on people suffering from anxiety and stress is one of the feelings that above all can make someone certain that they are truly going mad or insane. Its a feeling that one is not truly part of the scene. Like watching oneself on a film or living in an almost dreamlike state. And when the sufferer thinks about himself he fails to get the proper feedback of true self. A feeling that he knows who he is but somehow feels totally detached from his own personality. This may seem horrendous to the person but is a natural consequence of maybe years of living with anxiety and becoming totally introspect and wrapped up with his or her problems. The releasing method will again blast this feeling just as easily as every other feeling that we have dealt with. It is just another feeling of emotional attachment which responds in exactly the same way. Panic attacks, anxiety, depression, grief, apathy, OCD and many more feelings of negative thinking will all correct themselves using the method I have just shown you. Some of you may take a little longer than others

but you will get there and thats totally guaranteed. If you find you are not releasing as fast as you would expect, just keep looking at your feelings again to see if there is anything of a negative reaction to any given issue, and if so just keep repeating the process again and again until there is nothing left, and you are at peace with it. You have in your possession a very simple but powerful tool to take you at the speed of light to a place you may only have ever dreamt of. Use it everyday for the rest of your life. Make it part of who you are and you will find it really has no limitations. You are limited only by your own beliefs and this method brings you to the very core of those beliefs and exposes them for what they truly are. And that is that they are just feelings and nothing more. Not based in reality but in a programming that you have acquired over many years of wrongful thinking. When you reach the point of looking at life with total rationality, it will take on new meaning in everything that you do. All I ask is that you do only as I have shown and nothing more, and what could be easier. I wish you all the very best in finding that peace that is truly yours, and to teach it to all that you come into contact with, because this is the only way forward to a reward much greater than any wealth. Best Wishes Anyone wishing to attend a private releasing session on a one to one basis can contact us at These sessions at present take place in County Antrim Northern Ireland. The next group session will be held in December 2006 Topics covers include. Panic attacks, depression, OCD GAD ED Erectile dysfunction, Releasing on chronic pain, Migraine headaches and many other subjects and conditions as they arise from the group. These group sessions last for a period of three days. They commence at 8.30am each morning until 6pm each evening. Friday Saturday Sunday. Anyone wishing to attend and has bought this e book will be entitled to a 20% discount of session price.