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BIBLE PURSUING THE TRUTH Pearl kingdom of god, merchant looking pearl sold everything he have for pearl

o f great price Contain mind of God - Understanding scripture Wholistic biblical method of interpretation Assumptions: -greek hebrew to english bible (philosophy behind it) authors intent? New american stndard Word per word New international version Thought per thought 66books -an english translation can be trusted Hermeneutics: biblical Rules that apply to how we read Need some interpret we are reading The art of biblical interpretation Keep general and special rules for biblical interpretation because Historical gaps world is change Linguistic gal (hebrew before Cultural gap shape out world GAPS IN BIBLIcal Interpretation 2 methods Allegorical Literal words are not intent Subjective, do not come to same conclusion Can lead to heresy and lead to historical death Literal Face-value reading Wholistic biblical method Genre: Bible filled with literature 4 types of genre Narrative - story with details to communxiate the thoelogical thruth Prophecy (the future) conditional future , curses Wisdom literature - how to live, copy the conduct of the righteous guidance to l ive

Portrait - says the lord, emotion, how peopel fely, expressions of emotions, how david thought of his enemies Know the rules of each genre New testamebt Gosepls - ministry of christ, 4 gosepls uniwue perception of jesus ministry

Epistle - letter of apostles to church How to pursue holiness to please lord Apocalyptic - book of revelation, difficult to decipher, dragons, a book of hope Grammar: A principle in biblical interpretation Words combine -> meaning Same word can mean different (lexicon, dixtionay of bible) Context and nuance Connectives - combine, close, but or that History: Always past od did and did not happen to underatand and get rpoper interpretatio n Recorded part only God inspire the biblical tecord of history, outcome of two decisions Historical analysis Cultural analysis Contextual analysis out the passage in the context

Rules in historical analysis phenomenological perspective - as it appear Noumenological - as it was Prescribe truth - conduct for us to follow Descriptive truth - describe the truth and realities Find what god intended for us (principle) Figres of speech: Use literal words in a non literal way to give deeper feeling Normal natural cuatomary Reasons Add color to writing, intensify a feeling, emphasize truth. Add force or amplify , add depth of meaning Categories in figurea of speech Comaprison - simile, metaphor, hypo Addition an idea Contrast

Suppression an idea "Jesus is the good shepherd" john 10 instead of good, provide, protect not liter ally shepherd PARABLES Jesus and parables audience of nonbeliever and believers parable of the sower Full expression of gods truth One truth intended to teach