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The Pictorialist

October 2013 Newsletter of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee Established 1904 Affiliated with the Photogra hic !ociet" of A#erica $isco%si% Area &a#era &lubs Orga%i'atio% A%d the $isco%si% Pri%t &ircuit (ichard )ehl* Preside%t+ ,ath" -rau%* .ice Preside%t /i0ie 1owi%* Treasurer+ -ert 2arti%ger* !ecretar"3Editor Meeti%gs are held the first Thursda" of each #o%th fro# !e te#ber thru Ma" at 4 # i% the 1uther Ma%or &o%fere%ce (oo#* 4545 N6 92%d !t6* $auwatosa* $isco%si% The October 10 Program (Not Oct. 3) -ri%g "our tri od a%d flash gu% to the %e0t #eeti%g6 $e will talk a#o%g oursel7es about the reaso%s wh" electro%ic flash is still %eeded 8des ite so#e9 %ewer ca#eras bei%g be to use :!Os i% the stratos here9* a%d the best wa" to use the#* a%d for what sub;ects6 There will be a still life setu * a%d a club #e#ber will de#o%strate how to use two strobe lighti%g for ortraits6 $e %eed i#ages for $isco%si% Pri%t &ircuit6 -ri%g i% o%e < 0 10 black a%d white ri%t a%d o%e < 0 10 color ri%t6 The ri%ts should %ot be #atted6 Put "our %a#e* hoto title* a%d club title o% the back with a% arrow i%dicti%g which wa" is u 6 At our March #eeti%g we will ;udge he ri%ts fro# other artici ati%g $isco%si% clubs6 1ast #o%th dues a"#e%ts 8=20 for o%e erso% a%d =30 for a cou le9 were re>uested so that our #e#bershi list could be u dated6 Not all dues ha7e bee% aid* so if "ou ha7e%?t aid* lease do so %ow or at the #eeti%g6 Exhibits @i# ,ri7it' rese%tl" has &uba hotos take% i% A ril o% 7iew i% the 1uther Ma%or $elco#e &e%ter6 Our %e0t e0hibitor will be (ichard )ehl* who will e0hibit fro# the #iddle of October through the e%d Of No7e#ber6 1uther Ma%or %eeds the e0hibit boards i% /ece#ber6 After that @err" 2arders a%d Ae%e Newli%* Michel a%d ,arre% @eske* -ert 2arti%ger* a%d 1ee%a a%d Ale% Me"ers ha7e co##itted to e0hibit i% the future6 Our club will e0hibit 2arle" hotogra hs i% Milwaukee &it" 2all No7e#ber 2B through /ece#ber B6 !e7eral of our club #e#bers took 2arle" hotos at the arade a%d elsewhere* as art of the celebratio% of 2arle"?s 110th a%%i7ersar"6 A &it" 2all e0hibit of a%" of our 2arle" hotos will celebrate both a%%i7ersaries a%d be good ublicit" for our club6 !e%d (ichard )ehl digital i#ages of fi7e of "our best 2arle" shots* si'ed 1024 0 4B< with a resolutio% of 1006 Cor the dis la" ri%ts %eed to be o% #attes si'ed 11 0 146 Our club will ro7ide the #attes6 Membership $e lost two or three #e#bers last "ear but icked u se7eral %ew o%es6 The" i%clude Phil -lock* ,arre% a%d Michael @eske* Pete ,oe%ig* 1i%da 1ee* Ale% a%d 1ee%a Me"ers* @a% $ag%er* a%d 2oward .ra%ki%6 A%d /r6 Dhu )o%g3ra% re;oi%ed the club6 A%other bit of good %ews is that ,ath" -rau% has agreed to ser7e as .ice Preside%t this "ear6

Outings O e% /oors Milwaukee was !e te#ber 21322* a%d so#e of us were dow%tow% to hotogra h la%d#ark buildi%gs* as we did last "ear6 Phil -lock is leadi%g a hotogra h" outi%g to Michiga%?s E er Pe%i%sula Oct6 3356 Ob;ects a%d laces to hotogra h will i%clude the Porcu i%e Mou%tai%s* -o%d Calls* a%d the -lack (i7er !ce%ic Parkwa"6 -ecause of that our October #eeti%g will be Oct 10 i%stead of Oct6 36 Competitions The %e0t $A&&O co# etitio% will be No7e#ber 2%d6 Ao to the $A&&O web site to get i%for#atio% about it a%d a licatio% for#s6 :% the Old $orld $isco%si% hoto co%test 1ee%a Me"ers wo% 1st a%d 2%d lace ho%ors i% the childre%?s categor"* a%d her dad* Ale%* took 3rd lace i% the %ature categor"6

re orted that se7eral $isco%si% high schools did well : the P!A )outh !howcase co# etitio%* which is directed b" her6 &o%gratulatio%s to 1ee%a Me"ers* who wo% two certificates6 ,ath" also re orted that the $isco%si% &ha ter ca#e i% 2%d i% the P!A &ha ter !howcase co# etitio%* bei%g beat out for 1st lace b" o%l" o%e oi%t6 Cor our club co# etitio%s we 7oted to gi7e #edals to the wi%%ers* i%stead of certificates6 The #edals will cost =56oo each* which we ca% easil" afford6 A%d* as usual we are i% the hu%t for co# etitio% ;udges6 Treat Sche u!e Aoi%g al habeticall"* si%ce @err" 2arders was the last o%e to treat* the rotatio% will beF October 10 G Michael a%d ,arre% @eske No7e#ber 4 G Pete ,oe%ig @a%uar" 2 G @a#es ,ri7it' Cebruar" B G @oa% 1a%ge%ohl March B G 1i%da 1ee A ril 3 G @oh% a%d /i0ie 1owi%

,ath" -rau% re orted that se7eral $isco%si% high schools did well i% the P!A )outh !howcase co# etitio%* which is directed b" her6 ,ath" -rau%