Susan Seymour Hedke August 2009 ******************************************************************************** In February 2005 I made a discovery. It was so powerful that researching into 2012 and the effects of the Galactic Centre on Earth became a permanent and almost full-time obsession. Here is a short synopsis of where it has led me and a mini-explanation of the picture at the beginning of this article. The whole thing began when I decided that the Indian Ocean Earthquake of December 26 2004 meant something important: it sort of set off a tsunami-warning bell inside me. This was the second largest earthquake in the world since 1900, and in the Indian Ocean the largest in over 700 years. It caused nearly a quarter of a million deaths, placing it second or third in terms of the most deadly earthquakes in history. I have studied and practised in a number of areas in my 49 years, including a passion for astrology from the age of sixteen, so drawing up the astrological chart of the disaster was one of my first thoughts. Although the full Moon was close to the summer solstice, opposite the Sun and Pluto near the winter solstice, which could have been taken as significant, I was unsatisfied with this as the whole reason. I couldn't explain the severity of this almost biblical earthquake with conventional astrology. There had been an earthquake on the same date as the 2004 disaster, just one year before. On December 26 2003 an earthquake in Bam, Iran had caused the deaths of over 33,000 people. Was this a fluke or could the two earthquakes be connected? The question remained unanswered for a while. I looked at further dates of disasters: at the World Trade Centre 9/11 disaster, at the eruption of Krakatau, and so on, and what became noticeable was that a great number of the disasters showed at least one heavenly body, often the Moon, close to the summer solstice position of the astrological chart, placed either at the end of the sign Gemini or in early Cancer. Could there be an unseen missing piece in the astrological puzzle that caused these disasters when the Moon or other body moved over the summer solstice? The date of these two earthquake disasters coming at the end of December reminded me of a prophecy I had read about in Graham Hancock's bestseller„Fingerprints of the Gods“. The Maya

believed that December 2012 would bring a mega-disaster to our planet, a kind of „End of the World“ catastrophe similar to the Biblical Apocalypse. Yet what could be the cause of such a disaster? I found an article in the Internet by John Major Jenkins called „The How and Why of the Mayan End Date in 2012“. This explained that the Maya were able to measure long cycles of time by using a feature of the „Heavenly Clock“ that lay outside our own solar system and outside modern western astrological understanding, in fact it was a feature we ( the modern civilized human race) only discovered by accident in the 20th century. That feature was the centre of our galaxy some 26,000 light years away. Only in the very last decades has modern science discovered qualities in this centre that the Maya and their predecessors seem to have known about, for instance that it had a black hole. It is the alignment of the Galactic Centre with our solar cycle's end point, i.e. the winter solstice, when the solar year is thought to end, that will mark the End Date on their calendar. This alignment would mean not the end of a solar year but the end of a Great Galactic Year. On further research I discovered that our cycle of precession, used to measure the Great Year, which is leading us from a Pisces Age to an Age of Aquarius, was moving at the same rate as the winter solstice motion that was leading to the alignment of the winter solstice with the Galactic Centre and causing the Great Galactic Year. The Galactic Centre (which was close to the ecliptic like the signs of the zodiac), was in the last sign of the solar year, the sign of Sagittarius (November 21- December 21), close to the winter solstice. According to astrological consensus, the Galactic Centre is at present (2010) in 27° Sagittarius, so three degrees from an exact alignment with the winter solstice. This would mean that the winter solstice will pass over the Galactic Centre in the next two hundred and fifty odd years, and when this occurs the Galactic Centre would appear to enter and be placed in the sign of Capricorn. This one could then call a procession of the Galactic Centre through the signs. When it moves over the winter solstice a New Great Year would begin. Other sources are claiming that the End Date of 2012 will bring a perfect alignment between the Galactic Centre and the winter solstice Sun, meaning that the New Great Year is starting right now. Certainly there are many astrological anomalies that would signify that this period is the correct one for a disastrous end, for Pluto will be conjunct the Galactic Centre until 2013 and Uranus will be squaring them from the spring equinox. Neptune will also be in aspect to the Galactic Centre and Pluto. All these aspects strengthen the basicall disastrous tendency. However, will the end phase and the beginning phase all occur in one year – 2012? The Mayans and other prophets knew of probably more reasons for this date, such as the cycle of Venus, which will also be involved in 2012, yet opinion is divided as to whether 2012 will bring more disaster down on us or will rather mark the end of a disastrous period. If the Galactic Centre is in 27° Sagittarius, and if we listen to the Biblical texts, ie Matthew 24 etc, it would be reasonable to suggest that we are not through the worst yet. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains. Matthew 24. 6-8

Still the Galactic Centre has begun its alignment with the winter solstice, the galactic axis is on the solstice axis, at least to within three degrees, making the cross of the four solstice-equinox directions now part of what has been called a Holy Cross. Such a Holy Cross only occurs for a few hundred years, and only twice in a Great Year cycle, and now, in the few years between the end of 2009 and 2013 the planets are aligning on this cross too. So things could be vastly accelerated. As far as past disasters are concerned, adding the Galactic Centre to the astrological charts of the major catastrophes in history explains the extreme reactions of our Earth when the Sun or Moon were in aspect. This was my first thrilling and at the same time frightening discovery. The Sun's position in December of 2003 and 2004, close to the winter solstice AND the Galactic Centre, and in the earth-ruled sign of Capricorn on the 26th December of the year, seemed to have triggered two massive earthquakes. The full Moon was opposite the Sun, Galactic centre and Pluto as the Tsunami of 2004 occurred. Of course it was only after looking at thousands of charts of disasters, and reading about ancient knowledge of the Galactic Centre, veiled in mythical texts as an often destructive goddess (a scorpion with a hundred breasts, or a milk-giving cow that sometimes became a raging lion i.e. Hathor-Sekhmet, as well as watching to see how each December since 2002 and each aspect of a heavenly body over (conjunct) or in opposition to the Galactic Centre, was tending to cause similar disasters, that I could be truly 100 per cent certain: the Galactic Centre was the main cause of disaster on Earth. As I could now see all this from a Great Year perspective, I could also understand the climate changes and melting poles from a different angle. A similar period of climate shifting and extremes was ushered in by a Conflagration (Fire) half a Great Year ago, as the Galactic Centre appeared to cross the summer solstice1. This set off a 1,300 year ice age called the Younger Dryas that ended the Pleistocene and began the Holocene Period. Mass extinctions resulted. Many mammals were found flash-frozen with summer flowers in their mouths. On this theme Dr. Paul La Violette has written a bestseller called „Earth Under Fire“. Moreover, as the Galactic Centre was associated particularly with the serpent power, and in the heavens the great constellation of Serpentarius was placed very close by, usually held by a figure that has been cut out of of our zodiac bewteen Scorpio and Sagittarius, called Ophiucus, this serpent power was connected also to the theme of the serpent entering the summery garden of Eden and tempting the original pair, which one would associate with Gemini and the loss of Paradise at the summer solstice. The female sex has been blamed for our fall since this time. Now she is about to save us by birthing a new Paradise. Earthquakes at the end of this age had been predicted by Jesus to his disciples in Matthew 24 and by John in Revelation 16. We are told in both cases of a great earthquake such as has never occurred before on this Earth. In Revelation the „evil“ aspect of the goddess is referred to as the Whore of Babylon who God will punish with a cup of his wrath. Great earth changes will be centering on „Babylon“ and this part of the story, its climax and greatest mystery bring another fiery element to the End Time. Traditional Mayans, as also the neighbouring Aztecs, would also predict an earthquake at the end of this age, for the age is ruled by the element earth: in Mayan this age is called 4 Caban meaning 4
1 More correctly of course the summer solstice moved over the relatively stationary Galactic Centre but we do not talk of the Sun remaining stationary and the signs moving - in astrology we see the bodies as moving around the Earth through stationary signs just as they move through stationary constellations, and we think of the solstice and equinox axes as fixed, of course its all relative.

Earth, and in Aztec it is Ollin or the Sun of Earthquake, Movement, Shift; the element that ruled an age was also seen as the cause of its demise. Each of their calendar end points was marked by a large disaster. So the last age was called 4 Water or 4 Rain and it ended in a Great Flood. Ancient cultures knew of the whole Milky Way Galaxy (which stretches like a mottled band across the night sky) as the Ouroboros snake, a snake that eats its own tail (it is shown as part of my illustration above). The Galactic Centre is the part where the head and tail, or from what I have discovered I would also say the creative Yoni and Linga, male and female elements of one being, meet. I believe that the head of the Ouroboros itself, would have been dragon like in that it would be itself the part of the cycle that breathed fire, so the head of the beast represented the erupting volcano- the solar fire being born. Yet unfortunately our love of fire and desire to burn books and kill each other has caused us to eat our own tail already, a tail that could have raised a warning rattle of what is to come. Certainly the Greeks suggested that the summer catastrophe was a Conflagration, the winter one a Deluge, the first has been associated with an alignment of bodies in the sign Cancer, 12,500 years ago to 11,600 years ago when the two main disastrous periods occurred the Galactic Centre would have been in that sign, and the Deluge was associated with an alignment of bodies in Capricorn, which sign the Galactic Centre is about to enter. I suspect there are secret societies and hidden peoples who have retained some of the knowledge of the Great Year cycle. Alchemy, which retained astrological traditional meanings was an important key, used recently to decode the Cross of Hendaye in A Monument to the End of Time. Those that have the key have most likely made preparations and gone to their winter abode deep underground. ( The native peoples of South America told of in The Chronicles of Akakor, have gone underground, after warning of the coming disaster in a book that the authorities attempted to remove from the market and whose author was shot). Only through hiding away could wisdom survive this last silly end of the Great Year cycle, a cycle that is the same as that known in the east as the Yugas. Indian wisdom tells, and told already a long time ago, that the last descending age, the Kali Yuga, would be increasingly materialistic and stupid and that this human stupidity would also be a contributary factor to the disaster at the end of the age: I find it amusing that India sent their Shiva Nataraja to the Cern scientists, who have been accused of playing with fire through their experiments in the Earth. However, the short-sighted scientists probably did not understand, or care to know, the whole story behind this gift. The more I discovered, the more I was led towards the conclusion that there is only ONE STORY, being told by all major myths and sacred texts and even the monuments, one focus of energy for thousands of years, on the sorrows and tribulation that we had fallen into and that still lay ahead until a time of a great catastrophe that would lead also to something good, and not something completely new either, but the return of something and/or someone good that had been here before: a Second Coming. In other words the fascination of earlier peoples ( or even my own;-) with the End Time, was not a pure desire just to tell everybody „you are all going to die and you can do nothing about it whatsoever HA! HA!“ Rather, the prophecy was a warning but also a longing for the future and for the Great Return: the return to a paradisicical state and mountain like one that had been here before, at a time when life had centered before the loss of the Golden Age- Saya Yuga – original Paradise. Even though I believe in the Great Year cycle, I do suspect that the loss which occurred half a Great Year ago was not an occurrance that occurred once in every Great Year, I suspect this disaster was much more extreme than a usual Great Year catastrophe, for it ended a period that had lasted oceans of years as the Indians mights say, and we might say millions; the Pleistocene period of ice over the northern hemisphere had continued peacefully for a lot longer than 12,500 years, or half a Great

Year. This was probably a time when paradise had existed on earth in another area also with no massive climatic destruction. Nevertheless, even though cycles vary, the Great Year is similar to the Year or Day cycle, cycles of light and dark that are to some extent predictable. In attempting to explain this cycle I was drawn to see it in terms of a cycle of Yin and Yang, which led me, like Terence McKenna, to a deeper study of the I Ching. The I Ching brought also new and forgotten details to understanding these cycles. It was through the I Ching that I was able to see that the Bible and the Mayan Prophecy were telling the same story: the one suggesting a disastrous end/return at the winter solstice of the year, the Bible telling of a tribulation and return of the bridegroom at midnight; winter solstice and midnight are the same points in a cycle. In the last half a cycle light decreases or moves away it grows small, like an old man to a point where it can be said to„die“ Sol-stice meaning solar stand still and when it begins to move again it is now moving towards us which is a joy as if it were reborn and its light strengthens beginning to grow again like a child. That is why three days after the winter solstice we celebrate the birth of Jesus as earlier many other cultures celebrated the birth of some other solar hero or incarnation of God, or even the Sun himself as Sol Invictus the unconquerable light and unquenchable fire of life might be celebated. It was this cycle of the light force growing weak and dying and then returning that was the essence of the Story. Yet the I Ching could tell me much more, it could explain the connection of the smaller cycles to the larger galactic cycle and the galactic or Milky Way axis.Yet as this is somewhat complicated I will only mention a few themes here. First it let me know that the the time of year of November to December equivalent to Sagittarius, in which constellation and sign the Galactic Centre is placed, is called K'un. K'un was represented by a mare, (as the centaur of the December sign Sagittarius is also part horse). So reading about the nature of K'un I learned about the Galactic Centre. Second, it told that the Yang force reached its purest in the opposite position of June. This is the same as the astrological sign of Gemini and also it is at the galactic anti-centre, this area was in China called Chien. K'un represented the earthy base of the cycle that had descended in the west through the increasing element of water until reaching K'un which was associated with the cold north. At the end of K'un the Yang began its increase and ascent in the east until in the south it reached the highest position of heaven associated with Chien. We are in there fore the part of the Great Year cycle where K'un has grown to maximum and Chien to minimum and yet his Yang power is about to be reborn of K'un. The number of Chien was 3, which is, just as an aside, a very holy, spiritual and significant number, as are the 3 stars of Orion's belt significant, as is the number 33 important, connected as it is to the highest Masons, as much as to the holy Mountain of the Primordial Meru, which contained 33 gods and to the human spine with 33 vertebrae. Constellation-wise in the west we would associate the area of Chien and the Galactic Anti-Centre with that great macho Bull of Taurus with the Pleiades and their central Sun Alcyone, in the Bull's shoulder. The Bull's horn tip, El Nath, is just 3° from the exact Galactic Anti Centre. The Bull, called Gut-Anna, the Bull Of Heaven, or Lord Bull, represented the godly principle, the Alpha animal, yet nevertheless the sacrificial son of the Goddess Mother in earlier times. The opposite area of K'un and the Scorpio, Serpentarius, Sagittarius area of the heavens, represented the Yin qualities, those of the Goddess and the Omega part of the cycle - the tomb and womb and root of

life. In the east part of the scorpion is known as a star called Yin, and in India the area of the Galactic Centre is called Mula meaning root, roots are associated with earth. Up at the Galactic Anti-Centre again in the heavenly area were two young males, the Gemini twins, sometimes pictured with angels wings, and more significantly the macho hunter Orion with his raised club, who was always chasing after young women and killing poor animals until he angered the goddess and she sent her scorpion to kill him. In another story about him Artemis-Diana, another version of the galactic Sagittarian archer, fell in love with him and even lived with him but kills him by mistake. Orion and his glittering belt of three stars, will play a major, in fact a completely central role in the coming events, as his Greek name Mountain Man should imply. He is involved in many mountain and pyramidal monuments, and was involvement in the New Fire ceremony of the Aztecs on top of a volcano in which the fire drill was associated with him that was placed in the heart area of a sacrifice after the heart had been removed, if a new fire could not be created it would mean the end of the world. There are many other tales one could tell of him, for he is intimately connected both to Mount Meru and to the Son of Man coming. In some cultures like the Maya birds represent this area of the heavens and summer, the falcon Horus is another example, or one could represent this area of the strong solar power up at the Galactic Anti Centre with an all-seeing eye, that could represent both Supercosmic Sun, our solar system Sun and a volcanic eye, as also perhaps in the Galactic Centre area, Alcyone, or the nearby red eye of the Bull, called Aldebaren, a bull who was also mixed up in the Mithraic myths (about a volcanic sacrifice and return). Remembrance of this ancient myths is recorded on the dollar bill, a place where it may cause notice as the eye at the top of a pyramid. I go into some of these myths and the galactic year in more detail of in my book: THE GALACTIC CENTRE 2012 and the Great Waves Coming in December One could see the whole earth as a pyramid or a pyramid shaped turtle – Kurma. Sometimes visualized with an eye or opening in the top centre of his shell. Out of this central hole fire was known in ancient stories to sometimes rise. The Yin force, a force associated with water and earth, reaches its maximum when Yang is weakest, in the month of December. This is the Great Year month we are now in, we stand just before the beginning of the Saturnalia, Christmas or winter solstice celebrations of the Great Year, which means to some Initiates the coming of a New World Order and an Age of Saturn. Three broken yin lines – 666 - represent the trigram of K'un and the Galactic Centre in the primary arrangement given by the legendary leader Fu Xi ( who lived nearly 5000 years ago). All Yang force and unbroken lines are gone from this trigram of this last month of the year and Great Year. They are also gone from the December hexagram made of six lines used in the I Ching that takes the same name, K'un. Yet at the time of the winter solstice the Yang force returns in a hexagram called Fu meaning Return. If the Yang force would not return there would be no life, for the two are pretty much equated with another, Yang is the good life force itself, the new fire. At the winter solstice Yang returns, yet its return causes what is described in the I Ching or Book of Changes as THUNDER IN THE EARTH. For the Yang force is seen to return from below, from inside the earth. This is a good parallel to the astrological understanding in which the lusty mountain goat with the fish tail is an earth sign representing the first attempts to rise from below up

a mountain. Yang is visualized as an unbroken line at the base of a hexagram of otherwise broken or Yin lines. As the Yang force is not just a light force but also a fiery rising force, we might imagine that it is this rising of the fiery yang in the earth that causes great earthquakes and perhaps an extremely large tsunami as some texts, even in the I Ching suggest, and that this Yang power might lead to the raising of land as also volcanic eruptions. The understanding of Yin and Yang, and their changing relations to another, is the great root of all astrological, scientific and religious truths, for it is a galactic truth.Interestingly, the message of the galactic connection, and proof of ancient chinese knowledge of the galactic axis is given in their character for king which connects the solar and lunar and galactic cycles with itself in a form that also connects it to Orion, three horizontal lines crossed by one vertical that joins the two lunar eyes and solar bodies of the Yin Yang sign, which represented both the galactic axis, the coat of the king of animals the tiger, the beam of a house and the world tree (that we have lost). We are at the winter solstice of the Great Galactic Year and my astrological research, combined with intensive reading in the I Ching and a look at a great number of myths and texts, tell me that there is One Story and one main thread of prediction about the End Time based on a cyclic understanding, the understanding of the return of the Yang force, which on the physical level means earthquake and volcanic eruption leading to a new Earth and a new Central World Mountain2 On the human level we may soon await the return of leaders who can lead us back up to better times, to a New World Order, as Yang leads to Order, as winter leads up to spring and summer. It is in the Bible the new Jerusalem where „Jesus“ will reign on a new Earth and a new holy mountain. The Mayan Prophecy, through the Chilam Balam priests, tell us of the return of Kukulkan with blood vomit which is of course lava. We cannot seperate the elementary and natural changes that will occur on Earth from the human or spiritual changes we will experience. Both prophecies tell us that the Yin qualities that existed before will disappear, so there will be no more seas, ( and no more untrustworthy leaders), or in the Mayan case the Chilam Balam priests tell us the valleys will come to an end and there will be land and gifts (just like Christmas) for everyone, perhaps the Hall of Records, thought to be below the foot of the Sphinx, that will tell us so much about our past will open to reveal its secrets. This is awaited as eagerly as a new bike for Christmas by many a child. The idea of Atlantis Rising is of course a present that would be a truly super Galactic Christmas present, especially as most grown ups never believed it existed. This is also part of the prophecy, for many lands will rise that sank as the Yin forces increased, especially in massive collapse at 10,468 BC. These lands will return especially near the equator and most specifically in one place, at the „centre“ of the Earth. The centre of the Earth is not at the core of the Earth, but on the equator (Sanskrit texts tell of this), which I have a method to place. The place that marks the centre of the Earth, is the place where the great volcanic mountain fell, that has been called a tree in many ancient texts. It fell nearly half a Great Year ago and from the stump, „the remnant“ told of in ancient texts (like the 8th century BC prophecies of Isaiah), a sprout will come. In Revelation it is the eighth volcanic mountain that was and is not, that will rise from under the sea. In the Toltec-Mayan understanding it is understood how this cycle, the transition over the winter solstice, can bring a dead-seeming tree back to life (this happened in the Popul Vuh when decorated with the skull of the First Father), so 2 Yang is also the convex force as Yin is concave. So Yang is necessary to create mountains as Yin is the concave valley-womb.

the Tree of Life will return, yet it is a volcanic tree and it will return where the old tree fell, at the Ninety East Ridge close to the equator. The earthquake and Tsunami of December 2004 at 95° east, close to the equator, was a warning and now, as I write in August 2009, the earthquakes have returned to this 90° east longitude. This is the true Babylon area, Bab being as much a word for womb, as it is also a gate, a volcanic gate, a golden gate, through which the Galactic Centre Goddess, the mare of the earth ad seas, Mary, known as Kumari in the east, who dresses in scarlet like the Whore of Babylon, will be the elementary, cosmic principle to birth from her land below the ocean, also remembered by the Tamils as Kumari Kandam, a mountain of a new Yang force awoken by Orion-Osiris, Sun of a new Golden Age, Meru, the excellent Sumeru, is returning. This is the ancient story illustrated by the Tibetan Wheels of Transmigration. I have included a section from such a wheel at the top of the article. The mountain Meru was part of a trimurti, a trinity. Its volcanic nature was shown by the three eyes above the three peaks. Its loss, bitten off at the top of the cycle, leads to its bleeding return again at the base of the cycle, at the winter solstice of the Great Year, where we are now. It will return from the place where it sank, connected through Orion the Mountain Man-Son of Man on the celestial equator to the Galactic Anti-Centre where the Pleiades, Alcyone and the bull of God are found above. This will bring heaven back to earth. If the Great Pyramid in Gizeh is telling us about anything important, then it is telling us of the disaster and fall of this triple mountain of Orion that began at 10,468 BC (date from The Chronicles of Akakor) and ended in 9,600 BC (date of last Fall of Atlantis), and about its return which may only begin in 2012 and last for a few hundred, even a thousand years, of beastly eruptions. That is the worst that will come to the world in terms of disaster, and of course one of the side effects could be another ice age in the northern hemisphere, yet this time will also see the greatest and most wonderful event, the first shoots from the Tree of Life. The bridegroom is uniting with the bride after having rejected her as a whore for far too long. To feel the earthquakes is like feeling a baby move in the womb, it means that the Earth is rebirthing and the spirit of the Earth is returning. The Galactic Centre and the female force she represents will no longer be the cause of sorrows and disasters or the one to punish, but will, when the mountain stands and the Earth blooms again, be reinstated as the beautiful Mother of all Life. Whether such a complete transformation will occur within our own present mortal incarnation is difficult to know, but the sudden rise of energy in the earth may bring enlightening forces that will reawaken inside us too the Kundalini serpent fire in the muladhara of our root chaka. Perhaps we will soon be able to levitate again! I would like that for Christmas. Orion with Saturn's help may kindle a new fire in human hearts and human loins, as Meru-Atlantis-Sion begins to rise in the Indian Ocean.

© Susan Seymour Hedke

August 2009

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