It's the dream of every CS engineer to make his own software, or to solve a problem with the help of their software

. But not many have sufficient command over programming languages to realize their ideas in the form of software. So here we bring you a platform to transform your ideas into reality. So what are you waiting for???? Just grab your laptops, form your teams and write down the prototype of software you want to make or to solve any particular problem with the help of technology.

In this competition you will be required to give a presentation of your software which will include all the technical details that can be implemented to contribute to the efficient working of the software. Here, instead of giving full working software along with its code, you will have to present the model of your software and all its requirement specifications. You just need to pick up an innovative idea or a general problem you want to solve and present us with a software oriented approach towards it. Your software model should explain in detail as how you are going to implement your idea through that software.

Students can form a team of maximum of two members (can participate individually).The competition is split up into 2 rounds as stated below:

Round 1:
Round 1 will comprise of sending us an abstract of the software you want to implement. It should include the following details:

in / niharika@technika. They should prepare a PPT to provide an interactive session.2013. Round 2: From the submitted abstracts 8-10 teams will be selected(based on the number of submitted abstracts) and they will have to give a presentation of their software model in front of the judges.       Idea that you want to implement/problem that you want to solve People who will be using the software Features of the software Technologies to be used A short summary of the technical details(how is software implemented) Benefits of the software How is your idea/your solution better than the existing technologies that implement it Abstract should not contain more than 1000 words. Your abstract should reach us latest by 5:00 PM . the teams would be asked to explain the technical aspect of the software. Participants are expected to provide detailed explained of their software in this etc. Technical details should include solutions for      Data to be inputted/queried Processing of data Flow of data Storage of data Other details like with all your details like name. mainly which technology is used in the software and how it is implemented to produce the desired results.integrity.      Feasibility of your idea Clarity in the technical solution Technology used Benefits of the software Efficiency . college name. Teams should have a proper knowledge of the technical details which they implement as the judges can raise questions on the functionality of the software. Each team will be given 10 minutes to explain their software.7th of March. contact details(mobile no) etc. Along with the details submitted in the abstract. Mail us your abstract at anurag@technika.

6. Your abstract should reach us before the deadline stated above. They can change any rule at any time according to situation. The coordinators reserve the right to disqualify any team indulging in misbehaviour. The team must adhere to spirit of healthy competition. Any team selected from round 1. In any case. They may or may not disclose any information depending upon the information Niharika Gupta Email: niharika@technika. 5. software idea and technical details will override the working model. The decision of judges shall be final in any circumstances. that will add value to your model only if you have explained all the above details fully. 1. All rights are reserved with the coordinators.You can also give a demonstration of a working model of your software however. that is not ready with their presentation in round 2 will be disqualified automatically. 2. Anurag Srivastava (+91 8757814620) Email: . 4. The changes in event structure is liable to change and will be informed to those who register. 3. Teams should bring in a hardcopy of their abstract they have submitted.

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