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FAQ Annexure II

Home FAQ Annexure II Frequently Asked Questions on Annexure II and updating the missing members' information

Q1. How to know which members details are missing? Ans: Login at ESEWA portal and go to DOWNLOAD menu, Click on Download Missing Details (Annexure II). Download the given .xls file containing details of members with or without mandatory information. Q2. What information is mandatory? Ans: Check the Annexure-II format for complete details on mandatory fields. Fields 1 (Member ID), 2 (Member name), 3 (International worker), 8 (Date of Birth), 9 (Gender), 10 (Date of Joining EPF), 11 (Date of Joining EPS) are mandatory, rest columns if not available should be kept blank. Please dont fill N/A, not available etc. where optional details are not available. Q3. How to upload the updated information? Ans: The Annexure-II text file (.txt) is to be uploaded in ESEWA portal, go to Anx-II menu (Just right to Challan menu), click on Anx-II Upload. Choose the Annexure-II text file with missing information and press submit. A pdf file containing details as submitted in uploaded text file is generated, approve the same if in order. Q4. How to generate Annexure-II Text file? Ans: Annexure-II Text file is plain text file with missing details of Form 5/10 in text format and consist of one line for each member. The separator between fields should be #~# (hash tilde hash). The delimition is like ECR text file but contains information for members data in 14 columns. The Annexure II text file generation menu is available with E-RETURN TOOL VERSION 5 (next to generation of ECR menu), Please upgrade E-return tool software for generating the text file from the software, the Employees master should be updated within software. The text file can also be generated using Excel. Please follow the steps below: 1. Download the .xls file with missing members details. 2. Remove rows where all details of members are already available. 3. Fill in the mandatory and optional details in excel. 4. Save the file as CSV (Comma delimited *.csv). 5. Close Excel.

6. Rename the generated file from .CSV to .TXT (e.g. if the name of csv file is GJAHD0012345.csv then rename to GJAHD0012345.txt). 7. Open the file in any text editor (notepad / wordpad). 8. Remove the header rows. (First three lines) 9. Replace all the , (Comma) with #~# (Hash Tilde Hash). 10. Save the file. 11. Upload the text file. 12. Download the generated pdf file. 13. Verify the pdf and press approve if in order. Q5: Text file is not being uploaded, some error code is received, How to resolve? Ans: Please review the error codes PDF file first along with error log text file. Few common precautions before uploading the annexure text file are given below: Do not modify the structure of given excel file, It should have 14 columns. Date format for all the dates should be dd/mm/yyyy (Not dd-mm-yyyy or others). Do not change details in Column 1 (Member id) and Column 2 (Members name). International Worker Field (Column 3) is compulsory and should be either Y or N (single character). If Mobile No. (Column 4) and E-mail id (Column 5) are not available they should be kept blank (It is seen that the Annexure II Generated from E-return tool Version 5 may contain 91 in Mobile No. field where mobile number is not available, Please use text editor to remove 91 in mobile no. field where mobile No. is not available). Special characters should not be given in father's/husband's name (Column 6). Relationship should be F for father or S for husband (column 7). Gender should be M or F or T (Column 9). Date of exit (Column 13) cannot be prior to date of joining (Column 11). If date of exit (Column 12,13) is given then reason of exit (column 14) is compulsory and should only be Only be any of these : C (Cessation), S (Superannuation), R(Retirement), D (Death in Service), or P (Permanent Disablement). Please make sure that no blank line is available in text file (generally last line of the text file is blank while conversion from excel, press backspace on last line to remove blank line). (Error code 021). Members whose data is already updated or uploaded and approved once is not accepted again; remove the lines of such member ID. (Error code 019). Members whose details are asked in excel file should only be given; any other members details (which is not shown in downloaded excel file) should not be given (Error code 018). Apart from the questions given above if you have any queries please contact the EDP Section of Office. Missing details are to be submitted at ESEWA portal only.