The Eternal Covenant - Key to Eternal Life Misconceptions regarding the "New Covenant" cleared up.

The "missing link" between the "Old" and the "New" Covenant revealed. Exposing the forces that oppose the fulfilment of God's Purpose for Mankind. Find for yourself the True Knowledge which will determine your ultimate Divine Reward -- Eternal life as opposed to eternal death - the choice is yours, totally! What is the difference between the 'Old' and 'New' Covenant? Does Grace abolish the Law under the 'New Covenant'? Is the Law just for Jews? Who are the "Lost 10 Tribes of Israel" and how do they fit into the Eternal Covenant? By “Bible Revelations”

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How do we explain that we know Him? The Eternal Covenant Conclusion Of The Covenant Conditions Of The Covenant Further Promises And Warnings The Ark Of The Covenant A Renewed Covenant Conditions And Terms Of The Renewed Covenant A Skeleton Comes Alive Fulfilment Of The Eternal Covenant The Eternal Covenant And Today's Polluted World

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The majority of humanity today, is influenced by some form of faith, cult or religion. Differences though, are as wide as day differs from 1

night. A wide range of gods are proclaimed and worshipped - from “the creator God” (although interpretations as to His true identity and nature varies from group to group), to the worship of even Satan himself. There are also millions of followers of some or other ‘prophet’ of their choice, and to whom they have imputed certain divine qualities. The masses however, plod forth without any religion, unknowingly worshipping money, sex, drugs or ‘self’, through which they wish to find happiness and success. In this way, all humanity is committed to some or other ‘god’, even though it may be ‘self’. The God whom this publication will endorse, is the One who claims to be the Source of all Life on earth - the Creator of the Universe Himself - He who is increasingly becoming known by His distinguishing Name: YHVH, the God of Israel. YHVH distinguishes Himself from all other gods by declaring and revealing Himself to humanity through His inspired Word, the Hebrew Bible. The Bible is a compilation of writings by some of His spiritually inspired followers, having been completed over a period of several centuries, 2000 years ago. These authors, almost without exception, were Israelites - from that nation which God had personally selected for the specific purpose of being the vehicle by which He would display His Master Plan for all humanity. The contents of this study is about this promising Master Plan. This Eternal Plan distinguishes itself from other religions through the divine Promise of Eternal Life in the Kingdom of YHVH, which is given as “prize” to those believers who “overcome” and who qualify according to the Divine Requirements. It comprises Eternal Life in a new re-created world in the physical presence of YHVH Himself (Isaiah 65:17; Rev. 21:1-8), where there will no longer be any disease, death, crime or evil. This “Israelite” religion gradually extended outside of the borders of Israel, throughout the centuries, until today, it is proclaimed in synagogues and churches throughout the entire world. The original concept has changed considerably, both for Jews and Christians, as this religion developed amongst the followers in various nations. The result today is that there are so many varying interpretations of this Biblical faith, that the only point of agreement is that they all proclaim the Creator God and, in most cases, cling to the divine Promise of Eternal Life. These different interpretations, which each has it’s own following, differ widely from one another regarding the nature of the Creator, namely - Who and What He really is; how He must be served and worshipped; his Name; His Will and the specifics of the Plan of Salvation. Each and everyone, of course, believes that only their interpretation is the correct one!


The contents of this study should serve as a clear guide and a distinct, fail-safe test of the real requirements for someone to claim the right to the Divine Promise of Eternal Life. The term ‘Eternal Life’, is defined in John 17:3 “And this is Life Eternal, that they might know Thee, the only true God, and YAHU'SHUAH the Messiah, Whom Thou has sent.”

How do we explain that we know Him?
1 John 2:3 “And hereby we do know that we know Him: if we keep His Commandments. Whoever says ‘I know Him’ and does not keep His Commandments, is a liar and the truth is not in him” It is noteworthy that the key to the meaning of ‘Eternal Life’, is the knowledge of who the Almighty Creator is. This knowledge, in turn, is essentially connected to obedience to His Commandments. (Read the above mentioned references carefully once again). If we truly know Him, we will obey Him and accordingly inherit Eternal Life. The true meaning of Eternal Life and it’s link to the Commandments, form the underlying concept of the Eternal Covenant of YHVH, which is the theme of our study. The importance of, and the link that the Crucifixion holds with the Covenant and the Commandments, will be explained in detail further on. If we discover and understand the Eternal Covenant, we will be able to fulfil our part thereof and in so doing, share in the Wonderful Plan of our Creator which He has prepared for those who choose to follow Him and who wish to be part of His Eternal Kingdom. (Read Isaiah 65:17-25 for a description).

The Eternal Covenant
Religious literature, both Jewish and Christian, contain much about “the Covenant” (Hebrew: Brit Ha-Olam). Christianity teaches a “New versus an Old Covenant” and couple various other doctrines to this theme, eg. “Grace under the New Covenant”; the Predestination doctrine, etc. There are volumes to work through, erudite teachings to examine; and still the reader may not fully understand what the Covenant actually embraces. This study, however, will spell out the real meaning of the Covenant in short. The Bible continuously refers to the Covenant and the importance thereof for the believer. It stipulates Divine Blessings for observing the Covenant and penal clauses for the breaking thereof. It is therefore absolutely important for the believer to clearly understand the actual nature and content of the Covenant A covenant is simply an agreement, or a contract between two or more parties. The Covenant referred to in the Bible, is an


Agreement between the Creator and His people Israel, and is nothing more but a Divine Contract. A contract is an agreement between the parties committed thereto, whereby certain rights are obtainable, subject to certain stipulated requirements . Such a contract may vary from, say, a gift of a bicycle for Johnny should he pass the exams; to the purchase of a radio, car, or property on certain specified conditions. Similarly, the Bible Covenant is a Divine Agreement, according to which the people of Israel (or anyone who desires to join him/herself, and be united with Israel under this Divine Covenant), are entitled to certain Divinely given rights, subject to certain Divinely ordained conditions. With these two criteria in mind, namely (a) The rights and privileges with which the Almighty entitles His people, and (b) The conditions by which Israel should abide, let us now commence our research.

Conclusion Of The Covenant
The Covenant was concluded with Israel at the occasion of their arrival at Mount Sinai, seven weeks (50 days) after their departure from Egyptian slavery (Exodus 19:1). According to Jewish tradition, this occasion took place on the day of the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot). Please note, that many decades later, the Pouring out of God's Spirit on the Messianic Jews gathered in Jerusalem, occurred on this very same feast day (Acts 2;1-41 'Pentecost'). We shall clarify the relationship between these two important occasions later on in this study. Let us now read about the happenings at this occasion, at Mount Sinai, on this particular day which is specified as one of the seven Holy Feast days: Exodus 19: 3-8 “And Moses went up unto God, and YHVH called unto him out of the mountain, saying, ‘Thus shall you tell the children of Israel; ‘... if you will obey My Voice indeed and keep My Covenant, then you shall be a peculiar Treasure unto Me above all people, for all the earth is Mine. And you shall be unto Me a kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation’... And Moses called for the elders of the people and laid before their faces all these Words which YHVH commanded him. And all the people answered together and said: ‘All that YHVH has spoken, we will do. ’" It is apparent from the above that: 1. Certain divine rights are offered to Israel, such as being the elected nation among nations, and 2. Certain special conditions are determined for receiving these wonderful privileges.


Conditions Of The Covenant
The Almighty revealed His Law to Moses, clearly stipulating that the nation of Israel's part of the Covenant would be the observance of His Law (Exodus:20 and the following chapters). It is important to remember at this stage, that Israel had by this time lost the Law of the Almighty altogether, having been exposed to idolatry and paganism in Egypt during four centuries of their bondage. They had to be re-educated in the Laws and Service of the Almighty. Hence the first major milestone for Israel on their journey from Egypt to the Promised Land, was mount Sinai, where YHVH gave them His Laws (Exodus 25:8-9; Hebrews 8:5). Deuteronomy 26:16-19 “YHVH your God today commands you to observe these Laws and Customs. You must keep and observe them with all your heart and with all your soul. You have today made this declaration about YHVH: that He will be your God, but only if you follow His Ways, keep His Statutes, His Commandments, His Ordinances and listen to His Voice. And YHVH has today made this Declaration about you: that you will be His very own people as He promised you, but only if you keep all His Commandments. Then for praise and renown and honour He will set you high above all the nations He has made, and you will be a people consecrated to YHVH, as He promised.” (Jerusalem Bible). Once again, the same rights referred to above, but perhaps more detailed here. The ‘price’ for this privilege is now also specified, i.e.. to keep the Law with all your heart and soul. Note how this detailed requirement is repeatedly mentioned in this short Scripture reference. Note also the following references in the above Scriptures: Verse 16 Jerusalem Bible Laws and Customs Statutes 17 Commandments Ordinances 18 Commandments King James Version Statutes and Judgments Statutes Commandments Judgments Commandments

Hereby we conclude that obedience (as the people’s part of the Covenant), refers to the ‘Commandments’, ’Statutes’, ‘Judgments’ and ‘Customs’ of YHVH - all of them. The Bible never differentiates between the “Ten Commandments” on the one hand, and “Ordinances, Statutes, and Judgments” on the other, as so many of 5

us mistakenly believe. (Refer to Psalm 119 for confirmation of this fact. This lengthiest of Psalms, extols the Law of the Almighty, using these terms synonymously and intermittently in each of its 176 verses - including the reference to it as “Thy Word” and “Thy Way”! Please do not fail to read this Psalm in this context). Israel listened to the words of Moses and accepted it unanimously (Exodus 19:8; 24:3). The Almighty in turn then sealed the Divine Contract with the blood of animals, i.e.. confirmed and signed it (Exodus 24:4-8). At a later stage in the history of Israel, after a long period of unfaithfulness, the Book of the Law was rediscovered in the Temple archive by King Josiah of Judah, who then had it accepted by the people once more (2 Kings 23:3). 2 Chron. 34: 30,31 "King (YoshiYahu) then ... in their (the elders of Judah and people of Jerusalem) hearing, read out everything that was said in the Book of the Covenant found in the Temple of YHVH ... in the presence of YHVH he made a Covenant to follow YHVH and to guard over His Commandments, His Precepts and His Statutes as written in the Book of the Covenant, to observe it with all his heart and with all his soul."

Further Promises And Warnings
Leviticus 26 contains various additional Promises and Advantages for Israel on condition that the Covenant is honoured by obedience to the Law, eg. good rains and harvests, peace, safety, victory over enemies, the presence of YHVH in their midst (Leviticus 26: 213). Leviticus 26:14-15 “But if you do not listen to Me, and do not observe each one of these Commandments, if you refuse My Laws and disregard My Customs and break My Covenant by not observing each one of My Commandments, then ...” Then follows terror, defeat by enemies, drought, plague, famine, destruction and dispersion among other nations of the world (Leviticus. 26:14-46. READ!). Deuteronomy 28 repeats these wonderful promises of divine blessing, while at the same time containing clear and distinct warnings of banishment from the land, in case of rebellion against His Laws, and thus dishonouring of the Covenant. The history of Israel, many centuries later, testifies of the great scattering of Israel among the nations all over the world. This exile became known as the Diaspora. Please read the whole chapter 28 and note especially, how obedience to the Law, by the people, brought them prosperity; while disobedience brought about all sorts of problems, worst of all: scattering among strange nations in foreign countries.


The Biblical Covenant may therefore be compared to a personal transaction of the purchasing of Land by the Israelite in the Promised Land. The Almighty is the Owner. The price is merely Obedience to His Law (i.e.. His precepts, Statutes, and Judgments). Upon “non-payment” of the purchase price (i.e.. lawlessness, rebellion, or as the Bible describes it: 'unrighteousness'), the contract (Covenant) is nullified automatically, and the defaulting purchaser is expelled from the Land. This attribute of conditional occupation of the Promised Land, can be traced throughout the Bible with reference to the divine Covenant. An obvious question which may arise at this stage is: How does the non-Jew fit into this divine Covenant, and how does the history of Israel affect the modern day Bible believer? When reading and studying this subject, the reader must continuously identify with the fact that any believer, whether or not one is an actual physical Israelite, is in fact (be it in the spiritual sense) en route to the “Promised Land”, where one would desire assurance of permanent residence. In the same way, the experiences of the children of Israel in days gone by, typify the individual’s personal “Liberation from the Land (Life) of Sin” and his/her learning experiences “in the wilderness”, on the journey “to the Promised Land”. In other words, just as the children of Israel were liberated by the sacrifice of a Passover lamb, identified by the display of its blood on their doorposts, so also, the individual believer is liberated from slavery of sin, by the sacrifice of the Lamb YAHU'SHUAH with His Blood etched on “the doorposts of our hearts”. Similarly, the individual follows the path of the children of Israel, through the Red Sea (typified by the immersion in baptism), where our sinful nature (‘the Egyptian’), our carnal inclination, is left behind and the reborn soul emerges on the other side, to proceed on the journey, following the Almighty through the wilderness (temptation and failings). (Paul uses this analogy in his writings. Refer to 1 Corinthians 10:1-13). One of the first milestones for the newly converted individual should be ‘Mount Sinai’, for being acquainted with the Law of the Almighty. Just like the ancient Israelites who, through years of slavery were steeped in pagan practices, had to be brought back to ‘God’s System of Life’, so we also should receive the Law of Life - for success, health, prosperity and Peace. In this way, we too may now fulfil our part of the Covenant. Just as a whole generation of Israelites had to roam through the wilderness in order to first die out, having been refused entry to the Promised Land by God because of their unpreparedness and disobedience, so also will the believer who fails to submit to the Law of the Creator, and thus dishonour the Covenant, be denied the right


to enter into the promised Kingdom of the Almighty. Permanent residence in the Kingdom of YHVH is strictly subject to Obedience to His Laws. The ensuing spiritual life journey involves spiritual warfare against the enemy. The Almighty guarantees victory over the enemy. At His Appearance, all His Promises regarding the future will be fulfilled and His faithful followers will inherit Eternal Life. Please read Deuteronomy 29 and 30 carefully before proceeding.

The Ark Of The Covenant
The Almighty instructed Moses to make a special Ark (Cabinet) in which to place the stone Tablets containing the Ten Commandments (Deuteronomy 10:1,2. Exodus 25:16). The additional Precepts, Statutes and Judgments were to be recorded in a Book and placed at the side of the Ark (Deuteronomy 31:24-29). All these Laws together comprise the “Law of YHVH”. This Ark occupied the most important place in the holiest section of the Tabernacle in the wilderness, and later in the Temple in Jerusalem. Only the High Priest was allowed to enter into this ‘Holiest’ Section, and once a year only, during the Sacred Festival of Yom Kippur (“Judgment Day”). In this Section the Glory of the Almighty glowed, when He was present among His people Israel. The Law recordings formed the Core around which everything was centred in the Most Holy of the Temple, under the Throne of YHVH, and it thus served as Witness of the Divine Covenant with Israel. It is largely misunderstood that the Covenant was only applicable to the “Old Testament” system and time, and that Messiah had brought about a “New” era with a “New (spiritual) Covenant”, thereby cancelling the original Divine Covenant. What does the Bible say about this concept ?

A Renewed Covenant
We have already pointed out that Moses was instructed to build the Tabernacle according to the pattern of the Heavenly Tabernacle shown to him. The specific purpose of the Covenant Ark, situated directly under the Throne of YHVH, was to accommodate God’s Law which would serve as Witness of the Divine Covenant with His people Israel. The heavenly Tabernacle is everlasting and indestructible. YHVH will most certainly keep His Promises to His people as contained in His Covenant with them, unless He would choose to do away with the Witness thereto, namely the Content of the Covenant Ark.


Misunderstanding and ignorance of the true facts have lead to, what amounts to an accusation against YHVH, of being guilty of doing just that. We are referring to the theory that the Covenant has been replaced by a ‘New’ Covenant which does away with the essence thereof, namely the Law, and that “the Law has been nailed to the Cross”. Those who believe this, fail to see that the 'New Covenant' is simply a Renewed version of the unchangeable Old Covenant'. Revelation 11 also strongly opposes the replacement theory. It describes a scene which even at this time (year 2000) is yet future. It describes the climax of the ages, when, during the events of the seventh and last trumpet, which is described in this Prophetic vision, the Saviour establishes His Kingdom here on earth. This will also be the time of the great Judgment of both the living and the dead. It is that phenomenal occasion which believers through the ages have hoped and prayed for (Matthew 6: “ Our Father...Your Kingdom come ....”). Let us now examine this situation as described in Revelation 11:15-19 “Then the seventh Angel blew his Trumpet and voices could be heard shouting in Heaven, calling: “The Kingdom of the World has become the Kingdom of our Lord and Messiah, and He will reign for ever and ever. The twenty-four elders, enthroned in the presence of God, prostrated themselves and touched the ground with their foreheads, worshipping God with these words: ‘We give thanks to You, Almighty YHVH, He-is-and-He-was, for using Your great Power and beginning Your reign. The nations were seething with rage and now the time has come for Your own anger, and for the dead to be judged, and for Your servants the Prophets, for the Saints and all who worship You, small or great, to be rewarded. The time has come to destroy those who are destroying the earth. Then the Sanctuary of God in Heaven opened, and the Ark of the Covenant could be seen inside it.. Then came flashes of lightning, peals of thunder and an earthquake and violent hail.” What consternation! What a Day! What an Experience! And yet the Ark of the Covenant is still there, exactly in its place in the Heavenly Sanctuary, serving as witness that the Almighty Creator will not go back on or dishonour His Word! Could the content and conditions of the Covenant then perhaps have been changed?

Conditions And Terms Of The Renewed Covenant
Psalm 89:34 “I will not break My Covenant. I will not revoke My given Word. I have sworn on My Holiness, once for all and cannot turn liar...”


Yet, the Almighty does refer to a 'New' Covenant which He would make with His people. Scripture itself defines the difference: Jeremiah 31: 31-33 “See, the days are coming - it is YHVH Who speaks - when I will make a New Covenant with the House of Israel (and the House of Judah). But not a Covenant like the one I made with their ancestors on the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the Land of Egypt. They broke that Covenant of Mine, so I had to show them who was Master. It is YHVH Who speaks. No, this is the Covenant I will make with the House of Israel when those days arrive - it is YHVH Who speaks. Deep within them I will plant My Law, writing it on their hearts. Then I will be their God and they will be My People.” Ezekiel 11:18 describes this same futuristic event and confirms the spiritual nature of this Renewed Covenant in His own Words: “I will give them a new heart and I will put a new Spirit in them. I will remove the heart of stone from their bodies and give them a heart of flesh instead, so that they will keep My Laws and respect My Observances and put them into practise.” Please note that, according to these references, the Law still is the core of the Divine Covenant. This time however, it is written on the hearts and in the minds of His people! In fact, He gives them a spiritual rejuvenation with the purpose of, or “so that” they keep and respect all His Laws and practise it. Just as Israel of old received the Law at Sinai on the feast day of Shavuot, in order that they could fulfil their part of the Covenant, so also, by the outpouring of His Spirit on exactly the same feast day in New Testament times, which became known as Pentecost (Acts 2), YHVH, according to His Promise, spiritually enables the re-born, repentant believer, to observe His Laws under the new dispensation Covenant. However, the choice to accept or reject this spiritual motivation to Law abiding, still lies with the individual, since the Almighty will not impose Himself on us. The evidence of His indwelling Spirit, should therefore be displayed by Obedience to His Laws, in fulfilment of one’s share in the Covenant, unless one rebels against the keeping of the Laws, as ancient Israel also did. They received their due punishment for this, by being banished from the Land of Israel and dispersed throughout the world. Please note however, that the divinely promised Return of Israel to the Land, would however be used as a Sign from God to the nations, of His faithfulness to His Covenant with Israel, to settle them there eventually, when He will reign over the earth from Jerusalem. (This topic is discussed fully in the book “JERUSALEM - Final Countdown to Armageddon” (click here for direct transfer to Web Page)


Note also, according to the above Scripture, that the Renewed Covenant is concluded with the House of Israel, just as with the Old Covenant. However, as already mentioned, It was the specific purpose of the Almighty through His selection of Israel as His Covenant people, to demonstrate to the other nations, what His purpose is for all of humanity in general - not only for Israel. He wishes to include all of humanity in the Divine Covenant. Israel was selected to physically demonstrate what the result would be for being faithful to the Creator or otherwise. As a result, the history of Israel reflects clearly both Divine Blessing and Divine Discipline. Through Israel, God would demonstrate His faithfulness to His Promises; that He would punish them, yet never destroy them totally. That He would cast them out of their land, and scatter them across the face of the earth, yet eventually return them in miraculous fashion to the Land which He solemnly promised them by divine oath. In this way He would demonstrate His faithfulness to His Covenant. (Read Ezekiel chapter 20). Ezekiel 36: 17-19 “... The House of Israel used to live in their own Land, but they defiled it by their conduct and actions ... I then discharged My fury at them ... I scattered them among the nations and dispersed them in foreign countries.” This banning from the Promised Land had been predicted long ago (Leviticus 26:33-45) as a disciplinary measure for their breaking of the Covenant. Even the specific length of time of their banishment was predicted, namely ‘seven times’ or 2520 years (7x360) (Leviticus 26:18; Daniel 9:25-26). Daniel chapter 2 refers to this same period of time during which the Kingdom of Israel would be taken away from them, by presenting it in the form of a giant human statue which was shown him in a dream. According to the Bible’s own interpretation, the image represents the subsequent world empires of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and the Roman Empire, as confirmed by History in the centuries following. After this, the world rulership would be divided into two camps: East and West, as (represented by the two legs of the Image), until, during the reign of various Kings (represented by the toes of the Image), YHVH would destroy the worldly Kingdom to establish His own Kingdom. Measured with this ‘yardstick’ of 2520 years, the destruction of the kingdom of Israel stretches from the establishment of the kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar (603 BC), when he deported the ten Northern tribes of Israel, until 1917, when the first World War triggered the beginning of the gradual return of Israel to the Land. In the same way that the crumbling of the kingdom of Israel gradually took place over several decades, so also the restoration thereof took place over several decades starting from 1917 onward, even to this time. The measuring rule of 2520 years can be moved forward and backwards, to connect a beacon in the past with a beacon in the future. The


establishment of the Kingdom extends over many years and cannot physically occur in one moment of time. Likewise, the return of the nation of Israel to their own Land, also extends over a period of time, beginning at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. It was accelerated drastically by the 1st and 2nd World Wars and is continued to this day. The early 90’s saw phenomenal moments as masses returned from both Russia and Ethiopia. The latter occurrence, being ‘black Jews of Ethiopia’, was seen as miraculous by Israel itself. According to Scripture, the first to return would be Judah, consisting of two tribes; thereafter the remaining ten ‘lost’ tribes would follow. These two groups would then be united in one nation once again (Ezekiel 37:15-23). Apparently the 10 tribes consist of various Western nations who are, as yet, unaware of their origin as being from the original 10 tribes of Northern Israel. They too, form part of the Eternal Covenant. Notwithstanding the realisation of the Divine Promise of the regathering of Israel, which has been taking place in miraculous fashion right before the eyes of the modern world, the multitudes are still unaware and blind to what is happening. Many believers dispute the fact that the re-establishment of modern Israel, is in fulfilment of a Divine Promise. There are even some who regard Jews and Israelis as "deceivers and impostors who are not truly descendent from ancient Israel" ... and who are “the reincarnation of Satan”! These people then normally regard themselves as the ‘chosen’ people, claiming the Promises to Israel for themselves. The true Covenant people of YHVH comprises the actual descendants of Israel; proselytes (those who join themselves to the Jewish Faith) and anyone who wish to bind themselves to the Eternal Covenant and live accordingly. In Ephesians 2:11 to 3:11, Paul reveals the age-old Mystery in the Plan of YHVH and shows how, through the Sacrifice of the Messiah, those who are excluded from membership of Israel by birth, are brought into the Covenant. "So you are no longer aliens ... you are citizens ... and part of God's Household ... built into a House where God lives in the Spirit" (Eph. 2:19 & 22). This according to His Promise of the New Covenant. This revelationary portion of Scripture is often used to support the claim that "the New Covenant abolished the Law". In fact, it claims just the opposite: "(Messiah) has made the two into one and broken down the barrier (division between non-Jew and Jew), actually destroying ... the hostility caused by the Law." Note: Not the law itself, but the carnal rebellion in the non-Jew against Jewish Laws and Customs "...through the Cross to unite them both in a single Body" (Eph. 2:14,15) ... and now, one with the Jew, also obligated to the Covenant and thus to the Law.


Why Then The Crucifixion?
For the ancient Israelites, the blood of the Paschal lamb was the first step to their release from bondage as the Covenant nation. Similarly, the offer of the Crucifixion is the first step for the repentant sinner to bridge. In a much deeper sense, it made possible the reconciliation of the 'rejected Bride of YHVH', referring to the 10 Tribes of Northern Israel. Hosea 1-3 and Jeremiah 3 refers to this section of ancient Israel as the 'Harlot Bride of YHVH' who had been rejected by Him. Judah is also labelled a disloyal Bride, but was never divorced from YHVH. His enduring love for His alienated Bride (the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel), is clear from the Scriptures, but His own Law prevented Him from taking her back. The Law does however provide for a widow to remarry. And so a staggering event unfolded some 2000 years ago: YHVH Who is immortal, became incarnated in human shape, as the Messiah, in order to fulfil the emblem of the "Sacrificial Paschal Lamb", and was slaughtered by His own creation - to make it possible for Him to reconcile His lost Bride! Thirdly, in this way the alienated Bride (and anyone else who accepts the Offer of the Crucifixion for reconciliation with the Almighty) are brought into the Eternal Covenant, together with Judah. This time however, in fulfilment of the Prophetic Promise of a "New Covenant, written in the heart and mind", it is a Spirit driven era. Scripture clearly determines that anyone who claims to be a part of the Covenant people, yet does not live according to its requirements of true Law observance, will most surely disqualify themselves from the Eternal Promises.

A Skeleton Comes Alive
Ezekiel 37 describes the valley of dry bones which becomes revived. (Read this chapter before continuing as we will simply refer to it in short further on in our study). What do these dry bones depict? Ezekiel 37: 11-12 “... These bones are the whole House of Israel. They keep saying; ‘... Our hope has gone. We are as good as dead ... The Lord YHVH says this: I am now going to open your graves. I mean to raise you from your graves, My People, and lead you back to the soil of Israel.” Verse 21 “I am going to take the sons of Israel from the nations where they have gone. I shall gather them together from everywhere and bring them home to their own soil. I shall make them into one nation in My own Land and on the


Mountains of Israel ... They will no longer form two nations, nor be two separate kingdoms”. Verse 23 “They shall be My People and I shall be their God”. Verse 14 “And you will know that I YHVH, has said and done this” (according to the Covenant). Surprisingly we still find people who maintain that the Jews are permanently doomed, and that the continuing return of Jews to Israel is not the fulfilment of the Covenant Promise of YHVH. They apply the above prophetic description of revival to the historic episode of the return of the Jews from Babylon, in the 5th century before Messiah, and not to the current return of Jews to Israel from all over the world. Such reasoning does not seem to be consistent with Scripture. True, there has been the return of Jews from Babylon to Israel after the 70-year exile in the 5th century before Messiah. But this was only the tribes of Judah and Benjamin which were involved in this particular instance. By then, the other ten tribes of Israel had already been lost for two centuries. The above Scriptural reference refers to the ‘whole house of Israel...’ and specifically to the joining of the two divided HOUSES INTO ONE NATION ONCE MORE. Never has there been a time in history when both the house of Judah (two tribes), and the house of Israel (10 tribes), have returned to Israel from the four corners of the earth, as predicted by the Prophet Ezekiel in the above quotation from Scripture. It is indeed a miracle of the future, even for us today (year 2000). (READ Ezekiel 37:1522 carefully) YHVH has already started moving the Jews back to Israel since the beginning of the 20th century. The city of Jerusalem has also been re-established as the capital of Israel under loud protest of most of the nations. Already Jerusalem has become the centre of international dispute, with advances being made to internationalise it, outside of the control of the Jews. The PLO claims control of Jerusalem for the Palestinians, and the Arabs generally, are determined to expel the Jews from the Land. Unknowingly, these forces are actually challenging the authority of the Almighty! (Refer "Declaring War on God") The next step by the Almighty, according to Biblical Prophecy, will be to have the Lost 10 tribes rediscover their Israeli identity (which may be a thorn in the flesh to most of them, who believe that they are Gentiles!), and to move them back to Israel, the Land of their origin, to join them with the tribe of Judah - the Jews (Jeremiah 3:18; Ezek. 37:15-28) The current intensifying "Battle for Jerusalem", is slowly but surely developing into an intense power struggle between the Arabs and the Israelis, for the "soul" of Jerusalem. Biblical Prophecy, 3000 years ago, has predicted this Battle, which according to these


prophecies, will develop into a cataclysmic nuclear World War, involving all the nations of the world - the War of Gog and Magog commonly referred to by the media and by leading militarists, as the War of Armageddon. This revelation regarding the 10 lost tribes may to many readers seem very far-fetched. Similar predictions by Bible students in the thirties, regarding the imminent return of the Jews (Judah) to Israel, were also looked upon as impossible. At that point in time, the Jews were on the verge of total extinction at the hand of Hitler in Europe during the 2nd World War. Who would have dreamt in 1945, with the discovery of the death camps for Jews in Germany, that this same badly marred Jewish nation would declare the independent State of Israel in 1948, only three years later? Since then, miracle upon miracle amazed even the Israelis. In 1967, after a miracle ‘Blitz’ war, lasting only seven days, Israeli forces were right at the regained Wailing wall, which constitute the foundations of the Temple built by Solomon. For the first time in 2000 years the Flag of the independent State of Israel once again fluttered over her capital, Jerusalem. YHVH promised this “Land of milk and honey” with a Holy Oath to the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. True to His commitment in the Covenant with Israel, YHVH will execute His part of the Covenant exactly, to the smallest detail, and to the glory of His Holy Name. Ezekiel 37:23 describes how YHVH will purify Israel (after their return to the Land from all over the World - verse 24). YHVH will be their Saviour and they will be His people - thus the Divine Covenant will be fulfilled! We have already pointed out how that YHVH would pour out His Spirit over Israel (“ revive the dry bones...”), with this one specific purpose : to enable them to perform their part of the Covenant, i.e.. to keep His Laws, Judgments and Statutes. Once again we see evidence and confirmation that His Spirit converts, and enables us to obedience to His Law. Ezekiel 37:24 - 26 “My servant David will reign over them, one shepherd for all; they will follow My Observances, respect My Laws and practise them. They will live in the Land that I gave My servant Jacob, the Land in which your ancestors lived. They will live in it, they, their children, their children’s children, for ever. David My servant is to be their Prince for ever. I shall make a Covenant of Peace with them, an eternal Covenant” Another aspect comes into effect here, together with the regathering of the nation, the outpouring of His Spirit, and the entrance into a Renewed Covenant, i.e.. that King David will rule over His people Israel eternally. This text appears to refer to king David, the king of Israel long before the Messiah. If this were indeed


so, it could well have brought doubts on whether the current rebuilding of Israel is in fulfilment of a Divine interaction or not. Three overwhelming factors contradict this reasoning and confirm that this prophecy does not refer to the past, but indeed implies a future occurrence, future even to our time (year 2000): A. David's rule and their stay in the Land, was not eternal as claimed in the Text, but discontinued; B. Ezekiel, the writer of this passage here, only came on the scene centuries after king David, and C. The divided house of Israel (since centuries before Messiah), has to this day not yet been reconciled, as this prophecy proclaims. The return of Judah from all over the world - where they have been scattered for 2000 years, is a miraculous fulfilment of the past few decades. The return of the 10 lost tribes, and their reconciliation with Judah is yet to come! This prophecy therefore, does not refer to ‘ancient’ Israel but to modern Israel, and ‘David’ can only refer to a future Ruler over the 12 Tribes of Israel. It obviously therefore refers to the Messiah King Who is still to come! PLEASE NOTE: Verse 26 refers to an Eternal Covenant. Paul, the apostle, in his letter to the Hebrews (Jews), elaborates on the subject of the New Eternal Covenant, sealed by the Blood of Messiah (Hebrews:13:20; 9:12, 15, 23). When reading the relevant chapters of Hebrews 8, 9 and 10 - the reader should bear the following in mind: (a) The Bible itself refers to Paul’s writing style “which makes some points in his letters hard to understand. These are the points that uneducated and unbalanced people distort, in the same way as they distort the rest of Scripture; a fatal thing for them to do. You have been warned about this - be careful not to get carried away by the errors of unprincipled people" (2 Peter 3:16,17). Refer also to the comprehensive study on "Paul and the Law" YHVH does not misdirect - chopping and changing all the time. He repeatedly emphasises the fact that He will not change nor erase His Word, His Law or the Covenant. If the “hard to understand” writings of Paul are then interpreted by some as implying a change or cancellation of the Covenant, whom will you listen to: YHVH or the teachings of man? (READ! Mark 7:7. Also refer to the enlightening study “In Vain” - which points out the fruitlessness of choosing the teachings of man above the clear Word of YHVH). (b) Paul’s references to “the uselessness of the Law” in these chapters, refer specifically to the Commandments regarding animal sacrifices, and attempting to “earn” one’s Salvation by Law


observance - Paul is definitely not referring to changes in the Commandments, Precepts, Ordinances, and Judgments of the Divine Covenant. At the time of his writing, the Sacrificial System was still being observed by many of his Hebrew contemporaries.

Fulfilment Of The Eternal Covenant
Ezekiel 37:26 (last part),” ... I shall settle My Sanctuary among them for ever. I shall make My Home above them. I will be their God; they shall be My People. And the nations will learn that I am YHVH the Sanctifier of Israel ...” Ezekiel 20 ( READ! READ! READ! ) describes this ultimate victory of YHVH in the sight of all the Nations and Israel as well. It also points out vividly, how that time after time, He would have wiped out the nation of Israel as a result of their disobedience to His Law and the Divine Covenant. But, “respect for My own Name kept Me from allowing it to be profaned in the opinion of the nations in whose sight I had brought them out” (repeated several times in this chapter 20 of Ezekiel). Faithful to His promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, YHVH time and time again, tolerated the situation and continued to lead them on, as He vows in verse 33, to eventually rule over them (after the Ingathering) and to have them serve Him as they should, in the Land of Promise. Ezekiel 20:41 “... When I bring you out from among the nations; I mean to gather you together from the foreign countries in which you have been scattered. Through you I intend to display My Holiness for all the nations to see. And you will learn that I am YHVH, when I bring you back to the soil of Israel; to the Land I solemnly swore to give to your fathers.” When one realises how important it is in the Plan of the Almighty, to return the descendants of Israel from all parts of the world to the actual soil of their forefathers, one receives insight as to the crucial importance for YHVH to fulfil His Promise. Unless YHVH literally fulfils His plans, He faces charges of: being a deceiver; contravening His own Divine Covenant; betrayal and desertion of His dependent subjects. He will then also obviously lose respect from all the nations, including Israel. In such a case Satan would be the victor in his accusations against YHVH - and the human race hopelessly lost, and eternally doomed! It should now be clear to the reader why certain forces so strongly resist the return of Israel to its original land; why evil individuals, like Hitler, wish to wipe out the Jews completely. Through the ages this battle has been raging: Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Herod, ... and many of the nations among which the Jews had been living for 2000 years of their exile from their Land, suffering continual oppression. Up until this day, we still have the Sadam Husseins, the Gaddafis,


the Arafats, and Israel’s neighbouring Arab countries, who wish to deny them ownership of the Land and of Jerusalem. Now one can also understand the popular accusation against the Jews of our time, that they are purportedly not the natural descendants of ancient Israel, and why it is so popularly claimed that the Jews are rejected and doomed forever by the Almighty Himself. The forces of confusion and lies, are working hard to present YHVH as unfaithful and untrue to His Promises ! In the same way and in the same spirit, the battle is raging to remove Jerusalem from under Jewish control. So great will the attack against Israel in the War of Armageddon be, that, in order to protect Israel from total annihilation, the Almighty Himself will have to intervene, fighting on the side of Israel, according to these clearcut Prophecies in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 and Zechariah 12 and 14. Note the references in these chapters, to the final Victory for YHVH, in the sight of all the nations, as the Saviour and King of Israel - true to all His Promises! (This subject is extensively discussed in the publication “Jerusalem Final Countdown to Armageddon”) This scenario could easily have been fulfilled in the 1991 Iraq War, had Israel retaliated. Twenty eight nations were in fact involved in this war, which raged close to the borders of Israel. Many more nations would have joined, had Israel entered into the war. For the first time in modern history, Israel patiently tolerated more than 30 Scud missile attacks by Iraq without her normal retaliation. Israel realised the danger of a major world war, should she enter the battle. Do we realise how very close we stand to Armageddon?

Isaiah 24: 4 “... The world is pining, withering. The heavens are pining away with the earth. The earth is defiled under its inhabitants’ (all the nations’) feet, for they have transgressed the Law, violated the Precept, broken the everlasting Covenant. So a Curse devours the earth and its inhabitants suffer the penalty". Amazing! Prophetic Scripture correctly predicted the polluted, restless, deteriorating condition of the earth as we see it today. Even more amazing is the fact that it ascribes this terrible condition as being due to the breaking of the Covenant by all the nations of the earth! How then dare we contemplate that the Almighty could ever have canceled His Laws upon which His eternal Covenant is founded? The only and best thing to do for the searching soul, is to


repent from rebellion against His Law ... accept the proposal of the eternal Covenant ... and live according to the Precepts, Ordinances and Judgments thereof.

Deuteronomy 30:11-16 “For this Law that I enjoin on you today, is not beyond your strength or beyond your reach. It is not in Heaven, so that you need to wonder: ‘Who will go up to Heaven for us and bring it down to us, so that we may hear it and keep it?’ Nor is it beyond the seas ... No! The Word is very near to you: it is in your mouth and in your heart for your observance. See, today I set before you life and prosperity, death and disaster ... If you love YHVH your God and follow His Ways, if you keep His Commandments, His Laws, His Customs, you will live and increase...” And as if not simple enough, the Almighty goes even a step further in His ‘New Covenant’, and promises to enable the striving soul to observe the eternal Covenant by the indwelling of His Spirit. The 'Old' and the 'New' Covenant are merely descriptive titles referring to two dispensations or two applications of the same Everlasting Covenant. They differ from each other in one respect only: YHVH indwells or possesses the individual by His Power or divine Influence (i.e. His Spirit), in order that the individual automatically realises the vital importance of a lifestyle subject to His Law and committed to His Covenant. YHVH has sealed (signed) this Covenant with His own Blood, shed on Golgotha under humiliating circumstances, as opposed to the 'Old Covenant' which was sealed with the blood of a sacrificial lamb. What more should He do? How wonderfully tolerant and merciful is our Creator and Saviour, the Almighty YHVH? Let us then be careful, not to interpret His Grace as the "anulling" of His Law and His Covenant! Deuteronomy 7:9-13 “Know then that YHVH your God is God indeed; the faithful God Who is true to His Covenant ... for a thousand generations towards those who love Him and keep His Commandments ... He is not slow to destroy the man who hates Him. You are therefore to keep and observe the Commandments and Statutes and Ordinances that I lay down for you today. Listen to these Ordinances, be true to them and observe them, and in return YHVH your God will be true to the Covenant and the kindness He promised your fathers solemnly. He will love you and bless you and increase your numbers.”


Deuteronomy 30:19 “I call Heaven and earth to witness against you today: I set before you Life or Death, Blessing or Curse. Choose Life then, so that you and your descendants may live...”


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