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We consider 5S and Visual Controls to be the foundation of Lean Manufacturing systems.

5S and Visual Controls are workplace organizational tools that pro ide the necessary groundwork for workplace impro ement. 5S and Visual Controls ensure that there is a place for e erything and that e erything is in its place!clean and ready to use. Lean Manufacturing Solutions "nc. will educate your team in 5S and support them during the implementation of a pilot pro#ect. $his pro#ect can be replicated in other areas. $his education teaches employees to be self% directed and to adopt Lean Manufacturing throughout your facility. We can help you establish a team%based corporate culture that empowers your workforce and instills the desire for continuous impro ement.

Pre-5S Scrounge Steal Stash Scramble



&enefits of 5S

Improve safety Decrease down time Raise employee morale Identify problems more quickly Develop control through visibility Our Customers Include:

stablish convenient work practices Increase product and process quality Strengthen employees! pride in their work "romote stronger communication among staff mpower employees to sustain their work area

We created more space for production

Before 5S Clutter and waste of space $op of "age %S & SOR$ $he first stage of 5S is to organize the work area' lea ing only the tools and materials necessary to perform daily acti ities. When (sorting) is well implemented' communication between workers is impro ed and product *uality and producti ity are increased.

During 5S #rea is cleared

%S & S $ I' ORD R $he second stage of 5S in ol es the orderly arrangement of needed items so they are easy to use and accessible for (anyone) to find. +rderliness eliminates waste in production and clerical acti ities.

%S & S(I' $he third stage of 5S is keeping e erything clean and swept. $his maintains a safer work area and problem areas are *uickly identified. ,n important part of (shining) is (Mess -re ention.) "n other words' don.t allow litter' scrap' sha ings' cuttings' etc.' to land on the floor in the first place. &enefits of 5S Shine

liminate spring cleaning Incorporate cleaning into daily routine )aintain clean and ready*to*use equipment

We will help you Define shine target Identify shine methods Implement standardi+ed cleanup Make Shine a natural part of your work day

%S & S$#'D#RDI, $he fourth stage of 5S in ol es creating a consistent approach for carrying out tasks and procedures. +rderliness is the core of (standardization) and is maintained by Visual Controls. We will teach the benefits of/ Signboard strategy Signboard uses "ainting strategy Colour*coding strategy Shadow boarding Standardize Best Methods across the organization %S & S-S$#I' $his last stage of 5S is the discipline and commitment of all other stages. Without (sustaining)' your workplace can easily re ert back to being dirty and chaotic. $hat is why it is so crucial for your team to be empowered to impro e and maintain their workplace. When employees take pride in their work and workplace it can lead to greater #ob satisfaction and higher producti ity.