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Lesson learnt From Joint reviews

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Gurunathan Authorized Inspector Supervisor

Saudi Arabia, DH 09-26-13

QC System Implementation

Note: some of the opinions expressed here are my personnel views, feed back/criticism are welcome.

QC system deficiency
Code books and Inspection Contract. Team leader -QC system review checklist requires that the demonstration item shall be based on the latest code edition and addenda. It was found that the company did not have any required code books, it was not possible to evaluate the company QC system and its implementation.(UG-117 and PG-105) -Re-review


Common QC system deficiency

Inconsistent of use of titles Delegation of duties (if qualified) Electronic control of manuals Always keep a relationship between drawings and design, P.O and Technical details. Contract or Individual welders. Welding supervision responsibilities. Certification of NDE procedures and approval of Written practice. Requirements of field compliance and field organization chart. (A,PP) Distribution of Data report for boilers a copy for AIA.


QC S deficiency cont..
Visual and color examination requirement ( Note: J1 (Cp-189) annually and color (recertification) and J2 and color annually (code)) Input to subcontractors (e.g. PWHT temperature range UG-11) NDE level III responsibilities and qualification. (UW-54) Hold point signed without date.


Implementation Deficiency
Design and Drawing control Material control Examination and Inspection Welding control Non-Destructive Examination Heat treatment Calibration Misc..


Implementation deficiency
Team leader - For Section VIII Div.2 the company presented document demonstration on a 8mm thick vessel. The required knowledge and understanding of the division 2 related to special material, inspection and design requirements could not be completely verified on this vessel. - Presented a new calculation.


ID Design UDS
User Design specification Team leader -Certified UDS did not indicate design life of the vessel and did not include sufficient data to enable screening for fatigue analysis as required by 5.5.2 of code. UDS only indicated that fatigue is not required.


ID Design Cont..
ASME Sec VIII Div. II section

ASME Sec VIII Div. II section


ID Design Cont..
Team leader -MDMT was specified as 38 degree c not taking consideration the requirements of UG-20(b).Impact test exemption were not correctly identified on the drawings -MDMT was corrected to 6 degree c and closed

10 10

ID Design PART 6 and UG-79

Head forming Team leader - The forming strain for heads (double curved circumferential products) was not correctly calculated

11 11

ID Design cont..
Team leader -For tori spherical head of 14mm thickness nominal of 12mm minimum, the fiber elongation exceeded 5% limits requiring heat treatment as per UCS79 are not correctly addressed.

12 12

ID Design cont..
Team leader - Min. thickness specified for the head on the drawing (26.3mm) was less than the min. thickness required in the skirt portion of the head (26.6mm).Skirt portion on the head is to be calculated as shell. - Actual thickness measured and closed. Team leader - The head to shell joint was designed with minimum thickness of head being 11.2mm on the skirt portion while the shell thickness was 10mm. The nominal thickness on head being 12.7mm. The joint design did not meet the requirement of UW-13(b)(3). - To provide proper 1:3 transition on the head to shell, the C.A was reduced on head to modify the min. head thickness.
13 13

ID Design Cont..
Team leader -Single sided welded head to shell seams were considered as Type 1 weld without the requirement of UW-35 examination on inside surface.
Interpretation: Subject: Date Issued: Question: VIII-1-10-33 Part UW, Table UW-12 - Joint Efficiency December 2, 2010 Is it permitted by the rules of ASME Section VIII, Division 1,Table UW-12 for a Type 1 weld joint to be assigned a joint efficiency from Table UW-12 when visual examination of the interior surface of the weld is not performed? Yes, provided the requirements in UW-35 and UW37(d) are met.


14 14

ID Design Cont..
Team leader - The location of the threaded connections specified as inspection openings do not afford and equal view of the interior. - Drawing revised

15 15

ID Design Cont..
Team leader - Requirements of 122.1.4 & PG-58.3.6 for blow-off piping were not included in the drawing and design. Number of stop valves did not meet the requirements, and the calculated design pressure was wrong.

16 16

ID Design Cont..
Team leader - Design calculations for B16.11 threaded couplings and standard caps B16.9 did not meet the requirements of UG-44. Further the class 3000 couplings failed to meet the requirements of UG-45 with the specified C.A. - Calculation Revised Interpretation: Subject: Date Issued: Question: VIII-1-83-217 Section VIII, Division 1; UG-11 and UG-45 February 22, 1984 Are threaded couplings welded directly to a pressure vessel to be designed per ANSI B16.11 as stated in UG-11, footnote 5, Section VIII, Division 1, thus disregarding the requirements of UG-45 for nozzle neck thicknesses, since no neck exists? Yes.


17 17

ID Design Cont..
Team leader -The forged nozzles did not have the proper radius as specified on the drawing and Table 4.2.10 detail 8. The item were accepted and released for fabrication. - Repair by machining.

18 18

ID Design Cont..

19 19

ID Material
Team leader -SA 105 nozzle forgings were considered as fine grain material for impact test exemptions as curve c without meeting fine grain practice requirements as per general note d(2) of table 3.18. on further investigation it was found that if these forgings are considered as curve B materials, impact test requirements cannot be exempted. - Revise the technical doc. Or do a chemical analysis (spectro) Difference between the fine austenitic grain size as per (SA 20) and the grain size reporting on forgings.

20 20

ID Material
Team leader - Shell plate material SA 387 Gr.11 MT Q LTV were received and accepted with normalizing + accelerated cooling and tempering condition, but the MTC is not meeting the testing requirement of SA-20 for the specified heat-treated condition - Interpretation: II-A-10-07 Subject: Number of test coupon for tension test as per SA 20 Date Issued: Feb.7, 2011 Question: Are plates that are accelerated cooled from the austenitizing temperature considered to be quenched and therefore subject to the test rules described in the second sentence of SA-20 Para. 11.1.1? Reply: Yes.
21 21

ID Material
Team Leader - The plate material certificate contains the ASTM designation does not specify the year of edition Interpretation: II-A-04-15 Subject: Certification Requirements for SA-105 Section II, Part A Date Issued: March 15, 2006 Question: When material for Code construction is supplied to an ASTM specification that is included in the list of Acceptable ASTM Editions in Section II, Part A, must the certification requirements include the specification year date and acceptable revision letter? Reply: Yes. Does the manufacturer able to certify the material to the latest edition.
22 22

ID Material
Team leader -While inspecting vessel it was found that one of the nozzle flanges was found damaged during fabrication. Damage occurred due to welding of temporary supports on flanges. - Weld repair performed as per SA-105 requirements that requires PWHT after repair. Team leader - SA 105 Para 7.4 requires that when more than one forging are produced a min. of two forgings shall be hardness tested. This requirement was not complied for some of the SA-105 flanges used on the vessel (MTC) - Additional hardness tested.
23 23

ID Examination and Inspection

Team leader - Vessel of SA-312 TP304 & SA-182 F304 material was certified for 4504 kPa @ 70 degree C and was hydro tested at 5855kPa. The test pressure did not meet the UG-99 requirements as the stress ration for material at test temperature and design temperature was not taken into consideration.

- The vessel was designed for calculated MAWP that was stamped on the vessel. While calculating hydro test pressure, stress ratio was wrongly taken as 1.0. Existing vessel name plate shall be removed and new name plates attached.

24 24

ID Examination and Inspection

Team leader - While reviewing the data reports and records of the recently completed vessels for the stamped MAWP 200.3psi, the vessel was hydro tested at 247.7psi. It was observed that the hydro test pressure of the vessel did not meet the code requirements. The drawings and calculations also indicated incorrect test pressure.

- Existing vessel name plate shall be removed and new name plates attached.

25 25

ID Examination and Inspection

Team leader - The vessel required external pressure as an applicable UG-22 loading condition. Heads (2:1 ellipsoidal) were procured and accepted without the verification for external pressure as required by UG-81(b) - A template prepared and verified.

26 26

ID Examination and Inspection

Team leader - During welding demonstration the gas flow specified in customary unit CPM on the WPS, actual flow meter indicated LPM metric. No conversion factor known by the welding/QC personnel. - During the weld demonstration it was observed that the ampere meter on the welding machine was not working and the welder could not demonstrate the ampere range as specified in WPS.

27 27

ID Welding
Team Leader: -Undersize fillet welds for nozzle to shell/head and for reinforcement pad to shell. The fillet size were calculated based on corroded thickness(as shown in app-l), however UW-16(b) defines thickness for shell and nozzle to be considered as nominal for determining weld sizes.

28 28

ID welding Cont.. UW-16

29 29

ID welding Cont.. UW-16

Interpretation: Subject: Date Issued: File: Question: Reply: Interpretation: Subject: Date Issued: File: Question: VIII-1-89-272 Section VIII, Division 1 (1989 Edition, 1989 Addenda), UW-16(b) January 22, 1991 BC90-792 Are the symbols defined in UW-16(b) to be applied in the corroded condition? Yes. See UG-16(e). VIII-1-92-72 Section VIII, Division 1 (1989 Edition, 1990 Add); UG-37(a) and UW-16(b) June 3, 1992 BC91-303 Does the nomenclature for t and tn in UG-37(a) and UW-16(b), and tn in Appendix 2 of Section VIII, Division 1 represent the same dimension as defined in Appendix 3 for nominal thickness? Yes, except when a corrosion allowance is specified, then all dimensional symbols used in design formulas are in the corroded condition.
30 30


ID welding Cont.. UW-16

Interpretation: Subject: Date Issued: File: Question: VIII-1-01-01 Section VIII, Division 1 (1998 Edition, 1999 Addenda); UW-16(b) and Fig. UW-16.1 July 21, 2000 BC00-388 For a nozzle made of pipe, may the pipe under tolerance be subtracted from the nominal wall thickness for the evaluation of tc in Fig. UW -16.1 of Section VIII, Division 1? No.


31 31

ID welding Cont.. UW-16

Team leader -Tolerance for fillet welds were not specified on drawings. Interpretation: Subject: Date Issued: File: Question: VIII-1-92-174 Section VIII, Division 1 (1992 Edition, 1992 Addenda); UW-35(d) October 20, 1993 BC93-604 Do the reinforcement requirements of UW-35(d) in Section VIII, Division 1 apply to weld joints other than longitudinal and circumferential butt joints, e.g., fillet welds of nozzles and couplings? No.


32 32

ID welding Cont..
Team Leader - WPS used to weld 14.3mm thick diameter forged nozzle to end cover of 39.7mm thick did not meet the base metal thickness requirement of QW-451. WPS used was qualified for a max. thickness of 11.1 mm. (but remember the QW-202.4 for, provisions) - Alternate WPS provided and weld plan revised.

33 33

ID welding Cont..
Team Leader - Welder used to weld the diameter nozzle (set-on type connection) was not qualified for the diameter. - Welder used for welding coupling welded to pipe using GTAW and SMAW was not qualified for the pipe diameter for the welding process. - Welders re-qualified.

34 34

Team leader - WP as per ASNT CP-189: 2006. CP-189 clause 9.2.1 requires that the certification records include the level, method and technique covered. - Certification record corrected. - NDE subcontractor WP that was based on SNT-TC-1A:2001 & 2006 required technical evaluation of level I & II to be carried out at least every year. This was however not evident for the NDE personnel used for performing and evaluating NDE. - NDE personnel shall be given practical examination for evaluating their technical performance.
35 35

ID NDE Cont..
Team leader - Location of the location markers that were appearing as radiography image on the film were not permanently marked on the surface of the shell for the spot radiographed head to shell weld. - The location were marked on the head.

36 36

ID NDE Cont..
The NDE and Heat Treatment subcontractors reports and procedure used on recently completed work were not certified for by the company as required by 2.3.7 NDE and HT reports and procedure were certified.

37 37

ID Heat Treatment

38 38

ID Heat Treatment

39 39

ID Heat Treatment

40 40

ID Calibration
Team leader - MT yoke calibration records did not specify the pole spacing at which the lifting power check was performed. Further the procedure allowed yoke to work at 110-220V range but failed to lift the required weight at 110V. - The lifting power was rechecked at the max. pole spacing, procedure revised.

41 41

ID Calibration Cont..
Team leader - Step wedge calibration film for the calibration of densitometer did not meet the requirements of T-262.1(a). It was found being used without verification beyond one year of opening. - Recalibrate densitometer using alternate step wedge film if found out calibration check the density of all the films shot after this. Team leader - Calibration without technical details. - Calibration report acceptance by manufacturer.

42 42

It was observed that the number of vessels are dispatched to the user with code required marking/name plate but the manufacturers data reports are not certified. The reason given for not signing the data reports was that the documentation and records for these vessels have not been completed. Some of the vessels was found having outstanding non conformity report related to material. NCR open.

43 43

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