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Complete Salvation

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COMPLETE SALVATION 2006 Derek Prince Ministries-Intemational All ri !ts reser"e#$ IS%N &'(-)-(&22(*-+2-& Scri,t-re .-otations are /rom t!e Ne0 1in 2ames Version o/ t!e %i3le4 T!omas Nelson P-3lis!ers4 Nas!"ille4 TN4 )&(2$ T!is 3ook 0as com,ile# /rom t!e e5tensi"e arc!i"e o/ Derek Prince6s -n,-3lis!e# materials an# e#ite# 37 t!e Derek Prince Ministries e#itorial team$ No ,art o/ t!is 3ook ma7 3e re,ro#-ce# or transmitte# in an7 /orm or 37 an7 means4 electronic or mec!anical4 incl-#in ,!otoco,7in 4 recor#in 4 or 37 means o/ an7 in/ormation stora e an# retrie"al s7stem4 0it!o-t ,ermission in 0ritin /rom t!e ,-3lis!er$ Printe# in t!e 8$ S$ A$

Introduction...........................................................7 1 So Great a Salvation...........................................9 2 New e!ta"ent #!a$e o% &Salvation'...........2( ( )e Cro!!* E+c)an$e........................................(( , )e Cro!!* Identi%ication..................................,7 - .ow to /00ro0riate W)at God .a! Done. . .11


want to e"0)a!i2e t)at our !alvation i! great and it i! complete3 4ecau!e I 4elieve t)at "an5 C)ri!tian! w)o )ave e+0erienced !alvation )ave not e+0erienced all t)at God included in t)e !alvation .e )a! 0rovided. It i! a! i% t)e5 are livin$ in a corner o% a little )ou!e3 w)erea! t)e5 )ave actuall5 entered a $reat 4i$3 wonder%ul "an!ion t)at God )a! 0re0ared %or t)e". In %act3 I do not 4elieve t)at t)ere i! a C)ri!tian on eart) toda5 w)o )a! e+0erienced t)e co"0letene!! o% all t)at God )a! 0rovided in !alvation6and I include "5!el%. I t)an7 God I a" en8o5in$ a lot "ore t)an I did w)en I wa! %ir!t !aved in 19,13 4ut I 7now t)ere i! "uc)3 "uc) "ore %or u! all.



n .e4rew! 2*(3 t)e writer a!7!* How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation...?

It i! a great !alvation t)at God )a! 0rovided %or u! t)rou$) 9e!u! C)ri!t. .owever3 one o% t)e $reat dan$er! i! t)at we would &ne$lect' it 6t)at i!3 not reall5 enter into it. Ne$lect include! acce0tin$ our $reat !alvation a! 8u!t a t)eolo$ical %act or doctrine 4ut not e"4racin$ it in %ullne!! in our e+0erience.

Understanding the Vastness of Our Salvation

In E0)e!ian! (*17:193 t)e a0o!tle Paul 0ra5! %or t)e 0eo0le o% God*
444 That you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth

Complete Salvation and height to !now the love of Christ which passes !nowledge" that you may be filled with all the fullness of #od.

I 0icture enterin$ our $reat !alvation a! wal7in$ into a tre"endou! "an!ion. It )a! "an5 corridor! and di%%erent t50e! o% roo"!. I% we loo73 %ir!t o% all3 at t)e widt)6it !tretc)e! out a! %ar a! our e5e! can !ee in eit)er direction. )en i% we loo7 a)ead at t)e len$t)3 we cannot !ee t)e end o% it. I"a$ine !tandin$ on a $rand !tairca!e in t)e "id!t o% t)at wonder%ul "an!ion. W)en 5ou loo7 down3 5ou cannot !ee all t)at i! 4eneat) 5ou. ;inall53 a! 5ou loo7 u03 it !tretc)e! 4e5ond w)at 5ou can ta7e in wit) 5our e5e!< Paul=! 0ra5er tell! u! t)at God doe! not want u! to re"ain i!olated in !o"e !"all corner o% t)e "an!ion we )ave entered3 4ut to co"0re)end6to ta7e in and e"4race6all t)e !co0e o% our $reat !alvation* it! widt)3 it! len$t)3 it! de0t) and it! )ei$)t. )rou$)out t)e >i4le3 t)e word salvation )a! a ver5 wide a00lication. ;or "an5 0eo0le it "i$)t !i"0l5 "ean )avin$ t)eir !in! %or$iven

So #reat a Salvation and 4eco"in$ &a 0re0ac7a$ed !oul %or )eaven.' >ut t)ere i! a lot "ore to !alvation t)an t)at. Salvation i! a 4i4lical word %or God=! all: inclu!ive 0rovi!ion %or "an. It i! u!ed in t)e New e!ta"ent to de!cri4e all t)e 4ene%it! and 4le!!in$! o% God "ade availa4le to u! t)rou$) 9e!u! C)ri!t. It include! t)e %or$ivene!! o% !in!3 t)e $i%t o% eternal li%e3 t)e 0rovi!ion o% 0)5!ical )ealin$3 t)e 0ower to live a li%e t)at i! di%%erent 6in %act3 ever5 0rovi!ion %or t)i! li%e and t)e a!!urance o% eternit5 in t)e 0re!ence o% /l"i$)t5 God.

The I !ortan"e of Trusting in God#s Salvation

P!al" 7@*12:-, de!cri4e! t)e Aord=! dealin$! wit) I!rael in 4rin$in$ t)e" out o% E$50t and t)en ta7in$ t)e" t)rou$) t)e wilderne!!. It al!o !tate! w)5 t)e Aord 4eca"e an$r5 wit) .i! 0eo0le. Puttin$ it into ever5da5 lan$ua$e3 God wa! an$r5 4ecau!e t)e5 )ad !uc) a !"all view o% .i" and .i! !alvation. Si"ilarl53 I 4elieve t)at !o"eti"e! we $rieve God 45 our !"all

Complete Salvation

co"0re)en!ion o% t)e !alvation .e )a! $iven u!. I% 5ou anal52e t)e 0a!!a$e3 salvation i! t)e all:inclu!ive word %or ever5 4le!!in$ and 0rovi!ion God $ave t)e"3 %ro" t)e ti"e t)e5 !acri%iced t)e Pa!!over la"4 and were delivered %ro" E$50t until t)e5 entered t)eir in)eritance. It included 0rotection %ro" God=! 8ud$"ent t)rou$) t)e 4lood o% t)e la"43 t)e !u0ernatural 0a!!in$ t)rou$) t)e Red Sea3 t)e 0re!ence o% God co"in$ down in t)e %or" o% a cloud3 4ein$ %ed ever5 da5 wit) "anna %ro" )eaven3 water $u!)in$ out o% t)e roc7!3 and !o on. .owever3 de!0ite all t)e marvelous things God did3 t)e 0eo0le !inned and re4elled in t)e wilderne!!3 te!ted God in t)eir )eart!3 and !0o7e a$ain!t .i" Bver!e! 17:2?C. Der!e! 21 and 22 tell u!*
Therefore, the $ord heard this and was furious" so a fire was !indled against %acob, and anger also came up against &srael, because they did not believe in #od, and did not trust in His salvation. 12

So #reat a Salvation .ave 5ou ever con!idered w)at it too7 to %eed !o"e t)ree "illion 0eo0le ever5 da5E I !aw a 0icture 5ear! a$o o% t)e %rei$)t train t)at would 4e reFuired to carr5 t)e water and %ood %or t)ree "illion 0eo0le %or one da5. It wa! a ver5 lon$ train indeed6and t)at wa! 8u!t %or one da5< God %ed t)e" in t)e wilderne!! %or forty years. /ll t)at 0rovi!ion wa! included in t)eir !alvation. /l!o included wa! t)e %act t)eir !)oe! never wore out and t)eir clot)e! never $ot old. W)en t)e5 were !ic73 God 0rovided )ealin$. In t)e )eat o% t)e da53 .e covered t)e" wit) a cloud and3 in t)e cold o% ni$)t3 .e 0rovided t)e war"t) and li$)t o% a %ire. God=! total 0rovi!ion wa! !u""ed u0 in t)i! one word &!alvation3' u!ed in ver!e 22 Bin .e4rew it i! yeshuah'. Get God wa! $rieved 4ecau!e t)e5 did not co"0re)end t)e e+tent o% .i! !alvation. ;urt)er on3 in ver!e ,13 it !a5!* (es, again and again they tempted #od, and limited the Holy )ne of &srael. I con%e!! t)at "an5 ti"e! I )ave li"ited God in "5 conce0t o% !alvation. I )ave )ad a

Complete Salvation

need and t)ou$)t to "5!el%3 Can & really trust #od for that need? I t)in7 "o!t C)ri!tian! toda5 !et li"it! to w)at t)e5 t)in7 God will do. )e!e are not !cri0tural li"it!3 t)e5 are 8u!t li"it! on )ow 4i$ we i"a$ine God=! !alvation to 4e. We need to 4ear in "ind t)at t)i! $rieve! t)e Aord. W)en t)e I!raelite! !et li"it! to w)at t)e5 t)ou$)t God could do3 it $rieved .i". )ere%ore3 let u! re!olve in our )eart! t)at we will not !et li"it! to w)at God can do3 4ut rat)er 4elieve in t)e all:inclu!ive3 co"0re)en!ive !alvation God )a! 0rovided.

The $erfe"t Sa"rifi"e of %esus Christ

.e4rew! 1?*1, !tate! w)at wa! acco"0li!)ed 45 t)e deat) o% 9e!u! C)ri!t on t)e cro!!*
*or by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.

.i! deat) wa! a !acri%ice3 %oreordained 45 God3 on 4e)al% o% t)e w)ole )u"an race. W)en I tau$)t En$li!) a! a !econd lan$ua$e

So #reat a Salvation to /%rican !tudent!3 one o% t)e t)in$! t)at I di!covered wa! t)at I )ad to teac) t)e" t)e !i$ni%icance o% En$li!) ten!e!. / ten!e i! t)e %or" o% t)e ver4 t)at !)ow! t)e ti"e o% t)e action. In t)i! ver!e two ten!e! are u!ed and t)e5 are ver5 !i$ni%icant. )e %ir!t i! called t)e perfect tense. It !a5!3 *or by one offering He has perfected forever.... )e writer to t)e .e4rew! )a! 8u!t de!cri4ed )ow t)e Old e!ta"ent 0rie!t! !tood "ini!terin$ dail53 o%%erin$ a$ain and a$ain t)e !a"e !acri%ice!3 w)ic) could never ta7e awa5 !in. .owever3 !0ea7in$ a4out 9e!u!3 )e !a5!3 +ut this ,an, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down at the right hand of #od Bver!e 12C. )e contra!t i! 4etween t)e 0rie!t!3 w)o !tood continuall53 and 9e!u!3 w)o o%%ered .i! one !acri%ice and !at down. W)5 did .e !it downE >ecau!e .e wa! never $oin$ to )ave to "a7e anot)er !acri%ice< .e )ad done it all3 once and %orever. .owever3 t)e Old e!ta"ent 0rie!t!= 8o4 wa! never %ini!)ed3 4ecau!e t)eir !acri%ice! could not deal wit) t)e real 0ro4le" o% !in. 9e!u!= wor7 i! co"0lete. It never )a! to 4e added to3 and not)in$ can ever 4e ta7en

Complete Salvation

awa5 %ro" it. It i! %orever. 0er%ect ten!e i! u!ed.

)at i! w)5 t)e

S0ea7in$ a4out t)o!e w)o are a00ro0riatin$ t)e wor7 o% 9e!u!3 t)e writer call! u! those who are being sanctified Bver!e 1,C. )at i! w)at we call a continuing present tense. 9e!u!= wor7 wa! 0er%ect3 4ut our a00ro0riation o% it i! a continuin$ process. We are being !ancti%ied. /nd a! we are 4ein$ !ancti%ied6a! we are increa!in$l5 !et a0art to God3 draw clo!er to God and a00ro0riate "ore o% God=! 0rovi!ion and 0ro"i!e!6we enter "ore and "ore into t)e %ull 0rovi!ion o% t)e one !acri%ice o% 9e!u! C)ri!t. I wa! a 0)ilo!o0)er 4e%ore I wa! a 0reac)er3 and I o4!erved t)at t)e >i4le i! t)e onl5 4oo7 t)at dia$no!e! accuratel5 t)e cau!e o% )u"an 0ro4le"!. )e cau!e i! !tated in one word* sin. No ot)er 4oo7 dia$no!e! t)e nature and e%%ect! o% !in or tell! u! t)e re"ed5 e+ce0t t)e >i4le. I% we )ad to deal wit) t)e 0ro4le" in our own wi!do" or !tren$t) it would de%eat u!. Sin=! re"ed5 i! a !acri%ice. )i! i! t)e "e!!a$e o% t)e w)ole >i4le3 %ro" 4e$innin$ to

So #reat a Salvation end. W)erever t)ere i! !in3 t)ere has to be a !acri%ice. /ll t)e Old e!ta"ent !acri%ice! were 0re%i$urin$! B!)adow! or t50e!C o% t)e one3 $loriou!3 %inal3 all:!u%%icient !acri%ice w)ic) 9e!u! "ade on our 4e)al% on t)e cro!!. >e%ore .e died3 9e!u!= la!t triu"0)ant cr5 wa!3 &It i! %ini!)ed<' In t)e Gree7 o% t)e New e!ta"ent t)i! i! one word3 tetelestai6t)e 0er%ect ten!e o% a ver4 t)at "ean! &to do !o"et)in$ 0er%ectl5.' H5 inter0retation i! t)at 9e!u!= !acri%ice wa! perfectly perfect and completely complete. .owever3 our a00ro0riation o% t)e 4ene%it! o% t)e !acri%ice i! progressive.

Ne& 'irth and Salvation

We need to "a7e an i"0ortant di!tinction 4etween new 4irt) and !alvation. Aet u! loo7 %or a "o"ent in 9o)n 1*11:1( a4out t)e new 4irt).
He -%esus. came to His own -place or home., and His own -people. did not receive Him...

)an7 God %or t)e word &4ut' t)at %ollow!. )i! wa! not t)e end< )ere are "an5

Complete Salvation

wonder%ul occurrence! o% &4ut' in t)e >i4le B!ee Ro"an! 1*2(3 %or e+a"0leC. In 9o)n=! $o!0el3 we continue*
+ut as many as received Him, to them He gave the right -& prefer to say authority. to become children of #od, to those who believe in His name/ who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of #od.

o 4e 4orn o% God i! new 4irt). In !treet "eetin$!3 in t)e cit5 o% Aondon in 0articular3 I )ave )ad t)e 0rivile$e o% leadin$ )undred! o% 0eo0le into t)e new 4irt). I !aid to t)e"3 &I% 5ou want to 4e 4orn a$ain3 t)ere i! one t)in$ 5ou )ave to do* Gou )ave to receive .i"<' )at i! t)e 7e5 to t)e new 4irt)6 receiving %esus. )e te+t !a5!3 &/! many as received Him.... Gou )ave $ot to o0en 5our )eart 0er!onall5 and welco"e t)e Aord in. .e al!o !a5!3 +ehold, & stand at the door and !noc!. &f anyone hears ,y voice and opens the door, & will come in BRevelation (*2?C. W)at a 4le!!in$ it i! to a!!ure 0eo0le t)at i% t)e5 invited 9e!u! in3 .e )a! 7e0t .i! 0ro"i!e* .e has co"e in.


So #reat a Salvation )e new 4irt) i! a one:ti"e e+0erience. / 0er!on never need! to 4e 4orn a$ain twice. Huc) o% it i! 0otential3 in a certain !en!e* we receive aut)orit5 to 4eco"e c)ildren o% God. .owever3 aut)orit5 i! u!ele!! i% not u!ed. W)at we 4eco"e de0end! on )ow "uc) we u!e t)e aut)orit5 t)at we are $iven. W)en I "ini!tered in /%rica3 I o4!erved t)at an /%rican=! attitude i!3 & )ere i! no )ar" in a!7in$ %or it.' I% 5ou $ive an /%rican a 0air o% !)oe!3 )e will 0ro4a4l5 !a53 & )an7 5ou< >ut w)ere are t)e !oc7!E' I% )e 7now! t)ere i! !o"et)in$ to 4e received 45 a!7in$3 )e will u!uall5 co"e and a!7 %or it. )ere%ore3 it i! not di%%icult to $et 0eo0le to co"e %orward in !u4: Sa)aran /%rica in an a00eal. Rat)er3 it i! di%%icult to stop t)e"< I !tru$$led to teac) "5 !tudent! t)at3 once t)e5 )ad a!7ed to receive 9e!u!3 t)e5 did not )ave to 7ee0 a!7in$. .e had co"e in< )e real victor5 wa! w)en t)e5 did not co"e %orward a$ain64ecau!e t)en t)e5 )ad $ra!0ed t)e %act t)at t)e5 )ad received .i". In contra!t to new 4irt)3 salvation is an

Complete Salvation

ongoing process. It i! not a one:ti"e e+0erience. Gou "i$)t 4e 4orn a$ain 4ut3 a! %or !alvation3 )ow %ar )ave 5ou co"eE Salvation i! re%erred to in t)ree ten!e!* in t)e 0er%ect ten!e3 t)e !i"0le 0a!t ten!e3 and t)e continuin$ 0re!ent ten!e. E0)e!ian! 2*@ !a5!* *or by grace you have been saved through faith.... )at i! t)e 0er%ect ten!e. ran!lated literall53 Paul i! !a5in$3 &>5 $race 5ou are )avin$:4een:!aved.' It i! co"0leted. itu! (*- !a5!* 0ot by wor!s of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy, He IGodJ saved us. )at i! t)e !i"0le 0a!t ten!e. ;or "e3 t)ere wa! a !0eci%ic "o"ent in ti"e w)en God !aved "e* it wa! a4out "idni$)t on a ;rida5 evenin$ late in 9ul5 19,1. )ere i! one 0articular "o"ent w)en we 0er!onall5 enter into t)e 0rovi!ion o% God. In 1 Corint)ian! 1*1@ we %ind t)e continuin$ 0re!ent ten!e* *or the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of #od. )e continuin$ 0re!ent ten!e "ean! &u! w)o are continuall5 4ein$ !aved.'

So #reat a Salvation In !u""ation3 we )ave a one:ti"e e+0erience in w)ic) we can !a53 &God !aved "e.' )rou$) t)at e+0erience3 we enter into a !alvation w)ic) i! alread5 co"0lete* we are having1been1saved. >ut3 at t)e !a"e ti"e3 !alvation continue! to wor7 in u!* we are continuall5 being saved. / vivid illu!tration o% t)i! i! Noa)=! ar7. )ere are two "ain ar7! in t)e Old e!ta"ent* t)e 4i$ ar7 o% Noa) and t)e little ar7 o% Ho!e!. >ot) are 0icture! o% C)ri!t. )e 4i$ ar7 !0ea7! o% "e in Christ" t)e little ar7 !0ea7! o% Christ in me. Eac) o% t)e" !0ea7! o% C)ri!t. ;ocu!in$ on t)e 4i$ ar7 o% Noa)3 we !ee t)at !alvation ca"e t)rou$) enterin$ t)at ar7. /t a certain ti"e3 Noa) and )i! %a"il5 entered into t)e ar7 and they were saved. )e ar7 wa! alread5 co"0lete and 0er%ect. It )ad 4een 4uilt e+actl5 accordin$ to God=! in!truction!. It never )ad to 4e re0airedK it never )ad to 4e ad8u!ted or i"0roved or recalled. It wor7ed 0er%ectl5< /nd t)an7 God it did3 4ecau!e it would )ave 4een too late i% it )ad not< )e "o"ent t)e5 entered into t)e ar73 t)e5 entered into a 0er%ect

Complete Salvation

!alvation. >ut all t)e ti"e t)e5 were in t)e ar73 t)e ar7 wa! continually saving them %ro" t)e water! t)at ra$ed all around.




want to draw 5our attention to !o"e t)in$ t)at doe! not co"e out in an5 tran!lation o% t)e >i4le t)at I 7now o%. In t)e New e!ta"ent3 t)ere i! one Gree7 word %or &!ave.' Puttin$ it in En$li!) letter!3 it i! so2o. )i! Gree7 word so2o i! "o!t o%ten tran!lated a! &!ave' or &!aved3' 4ut t)ere are ot)er 0a!!a$e! w)ere it i! tran!lated &)ealed3' &"ade well3' &"ade w)ole3' &0re!erved3' and !o on. )e!e ot)er tran!lation! conceal t)e %act t)at !alvation i! 4ein$ re%erred to. o "a7e t)i! clear3 I will $ive !even e+a"0le! %ro" t)e New e!ta"ent o% t)e u!e o% t)i! word so2o w)ere3 i% we did not )ave acce!! to t)e Gree73 we would )ave no wa5 o% 7nowin$ t)at t)e word 4ein$ u!ed i! so2o6t)at i!3 !alvation.

Complete Salvation

Matthew 14:36
3nd when the men of that place recogni2ed -%esus., they sent out into all that surrounding region, brought to Him all who were sic!, and begged Him that they might only touch the hem of His garment. 3nd as many as touched it were made perfectly well. 4verses 56157'

)i! i! 0art o% t)e "ini!tr5 o% 9e!u!. W)at t)e Gree7 actuall5 !a5! i! t)e5 were &t)orou$)l5 !aved' or &co"0letel5 )ealed.' It i! t)e Gree7 word so2o, wit) t)e 0re0o!ition dia in %ront3 w)ic) "ean! &t)rou$)'6i"0l5in$ thoroughly. Ever5 0er!on wa! "iraculou!l5 )ealed3 or t)orou$)l5 !aved. In ot)er word!3 )ealin$ wa! not an addition to !alvation3 it wa! one 0art o% !alvation. It i! !alvation a00lied to t)e 0)5!ical 4od5. Luke 8:36 Au7e @*21:(9 $ive! a record o% t)e !o:called &Gadarene de"oniac3' a "an w)o wa! totall5 de"oni2ed. .e would not wear an5 clot)e!K and )e lived a"on$ t)e to"4!3 cuttin$ )i"!el%3

0ew Testament 8sage of Salvation !)outin$ out da5 and ni$)t. W)en 9e!u! ca"e3 t)e "an did one tre"endou!l5 !i$ni%icant t)in$* )e ca"e and %ell down 4e%ore 9e!u! and wor!)i0ed .i" BHar7 -*1C. In "5 e+0erience o% )el0in$ 0eo0le $et delivered %ro" evil !0irit!3 t)e5 )ave to 4e willin$ to !u4"it to 9e!u!K ot)erwi!e t)e5 do not Fuali%5. )i! "an did a4!olutel5 all )e could doK a%ter t)at3 t)e de"on! too7 over. >ut )e )ad co"e to 9e!u!K and 9e!u! !aw t)at3 in )i! )eart3 wa! a de!ire %or .i"!el%. 9e!u! a!7ed )i! na"e and t)e de"on! re0lied3 $egion, 4ecau!e "an5 de"on! )ad entered )i". )en t)e de"on! 4e$$ed 9e!u!3 9o not send us into the abyss: )e5 0leaded to $o into a near45 )erd o% !wine in!tead3 and 9e!u! 0er"itted it. )ere )ave 4een a lot o% intere!tin$ !0eculation! a! to w)5 9e!u! did t)i!. H5 o0inion i! t)at it would )ave 4een a$oni2in$ %or t)e "an i% t)e de"on! )ad $one out unwillin$l5. )ere%ore3 9e!u! $ave t)e" an o0tion t)e5 were 0re0ared to acce0t* to $o into t)e !wine. )e !wine t)en i""ediatel5 ran down t)e !tee0 !lo0e into t)e la7e and were drowned.

Complete Salvation

It i! wort) notin$ t)at one "an could contain !uc) de"on 0ower and 7ee0 it under control3 5et t)e !a"e de"on! could de!tro5 a )erd o% two t)ou!and 0i$!. )at $ive! u! !o"e idea o% t)e 0ower o% )u"an 0er!onalit5. Han5 ti"e! in deliverance w)en I )ave )eard !o"eone=! !tor53 I )ave 4een overw)el"ed 45 t)e %act t)at 0eo0le could live wit) w)at t)e5 )ave )ad to %i$)t in!ide t)e". )e 0eo0le w)o 7e0t t)e !wine went and told a4out it in t)e cit5*
Then they went out to see what had happened, and came to %esus, and found the man from whom the demons had departed, sitting at the feet of %esus, clothed and in his right mind. 3nd they were afraid. They also who had seen it told them by what means he who had been demon1possessed was healed. 4verses 56157'

)e word u!ed i! so2o a$ain. )u!3 deliverance %ro" de"on! wa! not an addition to !alvation. It i! a 0art o% !alvation. Luke 8:48


0ew Testament 8sage of Salvation 9e!u! returned to t)e ot)er !ide o% t)e Sea o% Galilee and wa! t)ron$ed 45 a crowd w)en a wo"an wit) c)ronic 4leedin$ ca"e and touc)ed .i". 9e!u! 7new !o"e4od5 )ad touc)ed .i" and a!7ed3 ;ho touched ,e? S)e wa! a%raid to ad"it it 4ecau!e3 accordin$ to t)e Aaw o% Ho!e!3 a wo"an wit) an i!!ue o% 4lood wa! cere"oniall5 unclean and wa! not 0er"itted to touc) an54od5. >ut !)e wa! !o de!0erate t)at !)e went a$ain!t t)e Aaw. W)en !)e reali2ed 9e!u! 7new w)at )ad )a00ened3 !)e ca"e tre"4lin$3 %ell down 4e%ore .i"3 and con%e!!ed w)at !)e )ad done. In ver!e ,@3 9e!u! !aid to )er*
9aughter, be of good cheer" your faith has made you well. #o in peace.

)u!3 deliverance %ro" c)ronic 4leedin$ i! al!o a 0art o% !alvation. Luke 8:50 9e!u! )ad 4een on .i! wa5 to 0ra5 %or t)e dau$)ter o% 9airu!3 w)o wa! at deat)=! door. )e wo"an )ad dela5ed .i" and 9airu!= dau$)ter )ad died. So"e well:"eanin$3 4ut

Complete Salvation

ne$ative3 0eo0le !ent a "e!!a$e to 9airu! !a5in$3 9on<t trouble the Teacher. (our daughter is dead.
+ut when %esus heard it, He answered him, saying, 9o not be afraid" only believe, and she will be made well.

Gue!! w)at t)e word i!E &S)e will 4e saved.' W)at )a00ened to )erE S)e wa! 4rou$)t 4ac7 %ro" deat) to li%e. )i! al!o i! 0art o% !alvation. Acts 4: !1" /%ter Peter and 9o)n )ad 4rou$)t "iraculou! )ealin$ to t)e la"e "an w)o !at at t)e >eauti%ul Gate o% t)e te"0le 4e$$in$ %or al"!3 t)e reli$iou! leader!)i0 o% t)e da5 )ad an inFuir5. BI don=t 7now w)et)er 5ou )ave noticed3 4ut w)enever 9e!u! )ealed 0eo0le6 and .e u!uall5 did it on t)e Sa44at) da56t)e reli$iou! leader! never 4ot)ered a4out t)e 0eo0le w)o were )ealed. /ll t)e5 4ot)ered a4out wa! t)eir re$ulation! %or t)e Sa44at)3 w)ic) t)e5 clai"ed )ad not 4een o4!erved. )at i! rat)er t50ical o% reli$iou! 0eo0le. )e5

0ew Testament 8sage of Salvation tend to $et !o a4!or4ed wit) t)eir little rule! t)at t)e5 "i!! t)e reall5 i"0ortant t)in$! o% God.C W)en Peter and 9o)n were arrai$ned 45 t)e San)edrin3 Peter re0lied*
&f we this day are =udged for a good deed done to a helpless man, by what means he has bee# made well....

)e word a$ain i! so2o. )u!3 t)e re!toration o% !tren$t) and li%e to t)e 4od5 o% a cri00led "an i! al!o called !alvation. Peter continued t)at it wa! t)rou$) t)e na"e o% 9e!u! o% Na2aret) t)at t)i! )ad )a00ened Bver!e 1?C. )en )e !aid* There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be sa$ed Bver!e 12C. So2o a$ain. !alvation. Acts 14:
3nd in $ystra a certain man without strength in his feet was sitting, a cripple from his mother<s womb, who had never wal!ed. This man heard >aul spea!ing. >aul, observing him intently and seeing that he had faith t% be 29

)e )ealin$ o% t)at "an wa!

Complete Salvation healed, said with a loud voice, Stand up straight on your feet: 3nd he leaped and wal!ed. 4verses ?1@A'

Paul !aw t)at )e )ad %ait) to 4e )ealed6 )e )ad %ait) to 4e saved. " &im%thy 4:18 )i! i! a co"0letel5 di%%erent u!e o% t)e word. Paul3 ri$)t at t)e end o% )i! li%e3 in 8ail and %acin$ 0ro4a4le e+ecution3 !aid*
3nd the $ord will deliver me from every evil wor! and preser$e me for His heavenly !ingdom. To Him be glory forever and ever. 3men:

)e word tran!lated &0re!erve' i! so2o a$ain6!aved. Salvation include! t)e 0roce!! o% 4ein$ 7e0t 45 God %or .i! eternal 7in$do". )e!e e+a"0le! are in!tance! w)ere t)e Gree7 word %or &!ave' i! a00lied to t)in$! ot)er t)an t)e %or$ivene!! o% !in!. )e5 e"0)a!i2e t)at !alvation i! the all1inclusive benefit of the sacrifice of %esus on the cross. It cover! ever5 area o% )u"an 0er!onalit5 and ever5

0ew Testament 8sage of Salvation need in an5 )u"an li%e in ti"e or eternit5. W)et)er a need i! !0iritual3 "ental3 e"otional3 0)5!ical3 or %inancial3 it i! covered 45 t)e one !acri%ice o% 9e!u!. I )ave !0ent 5ear! "editatin$ on 9e!u!= wor7 on t)e cro!!6ever !ince I wa! !ic7 in a >riti!) "ilitar5 )o!0ital in E$50t in 19,(. God !ent "e a 0reciou! !i!ter* a lad5 4ri$adier in t)e Salvation /r"53 a$ed a4out 71 and a real warrior o% t)e Aord. S)e $ot 0er"i!!ion %or "e to $o out 0ra5 wit) )er in a car. God !0o7e to "e t)rou$) anot)er !i!ter in t)at car3 !a5in$3 &Con!ider t)e wor7 o% Calvar5* a 0er%ect wor7 60er%ect in ever5 re!0ect3 0er%ect in ever5 a!0ect.' W)en I $ot out o% t)e car I wa! 8u!t a! !ic7 a! w)en I $ot in. >ut God )ad !)own "e w)ere to %ind t)e an!wer* t)e wor7 o% Calvar5. It wa! a 0er%ect wor73 0er%ect in ever5 re!0ect. It doe! not "atter w)at 7ind o% need we )ave3 t)e !acri%ice o% 9e!u! wa! 0er%ect in ever5 a!0ect. ;ro" w)atever an$le 5ou view it3 it wa! 0er%ect. Since t)at ti"e B%or nearl5 !i+t5 5ear!C3 I )ave 4een con!iderin$ t)e wor7 o% Calvar5. I

Complete Salvation

never $et to t)e end o% it. /nd in t)e cour!e o% ti"e I )ave di!covered two wa5! o% under!tandin$ and co""unicatin$ t)e cro!!. )ere are two 7e5 word! t)at I 4elieve God )a! $iven "e to e+0lain w)at wa! acco"0li!)ed 45 t)e deat) o% 9e!u!. )e %ir!t word i! eBchange" t)e !econd i! identification.




)e %ir!t wa5 to view and under!tand t)e cro!! i! contained in t)e word eBchange. On t)e cro!!3 a divinel5 ordained e+c)an$e too7 0lace in t)i! !en!e* God vi!ited u0on 9e!u! all t)e evil t)at wa! due 45 8u!tice to u!3 !o t)at in return .e "i$)t "a7e availa4le to u! all t)e $ood t)at wa! due to t)e 0er%ect3 !inle!!3 o4edient Son o% God. o e+a"ine t)e nature o% t)e e+c)an$e3 I will 0re!ent ei$)t a!0ect! o% it. / 7e5 c)a0ter i! I!aia) -(. 'esus was pu#ished that we mi(ht be f%r(i$e#
3ll we li!e sheep have gone astray" we have turned, every one, to his own way" and the $ord has laid on Him Ior "ade to "eet to$et)er on .i"3 9e!u!J the iniCuity of us all. 4&saiah 65/7'

We )ave all turned to our own wa5. )at i!


Complete Salvation

t)e 0ro4le" o% t)e )u"an race3 t)e one t)in$ o% w)ic) we are all $uilt5. We "a5 not )ave ro44ed a 4an73 co""itted adulter53 $otten drun73 or !tolenK 4ut t)ere i! one t)in$ we )ave all done6turned to our own wa5. /nd God !a5! our wa5! are not .i! wa5! BI!aia) --*@C. Goin$ our own wa5 i! turnin$ our 4ac7 on GodK and it i! called &iniFuit5.' It i! a !tron$ word in .e4rew3 avon3 w)ic) "ean! not 8u!t doin$ wron$3 4ut include! t)e 0enaltie! and 8ud$"ent t)at %ollow doin$ wron$. )e revelation I!aia) $ive! u! i! t)at God vi!ited on 9e!u! t)e iniFuit5 o% u! all. )u!3 all t)e evil con!eFuence! o% our wic7edne!! ca"e u0on 9e!u! on t)e cro!!. .e too7 t)e evil6all t)e 8ud$"ent and 0uni!)"ent6!o t)at3 45 a divine e+c)an$e3 God "i$)t "a7e t)e $ood due to 9e!u! availa4le to u!. )ere wa! no rea!on %or it3 e+ce0t God=! $race. God did not owe u! an5t)in$. It wa! 0urel5 .i! "ea!urele!! $race and .i! inco"0re)en!i4le love. Grace i! w)at 5ou can never earn. So"e C)ri!tian! do not reall5 7now w)at $race i!3 4ecau!e t)e5 are alwa5! tr5in$ to earn it. >ut

The Cross/ DBchange we cannot ever earn w)at 9e!u! "ade availa4le to u! t)rou$) t)e cro!!. I% we tr5 to 4e $ood enou$)3 we will never receive it. It i! 0urel5 45 $race. /nd it i! received onl5 t)rou$) %ait). *or by grace you have been saved through faith BE0)e!ian! 2*@C. W)en I !0end ti"e "editatin$ on w)at 9e!u! did on "5 4e)al%3 "5 "ind can never %ull5 co"0re)end it. .e ca"e down3 too7 our 0lace6even my 0lace6and endured all t)e ine+0re!!i4le !u%%erin$ t)at !)ould )ave co"e u0on "e. It wa! $race. 'esus was w%u#ded that we mi(ht be healed
Surely He has borne our griefs -or sic!nesses, pains. and carried our sorrows" yet we esteemed Him stric!en, smitten by #od, and afflicted. +ut He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniCuities" the chastisement -or punishment. for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes -or wounds. we are healed. 4&saiah 65/E16'

;ir!t o% all3 9e!u! wa! 0uni!)ed t)at we "i$)t 4e %or$iven. >ecau!e .e 4ore our

Complete Salvation

0uni!)"ent3 God=! 8u!tice i! !ati!%ied and we can )ave 0eace wit) God. Therefore, having been =ustified by faith, we have peace with #od through our $ord %esus Christ BRo"an! -*1C. Second3 9e!u! 4ore our !ic7ne!!e! and 0ain! and3 45 t)e wound! in%licted on .i! 4od53 .e 0rocured 0)5!ical )ealin$ %or u!. B )e word tran!lated griefs i! a word %or sic!nesses. C Do 5ou 4elieve itE I% 5ou do3 t)en one t)in$ 5ou )ave to do i! !a53 & )an7 Gou<' to God. )an7in$ i! t)e 0ure!t e+0re!!ion o% %ait). BI 4elieve t)at "an5 ti"e! we "i!! out 4ecau!e we do not $ive t)an7!.C 'esus was made si# with %ur si#ful#ess that we mi(ht be made ri(hte%us with )is ri(hte%us#ess
(et it pleased the $ord to bruise Him" He has put Him to grief ;hen you ma!e His soul an offering for sin, He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days, and the pleasure of the $ord shall prosper in His hand. 4&saiah 65/@A'

On t)e cro!!3 t)e !oul o% 9e!u! wa! "ade t)e


The Cross/ DBchange !in o%%erin$ %or t)e world. /ccordin$ to t)e cere"onie! o% t)e Old Covenant3 w)en an ani"al wa! 4rou$)t a! a !in o%%erin$3 t)e "an w)o 4rou$)t t)e ani"al con%e!!ed )i! !in to t)e 0rie!t and t)e 0rie!t laid )i! )and! on t)e )ead o% t)e ani"al. )e !in o% "an wa! t)u! !5"4olicall5 tran!%erred to t)e ani"al. )en t)e ani"al 0aid t)e 0enalt5 %or t)e "an=! !in. )e 0enalt5 o% !in i! deat). )ere%ore3 t)e ani"al wa! 0ut to deat) a! a !u4!titute %or t)e "an. )e writer o% .e4rew! !a5!3 *or it is not possible that the blood of bulls and goats could ta!e away sins B.e4rew! 1?*,C. )e !acri%ice! "erel5 0re%i$ured w)at wa! to )a00en t)rou$) t)e cro!!. W)en 9e!u! died on t)e cro!!3 .e wa! "ade t)e !in o%%erin$ %or t)e )u"an race. )ere i! no wa5 our "ind! can 4e$in to co"0re)end w)at it "eant %or t)e Aord 9e!u!3 in all .i! 0urit5 and )oline!!3 to 4eco"e identi%ied wit) t)e !in o% )u"anit5 and to 4e 0uni!)ed %or u!. I a" not an out!tandin$l5 0ri$$i!) 0er!on3 4ut w)en I t)in7 o% !o"e o% t)e !in! t)at are 4ein$ co""itted in our !ociet5 toda56t)e aw%ul !e+ual a4u!e! and

Complete Salvation

a4nor"alitie!6I !)udder to t)in7 w)at it would "ean3 even to "e3 to )ave "5 !oul identi%ied wit) t)o!e !in!. Get t)at i! 8u!t a tin53 "inute %raction o% w)at )a00ened to 9e!u! w)en .e 4eca"e t)e !in o%%erin$ %or u!. )e writer o% .e4rew! al!o !a5!3 +ut in those sacrifices there is a reminder of sins every year B.e4rew! 1?*(C. )e !acri%ice! o% t)e Old e!ta"ent never 0ut awa5 !in. )e5 8u!t re"inded t)e 0eo0le t)at t)e5 were !inner!. )eir !in! would 4e covered %or anot)er 5ear. >ut 9e!u! offered one sacrifice for sins forever B.e4rew! 1?*12C. .e dealt wit) !in %orever 45 t)e one !acri%ice o% .i"!el% on t)e cro!!. /nd .i! !acri%ice 0ut awa5 !in. In 2 Corint)ian! -*213 Paul wa! alludin$ to I!aia) -(* *or He -#od. made Him -%esus. who !new no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of #od in Him. Do 5ou !ee t)e e+c)an$eE 9e!u! wa! "ade !in %or u!3 t)at we "i$)t 4e "ade ri$)teou!. We are "ade ri$)teou! wit) His ri$)teou!ne!!3 not our ri$)teou!ne!!. )e 4e!t we can do i! not $ood enou$)3 4ecau!e I!aia) al!o !a5!3 3ll our

The Cross/ DBchange righteousnesses are li!e filthy ragsF BI!aia) 1,*1C. .owever3 one o% "5 %avorite ver!e! !a5!*
& will greatly re=oice in the $ord, my soul shall be =oyful in my #od" for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation, He has covered me with the robe of righteousness. 4&saiah 7@/@A'

Not onl5 are we $iven t)e $ar"ent! o% !alvation3 4ut we are wra00ed around wit) t)e ri$)teou!ne!! o% t)e !inle!! Son o% God. It doe! not "atter %ro" w)at an$le t)e devil loo7! at u!3 )e )a! not)in$ to !a5 a$ain!t u!. We )ave 4een $iven t)e ver5 ri$)teou!ne!! o% God in C)ri!t. /re 5ou re8oicin$ t)at 5ou are covered wit) t)e ri$)teou!ne!! o% 9e!u!E 'esus died %ur death that we mi(ht recei$e )is life Goin$ on wit) t)e e+c)an$e3 .e4rew! 2*9 tell! u!*
He -%esus., by the grace of #od ... taste-d. death for everyone.


Complete Salvation

.e ta!ted deat) in t)e 0lace o% ever5 )u"an 4ein$. /! %ar a! I under!tand it3 t)e wor7 o% 9e!u! covered ever5 de!cendant o% /da"K 4ut it did not cover an$el!. 9e!u! wa! t)e la!t /da" B1 Corint)ian! 1-*,-C. We can never co"0re)end w)5 God !)ould 4e !o intere!ted in /da" and )i! de!cendant!. God 4e$an t)e )u"an race in an e+traordinar5 wa5. /da" wa! created in a di%%erent wa5 t)an an5 ot)er creature. )e >i4le !a5!3 +y the word of the $ord the heavens were made, and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth BP!al" ((*1C. >ut w)en it ca"e to creatin$ /da"3 God "olded a %i$ure o% cla5. )en t)at divine >ein$6t)e !econd Per!on o% t)e God)ead3 t)e Word o% God 45 w)o" all t)in$! were "ade t)at were "ade B9o)n 1*(C6 !too0ed and 4reat)ed into t)e "an=! no!tril! o% cla5 t)e 4reat) o% li%e BGene!i! 2*7C. )e .e4rew word %or &4reat)ed' i! 0ower%ulK it i! naphach. )e ph !ound i! a 0lo!ive. God &e+0loded' 4reat) into /da"< .e i"0arted .i! li%e to )i". )in7 o% t)e 0)5!ical con!eFuence!* a 4od5 o% cla5 4eca"e a livin$ )u"an 4ein$ wit) %unctionin$ e5e!3 ear! and internal or$an!< )e

The Cross/ DBchange S0irit o% God did it. o 4elieve in divine )ealin$ i! ver5 lo$ical. I% 5our watc) $oe! wron$3 5ou do not ta7e it to t)e !)oe"a7er 4ut to t)e watc)"a7er. I% 5our 4od5 $oe! wron$3 it i! rea!ona4le to $o to t)e 4od5:"a7er. /nd our 4od5 "a7er i! t)e Aord3 e!0eciall5 t)e .ol5 S0irit3 4ecau!e it wa! t)e S0irit o% God t)at "ade /da"=! 4od5 co"e alive. W)en God ca"e to redee" "an6.e !too0ed a lot lower. 9e!u! C)ri!t !too0ed to t)e deat) o% t)e cro!!. )en w)en .e )ad ri!en a$ain and a00eared on re!urrection Sunda5 evenin$3 .e reenacted t)e creation o% "an in t)e new creation. It !a5! 9e!u! breathed into, or u0on3 .i! di!ci0le! and !aid3 Geceive the Holy Spirit B9o)n 2?*22C. )e word in Gree73 emphusao, i! t)e !a"e t)at i! u!ed %or a %lute 0la5er 4reat)in$ into t)e "out)0iece o% )i! in!tru"ent. I do not envi!a$e 9e!u! 4reat)in$ collectivel5 on all o% t)e". Rat)er3 I envi!a$e .i" $oin$ u0 to eac) o% t)e" individuall5 and 4reat)in$ into t)e" t)e 4reat) o% resurrection life. It wa! .i! divine li%e t)at )ad conFuered

Complete Salvation

!in and deat)3 conFuered )ell and t)e $rave3 and conFuered Satan. It wa! a totall5 victoriou! li%e. It wa! eternal li%e3 divine li%e3 incorru0ti4le li%e3 inde!tructi4le li%e. )i! wa! t)e new 4irt). )e di!ci0le! were 4orn a$ain 45 t)e S0irit o% God and t)e5 0a!!ed out o% Old e!ta"ent !alvation6w)ic) "erel5 loo7ed %orward6into New e!ta"ent !alvation3 w)ic) loo7! 4ac7 to t)e acco"0li!)ed )i!torical %act o% t)e cro!! and re!urrection. o enter into New e!ta"ent !alvation3 5ou )ave to do two t)in$!* con%e!! 9e!u! a! Aord and 4elieve t)at God rai!ed .i" %ro" t)e dead BRo"an! 1?*9C. )i! occa!ion wa! t)e %ir!t ti"e t)e!e di!ci0le! )ad 4elieved. It wa! New e!ta"ent !alvation< 9e!u! ta!ted deat) %or u!3 t)at we "i$)t !)are .i! li%e. 'esus was made a curse that we mi(ht e#ter i#t% the blessi#( Galatian! (*1(:1, !)ow! u! 0ro4a4l5 t)e "o!t ne$lected a!0ect o% t)e e+c)an$e*
Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us 4for it is ,2

The Cross/ DBchange

written, Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree', that the blessing of 3braham might come upon the #entiles in Christ %esus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

W)at i! t)e e+c)an$eE W)at wa! t)e 4ad t)in$E )e cur!e. /nd w)at i! t)e $ood t)in$E )e 4le!!in$< 9e!u! 4eca"e a cur!e %or u!3 t)at we "i$)t receive t)e 4le!!in$. I )ave o%ten tau$)t %or one or two )our! on t)i! !u48ect alone. It o0en! a w)ole new door o% deliverance3 )ealin$ and 0eace. I% 5ou want to 0icture a cur!e3 con!ider 9e!u! on t)e cro!!. .e wa! re8ected 45 "an3 %or!a7en 45 God3 under dar7ne!!3 in a$on53 not on eart) and not in )eaven. .e wa! totall5 re8ected3 totall5 unacce0ted. )at wa! t)e cur!e. >ut3 t)an7 God3 9e!u! wa! "ade a cur!e t)at we "i$)t en8o5 t)e 4le!!in$ o% God. 'esus e#dured %ur p%$erty that we mi(ht share )is abu#da#ce
*or you !now the grace of our $ord %esus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sa!es He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich. ,(

Complete Salvation 4H Corinthians ?/I'

/$ain3 5ou do not )ave to 4e a t)eolo$ian to !ee t)e e+c)an$e )ere. W)at wa! t)e 4ad t)in$E Povert5. /nd w)at i! t)e $ood t)in$E I do not li7e to u!e t)e ter" &ric)3' 4ecau!e it )a! 4een a4u!ed 45 wron$ teac)in$. I 0re%er to u!e t)e word abundance, 4ecau!e to )ave a4undance "ean! 5ou )ave enou$) %or 5our!el% and "ore to $ive awa5 to !o"e4od5 el!e. BSecond Corint)ian! 9*@ de!cri4e! t)i! a! )avin$ an abundance for every good wor!.' 9e!u! endured 0overt5 t)at we "i$)t !)are .i! a4undance. 'esus b%re %ur shame that we mi(ht share )is (l%ry )in7 o% 9e!u! )an$in$ na7ed on t)e cro!! wit) 0eo0le wal7in$ 45 and lau$)in$ at .i". It wa! !)a"e. .e4rew! 12*2 tell! u!*
%esus ... endured the cross, despising the shame....

So "an5 0eo0le toda5 are tor"ented 45 !)a"e. >ut I )ave $ood new! %or 5ou< 9e!u! endured 5our !)a"e. .e endured !)a"e %or all

The Cross/ DBchange o% u!. One "ain cau!e o% !)a"e3 to 4e ver5 %ran73 i! t)at "an5 c)ildren )ave e+0erienced !e+ual a4u!e in t)eir earl5 5ear!. >ut3 0rai!e God3 t)ere i! an an!wer< 9e!u! endured !)a"e t)at we all "i$)t !)are .i! $lor5. 'esus e#dured %ur re*ecti%# that we mi(ht ha$e )is accepta#ce with the +ather On t)e cro!!3 t)e ;at)er re8ected 9e!u!. 9e!u! cried out3
,y #od, ,y #od, why have (ou forsa!en ,e? 4,atthew HJ/E7'

)ere ca"e no an!wer. It wa! t)e %ir!t ti"e t)at t)e Son o% God )ad ever 0ra5ed and $ot no an!wer. /nd .e died !)ortl5 a%ter o% a 4ro7en )eart. It !a5! in P!al" 19*2?3 Geproach has bro!en my heart. I do not 4elieve t)at 9e!u! died o% t)e e%%ect! o% cruci%i+ionK .e could )ave lived Fuite a w)ile lon$er. Rat)er3 .e died o% a 4ro7en )eart64ecau!e o% re8ection. W)5 did .e endure !uc) re8ectionE So t)at we "i$)t )ave acce0tance< God can now acce0t u! a! "e"4er!

Complete Salvation

o% .i! %a"il5 4ecau!e o% w)at 9e!u! endured on t)e cro!!. .e acce0t! u! and we 4eco"e t)e ver5 c)ildren o% God. I t)in7 at lea!t -? 0ercent o% t)e 0eo0le around u! are !tru$$lin$ wit) re8ection3 4ecau!e o% t)e %ailure o% 0arent!3 divorce3 t)e $eneral cruelt5 o% )u"an 4ein$! to one anot)er3 and !o on. >ut we can wal7 out into t)e world and !a5 we )ave t)e an!wer. It i! 0rovided 45 t)e deat) o% 9e!u! on t)e cro!!. 9e!u! endured re8ection %or u!3 t)at we "i$)t 7now .i! acce0tance. )e !alvation t)at we )ave entered into t)u! cover! all our e"otional need!. It i! 0er%ectl5 0er%ectK it i! co"0letel5 co"0lete.




e )ave loo7ed at t)e word eBchange. Now I want to con!ider t)e word identification. o identi%5 wit) !o"e4od5 "ean! to "a7e 5our!el% one wit) t)e"6to 0ut 5our!el% in t)at 0er!on=! 0lace. )e cro!! involve! a dou4le identi%ication3 it i! two%old. ;ir!t o% all3 on t)e cro!! 9e!u! identi%ied .i"!el% wit) 5ou and "e a! !inner!. /! t)e la!t /da"3 .e identi%ied .i"!el% wit) t)e w)ole /da"ic race and .e 0aid t)e 0enalt5 %or our !in!. .e 4eca"e our !u4!titute and .e died in our 0lace. .owever3 !alvation co"e! onl5 w)en we re!0ond wit) t)e ot)er identi%ication6w)en we identi%5 our!elve! wit) 9e!u! in .i! deat)3 .i! 4urial3 .i! 4ein$ "ade alive3 .i! re!urrection3 and .i! ent)rone"ent. )at i!

Complete Salvation

w)en we enter into w)at .e )a! 0rovided. .e )a! "ade t)e %ir!t identi%icationK it i! %ini!)ed. >ut we a00ro0riate !alvation a! we identi%5 our!elve! wit) ever5t)in$ t)at ca"e to .i" %ro" .i! deat) onward!. 'esus as the last Adam ide#tified )imself with ma# wo $loriou! title! are $iven to 9e!u! in 1 Corint)ian! 1-. )e5 are !o"eti"e! Fuoted inaccuratel5. Paul !a5!*
3nd so it is written, The first man 3dam became a living being. The last Adam became a life1giving spirit.... The first man was of the earth, made of dust" the sec%#d Ma# is the $ord from heaven. 4verses E6, EJ, emphasis added'

)e two title! are t)e &la!t /da"' and t)e &!econd Han.' I )ave o%ten )eard 0eo0le call 9e!u! t)e &!econd /da".' 4ut t)at i! not w)at .e i! called. .e i! called t)e last /da"'K and t)en .e i! called t)e &!econd Han.' On t)e cro!!3 9e!u! died a! t)e last 3dam6 not la!t in ti"e3 4ut la!t in t)e !en!e t)at t)e

The Cross/ &dentification 8ud$"ent o% t)e entire /da"ic race ca"e u0on .i". )en3 w)en .e ro!e on t)e t)ird da53 .e ro!e a! t)e second ,an6a new 7ind o% "an. .e 4eca"e t)e )ead o% a &race' t)at )ad never e+i!ted 4e%ore. .e wa! t)e )ead o% t)e 4od53 t)e %ir!t4orn %ro" t)e dead. &he belie$er,s ide#tificati%# with 'esus )e a0o!tle Peter !a5!*
+lessed be the #od and *ather of our $ord %esus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of %esus Christ from the dead. 4@ >eter @/5'

)rou$) t)e re!urrection o% 9e!u! C)ri!t w)en we identi%5 our!elve! wit) .i"3 we are 4e$otten a$ain* 4orn into t)e new creation. Since t)e re!urrection o% 9e!u!3 God )a! done a new t)in$ in t)e eart). Now let u! con!ider t)e i"0lication o% 9e!u! d5in$ a! t)e la!t /da". Paul a"0li%ie! t)i! in Ro"an! 1. Der!e 1 i! in t)e "iddle o% one o% Paul=! lon$ !entence!*

Complete Salvation ... Knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Him -%esus., that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves of sin.

)i! i! a ver5 i"0ortant !tate"ent. W)en 9e!u! died on t)e cro!!3 our old "an Bour re4elliou!3 %allen3 /da"ic natureC wa! cruci%ied in .i". It i! a )i!torical %act. We need to under!tand clearl5 t)at t)e old "an i! incorri$i4le. God doe! not tr5 to i"0rove )i"6 .e doe! not !end )i" to c)urc) or teac) )i" Scri0ture. .e )a! onl5 one !olution %or t)e old "an in!ide u!3 and t)e !olution i! eBecution. .owever3 t)e "e!!a$e o% "erc5 i! t)at t)e e+ecution too7 0lace two t)ou!and 5ear! a$o w)en 9e!u! died on t)e cro!!. Our old "an wa! cruci%ied with Him. Paul $oe! on in ver!e 11 to tell u! w)at to do* $i!ewise you also, rec!on yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to #od in Christ %esus our $ord. W)at God did on t)e cro!! i! a %ini!)ed3 )i!torical %act. It i! true w)et)er or not we 7now it or 4elieve it. >ut w)en we 7now it and

The Cross/ &dentification 4elieve it and apply it, it wor7! in u!. 9u!t a! 9e!u! wa! e+ecuted on t)e cro!!3 !o I 4elieve "5 old3 %allen3 re4elliou!3 corru0t nature wa! 0ut to deat). Deat) i! t)e wa5 out6t)e only wa5 out 6o% t)e %allen3 /da"ic nature. /nd we ta7e t)e wa5 out t)rou$) t)e deat) o% 9e!u! on t)e cro!! 6t)rou$) identi%ication. Paul tell! u!3 Gec!on yourselves to be dead indeed to sin. W)at doe! it "ean to 4e dead to !inE I alwa5! illu!trate t)i! 45 an i"a$inar5 incident involvin$ a 4ad "an. >5 t)e !tandard! o% reli$iou! 0eo0le3 )e wa! terri4le* .e dran7 w)i!753 )e !wore3 )e cur!ed )i! wi%e and c)ildren3 and )e watc)ed all !ort! o% 4ad 0ro$ra"! on televi!ion. .owever3 )i! wi%e and c)ildren were 4eliever!. )e5 u!ed to !nea7 out on Sunda5 evenin$! to t)e local $o!0el !ervice3 and )e would alwa5! cur!e t)e" a! t)e5 le%t. One ni$)t t)e5 !nea7ed out and )ad a $loriou! ni$)t at t)e $o!0el !ervice. )e5 ca"e 4ac7 !till !in$in$ c)oru!e! and3 a! t)e5 wal7ed into t)e )ou!e3 t)e5 waited %or t)e cur!e to co"e. >ut no cur!e ca"e. )en t)e5 loo7ed. )e ci$ar wa! in t)e a!)tra5 and !"o7e wa!

Complete Salvation

curlin$ u03 4ut t)e "an wa! not !"o7in$. )e w)i!7e5 $la!! wa! t)ere3 4ut )e wa! not drin7in$. Do 5ou 7now w)at )ad )a00enedE )e "an )ad )ad a )eart attac7 and died. .e wa! t)ere%ore dead to !in< Sin )ad no "ore attraction %or )i". It )ad no "ore 0ower over )i". .e wa! dead to it now. W)en 9e!u! died on t)e cro!!3 our old corru0t3 !in%ul nature died in .i". )u! !in )a! no "ore 0ower over u!K !in )a! no "ore attraction %or u!K !in 0roduce! no "ore reaction %ro" u! through identification. I "eet 0eo0le w)o )ave traveled all around t)e world to $et awa5 %ro" t)eir 0ro4le"!K 4ut t)eir real 0ro4le" $oe! wit) t)e"3 4ecau!e it i! t)e old "an. Gou cannot e!ca0e %ro" t)e old "an 45 travelin$. )ere i! onl5 one e!ca0e3 and it i! 45 deat)6t)e deat) o% t)e Aord 9e!u! on our 4e)al%. )e !econd !ide o% identi%ication3 t)en3 i! t)at we "u!t identi%5 our!elve! wit) 9e!u!. /nd t)i! we do by faith. We do it 4ecau!e t)e >i4le !a5! it i! true. )ere are %ive 4a!ic !te0! in t)i! identi%ication.

The Cross/ &dentification

)e Died &ith /i
;ir!t o% all3 we died wit) C)ri!t60a!t ten!e. It i! an event t)at too7 0lace at a certain "o"ent in ti"e. In Colo!!ian! (*( Paul3 writin$ to C)ri!tian!3 !a5!*
*or you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in #od.

)e5 were !till livin$ on t)e eart)3 5et Paul !aid t)at t)e5 )ad died. W)en did t)e5 dieE It wa! w)en 9e!u! died on t)e cro!!. )en in 2 i"ot)5 2*113 Paul !a5!* This is a faithful saying/ *or if we died with Him, we shall also live with Him. .i! deat) wa! our deat). >ut to enter into !alvation3 t)e !inner3 t)rou$) %ait)3 )a! to co"0lete t)e identi%ication. We all )ave to !a53 &Ge!3 w)en 9e!u! died on t)e cro!!3 I died too. .i! deat) wa! my deat). H5 old "an died in .i" w)en .e died.' )en we !a53 &>ein$ dead wit) .i"3 I "u!t %ollow .i"* %ro" deat) to 4urial3 and %ro" 4urial into re!urrection.'

'uried &ith /i

Complete Salvation

C)ri!t=! deat) wa! %ollowed 45 .i! 4urial. .ow are we identi%ied wit) .i" in 4urialE >5 baptism in water. )at i! w)5 4a0ti!" i! !o i"0ortant. )e identi%ication wit) .i! deat) i! inward3 4ut our identi%ication wit) .i" in 4urial i! outward. It i! a vi!i4le identi%ication wit) t)e Aord. Water 4a0ti!"3 a! e+0ounded 45 t)e a0o!tle! in t)e New e!ta"ent3 i! an act o% o0en 0u4lic identi%ication wit) t)e Aord 9e!u! in .i! deat)3 4urial and re!urrection. /nd t)ere i! not t)e %ainte!t !)adow o% a dou4t t)at in t)e earl5 c)urc) ever5 convert6ever5 0er!on w)o 4eca"e a di!ci0le6wa! i""ediatel5 reFuired to identi%5 )i"!el% 0u4licl5 45 water 4a0ti!" wit) t)e One w)o" )e )ad con%e!!ed a! Savior and Aord. )e wa5 into t)e %ellow!)i0 o% t)e c)urc) wa! t)i! wa5 o% 4a0ti!". In "5 o0inion3 t)i! i! t)e $reate!t 0rivile$e t)at can 4e o%%ered to a !inner on t)i! eart)* to 4e 0u4licl5 identi%ied wit) t)e Aord. /nd it i! not onl5 4e%ore "an 4ut 4e%ore t)e entire univer!e t)at t)i! ta7e! 0lace. In countrie! w)ere t)ere i! a !tron$l5 anti:

The Cross/ &dentification C)ri!tian $overn"ent3 water 4a0ti!" i! t)e deci!ive cut:o%% 0oint6w)et)er a"on$!t Hu!li"!3 Co""uni!t!3 9ew!3 or ot)er!. Gou can !a5 5ou 4elieve in 9e!u! and t)e5 "i$)t $et an$r5. >ut w)en 5ou are 4a0ti2ed3 all )ell turn! loo!e3 4ecau!e t)at i! w)ere 5ou are e!ca0in$ %ro" t)eir territor5.
Therefore we were buried with Him through baptism into death, that =ust as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the *ather, even so we also should wal! in newness of life. 4Gomans 7/E'

)u!3 ever5 4a0ti!"al !ervice i!3 in %act3 a dou4le !ervice. It !)ould 4e a 4urial %ollowed 45 a re!urrection< In Colo!!ian! 2*12 Paul !a5! t)e !a"e t)in$*
... +uried with Him in baptism, in which you also were raised -resurrected. with Him through faith in the wor!ing of #od, who raised Him from the dead.

W)en we are 4uried wit) .i" in 4a0ti!"3 t)en we )ave t)e ri$)t to %ollow .i" in ever5t)in$ t)at %ollowed .i! 4urial.


Complete Salvation

*ade Alive3 Resurre"ted and Enthroned &ith /i

)ere are t)ree "ore !ta$e!3 !tated in E0)e!ian! 2*,:1*
+ut #od, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ 4by grace you have been saved', and raised us up -resurrected us. together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ %esus.

Notice t)at t)e word together occur! t)ree ti"e!. 9e!u! did not co"e out o% t)e to"4 dead. .e wa! "ade alive 4e%ore .e ca"e out o% t)e to"4. )u!3 we are "ade alive wit) C)ri!t. )en we are re!urrected wit) C)ri!t. >ut we do not !to0 t)ere. We are al!o "ade to !it to$et)er wit) .i" in )eavenl5 0lace!. W)at i! .e !ittin$ on in )eaven toda5E / t)rone. )u!3 we are al!o ent)roned wit) .i"< We not onl5 died3 4ut were 4uried3 "ade alive3 re!urrected3 and ent)roned to$et)er wit) C)ri!t.

The Cross/ &dentification /ll t)i! i! totall5 out!ide our 0ower to ac)ieve. )at i! o4viou!. )ere i! no wa5 we can wor7 %or it. )ere i! no wa5 we can 4e $ood enou$) %or it or de!erve it. We can onl5 receive it by faith6!olel5 45 %ait). Han5 0ro%e!!in$ C)ri!tian! )ave an unea!5 %eelin$ t)e5 ou$)t to 4e doin$ !o"et)in$ to earn !alvation. )e re!ult i! t)at t)e5 never reall5 receive or en8o5 it. It i! u!uall5 ea!ier %or t)e wor!t !inner! to $et !aved t)an c)urc)$oer!. .ave 5ou noticed t)atE

God#s $ur!ose
/%ter Paul !0ea7! a4out u! 4ein$ "ade alive3 re!urrected and ent)roned in E0)e!ian! 23 )e reveal! God=! 0ur0o!e. W)5 did God do itE &% dem%#strate the riches %f )is (race
... That in the ages to come He might show the eBceeding riches of His grace in His !indness toward us in Christ %esus. 4Dphesians H/J'


Complete Salvation

W)at a !ta$$erin$ t)ou$)t< Not 8u!t in t)i! li%e3 4ut %orever and ever3 we are to 4e t)e de"on!tration o% t)e ric)e! o% t)e God=! $race 6%or t)e w)ole univer!e< W)enever God want! to !)ow an5 created 4ein$ t)e e+tent o% .i! $race3 .e will !a53 in e%%ect3 &Aoo7 at t)e!e 0eo0le. See )ow t)e5=re clo!e to He3 wor!)i0in$ HeE )e5 are H5 c)ildren< )e5 were !inner!3 re4el!3 ca!t out3 un0ro%ita4le3 u!ele!!3 ene"ie! o% Hine. Get I=ve 4rou$)t t)e" near to He %or all eternit5<' I )o0e 5ou are 0re0ared %or t)at. I )o0e 5ou reali2e t)at %orever 5ou are $oin$ to 4e t)e de"on!tration o% God=! $race. Re"e"4er3 $race cannot 4e earned. )ere are "an5 t)in$! in t)e eternal coun!el! o% God t)at we do not %ull5 under!tand3 4ut I t)in73 in a certain !en!e3 God )ad to let !in )a00en in order to )ave !o"et)in$ to de"on!trate .i! $race wit). SeeE I a" not !a5in$ God a00roved !in 4ut3 w)en !in entered3 in!tead o% !a5in$3 &It=! all over3' .e !aid3 &.ere i! t)e real o00ortunit5 %or He to !)ow H5 $race to t)e w)ole univer!e.' #0 to t)at ti"e .e )ad !)own "an5 a!0ect! o% .i! c)aracter3 4ut I do not

The Cross/ &dentification t)in7 .e )ad %ull5 de"on!trated .i! $race. So we are .i! &o00ortunit5'< We are t)e 0eo0le in w)o" God i! $oin$ to !)ow t)e w)ole univer!e t)e real nature o% $race. &% make us )is masterpiece / little %urt)er on Paul !a5!*
*or we are His wor!manship, created in Christ %esus for good wor!s, which #od prepared beforehand that we should wal! in them. 4Dphesians H/@A'

Not onl5 are we t)e de"on!tration o% .i! $race3 4ut Paul !a5! we are .i! &wor7"an!)i0.' )e Gree7 word i! poiema, %ro" w)ic) we $et t)e En$li!) word poem. It !u$$e!t! an arti!tic "a!ter0iece. )u!3 we are God=! "a!ter0iece3 to !)ow t)e univer!e t)e %ull e+tent o% .i! creative $eniu!< )at=! e+citin$3 i!n=t itE /nd 8u!t to 0rove w)at .e could do3 do 5ou 7now w)ere God went %or t)e "aterial %or .i! "a!ter0ieceE o t)e !cra0 )ea0< Do 5ou reali2e t)atE God can do an5t)in$ wit) an5t)in$. .e created t)e !tar!3 t)e !un3 t)e !ea!3 t)e tree!3 and ever5t)in$ el!eK 4ut to

Complete Salvation

de"on!trate .i! $race and w)at .e could reall5 create3 God !aid3 &I=" $oin$ to ta7e t)e!e 4ro7en 0iece! o% )u"anit5 and I=" $oin$ to "old t)e" into H5 "a!ter0iece.' 9e!u! died to create a "a!ter0iece out o% t)e 4ro7en live! o% "en and wo"en. W)at a "e!!a$e< W)at a revelation< I% 5ou are not e+cited a4out !alvation3 I do not 7now )ow "uc) o% God=! !alvation 5ou )ave reall5 e+0erienced. Peo0le !a5 we are %anatical i% we 8u"0 u0 and down and cla0 our )and!. I wa! a lo$ician 4e%ore I 4eca"e a C)ri!tian3 and I )ave to !a5 t)at !uc) e+cite"ent i! t)e lo$ical re!0on!e to t)e revelation o% Scri0ture. 9u!t to !it and !a53 & )at=! $ood<' i! inadeFuate and unreali!tic.




)ave de!cri4ed t)e 0rovi!ion God )a! "ade. It i! 0er%ectl5 0er%ectK it i! co"0letel5 co"0lete. It re"ain! %or u! to 7now )ow to a00ro0riate it. I could end at t)i! 0oint3 leavin$ a tantali2in$ vi!ion o% !o"et)in$ $loriou!3 4ut "an5 o% 5ou would not 7now )ow to co"e into it. )ere%ore3 I a" $oin$ to de!cri4e !te0! 45 w)ic) we can a00ro0riate w)at God )a! done. In "5 t)in7in$3 t)e!e are %our* B1C to re0entK B2C to 4elieveK B(C to con%e!!K and B,C to live out w)at we 4elieve.

No one can ever 450a!! t)e %ir!t e!!ential !te03 w)ic) i! to re0ent. )e w)ole >i4le "a7e! it clear t)at no one can ever 4e reconciled to

Complete Salvation

God wit)out re0entance. I o4!erve toda5 t)at t)e c)urc)=! teac)in$ o% re0entance i! ver5 wea7 and ine%%ectiveK and t)e c)urc) !u%%er! $reatl5 a! a re!ult. Over t)e 5ear! I )ave coun!eled "ultitude! o% C)ri!tian!3 and "5 conclu!ion i! t)at 0er)a0! -? 0ercent o% t)eir 0ro4le"! re!ult %ro" a lac7 o% re0entance. )ere i! no wa5 around re0entanceK it i! i"0ortant to e"0)a!i2e t)i!. So"e 0eo0le teac) t)at re0entance i! ne$ative and t)ere%ore we do not need it. It "a5 4e ne$ative3 4ut we certainl5 do need it< In Har7 1*1-3 at t)e 4e$innin$ o% .i! 0u4lic "ini!tr53 9e!u! declared*
The time is fulfilled, and the !ingdom of #od is at hand. Gepent, and believe in the gospel.

God never tell! an54od5 in t)e New e!ta"ent to 4elieve wit)out %ir!t tellin$ t)e" to re0ent. In %act3 5ou cannot reall5 4elieve unless 5ou )ave trul5 re0ented. Gou can $o t)rou$) all t)e outward "otion! and %or"! o% 4elievin$3 4ut t)e realit5 will not 4e t)ere. Gepenting is not an emotion, it=! a decision. )e

How to 3ppropriate ;hat #od Has 9one Gree7 word i! tran!lated &to c)an$e 5our "ind' in !ecular Gree7. Re0entin$ i! changing your mind/ 5ou )ave 4een livin$ one wa53 4ut now 5ou decide to live anot)er wa5. Gou )ave 4een 0lea!in$ 5our!el%3 livin$ 45 5our own !tandard!3 doin$ 5our own t)in$K 4ut 5ou decide to !u4"it to God and live His wa5K God i! $oin$ to tell 5ou w)at to do and 5ou are $oin$ to o4e5. / 0er!on w)o )a! trul5 re0ented doe! not ar$ue wit) God. So"e 0eo0le want t)eir 0ro4le"! !olved in order to 4e a4le to do w)at t)e5 want. )e5 )ave t)eir 0lan %or w)at t)e5 would li7e to do and 4e in li%e. >ut t)e5 are not willin$ to re0ent and !u4"it to GodL! will. Re0entance !a5!3 &.ere I a"3 Lord. Do wit) "e w)at (ou want. I la5 a!ide "5 a"4ition!. Gou "a5 )ave totall5 di%%erent 0lan! %or "e3 !o I la5 down "5 own de!ire! and3 God3 I=" o0en to w)atever Gou tell "e to do<' )at i! re0entance. /%ter t)e re!urrection3 9e!u! e+0lained to .i! di!ci0le! t)e Scri0ture! a4out .i! deat) and re!urrection.
Thus it is written, and thus it was necessary 1(

Complete Salvation for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day, and that repentance and remission -or forgiveness. of sins should be preached in His name... 4$u!e HE/E7'

W)at "u!t 4e 0reac)ed %ir!tE Not %or3 $ivene!!3 4ut re0entance. We )ave no ri$)t to leave out re0entance and o%%er 0eo0le %or$ivene!!. I wa! once in a "eetin$ in Sout)ea!t /!ia w)ere a "ini!ter 0reac)ed an e+cellent "e!!a$e on )ealin$. .e 0ointed out )ow we can receive )ealin$ t)rou$) t)e Word o% God. )e "e!!a$e 4le!!ed "e3 4ut at t)e end )e !aid to t)e "i+ed "ultitude3 &I% 5ou want t)i! wonder%ul li%e and all t)e!e 4le!!in$!3 co"e %orward and receive t)e"<' .e )ad not "entioned t)e word &re0entance' once in t)e w)ole "e!!a$e. / lot o% 0eo0le ca"e %orward w)o were idol wor!)i0er!3 4ut t)e5 did not $et t)e )ealin$ t)e5 !ou$)t. )e re!ult wa! con%u!ion. Clearl53 t)e 0eo0le )ad not "et t)e condition o% re0entance. >ut it wa! not t)eir %ault3 4ecau!e t)e condition )ad not 4een

How to 3ppropriate ;hat #od Has 9one !tated. We3 wit) a 4ac7$round o% 4i4lical 7nowled$e3 can !o"eti"e! a!!u"e t)at 0eo0le 7now t)e5 "u!t re0ent. .owever3 in "an5 culture! 0eo0le )ave no conce0t o% w)at true re0entance i!. ;or !o"e3 re0entance "i$)t "ean in%lictin$ !u%%erin$ on t)e"!elve!3 %or e+a"0le. >ut re0entance i! not in%lictin$ !u%%erin$ on 5our!el%. 9e!u! )a! endured all t)e !u%%erin$ we de!erved on our 4e)al%. Re0entance i! "a7in$ u0 5our "ind to c)an$e and 4e c)an$ed3 lettin$ $o o% ever5t)in$ 5ou are )oldin$ on to3 and !a5in$3 &God3 I=" at Gour di!0o!al.' On t)e Da5 o% Penteco!t3 w)en t)e .ol5 S0irit )ad %allen3 a "ultitude o% 0eo0le were convicted o% t)eir !in!. )e5 did not 7now w)at to doK !o in /ct! 2*(7 t)e5 a!7ed t)e a0o!tle!* ,en and brethren, what shall we do? Peter $ave t)e" a t)ree: !te0 an!wer*
-epe#t, and... be bapti2ed..." and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 43cts H/5?'

W)at wa! t)e %ir!t reFuire"entE o re0ent. )at i! !till t)e %ir!t !te0 in God=! an!wer. >ut it

Complete Salvation

i! not an in!tall"ent dealK it i! a pac!age deal. We !)ould do all t)e!e t)in$! at one ti"e* re0ent3 4e 4a0ti2ed and receive t)e .ol5 S0irit. In /ct! 2?3 we %ind Paul !0ea7in$ to t)e elder! o% t)e c)urc) at E0)e!u!3 re"indin$ t)e" o% )i! "ini!tr5.
... & !ept bac! nothing that was helpful, but proclaimed it to you, and taught you publicly and from house to house, testifying to %ews, and also to #ree!s, repentance toward #od and faith toward our $ord %esus Christ. 43cts HA/HA'

It did not "atter w)et)er t)e5 were 9ew!3 Gree7!3 or w)o t)e5 were. )e order wa! %ir!t3 re0entance toward God3 t)en %ait) in 9e!u! C)ri!t.

'elieve and Confess

I do not 7now w)et)er to 0ut confess 4e%ore believe, or believe 4e%ore confess. In t)e New e!ta"ent3 t)e two are not reall5 !e0arated. Aet u! !ee t)i! in Ro"an! 1?*@:1(3 w)ere Paul de!cri4e! t)e condition! %or New e!ta"ent


How to 3ppropriate ;hat #od Has 9one !alvation. I want 5ou to notice t)e order. .e tal7! a4out two t)in$!* t)e "out) and t)e )eart. )e %ir!t two ti"e! )e 0ut! t)e "out) 4e%ore t)e )eartK 4ut t)e t)ird ti"e )e 0ut! t)e )eart 4e%ore t)e "out). We do not tend to t)in7 t)i! wa5 4ut3 in a certain !en!e3 we $et %ait) 45 !a5in$ !o"et)in$. It i! an intere!tin$ %act t)at w)ere En$li!) !a5!3 &to learn 45 )eart3' .e4rew !a5!3 &to learn 45 "out).' Eac) i! true. I% 5ou want a t)in$ in 5our )eart3 7ee0 !a5in$ it wit) 5our "out)< Conver!el53 i% 5ou )ave !o"et)in$ in 5our )eart3 it will co"e out in w)at 5ou !a5. 9e!u! !aid3 *or out of the abundance of the heart the mouth spea!s BHatt)ew 12*(,C. Eac) i! one 0art o% t)e total 0roce!! o% 4elievin$ and con%e!!in$. I% 5ou alread5 4elieve !o"et)in$3 t)e "ore 5ou a%%ir" it3 t)e "ore 5ou will 4elieve itK and t)e "ore 5ou 4elieve it3 t)e "ore 5ou will a%%ir" it. On t)e ot)er )and3 i% 5ou do not a%%ir" w)at 5ou 4elieve3 5ou will cea!e to 4elieve itK and i% 5ou cea!e to 4elieve it3 5ou will !oon cea!e to a%%ir" it. )e word &con%e!!' "ean! literall5 &to !a5

Complete Salvation

t)e !a"e a!.' >i4lical con%e!!ion i! t)u! !a5in$ t)e !a"e a! God )a! !aid in .i! Word. It i! "a7in$ t)e word! o% 5our "out) a$ree wit) t)e Word o% God. /nd it i! e!!ential in t)e 0roce!! o% !alvation. Gou cannot reall5 e+0erience !alvation wit)out ri$)t con%e!!ion. Aoo7 at w)at Paul !a5! in Ro"an! 1?*@:9*
The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart 4that is, the word of faith which we preach'/ that if you confess with your mouth the $ord %esus -or %esus as $ord. and believe in your heart that #od has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

W)at do we do %ir!tE Con%e!! wit) our "out). /nd we al!o 4elieve in our )eart. )at i! not t)e wa5 we tend to t)in73 4ut it i! actuall5 true to e+0erience. )en in ver!e 1?3 t)e t)ird ti"e Paul re%er! to t)e "out) and )eart3 )e !a5!3
*or with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

I $rew u0 in >ritain a"on$ 0eo0le w)o


How to 3ppropriate ;hat #od Has 9one were $ood c)urc)$oer!3 !o"e o% w)o" were undou4tedl5 $enuinel5 !aved C)ri!tian!. >ut no one ever told "e w)at it wa! to 4e !aved. ;or 0eo0le in t)o!e da5!3 reli$ion wa! !o"et)in$ &0er!onal' t)at 5ou did not tal7 a4out. .owever3 t)at i! not t)e wa5 it !)ould 4e wit) t)e $o!0el. We should tal7 a4out it6 4elieve and con%e!!K con%e!! and 4elieve. In t)e 4oo7 o% .e4rew!3 t)ere are t)ree 0a!!a$e! t)at reveal t)e 0o!ition o% 9e!u! a! .i$) Prie!t in relation!)i0 to our con%e!!ion.
Therefore, holy brethren, parta!ers of the heavenly calling, consider the 3postle and High >riest of our confession, Christ %esus. 4Hebrews 5/@'

9e!u! wa! t)e /0o!tle !ent out 45 God to 0rovide rede"0tion. .avin$ 0rovided rede"0tion3 .e returned to 4e our .i$) Prie!t in t)e 0re!ence o% God. >ut it !a5! .e i! t)e High >riest of our confession. In a certain !en!e3 i% we clo!e our li0! on eart)3 we !ilence t)e li0! o% our /dvocate in )eaven. )e "ore we con%e!!3 t)e "ore we relea!e .i! )i$):0rie!tl5 "ini!tr5 on our 4e)al%.

Complete Salvation Seeing then that we have a great High >riest who has passed through the heavens, %esus the Son of #od, let us hold fast our confession. 4Hebrews E/@E'

Notice t)e !tate"ent t)at we are to hold fast our con%e!!ion. )at "ean! we are to !a5 it and 7ee0 on !a5in$ it3 wit)out 4ac7in$ o%% or $ettin$ di!coura$ed. ;inall53 in .e4rew! 1?*21:2(3 t)e writer return! to t)e !a"e t)e"e*
... Having a High >riest over the house of #od, let us draw near.... $et us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

)i! 0a!!a$e !0ea7! not o% t)e con%e!!ion o% our %ait)3 4ut t)e con%e!!ion o% our hope. I% we con%e!! %ait) lon$ enou$)3 it 4eco"e! )o0e. 0ow faith is the substance of things hoped for B.e4rew! 11*1CK !o w)en we )ave 4uilt a !u4!tance o% %ait)3 )o0e co"e!. BH5 de%inition o% 4i4lical )o0e i! a confident eBpectation of good.' In t)e %ir!t 0a!!a$e3 we !aw t)at 9e!u! i! t)e


How to 3ppropriate ;hat #od Has 9one .i$) Prie!t o% our con%e!!ion. )en we learned t)at we are to hold fast our con%e!!ion. ;inall53 we are told to )old it %a!t without wavering. W)at doe! without wavering i"0l5E Aet "e e+0lain wit) a !i"0le illu!tration. I% 5ou are travelin$ in an air0lane and t)e &;a!ten !eat 4elt' !i$n co"e! on3 w)at doe! t)at tell 5ouE E+0ect tur4ulence< W)at doe! without wavering tell u!E E+0ect o00o!ition< .ere i! w)ere t)e 4attle i! %ou$)t out3 in "aintainin$ our con%e!!ion. W)en it co"e! to "a7in$ t)e ri$)t con%e!!ion3 t)ere i! a dar73 evil %orce t)at o00o!e! u! and want! u! to 7ee0 our "out)! !)ut. So we )ave to u!e our will! to o0en our "out)! and !a5 t)e ri$)t t)in$. Satan will u!e ever5 7ind o% 0re!!ure3 ever5 7ind o% induce"ent to o00o!e u!. .e will u!e ever5 7ind o% lie3 w)atever )e can3 wit) one ai"6to $et u! to "a7e t)e wron$ con%e!!ion. .ow can we de%eat )i"E >5 "aintainin$ t)e ri$)t con%e!!ion<

Live Out 5our +aith


Complete Salvation

Once 5ou )ave re0ented3 and w)en 5ou 4elieve and are con%e!!in$3 t)ere i! one "ore t)in$ to do. Gou )ave to act out 5our %ait). 9a"e! 2*21 !a5!* *aith without wor!s is dead. ;ait) t)at i! not e+0re!!ed in a00ro0riate action! i! a dead %ait). I want to !u$$e!t to 5ou t)ree a00ro0riate action! t)at e+0re!! our %ait). .e bapti/ed >a0ti!" i! 5our %ir!t o00ortunit5 to identi%5 5our!el% o0enl5 wit) 9e!u! a! 5our Savior. 9e!u! !aid*
#o into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is bapti2ed will be saved" but he who does not believe will be condemned. 4,ar! @7/@61@7'

I% 5ou !tud5 t)e 4oo7 o% /ct!3 no one ever clai"ed !alvation wit)out 4ein$ 4a0ti2ed. )e earl5 c)urc) attac)ed ur$ent i"0ortance to it. I do not 4elieve t)at we are entitled to clai" salvation until we )ave 4een 4a0ti2ed. We "i$)t 4e 4orn a$ain3 4ut I do not 4elieve we )ave trul5 entered into !alvation. We )ave no ri$)t

How to 3ppropriate ;hat #od Has 9one to enter into re!urrection li%e e+ce0t 45 t)e wa5 9e!u! entered6t)e wa5 o% 4urial3 t)e wa5 o% t)e to"4. It i! clear. W)en P)ili0 led t)e eunuc) to t)e Aord on t)e road to Ga2a B/ct! @*21:(9C and t)ere wa! !o"e water 45 t)e road3 t)e eunuc) !aid3 ;hat hinders me from being bapti2ed? Note t)at t)e eunuc) a!7! t)i!3 not P)ili06!o P)ili0 )ad alread5 "ade clear to )i" t)e nece!!it5 o% 4a0ti!". )ere%ore3 P)ili0 went down into t)e water and 4a0ti2ed )i". In P)ili00i3 w)en Paul and Sila! were in 8ail B/ct! 11*2(:2,C3 t)ere wa! an eart)Fua7e and ever54od5 wa! !et %ree. W)en t)e 8ailer de!ired to 4e !aved3 w)at )a00enedE .e and )i! entire )ou!e)old were 4a0ti2ed t)e !a"e ni$)t< )e5 did not wait until "ornin$. I )ave )eard !o "an5 0a!tor! !a53 &We )ave a 4a0ti!"al !ervice in t)ree wee7!. Put 5our na"e down.' >ut t)at wa! not New e!ta"ent 0ractice. Rat)er3 it i!3 Gepent, and... be bapti2ed B/ct! 2*(@C. I )ave !een !o"e o% t)e "o!t e+citin$ "eetin$! in "5 li%e w)en 0eo0le )ave 4elieved and i""ediatel5 4een 4a0ti2ed. One )eld 5ear!

Complete Salvation

a$o in a !wi""in$ 0ool !tand! out in "5 "ind3 w)en all !ort! o% 0eo0le $ot 4a0ti2ed. )ere wa! a $rou0 o% >a0ti!t! t)at ca"e 8u!t to watc)3 and t)ere wa! !uc) a 0re!ence o% God t)at t)o!e dear >a0ti!t! !aid t)e5 wi!)ed t)e5 could )ave it t)i! wa5< 9u!t "a7in$ 4a0ti!" a cere"on5 in t)e c)urc) calendar i! li7e "a7in$ !alvation !o"et)in$ t)at )a00en! i% 5ou co"e to c)urc) at Ea!ter. It i! detac)in$ it %ro" it! real !i$ni%icance. )e %ir!t t)in$ 5ou !)ould do w)en 5ou )ave re0ented and 4elieved t)e $o!0el i!3 t)u!3 to 4e 4a0ti2ed. ;ind !o"e4od5 to 4a0ti2e 5ou< I wa! teac)in$ on t)i! once in t)e univer!it5 o% Gout) Wit) a Hi!!ion3 and wa! ver5 care%ul not to 4e controver!ial. I !i"0l5 !aid3 &>elieve and 4e 4a0ti2ed<' I did not !a5 an5t)in$ a4out t)e "et)od. /%terward!3 0eo0le ca"e u0 to "e and !aid3 &I want to 4e 4a0ti2ed now3' !o one o% t)e 0ro%e!!or! t)ere !aid3 & )i! i! 5our 0ro4le". Gou ta7e t)e"<' We "arc)ed o%% to t)e !wi""in$ 0ool and t)e5 $ot 4a0ti2ed t)e !a"e )our o% t)e ni$)t. W)en t)e $o!0el i! not e+citin$3 I t)in7 we

How to 3ppropriate ;hat #od Has 9one )ave lo!t !o"et)in$. W)en we do not )ave action li7e t)at3 I t)in7 t)ere i! not "uc) %ait). 0i$e tha#ks )e !econd wa5 to e+0re!! our %ait) i! 45 $ivin$ t)an7!. Gou can do t)i! 4e%ore 4ein$ 4a0ti2ed3 o% cour!e< )e 0ure!t e+0re!!ion o% %ait) i! !a5in$3 & )an7 Gou' to God. I% 5ou reall5 4elieve w)at I )ave 4een teac)in$ )ere3 5ou will 4e t)an7in$ God even now. Ot)erwi!e 5ou are eit)er an un4eliever3 a "o!t un$rate%ul 0er!on3 or are !low to 4elieve. So"e o% 9e!u!= "iracle! were ac)ieved onl5 45 $ivin$ t)an7!. /t t)e %eedin$ o% t)e %ive t)ou!and B"enC all 9e!u! did wa! !a53 & )an7 Gou<' to .i! ;at)er in )eaven3 and %ive loave! and two %i!)e! 4eca"e enou$) %or a crowd o% 0er)a0! ten t)ou!and 0eo0le. )ere i! al"o!t li"itle!! 0ower in $ivin$ t)an7!. 9ona) wa! t)ree da5! and t)ree ni$)t! in t)e 4ell5 o% t)e %i!). .e did not co"e out w)en )e 0ra5ed3 alt)ou$) )e did a lot o% 0ra5in$. Rat)er3 in 9ona) 2*93 w)en )e !tarted to $ive t)an7!3 t)e %i!) could )old )i" no lon$er. I% 5ou are &in t)e

Complete Salvation

4ell5 o% a %i!)' toda53 !tart to $ive t)an7!< .e led by the )%ly 1pirit o conclude t)i! li!t o% action!3 we need to ta7e note o% Ro"an! @*1,3 w)ic) !a5!*
*or as many as are led by the Spirit of #od, these are sons of #od.

God doe! not )ave one !in$le 0ro$ra" %or ever5 4eliever. )e .ol5 S0irit will !)ow 5ou God=! 0lan %or 5our li%e. Do not 0attern 5our!el% on !o"e ot)er 4eliever3 4ecau!e God )a! an individual 0lan 8u!t %or 5ou.

Si !le 6ut Not Eas7

I% 5ou are !a5in$ to 5our!el%3 & )ere "u!t 4e !o"et)in$ wron$ wit) "e3' 4ecau!e it !ound! !o ea!5 5et it i! not ea!5 %or 5ou3 "5 co""ent i! t)i!* /00ro0riatin$ !alvation i! simple but not easy. Do 5ou !ee t)e di%%erenceE .ere are t)ree rea!on! w)5 it i! not ea!5* we )ave t)ree ene"ie! t)at "a7e it di%%icult. &he flesh %r the car#al mi#d


How to 3ppropriate ;hat #od Has 9one ;or "o!t C)ri!tian!3 t)e "ain 4attle! t)at we %i$)t are in our "ind!. I!n=t t)at ri$)tE We )ave an ene"5 wit)in u!3 w)ic) t)e >i4le call! &t)e %le!).' )o!e w)o live accordin$ to t)e %le!) are carnall5 "inded6t)e5 )ave an unrenewed "ind.
The carnal mind is enmity against #od" for it is not sub=ect to the law of #od, nor indeed can be. So then, those who are in the flesh cannot please #od. 4Gomans ?/J1?'

)i! ene"5 re!i!t! t)e t)in$! t)at God want! u! to do. We )ave to 4rin$ our "ind! into !u48ection to t)e will o% God. Paul !a5! in 2 Corint)ian! 1?*(:- t)at our wea0on! are "i$)t5 %or bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. Intere!tin$l53 t)e word %or &4rin$in$ into ca0tivit5' re%er! not to a civil 0ri!oner 4ut to a 0ri!oner o% war. In ot)er word!3 our t)ou$)t! are naturall5 at war wit) God3 !o we )ave to ta7e t)e" 0ri!oner and %orci4l5 4rin$ t)e" into !u48ection to God. 1ata#


Complete Salvation

We al!o )ave an ene"5 without w)o re!i!t! u!3 called Satan.

(our adversary the devil wal!s about li!e a roaring lion, see!ing whom he may devour. Gesist him, steadfast in the faith... 4@ >eter 6/?1I'

)e co""and to &Re!i!t )i"' i! in a continuin$ 0re!ent ten!e. Doin$ it once wit) t)e devil i! not !u%%icient. Gou )ave to !eep on re!i!tin$ )i". .e will 7ee0 on 0re!!urin$ u!3 !o we )ave to 7ee0 on re!i!tin$ )i". 9a"e! tell! u! %ir!t to !u4"it to God3 and t)en to re!i!t t)e devil B9a"e! ,*7C. )en w)at will )a00enE .e will %lee< >ut Satan i! !tu44orn. .e )a! $ot to 4e convinced we reall5 "ean it. .e 0ro4a4l5 will tr5 %our or %ive di%%erent tactic! 4e%ore )e $ive! u0. &he w%rld ;inall53 we live in a )o!tile environ"ent3 w)ic) t)e >i4le call! &t)e world.' 9e!u! told .i! di!ci0le! not to 4e !ur0ri!ed i% t)e world )ated t)e". .e !aid3 &t hated ,e before it hated you B9o)n 1-*1@C. )en3 in ver!e 19 .e u!ed t)e

How to 3ppropriate ;hat #od Has 9one 0)ra!e &t)e world' %ive ti"e!*
&f you were of the world, the world would love its own. (et because you are not of the world, but & chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.

& )e world' re%er! to 0eo0le and !5!te"! t)at are not !u48ect to t)e ri$)teou! $overn"ent o% God in t)e 0er!on o% 9e!u! C)ri!t. )ere%ore3 an54od5 w)o i! not willin$ to !u4"it to God=! ri$)teou! 7in$do" and $overn"ent in t)e 0er!on o% 9e!u! i! in t)e cate$or5 o% t)e world. )e world and t)e c)urc) !)ould 4e co"0letel5 di!tinct. )e $reate!t 0ro4le" %or t)e c)urc) i! w)en t)e world $et! into t)e c)urc). )at i! w)ere our 0ro4le"! 4e$in. We t)u! )ave t)ree %orce! t)at we co"e u0 a$ain!t* t)e %le!)3 t)e devil3 and t)e world. )at i! w)5 it i! !i"0le3 4ut not ea!5. Aet u! t)ere%ore 0re!! on3 t)at we "i$)t learn to live increa!in$l5 in t)e %ullne!! o% t)e co"0lete !alvation t)at God )a! 0rovided %or u! t)rou$) 9e!u! C)ri!t< C(@M11?1

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