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Abortion habitual If spontaneous abortion occurs repeatedly more than 3 times to a single person.

The case is known as "habitual abortion " namely " !uatai" as termed in traditional "hinese medicine. This case results from long-standing deficiency of both the spleen and the kidney and from the destitution of #in-blood. $wing to the deficiency of the kidney and spleen %i the fetus cannot be supplied with necessary nutrients while the destitution of #in-blood gi&es rise to the interior heat which brings damage to uterine collaterals and attacks the 'enetrating channel and "ontrolling "hannel thus leading to successi&e abortions relati&e to fre%uent gestations. Type and Treatment The chief method for treating this illness is to ha&e drugs to strengthen the spleen and kidney before gestation and then deep on taking drugs to secure the fetus until the pregnant months of easy abortion ha&e passed. 1. Deficiency of both spleen and kidneys. Clinical manifestations: The patient looks weary and languid with dark orbits or dim speckles on the face. (he is short of breath and la)y to speak and has poor appetite sore loins weak knees and loose stools accompanied by di))iness tinnitus and nocturia. The menses are always irregular either preceded or delayed either profuse or scanty. In some cases conception is hard to achie&e after habitual abortion. The tongue is pale and tender with thin coating. The pulse is deep and feeble. Therapeutic method: Tonify the kidney strengthen the spleen and reinforce the 'enetrating and "ontrolling channels. *ecipe: +ushen ,uchong 'ill Ingredients: (emen "uscutae *adi- .ipsaci *adi- /orindae $fficinalis

"orte- 0ucommiae *adi- Angelicae (inensis *hi)oma *ehmanniae 'raeparata "ornu "er&i .egelatinatum 1ructus 2ycii "olla "orii Asini *adi- "odonopsis 'ilosulae *hi)oma Atracty lodis /acrocephalae *hi)ma Atracty lodis /acrocephalae 1ructus 3i)iphi 4u5ubae 6kernel remo&ed7 1ructus Amomi The abo&e herbs are made into honeyed boluses. Take at a time twice a day starting in ad&ance of conception but e-cluding the menstrual period. $ne course of treatment consists of 8 months. /odification: In case of consistent debility add 'lacenta !ominis. In case of a&ersion to cold and cold-pain in the lower abdomen with cool limbs add !erba 0pimedii. 2. Destitution of both qi and blood Clinical manifestations: The case is marked by a pale or sallow comple-ion short breaths feeble limbs accompanied by di))iness palpitation ad lassitude9 a pale tongue with tin whitish fur9 a small and feeble pulse. Therapeutic method: In&igorate %i and replenish the blood supported by tonifying the kidney and pre&enting abortion. *ecipe: Taishan 'anshi .ecoction Ingredients: *adi- "odonopsis 'ilosulae *adi- Astragali seu !edysari *adi- .ipasaci *hi)oma *ehmanniae 'raeparata *adi- Angelicae (inensis *hi)oma 2igustici "huan-iong *hi)oma Atractylodis /acrocephalae *adi- 'aeoniae Ala *adi- (cutellariae 1ructus Amomi

*adi- ,lycyrrhi)ae 'raeparata ,lutinous rice a handful. The decoction of a dose is 8::-3:: ml. Take one half in the morning and the other half in the e&ening. /odification: In case of a hollow and hearing-down sensation in the lower abdomen e-change both *adi"odonopsis 'ilosulae ad *adi- Astragali seu !edysari from respecti&ely and add *hi)oma "imicifugae 'raepraata. In case of heat due to deficiency of blood add *adi*ehmanniae. In case of palpitation and insomnia add (emen 3i)iphi (pinosae. 3. +lood-!eat due to #in-.eficiency "linical manifestations: The patient has flushed cheeks a dry throat and a hot sensation in palms and soles accompanied by magersucht and dysphoria. A reddened tongue with little coating. A thready and rapid pulse. Therapeutic method: *eplenish the &ital essence and remo&e heat from the blood. *ecipe: +ao #in .ecoction Ingredients: *adi- *ehmanniae *hi)oma *ehmanniae 'raeparata *adi- 'aeoniae Alba *adi- .ipsaci *hi)oma .ioscoreae 'raeparata *adi- (cutellariae "orte- 'hellodendri *adi- ,lycyrrhi)ae *adi- +oeheriae ;i&eae !erba 0clipatae "aution: In order to carry out effecti&e treatment multifold e-aminations must be carried out for both se-es including blood groups chromosomes function of the uterine neck etc. The inter&al between two conceptions should be long enough. It is best to pass o&er one year or e&en more.

The female who has a history of habitual abortion should first of all free herself from mental tension and ner&ousness. In ordinary daily life she should refrain from se-ual acti&ity. 0specially in the first and last trimesters of pregnancy se-ual intercourse should be forbidden so as to pre&ent miscarriage and premature birth. !abitual abortion caused by coldness of the uterus may be pre&ented y fre%uently eating eggs boiled with 1olium Artemisiae Argyi. Another way to pre&ent abortion is to use phoeni- coat which refers to the inner membrane of the egg shell as the chick has been hatched. 'ut a proper amount of phoenicoat on a clean tile and bake it slowly by soft fire till it turns yellowish. Infuse of the drug into hot rice soup. Take the prepared mi-ture twice a day for < successi&e days starting in ad&ance of the same month as that of the pre&ious abortion.