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PanelView Plus Compact

Take advantage of features optimal for a mid-size application: Single controller connection Serial and Ethernet communications Up to 25 displays Up to 200 alarm messages

Premier Integration with Logix-based Controllers

Tag Reuse: Maximize productivity by directly accessing tag information in the controller. Dene tags once in the controller and reference them while you design your HMI system. Eliminate the step of importing tags from the controller. Global Objects: Save development time by linking the appearance and behavior of a base graphic object to multiple references of the object throughout an application. Faceplates and AOIs: Pre-built visualization components, designed to save time and provide easier integration with Integrated Architecture based motion, drives, and process control. Scalability: Scale machine-level applications across multiple platforms, including Windows CE andWindows desktop operating systems. Single Development Environment: All terminals are programmed utilizing a common development environment that can also program high level, multi-client, multi-server supervisory applications. Reuse components and services.

When your application requires a mid-size controller and operator interface display, take advantage of a cost eective solution that also oers advanced integration features with Logix-based controllers. PanelView Plus Compact has selective features, optimized for reduced sized applications and preferred connectivity to CompactLogix L2x and L3x controllers. Youll benet from a solution that oers ideal integration that you depend on from the PanelView Plus family. PanelView Plus is a family of versatile operator interface displays ideal for machine level operator terminal applications in an industrial environment. Bright displays: 18 bit color graphics work together to show the advanced functionality and pre-engineered faceplates that are built into each terminal. Alarm Systems: Supports embedded variables, multi-language, trigger and message ltering, using three built-in alarm display objects to deliver critical system and machine information to the operator. RecipePlus: Capable of managing thousands of ingredients to meet the needs of the most complex machine set-up congurations, yet simple enough for building the smallest applications. Multi-Language: Support localized development, localized rmware and runtime language switching to meet global requirements and help reduce maintenance and development cost. Architecture supports easy third-party translations. Data Log and Trending: Log historical data and display it as a trend for convenient analysis.

PanelView Plus Compact Specications

PanelView Plus Compact 400 Catalog Number 2711PC-K4M20D Grayscale: 77 x 58 mm 320 x 240 resolution 2711PC-B4C20D Color: 71x53 mm 320 x 240 resolution PanelView Plus Compact 600 2711PC-T6M20D 2711PC-T6C20D PanelView Plus Compact 1000 2711PC-T10C4D1 211 x 158 mm 640 x 480 resolution Color Active Matrix (TFT 18 bit color)

Display Size

112 x 84 mm 320 x 240 resolution

Display Type

Grayscale Passive Matrix, (FSTN 32 level grayscale) or Color Active Matrix (TFT 18 bit color) Keypad (Grayscale) or Keypad /Touch Combination (Color only)

Operator Input Real-time Clock Network Communications Power Requirements Programming Software Environmental Operating Temperature Ratings Certications

Touch Screen

Battery-backed time clock timestamps critical data. Accuracy +/-2 minutes per month Ethernet, RS-232, (1) USB Ethernet, RS-232, (2) USB

18-30V DC

FactoryTalk View Machine Edition

0 - 55C (32 - 131F)

NEMA 12, 13, 4X, IP54, IP65 cUL certied; UL listed; Class I, Div 2, Groups A,B,C,D; Class II, Div 2, Groups F, G, Class III, T4, Class I Zone 2 Group IIC

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Supercedes Publication 2711PC-PP001A-EN-P July 2009

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