This occasion is a welcome change-of-pace for Austin. Last weekend
it was the Horned Frogs of TCU. Next week it will be the Aggies of A & M.
Tonight there is nobody here but us friendly, peace-loving, soft-spoken
Democrats -- and like the Longhorns, we are Number One in the nation,
Number One in the States , Number One at the Courthouse and City Hall,
and Number One in Texas .
We have our differences as Americans.
We have our disputes - - as Democrats.
But I believe we all agree: it is better to be a member of the party
which is busy selling ticke ts than to be a party to selling the American
peopl e a bill of goods . It is a bill of goods to ask Americans -- as some
are doing -- to sell their country short. When I hear men talk of
America losing, Ame rica in retreat, America besieged, I know they talk
of an America that never was and never will be .
At home and in the world we have never stood stronger. The cause
of freedom has never been more resolute. Ame ricarhas not passed the
pinnacle of its greatness - - on the contrary, we have not yet reached it.
We shall reach those new heights if we do not permit partisanship to
reach new depths.
Since our country began, there have been those who wanted to rule
or ruin. There have been others who would rule and ruin. There have
been sti.ll others who have wanted only to serve and save - - serve the people,
save their heritage, build their future . Since Thomas Jefferson, those
who belong to that group have called themsel ves -- as we do tonight --
••Democrats ."
AUSTI N, cont .
In the White House, the State House, and the Courthouse, a new
generation of Democrats -- hating war, loving peace, but cherishing
above all -- national honor a1n:i serving the people, working to save their
heritage and helping them to build a better future. I am proud, you are
proud, to be on the team, which is winning for America and freedom.
COPY r ~ • . .. -. 't:t.Y