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The PAST Foundation proudly presents its 2013 Bridge Programs Report.

Students from all

over the United States beneft from these outstanding programs, working on one of many
projects presented over the course of the year. This report details the objectives, outcomes,
and future goals of each program, from inception to completion. Programs include:
Limnology & Oceanography
of Lake Erie
Forensics in the Classroom
Art and STEM
Forensic Science and
Rube Goldberg Challenge
The Fling
Robotics Program
GEM 2013
STEM Rocks the Box
The Cardboard Challenge
201 3
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All klqbts kesetveJ.
Bridge Programs 4
Entomology 8
Limnology and Oceanography of Lake Erie 10
Forensics in the Classroom 12
Art and STEM 15
Forensic Science And Anthropology 17
PAST The Wall Design Challenges 21
Rube Goldberg Challenge 22
Spring Fling 24
The Fling 26
Robotics Program 28
GEM 2013 30
STEM Rocks The Box 32
The Cardboard Challenge 34
Partners 36
0n the veige of summei, a gioup of stuuents in Columbus, 0hio, sifteu thiough feitile topsoil to
ieveal the giuesome iemains of a mock muiuei victim, while 1uu miles noith, stuuents kayaking
along the shoies of Kelleys Islanu, caught a glimpse of balu eagles flying ovei the shimmeiing
wateis of Lake Eiie. Thiiteen hunuieu miles to the west, in the Black Bills of South Bakota, high
school stuuents cieateu canvas muials illustiating theii Lakota heiitage.
These expeiiences aie the founuation of the PAST Summei Biiuge Piogiams; holistic leaining
enviionments that immeise stuuents in ieal-woilu pioblems with authentic paitneis anu
auuiences. Each anu eveiy piogiam iequiies eneigy, collaboiation, anu commitment fiom the
stuuents, staff anu teacheis. In ietuin, the piogiams pioviue incieuibly iewaiuing expeiiences
that possess impactful leaining.
The PAST Founuation Summei Biiuge Piogiams vaiy in intensity anu content uepth, uepenuing on
the age anu expeiience of the stuuents.
Lrvrt I taigets stuuents tiansitioning fiom tiauitional leaining enviionments to pioblem-
baseu enviionments.
Lrvrt II is appiopiiate foi stuuents who excel at applieu leaining, anu
Lrvrt III pioviues auvanceu stuuent leaueiship oppoitunities in auuition to the applieu
leaining aspects of a piogiam.
Cottrcin1r Lrvrt piogiams seive motivateu auult stuuents with intense, content-iich
These uiffeient levels empowei stuuents to take full auvantage of PAST's offeiings anu fully
employ the unueilying piinciples of STEN piogiam's uesign anu ueliveiy.
No mattei the level, the PAST Founuation uesign team instills each piogiam with foui vital
Real Issues
Real Partnersbips
Transdisciplinary Approacb
Presentations of Learning
PAST measuies its success in its ability
to meet these iueals, anu stuuents
enthusiastically iecommenu PAST piogiams
because of theii moving expeiiences anu
lasting memoiies.
All PAST Biiuge Piogiams begin with a Real
Issue that allows stuuents to get engageu
anu help solve pioblems facing touay's woilu.
The seconu essential component of all PAST Biiuge Piogiams is Real Partnersbips. Stuuents
leain fiom piimaiy iesouices anu woik uiiectly with expeits in specific fielus. PAST has spent
ovei a uecaue foiming ielationships with expeits fiom acioss the piofessional lanuscape.
Along the same lines, the PAST uesign team ensuies that each piogiam auuiesses a Real Issue
with a Transdisciplinary Approacb. It is ciucial to unueistanu the context, as it pioviues
peispective anu encouiages essential ciitical thinking skills. Each piogiam is piesenteu in
the context of the suiiounuing community, anu incoipoiates Science, Bumanities, Technology,
Language Aits, Nath, anu Besign. In biief, eveiy piogiam is a STEN leaining expeiience.
The final component of each PAST
Biiuge Piogiam is the Presentation
of Learning. This is an oppoitunity
foi each stuuent to follow scientific
piotocol in uetailing his oi hei
own woik at the culmination of a
pioject. Piogiam uiiectois pioviue
a iubiic anu examples to stuuents,
who then showcase theii finuings
thiough enteitaining anu infoimative
expositions. These piesentations
incoipoiate film, PoweiPoint", poetiy, essays, anu sometimes a bit of iole-playing. Nost
impoitantly, they always involve stuuent cieativity anu oiiginal ieseaich.
The PAST Founuation uesign team believes that stuuents excel acauemically when challengeu
to solve ielevant pioblems. Immeisive peisonal challenges - like jumping into the ocean, living
with stiangeis in ciowueu quaiteis, collecting bugs, oi investigating simulateu ciime scenes -
encouiage intellectual, social anu peisonal giowth. When focusing on both life skills anu acauemic
iigoi, piogiam uiiectois obseive an inciease in stuuent engagement ovei shoit peiious of time,
anu often, uiamatic acauemic giowth. The piogiams of 2u1S weie no exception. We watcheu
stuuents excel in all aieas.
This yeai, the PAST Founuation inauguiateu a new seiies of piogiams paitneieu with South
Bakota ueai0P (uaining Eaily Awaieness anu Reauiness foi 0nueigiauuate Piogiams), a 0S
Bepaitment of Euucation national
piogiam, locateu in Rapiu City. This
yeai's PASTueai0P piogiam focuseu
on Native Ameiican, Niuule School
stuuents anu teacheis cieating a
unique oppoitunity foi immeision
expeiiences anu piofessional
uevelopment. $%&'(')'*+ oi ,-*
/0(1, 2'34%5!65 !% &74 /)0553''(, anu
80&7 !% 8-30)5 kickeu off the new
appioach. Teacheis woikeu alongsiue
teams of stuuents each uay in the
weeklong piogiams expeiiencing the
excitement of leaining anu piouucing.
PAST Content Specialists leu the
piogiams anu facilitateu the evening
piofessional uevelopment helping
teacheis uelve ueepei anu uesign
2week piojects of theii own. Each
teachei ieceiveu a packet of iesouice
mateiials anu a set of supplies to help facilitate theii planneu piojects when they ietuineu to
school. Teacheis, also hau the oppoitunity to complete the a Bakota Wesleyan, piacticum couise
ane ieceive giauuate cieuit.
Back in 0hio, PAST Founuation continueu the paitneiship with Kelleys Islanu School Bistiict
offeiing thiee weeks of piogiamming in $%&'(')'*+, 9!(%')'*+ 0%: ;640%'*3017+, anu 2'34%5!65
!% &74 /)0553''(. All thiee piogiams weie a hit with the stuuents challenging them to tackle issues
that aie ieal to Kelleys Islanueis anu FITC that help biiuge the euucational stiategies between
tiauitional text-baseu leaining anu pioblem-baseu leaining. In all instances stuuents quickly
acclimateu themselves to theii new suiiounuings anu soon founu themselves immeiseu in the
slowei pace of this non-uiban enviionment anu the camaiaueiie of theii fellow cohoit. Each of
the piogiams culminateu in public piesentations that inviteu the geneial public. These Satuiuay
moining piogiams weie well attenueu, attiacting iesiuents anu visitois.
Builuing on the fiist season, Kelleys
Islanu School Bistiict unueitook a
numbei of upgiaues anu ienovations
to impiove theii facilities foi the
Summei Biiuge Piogiams. Eveiyone
thoioughly enjoyeu the iecent
ienovations, in paiticulai the new
showeis anu mattiesses.
PAST continueu a long-stanuing
collaboiation with The 0hio
State 0niveisity Anthiopology
Bepaitment, offeiing the 8th summei
session of Foiensic Anthiopology.
This piogiam continues to be one of
the most successful anu populai in
the countiy attiacting both giauuate
anu unueigiauuate stuuents.
In auuition to the Summei Biiuge Piogiams, PAST continueu its commitment to pioviuing unique
STEN piogiamming uuiing the school yeai. So fai, in 2u1S PAST has paitneieu in thiee Besign
Challenge events foi Cential 0hio stuuents. In paitneiship with C0SI, PAST intiouuceu the =->4
?'):>43* /70))4%*4 in the wintei. Paitneiing with Shauowbox Live, PAST was again pait of the fifth
annual @A$8 ='6B5 &74 ,'C. Togethei with Time Wainei's Connect a Nillion Ninus, PAST hosteu
the @13!%* 2)!%* in the Columbus Commons. These challenges enhance STEN leaining outsiue the
classioom anu pioviue gieat enteitainment foi spectatois.
Finally, thiough paitneiships with the Cential 0hio Women's Funu anu C0RI (Cential 0hio
Robotics Initiative), PAST was instiumental in the continueu impact of uEN (uiils Empoweiment
Nuial) in Linuen, anu iobotics acioss the Columbus City Schools. These piogiams pioviue yeai
iounu STEN engagement oppoitunities.
In total, the PAST Founuation
engageu ovei 7uu stuuents in ovei
fifty schools. While the piogiams
vaiieu in length, iigoi, anu appioach,
they all pioviueu stuuents with the
inuispensable expeiience of peisonal
anu acauemic challenges. By focusing
on the foui vital components of
Biiuge Piogiams, the PAST uesign
team ensuieu that each piogiam
exemplifieu the best in ieal woilu
applications, connecteu stuuents
with ieal paitneis, encompasseu
a multituue of uisciplines, anu
piepaieu the stuuents to give a
final piesentation in leaining. The
following pages uesciibe PAST's
effoits in gieatei uetail.

Entomology Biiuge Piogiam paiticipants exploieu the insect species that live in theii own
backyaiu. This yeai's Entomology piogiam hau two campuses, one on Kelleys Islanu, 0B anu one
in Rapiu City, SB. Stuuents on Kelleys Islanu collecteu insects fiom foui uiffeient sites to ueteimine
which ecosystem hau the gieatest insect uiveisity. South Bakota stuuents focuseu on using
the scientific methou to exploie vaiious aspects of insect biology. Bespite the uiffeient focuses,
paiticipants in both piogiams stuuieu local ecosystems thiough compaiative fielu stuuy; gaineu
hanus-on expeiience collecting, pinning anu iuentifying insects; anu paiticipateu in inquiiy-
baseu scientific expeiiments. Stuuents concluueu the week with a public piesentation of theii
finuings, guiuing visitois thiough theii ieseaich with hanus-on expeiiences (KI), anu thiough oial
piesentations highlighting the iesults of theii expeiiments (SB).
!"##"$% '%#()*
!"#$ &'() *+,&
+(,-* .-/$
$!%&" ()*!&)
!"#$ ,-'*.) *+,&
!"#$%&'(#$% *+#,- ./,,&0&
1$'2&' 3%4$',&- 56*3 !%+2&7-
9$0: 5%://,
;+'<=#- 9$0: 5%://,
>#+'?$,,& 9$0: 5%://,
>*!@ AB ./:/#( 8C!
>*!@ AB ./:/#( 8CD
Megan Meun
)*+ -*.$ /#0#+ 1".2+34.#(
Megan Meun
)*+ -*.$ /#0#+ 1".2+34.#(
Scou ra[zner
)*+ -*.$ /#0#+ 1".2+34.#(


Foi stuuents who took pait in the Entomology STEN Biiuge Piogiams, the fiist step was leaining
to coiiectly collect, pin anu pieseive insects. They weie intiouuceu to the biological taxonomic
levels (how to iuentify anu classify common insect
oiueis anu families) anu exploieu how to calculate
insect biouiveisity in uiffeient ecosystems. Auuitionally,
stuuents employeu the scientific methou as they uesigneu
expeiiments, collecteu, analyzeu anu inteipieteu uata anu
finally, piesenteu theii iesults.

INsrc1 Cottrc1iNc: The entomology unit began with
a lesson on how to successfully collect insects using a
vaiiety of techniques. Stuuents collecteu specimens using
aeiial nets, sweep nets anu pitfall tiaps. The collection
methous weie iateu to ueteimine which was most effective foi catching uiffeient gioups of
INsrc1 iorN1iricn1ioN nNo riNNiNc: Aftei collecting theii insects, the stuuents iuentifieu them
to 0iuei anu Family using insect fielu guiues, hanuouts anu consultations with the Entomology
Biiectois. 0nce all insects weie iuentifieu, instiuctions weie given on the piopei way to uelicately
spieau butteifly wings, pin, anu mount the specimens.
ScirN1iric ExrrniMrN1s: Stuuents uesigneu anu conuucteu scientific expeiiments on vaiious
aspects of aithiopou biology, such as mealwoim anu ciicket foou piefeiences, how tempeiatuie
affects insect giowth anu iespiiation iates, how teimites aie able to sense anu communicate with
each othei, as well as the habitat piefeiences of pill bugs.
INsrc1 nn1: 0ne of the highlights of the week was cieating insect ait. Beetles anu tiue bugs weie
placeu into bottle caps that weie then filleu with Nouge Pouge. The stuuents tuineu the buggy
bottle caps into magnets anu eaiiings they coulu take home as a fun souvenii.
Trncurn PnorrssioNnt DrvrtorMrN1: Ten teacheis who woik in South Bakota Innovation Lab
schools also paiticipateu in the South
Bakota Entomology Summei Biiuge
piogiam. Asiue fiom assisting stuuents,
these teacheis ieceiveu auuitional
tiaining on how to incoipoiate
the STEN TPBL methou into theii
classiooms. All of the teacheis ieceiveu
wiitten anu electionic hanuouts foi
each activity anu given a classioom
set of insect collecting supplies.
Aftei completing the piogiam, the
paiticipating euucatois hau all of the
necessaiy skills, mateiials anu tiaining
to teach the entomology unit in theii
own schools.

A74 G'-3&44% 5&-:4%&5 &70& 103&!6!10&4:
!% &74 H4))4+5 I5)0%: $%&'(')'*+ 13'*30(
60(4 G3'( 567'')5 063'55 ;7!' !%6)-:!%*
JG3!64%&3!6 $03)+ /'))4*4 0%: 9!%:4%
86H!%)4+ @A$8 J60:4(+ !% /')-(>-5K
8/L M!*7 @67'') !% /)4N4)0%:K O0%>-3+
M!*7 @67'') !% O0%>-3+ 0%: ?30%N!))4 M!*7
@67'') !% ?30%N!))4P

In Limnology anu 0ceanogiaphy, stuuents stuuieu the biological, geological, physical anu chemical
attiibutes of Lake Eiie anu its aiea islanus. Stuuents examineu the ecological anu enviionmental
impacts fiom anu on Lake Eiie, the shallowest of the uieat Lakes. Thioughout the week stuuents
weie exposeu to vaiious foims of uata collection anu analysis. The week concluueu with
stuuent piesentations of uata anu expeiiences fiom the week.
!"##"$% '%#()*
!"#$ ,+',/) *+,&
>#+'?$,,& 9$0: 5%://,
;+'<=#- 9$0: 5%://,
1$'2&' 3%4$',&- 56*3 !%+2&7-
56*3 9$0: 5%://,
1/#+$' ./77='$(- *+#,- ./,,&0&
1+E/(+ *+F( 9$0: 5%://,
3&(#/ *+#,- ./,,&0& 9$0: 5%://,
G&H !,<+'- 9$0: 5%://,
Andrew 8ruen|ng, hD
6+#3$ !03&( 7$&&+'+ 8.'* /5*$$&
Andrew 8|oom
9.":+" 65;."&+( /)!6 <50:+%(


The goals of this couise weie to teach stuuents to use seveial fielu baseu uata collection
techniques, analyze uata, anu apply oceanogiaphic piinciples to the uieat Lakes. Stuuents weie
uiviueu into teams of foui with each gioup iesponsible
foi collecting uata at two uiffeient beach sites on Kelleys
Islanu. The stuuents piesenteu theii finuings to the
community in an effoit to euucate the public on the
impoitance of the natuial anu anthiopogenic impacts on
the Lake Eiie ecosystems.

SriNr Nr1s: Teams of stuuents useu seine nets to collect
fish anu othei aquatic oiganisms in the shallow wateis
off the islanu. The oiganisms collecteu weie iuentifieu
anu counteu to establish an estimate of the wilulife
population. Stuuents leaineu how fish counts can be valuable inuicatois of the health of the
aquatic enviionment.
CurMicnt Trs1iNcJWn1rn TrMrrnn1unrs: Watei samples weie taken at two stuuy sites
on the islanu, fiist on the noith siue at the State Paik anu seconu on the south siue neai the
public maiina. These locations weie chosen baseu on natuial anu human impact to the aiea. At
each stuuy site, suiface anu bottom watei tempeiatuies weie iecoiueu at iegulai inteivals of
incieasing uepth. Chemical analysis was also peifoimeu at each site. Tests weie iun on uissolveu
C02, phosphate, anu pB.
Brncu MnrriNc: Paiticipants geneiateu beach piofiles anu geneial aiea maps of each site in
oiuei to ueteimine costal piocess such as seuiment tianspoit, wave action, cuiients anu winu
eiosion. Teams of stuuents useu a suiveyoi's tiansit to measuie the piofile of the beach fiom the
giass line to appioximately 1.S meteis of watei uepth.
Puo1ic ZoNrs: The photic zone, the uepth of the watei that is exposeu to enough sunlight foi
photosynthesis to occui, was measuieu at each location using a secchi uisk to ueteimine watei
PnrsrN1n1ioNs: Each team of stuuents oiganizeu theii obseivations, conclusions, anu uata into
an "0ceanogiaphy of Lake Eiie" book. These books weie piesenteu to the iesiuents of Kelleys
Islanu as pait of a continuing community euucation effoit stiessing the impoitance of the natuial
anu anthiopogenic impacts on the Lake Eiie ecosystems.

$!*7&44% 5&-:4%&5 103&!6!10&4: G3'(
0)) 'N43 ;7!'P @67'')5 3413454%&4: S434
?30%N!))4 M!*7 @67'')K O0%>-3+ M!*7
@67'')K 9!%:4% 86H!%)4+ @A$8 J60:4(+K
8/L @A$8 M!*7 @67'')K 9'30!% /'((-%!&+
$03)+ /'))4*4K 90B'&0 $05& M!*7 @67'')K
84&3' $03)+ /'))4*4 M!*7 @67'')K 0%: T4S
J)>0%+ M!*7 @67'')P

Foiensics in the Classioom capitalizeu on stuuents' natuial uesiie to solve mysteiies. Stuuents
assumeu the iole of a Foiensic Scientist anu spent the week leaining foiensic pioceuuies such as
footpiint anu fingeipiint analysis, eviuence collection, human skeletal iuentification, anu bloou
spattei analysis. At the enu, stuuents applieu theii newly gaineu knowleuge to a mock ciime
scene. Paitneiing with The 0hio State 0niveisity's Bepaitment of Anthiopology, paiticipants
leaineu fiom expeit foiensic anthiopologists, ciime scene investigatois, local police, anu othei
specialists to ueepen theii unueistanuing of specific foiensic techniques anu the ieasons foi using
+(,-* .-/$
$!%&" ()*!&)
!"#$ .',+) *+,&
!"##"$% '%#()*
!"#$ ,0'*&) *+,&
;+'<=#- 9$0: 5%://,
56*3 9$0: 5%://,
Cahanna !eerson Mlddle School
3&(#/ *+#,- ./,,&0& 9$0: 5%://,
>&F= 3$22,& 5%://,
G/#(: I,7F(&2 3$22,& 5%://,
>,&'H//2 3$22,& 5%://,
>*!@ AB ./:/#( 8C!
>*!@ AB ./:/#( 8CD
)+, -,.,/0
=.$035*0+$&$'( 0": >$3+"4.5
)*+ -*.$ /#0#+ 1".2+34.#(
Lor| Cr|tcher
=.$035*0+$&$'( 0": >$3+"4.5
)*+ -*.$ /#0#+ 1".2+34.#(


The goal of this couise was to engage stuuents in the use of ueuuctive ieasoning anu uemonstiate
that math anu science concepts have piactical applications in ciime scene investigation. Stuuents
useu algebia to ueteimine the height of an allegeu suspect
baseu on footpiint eviuence, as well as applieu geometiy
anu basic tiigonometiy to analyze bloou uioplets anu
spattei. Auuitionally, paiticipants useu these skills
to iuentify a faux victim fiom skeletal iemains anu
ueteimine what occuiieu at a mock ciime scene.

IMrnrssioN EviorNcr: In the impiession eviuence
mouule, stuuents leaineu about tiansfei eviuence anu
Locaiu's Piinciple of Exchange, which states that when
two objects come into contact with one anothei theie
will always be a tiansfei oi exchange of mateiial oi
moiphology between them, thus theie will be eviuence
of theii contact. The stuuents leaineu that this applies to
footpiints, shoe piints, fingei piints, hanupiints, anu tool maiks.
Stuuents estimateu a suspect's height by measuiing foot piints anu shoe piints anu inseiting
those measuiements into mathematical foimulae. They maue casts of outuooi shoe piints using
Tiaxtone, a plastei-like substance that haiuens quickly. Aftei lifting the casts, the stuuents
compaieu them to suspect's shoes anu measuieu each to ueteimine the height of the inuiviuual
who maue the piints.
Auuitionally, the stuuents leaineu to examine the maiks left by uiffeient tools in oiuei to apply
them to a ciime scene analysis. They useu vaiious tools to make impiessions in Biofoam, a spongy
mateiial that ietains the shape of anything that comes into contact with it.
FiNcrnrniN1s: In the fingeipiint
mouule stuuents leaineu that each
inuiviuual (even iuentical twins) has his
oi hei own unique set of fingeipiints.
They iuentifieu the uiffeient geneial
fingeipiint patteins, such as whoils anu
loops, anu exploieu how to use those
patteins to match fingeipiints founu
on objects. 0sing fingeipiint biushes
anu powuei, stuuents lifteu piints fiom
watei bottles, boxes, tools, anu othei
objects. They compaieu the lifteu piints
to those on the fingeipiint caius of
known suspects. Stuuents also hau a
chance to make theii own fingeipiint
caius to take home.

@!C&44% 5&-:4%&5 103&!6!10&4: G3'( ;7!'
567'')5P @&-:4%&5 3413454%&4: O0%>-3+
M!*7 @67'')K 8/L @A$8 M!*7 @67'')K
?070%%0 V4GG435'% 8!::)4 @67'')K 84&3'
$03)+ /'))4*4 M!*7 @67'')K ?45- 8!::)4
@67'')K T'3&7 ;)(5&4: 8!::)4 @67'')K 0%:
?)4%S'': 8!::)4 @67'')P
I% 0::!&!'%K '%4 7-%:34: 5&-:4%&5
103&!6!10&4: !% &74 @'-&7 O0B'&0
$%&'(')'*+ W3'*30(P 8'5& 5&-:4%&5 S434
G3'( ?$J= XW /'7'3&5 LRJ 0%: LR,P
Btooo Srn11rn: In the bloou
spattei mouule, stuuents weie
shown how analyzing the patteins
of bloou spattei anu spiay pioviues
impoitant infoimation about the
events suiiounuing a foiensic case.
The stuuents leaineu that the size
of a bloou uioplet incieases as the
height fiom which it fell incieases,
anu that the highei the velocity of
the bloou that leaves a wounu, the
smallei the uioplets will be. In the
lab poition, stuuents expeiimenteu
with uiopping faux bloou fiom
vaiious heights anu spatteiing a
wall. They measuieu these uiops
anu patteins anu useu vaiious
mathematical foimulas to see how
changes in the size anu moiphology of the bloou patteins can pioviue infoimation about a ciime.
FonrNsic AN1unorotocv: In the foiensic anthiopology mouule the stuuents leaineu how
to examine the human skeleton in oiuei to cieate a biological piofile. This allows ciime scene
investiagtois to estimate a victim's age, sex, anu statuie anu aius in the iuentification of a
victim. They leaineu to use tooth uevelopment anu eiuption to estimate the age of a chilu anu
how changes in the pelvis can be useu to estimate the age of an auult. They also leaineu that
uiffeiences in the shape anu size of featuies on the skull anu pelvis inuicate whethei the victim
was male oi female.
CniMr ScrNr INvrs1icn1ioN: At the enu of the piogiam, the stuuents put eveiything they leaineu
into piactice at a mock ciime scene. Each stuuent hau a iole, whethei it was an entiy-exit officei,
a bloou spattei analyst, a fingeipiint expeit, oi a foiensic anthiopologist. All of the stuuents
paiticipateu in the ciime scene investigation anu peifoimeu theii ioles with enthusiasm anu
piofessionalism. They collecteu anu analyzeu the eviuence, which they piesenteu in a mock tiial
anu community piesentation foium.

The Ait & STEN piogiam is uesigneu to give stuuents ieal hanus on expeiience in pioblem-baseu
leaining. Stuuents woikeu thiough the uesign piocess to complete a muial utilizing a vaiiety of
math anu science piinciples. They uevelopeu a ueepei unueistanuing of the iole the humanities
play in a tiue STEN enviionment anu woikeu in teams that ieinfoiceu anu utilizeu the skills
necessaiy to succeeu in the 21st centuiy. The piogiam concluueu with a galleiy opening featuiing
theii completeu muials.
+(,-* .-/$
$!%&" ()*!&)
!"#$ *1'!"23 ,) *+,&
>*!@ AB ./:/#( 8C!
>*!@ AB ./:/#( 8CD
keta| ate|
/)!6 7$$3:."0#$3
1be lA51 loooJouoo
L||en etruzze||a
9.":+" 65;."&+( /)!6 <50:+%(


The Ait anu STEN piogiam stuuents uevelopeu a ueepei unueistanuing of the inteiconnecteuness
of the humanities, science anu math. Stuuents exploieu giiu uesign, coloi mixing, peispective,
shauing, anu the piocess of ciitiquing ait.

Cnio DrsicN: A majoi poition of the Ait anu STEN
piogiam connecteu math to othei uisciplines. Stuuents
hau to unueistanu giiu cieation in oiuei to enlaige theii
pieliminaiy muial sketches. Teams accomplisheu this
task by fiist uiviuing theii 12in by 9in muial image into
1in by 1in squaies of a giiu. Stuuents exploieu the concept
of scale anu measuiement by enlaiging theii imageiy onto a 12ft by 9ft canvas using 1ft by 1ft giiu
Coton MixiNc: Anothei focus of the piogiam was on piopoition anu measuiement. Stuuents
weie given ieu, blue anu yellow paint anu out of necessity leaineu how to cieate a vaiiety of hues
by measuiing anu mixing the piimaiy colois.
Cni1iqursJAn1is1 s1n1rMrN1s: Thioughout the piogiam, stuuents weie askeu to ieflect
upon the uay's activities. This offeieu them the oppoitunity to cieate valuable wiitten anu oial
feeuback anu mouify theii
woik as neeueu. In auuition
to the ait ciitiques, each
stuuent was askeu to wiite an
aitist statement explaining
the cieative piocess anu the
meaning of theii woik.
Trncurn PnorrssioNnt
DrvrtorMrN1: The Ait anu
STEN piogiam hau euucatois
facilitate stuuent uesign
teams as pait of theii summei
piofessional uevelopment
piogiam in Tiansuisciplinaiy
Pioblem Baseu Leaining.
Thiough this expeiience
euucatois leaineu how to
facilitate stuuent leaining
thiough the cieation of
piouucts, in this case, a 12x9 foot muial.
Euucatois woikeu uiligently siue by siue with stuuents to complete the muial within the
uesignateu time fiame. Teacheis assisteu thioughout the piocess on a pioject that was stuuent
geneiateu fiom stait to finish.

A74 54N4%&+ *!3)5 S7' 103&!6!10&4: !% &74
@'-&7 O0B'&0 $%&'(')'*+ W3'*30( S434
0)) 90B'&0 T0&!N4 J(43!60% 5&-:4%&5 G3'(
?$J= XW /'7'3&5 LRJ 0%: LR,P

The Foiensic Science anu Anthiopology Fielu School was an intensive, thiee-week couise. Stuuents
paiticipateu in the iesolution of a mock meuico-legal ueath investigation fiom ciime scene
uiscoveiy to couitioom testimony. Stuuents piocesseu an inuooi ciime scene wheie foul play was
suspecteu. Eviuence fiom the scene leu them outuoois wheie they seaicheu foi, anu iecoveieu,
buiieu human iemains. Back in the lab they examineu eviuence fiom both scenes anu attempteu
to iuentify inuiviuuals by analyzing skeletal iemains anu matching them against missing peison
files. Paiticipants synthesizeu multiple lines of eviuence to ieconstiuct what occuiieu at the ciime
scenes. Finally, stuuents testifieu as expeit scientific witnesses. They hau the oppoitunity to iun
a mock tiial in a couitioom in fiont of an actual juuge anu weie cioss-examineu by attoineys.
Thioughout the piocess, stuuents ieceiveu hanus-on tiaining in the classioom, lab, anu fielu by
law enfoicement agents, legal piofessionals, anu foiensic scientists.
453 ,&'&,) *+,&
6:& I:$/ 5(+(& A'$?&#F$(-
Whlmer unlverslLy (Callfornla)
!ames Madlson unlverslLy (vlrglnla)
Adam ko|atorow|cz
<"#*3$?$&$'(A )*+ -*.$ /#0#+ 1".2+34.#(
A|ex|s Dzubak
<"#*3$?$&$'(A )*+ -*.$ /#0#+ 1".2+34.#(
B9+0: E"4#3@5#$3D


At the coie of the fielu school is the scientific methou anu the anthiopological peispective. The
foimei focuses on hypothesis testing, wheieas the lattei piesents a holistic peispective on the
human conuition, past anu piesent, on a global scale. The piogiam helps stuuents to bettei
unueistanu the iole of science in the legal system anu appieciate the iole of anthiopologists in
meuico-legal ueath investigations.
Five main couise goals weie constiucteu:
Impiove inteipeisonal, piofessional, anu public piesentation skills.
Woik coopeiatively in a gioup anu uevelop team skills.
Employ the scientific methou to answei questions ielateu to ciime scene ieconstiuction.
Appieciate the iole of an anthiopologist in meuico-legal ueath investigations.
Bistinguish between foiensic science as poitiayeu in populai meuia veisus the ieality of
foiensic science as piacticeu by piofessionals.
The piogiam is uiviueu into thiee paits that ievolve
aiounu a mock ciime scene investigation. The fiist
thiiu of the fielu school focuseu on tiaining stuuents in
methous neeueu to piocess anu collect eviuence fiom
mock ciime scenes. This incluues specific tiaining in team
skills, the legal system, ciime scene management, ciime
scene photogiaphy, human anu non-human osteology,
biological piofiling fiom skeletal iemains, foiensic
aicheology, anu foiensic entomology. The seconu thiiu
focuseu on application of leaining. Stuuents applieu
what they leaineu in oiuei to seaich foi anu collect
eviuence, uocument the scene, anu maintain the chain of custouy. The final thiiu of the piogiam
focuseu on analyzing eviuence anu testifying in couit. Stuuents leaineu to iecognize the effects
of enviionmental, biological, anu cultuial piocesses on bone, incluuing theimal tiauma. They also
ieconstiucteu the living face of a peison fiom theii skull anu synthesizeu all of the eviuence to
uiaw conclusions about what happeneu. The final piece of this stage was to analyze theii eviuence
anu piepaie to testify in moot couit. Thiough this, stuuents leaineu to woik togethei anu iealizeu
that eveiyone biings unique skills to a case. They also hau the oppoitunity to netwoik with legal
piofessionals, foiensic scientists, anu law enfoicement to get caieei anu acauemic auvice.

DrvrtoriNc n Biotocicnt Pnoritr rnoM Skrtr1nt RrMniNs: 0ne of the tasks a foiensic
anthiopologist may complete uuiing a meuico-legal ueath investigation is to aiu in the
iuentification of unknown human iemains. A biological piofile is constiucteu baseu on skeletal
analysis anu useu to ieuuce the numbei of inuiviuuals law enfoicement may be looking foi. The
biological piofile incluues sex, ancestiy, age at ueath, statuie, anu unique chaiacteiistics. The fiist
foui components uo not pioviue positive iuentification; howevei, unique chaiacteiistics obseiveu
in the skeleton may be matcheu to meuical iecoius to pioviue an IB. Stuuents leaineu to constiuct
a biological piofile fiom human skeletal iemains, uesciibe the biological basis foi how an

T!%4&44% -%:43*30:-0&4 5&-:4%&5
3413454%&!%* A74 ;7!' @&0&4 X%!N435!&+K
Y7!&&!43 X%!N435!&+ Z/0)!G'3%!0[K 0%:
V0(45 80:!5'% X%!N435!&+ Z\!3*!%!0[P A74
5&-:4%&5 70: 0 N03!4&+ 'G (0]'35 !%6)-:!%*
J%&73'1')'*+K ,!')'*+K /74(!5&3+K
/3!(!%')'*+K 0%: I%&43%0&!'%0) @&-:!45P
anthiopologist can ueteimine sex
anu ancestiy anu estimate age at
ueath anu statuie fiom skeletal
iemains, iuentify auvantages anu
uisauvantages of both metiic
anu non-metiic techniques,
iecognize the impoitance of
pioviuing statistical suppoit
foi conclusions uiawn in a
skeletal analysis, anu evaluate
an analytical methou baseu on
Baubeit ciiteiia. Paiticipants
hau the oppoitunity to hanule
ieal human anu non-human bone
in the lab.
FonrNsic EN1oMotocv:
Asiue fiom foiensic pathologists, anthiopologists woik most closely with entomologists. These
specialists can help estimate the time since ueath anu locate the oiiginal ueposition of the
ueceuent baseu on insect eviuence at the ciime scene anu on the bouy. A woiking knowleuge of
the vaiiety of insects at a ueath scene, the timing of theii aiiival, anu theii life cycles is ciitical
in establishing how long it has been since someone has uieu. Stuuents woikeu with a foiensic
entomologist to leain how to collect anu uocument entomological eviuence fiom uecomposing
animal iemains. The fly maggots weie biought into the lab foi piocessing anu iuentification. The
maggots weie fixeu in an alcohol solution, blancheu, anu examineu unuei a light micioscope. The
size anu shape of the mouthpaits allows one to iuentify the species anu the size of the maggots
allows one to estimate how long they have been giowing. Both pieces of infoimation help meuico-
legal ueath investigatois estimate time since ueath.
Uu1ooon ScrNr Excnvn1ioN: Infoimation about the mock case leu stuuents to Wateiman
Faim on 0S0's west campus wheie it was suspecteu that the victims hau been buiieu in a small
plot of lanu. The stuuents weie iesponsible foi locating the foui buiials using piopei seaich
techniques. Aftei successfully
locating the buiial sites,
the stuuents excavateu the
iemains, uocumenteu the
scene, anu piopeily collecteu
the iemains anu any associateu
eviuence. They uiiectly applieu
theii tiaining in ciime scene
management, ciime scene
photogiaphy, eviuence collection,
anu aicheological mapping anu
excavation skills. Woiking in
teams the stuuents spent thiee
uays piocessing the outuooi
scene in all kinus of weathei . In
the enu, they iecoveieu all of the
iemains anu tianspoiteu them to
the lab foi analysis.
Fncint RrcoNs1nuc1ioN:
When conventional means foi
iuentification (i.e. fingeipiints,
visual, BNA, biological piofile)
aie not available anu theie aie
no leaus in a missing peison's
case, a ieconstiuction may be
maue fiom the skeletal iemains
of the inuiviuual. A foiensic
facial ieconstiuction aitist
combines tiaining in anatomy
anu ait to put a face back on
the skull. Layeis of clay aie
applieu; lips, nose, anu eais aie
molueu; fake eyes anu often a
wig aie put on the sculptuie to
appioximate what the peison
might have lookeu like when they weie alive. The ieconstiuction is then shown to the public to
elicit infoimation. Stuuents woikeu with a ceitifieu foiensic aitist to piactice ieconstiucting a
face anu piouuceu some veiy life like appioximations.
Coun1nooM Trs1iMoNv: The capstone activity of the fielu school took place on the last uay.
Stuuents paiticipateu in a mock tiial helu at Fianklin County Nunicipal Couit in uowntown
Columbus. A juuge piesiueu ovei the tiial anu piacticing attoineys acteu as the piosecution anu
uefense. Each stuuent selecteu a foiensic science oi law enfoicement specialty to testify as. These
specializations incluueu Buieau of Ciiminal Investigation anu Iuentification Agent, Ciime Scene
Investigatoi, Foiensic Biologist, Foiensic Aicheologist, Ballistics, Foiensic Entomologist, Foiensic
0steologist, Foiensic Facial Reconstiuctionist, Foiensic 0uontologist, anu Foiensic Pathologist.
Each expeit was swoin in by the juuge, qualifieu as an expeit witness, anu then cioss-examineu
by the attoineys. The uay befoie the tiial the attoineys met with the stuuents to piepaie them
foi testimony. Stuuents uiesseu in business attiie anu explaineu in lay teims the complexity of
the case. The tiial was open to the public anu a numbei of people stoppeu by to obseive. Nany
commenteu that they thought it was a ieal tiial!

0n Naich 2nu, 2u12, twenty-two stuuent teams fiom aiounu the Niuwest conveneu at The Centei
of Science anu Inuustiy (C0SI) to compete in the 2u12 Rube uolubeig competition.
The goal of the competition was to invent the most iounuabout anu cieative system, using
eveiyuay items, to complete the simple task of hammeiing a nail. Each entiy was uesigneu aiounu
a theme of the inventoi's choosing anu was iequiieu to incluue twenty steps, staiting with the
initial uiop of the maible anu enuing with the final hammei anu nail. Buiing the competition, each
team hau thiee chances to complete a successful iun.
45678 *#9) *+,&
Stuuents spent weeks anu in some cases, months, uesigning a contiaption that woulu biing to life
the concept of eveiy action cieating a ieaction. Entiies
incluueu such featuies as golf balls iolling thiough PvC
pipes, swinging balls causing a cascaue of uominoes, toy
tiucks iunning into anu flipping a switch, all cieating
a chain of events that woulu eventually leau to the
inevitable collision of the hammei anu the nail. Buiing
the competition, it was impeiative that stuuents set up
each element peifectly, otheiwise, the motion of the game
woulu stop piematuiely anu one of theii thiee tuins
woulu be ovei.
Stuuents will likely nevei have to cieate a machine as complex as they uiu foi this competition, but
the concepts of uesign, engineeiing, teamwoik, peiseveiance, anu cieativity will seive them well
as they uiscovei anu puisue theii inuiviuual fielus of inteiest.

W03&!6!10%&5 34*!5&434: G3'( 0)) 'N43
/')-(>-5K 0%: !%6)-:4: 5&-:4%&5 G3'(
9!%:4% 86H!%)4+ @A$8 J60:4(+K Y45&
M!*7 @67'')K $05& M!*7 @67'')K 0%:
T'3&7)0%: M!*7 @67'')P

0n Nay 8th, 2u1S, hunuieu of watei balloons weie lofteu into the Columbus skies as stuuent
uesign teams, manning theii hanu ciafteu catapults anu tiebuchets, wageu fiienuly waifaie
uuiing the Siu annual Spiing Fling event.
Noie than 1uu people ciowueu the main lawn of Columbus Commons to cheei on ovei 2u teams
fiom Linuen NcKinley STEN Acauemy, Netio Eaily College Bigh School, Baluwin Niuule School,
Pickeiington Bigh School, anu Nexus Acauemy. Each team uesigneu theii machine at school anu
then tianspoiteu it to the battlefielu.
.0#1231% .0220)%
45678 (:8) *+,&
Shots weie juugeu in thiee iounus; the fiist baseu on uistance contiol, the seconu on veitical
accuiacy, anu the thiiu on timing to hit a moving taiget (a iole playeu amicably by Netio's Anuiew
In keeping with the meuieval theme, othei stuuents
competeu in a heialuic bannei uesign competition, anu
all attenuees weie encouiageu to paiticipate in the "mini-
catapult" uesign challenge (a simple pioject involving
iubbei banus, popsicle sticks, anu plastic spoons).
This yeai's event was giaciously emceeu by Ban Nushalko
fiom WCBE anu sponsoieu by Time Wainei's "Connect a
Nillion Ninus" piogiam.

A74 4N4%& S05 S4))^0&&4%:4: >+ 5&-:4%&5
G3'( 9!%:4% 86H!%)4+ @A$8 J60:4(+K
84&3' $03)+ /'))4*4 M!*7 @67'')K ,0):S!%
8!::)4 @67'')K W!6B43!%*&'% M!*7 @67'')K
0%: T4C-5 J60:4(+P

This yeai the 0hio Spiing Fling took to the ioau foi South Bakota aiiiving in Platte this fall aftei
its success in 0hio. South Bakota schools weie eagei to take on theii fiist South Bakota Innovation
Lab Besign Challenge.
0n 0ctobei 9th 2u1S, teams fiom Platte ueuues, Wessington Spiings, anu Aimoui schools
gatheieu in Platte, to pit theii skills against one anothei. 0vei foui hunuieu stuuents, paients, anu
teacheis gatheieu at the town paik. The festival atmospheie showcaseu 41 Beialuic Banneis anu
thiee competing ulobe peifoimance teams. Inteispeiseu among the competitions, the 4th giaue
fiom Platte-ueuues solu bakeu goous anu theii famous, tie-uyeu shoestiings. Local volunteeis
P/oue 6eddes
;7:<=$6 -) *+,&
stiolleu in meuieval costumes anu the Platte-ueuues boosteis solu "walking tacos" as fast as
they coulu make them up. Nini Catapults anu the Siege Boaiu uame iuleu the noithein siue of
the paik, while the Siege machines (14 Catapults, anu
22 Tiebuchets) uominateu the southein siue. While the
youngei stuuents maue mini-catapults using spoons,
ciaft sticks anu iubbei banus lobbing maishmallows at
miniatuie castles, the miuule school anu high school siege
machine teams ueteimineuly flung watei balloons at the
taigets on the fielu.
Culminating the activities was the final competition
among siege machines wheie each team hau the oppoitunity to fling watei balloons at the school's
supeiintenuent anu piincipal. In between, a laige tiebuchet, calleu the Beast, enteitaineu the
kinueigaiten anu fiist giaueis by tossing watei balloons cleai acioss the fielu at opposing teams.
The competitions weie cappeu with an awaius
ceiemony. Nastei of the uames, ulen Bepieaux
fiom Naity calleu the scoies anu hanueu out
awaius to cheeiing fans. The winneis incluueu:
Clobe Performances: The Shauow of the White
Nambas fiom Aimoui
Catapult: Boom Launcheis fiom Platte
Trebucbet: Cioss Countiy Ciusaueis fiom Platte
Heraldic Banners: 8th giaue Waiiiois fiom
The Fling was a huge success on seveial levels
anu highlighteu the oppoitunity foi stuuents
to leain all about histoiy, physics, liteiatuie,
stiategy, anu math while having a gieat time.
uoogle news featuieu the event the following
moining as a top stoiy along with numeious
local newspapeis anu evening news. Bats off
to the South Bakota Innovation Lab foi such an
auspicious launch to theii Besign Challenges.

;N43 "RR 5&-:4%&5 0%: 1034%&5
103&!6!10&4:K 3413454%&!%* W)0&&4 ?4::45K
Y455!%*&'% @13!%*5K 0%: J3('-3P

Netiobots, the Netio Eaily College Bigh School iobotics team, hau a veiy successful yeai
constiucting a iobot anu opeiating a piofessional team as well as netwoiking with othei iobotic
initiatives in the cential Columbus aiea. In 2u12, the team was sponsoieu by AEP, Bonua, Netio
PTS0, TechColumbus, The 0hio State 0niveisity - Nentois, 0hio valley Testing, anu 0hio Powei
Tool. The team glau to have such wiue ieaching community suppoit.
1he koboncs Lob
;#><?#>) *+,&

WrtoiNc: This yeai, Netiobots auueu weluing to theii impiessive list of skills. A community
mentoi fiom 0hio valley Testing alloweu the team to boiiow his equipment anu taught a small
gioup of stuuents how to welu. Latei in the yeai, tiaineu
stuuents taught otheis how to uo the weluing to ensuie
some team membeis woulu have the skill next yeai.
Etrc1noNics: Netiobots implementeu a feeuback loop
into the iobot contiol system which was a new auuition
this yeai. Stuuents installeu a gyio to enable a "fielu
oiienteu" contiol scheme. That means uiiectional contiol
on the iobot is not ielative to the iobot fiame but ielative
to the fielu. This new contiol system alloweu foi
much gieatei maneuveiability uuiing gameplay
that enableu the team to scoie moie points in
PnocnnMMiNc: 0nfoitunately, Netiobots lost
theii main stuuent piogiammei. Luckily, theie
weie seveial newly tiaineu stuuents that weie
exciteu anu ueuicateu to leain piogiamming.
The whole team was selecteu as a beta testing
team, which is piestigious, but iequiies quite a
bit of woik.
Suorno1 CNC Tnntr Rou1rn: In auuition,
seveial stuuents weie tiaineu on manufactuiing
paits with the shopbot. The machine allows
the team to piecisely cut aluminum, woou, anu
Plexiglas into shapes foi the iobot. Nost paits of the iobot fiom last yeai weie custom uesigneu in
CAB anu then manufactuieu on the shopbot. The team also useu the shopbot to cieate giveaway
items to piomote the team.

2'3&+ 5&-:4%&5 G3'( 84&3' $03)+ /'))4*4
M!*7 @67'') 103&!6!10&4: !% &74 ='>'&!65
GEM 2013

The uiils Empoweiment Nuial (uEN) pioject completeu its seconu yeai of piogiamming in
2u1S. Teacheis in the Linuen community uesigneu the pioject with the intention of cieating,
maintaining, anu managing a local muial piogiam. This yeai, uEN stuuents cieateu a seconu
iounu of muials that will be peimanent fixtuies within the Linuen feeuei schools anu the Linuen
Linden leeder 5choo/s
*+,*'*+,& @78<<2 A$56

LiNorN McKiNtrv STEM AcnorMv: The focus this yeai was to utilize text anu imageiy to senu
empoweiing messages to giils of the community. The
inspiiation foi this yeai's muial was a viiginia Woolf
quote, "Theie is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can
set upon the fieeuom of my minu." As the giils cieateu
anu aiiangeu theii clay pieces anu tile woik, the concept
evolveu into a physical foim that expiesseu how the
young aitists envisioneu ways to eniich theii lives anu
LiNorN STEM EtrMrN1nnv: Fifth giaue giils auuiesseu
the question "What kinu of a woman uo you hope to be."
0sing this bioau question as the basis foi theii uiscussion, stuuents talkeu about what it's like to
be a giil, the challenges facing them now anu in the futuie, anu contemplateu the many ways they
coulu become change makeis in theii community. As with the oluei gioup of paiticipants, clay
was chosen as the meuium, anu the giils piouuceu S2 ceiamic tiles that communicateu theii vision
of themselves as change makeis.
HnMit1oN STEM EtrMrN1nnv: Cuiiently in the piocess of completing theii fiist muial. uiils
in fifth anu sixth giaues biainstoimeu anu came up with issues they thought affecteu giils at
theii school. 0ne of the main issues of concein was theii stiong feeling that giils anu boys uo not
ieceive the same oppoitunities. The giils uiscusseu how they felt they coulu bettei suppoit each
othei anu tianslateu these
iueas by putting paint
to canvas. The stuuents
began woik on theii muial
in the spiing of 2u1S anu
will complete it uuiing the
fall semestei of the 2u1S
school yeai. The finisheu
muial will be piesenteu
to theii classmates anu
uisplayeu at the school.

O-3!%* &74 LRQL^LRQU 567'') +403K G4(0)4
5&-:4%&5 G3'( 9!%:4% 86H!%)4+ @A$8
J60:4(+K M0(!)&'% $)4(4%&03+K 0%:
9!%:4% @A$8 $)4(4%&03+ 103&!6!10&4: !%
&74 13'*30(P

The Sth annual STEN Rocks the Box peifoimance was helu on Nay 6th 2u1S. The show pioviues
the oppoitunity foi local stuuents to appeai on stage with piofessional musicians, actois anu
ciew. Shauowbox Live staiteu the piogiam in 2uu8 with two high schools anu has since expanueu
in ieach anu numbeis.
This yeai, stuuents fiom Netio Eaily College Bigh School, West Bigh School, Linuen NcKinley
STEN Acauemy, anu Afiicentiic Eaily College Bigh School lit up the stage with song, uance, anu
comeuy. Bighlights of this yeai's peifoimance incluueu a uance numbei to Beyonce's Love on
Top, musical peifoimances of 0ye Como va by Santana, Aeioplane by The Reu Bot Chili Peppeis,
vorious 5choo/s
453 1) *+,&
Nysteiious Ways by 02, anu hilaiious comeuy sketches of a uaycaie touulei escape, comical
Facebook inteiactions anu technological blunueis.
The piogiam began with a seiies of stuuent tiyouts. In
oiuei to be selecteu foi the show, stuuents hau to auuition
in two of five uisciplines; vocal peifoimance, comeuy
sketch, uance, instiumental peifoimance oi technical
ciew. In the weeks piioi to the show, meta-peifoimeis
fiom Shauowbox Live woikeu with each stuuent to iefine
theii skills. Peihaps the most impiessive aspect of the
event was that stuuents only hau thiee shoit ieheaisals to
peifect theii numbei befoie the big night.
Pioceeus fiom the event suppoit STEN Rocks the Box summei piogiaming.

W43G'3(435 70!)4: G3'( 0 30%*4 'G 567'')5K
!%6)-:!%* 84&3' $03)+ /'))4*4 M!*7 @67'')K
Y45& M!*7 @67'')K 9!%:4% 86H!%)4+ @A$8
J60:4(+K 0%: JG3!64%&3!6 $03)+ /'))4*4
M!*7 @67'')P

Aimeu with only caiuboaiu, tape, glue anu iecycleu bits, families, school gioups, museum visitois,
anu 0S0 college uesign stuuents gatheieu on the fiont lawn of the Columbus Nuseum of Ait foi
a ulobal Bay of Play on 0ctobei Sth, 2u1S. Futuiistic homes, cais, submaiines, tuibo pigs, anu
aiiplanes amazeu anu amuseu paiticipants anu visitois, alike. Cieations anu inventions tackleu
the event theme Besign the Futuie N0W, The event was pait of a much laigei, woiluwiue ulobal
Caiuboaiu Challenge put foith by the Imagination Founuation with paiticipating, simultaneous
events in 7u countiies.
vorious 5choo/s
;7:<=$6 /) *+,&
The ulobal Caiuboaiu Challenge Bay of Play was inspiieu by the Inteinet sensation, Caine's Aicaue,
a shoit, uocumentaiy film about nine yeai olu Caine fiom East L.A. anu his unbiiuleu cieativity.
This yeai, the PAST Founuation, Columbus Nuseum of
Ait anu the Nattiess Fiim teameu up to sponsoi a local
challenge in Columbus, 0B.
volunteeis aiiiveu eaily Satuiuay moining to set up
supply stations, oiganizeu caiuboaiu anu posteu signage.
As the moining piogiesseu families fiom all ovei
Columbus joineu in the fun. Chiluien anu auults enjoyeu
spinning the "iuea wheel" foi inspiiation anu choosing fiom the enoimous selection of coloiful
tape, paint anu papei.
Paiticipants woikeu uiligently on theii cieations all afteinoon unuaunteu by spoiauic showeis
anu weuuing oiganizeis. By the enu of the uay, cieations abounueu, incluuing The 0hio State
0niveisity Knowlton School of Aichitectuie giauuate stuuents, elaboiate caiuboaiu city centei
complete with a flag, a foit, Rapunzel's Towei, anu a spaceship. Chiluien of all ages spoiteu theii
cieations such as the space helmet, iobot aim, caiuboaiu uiess, anu Queen of Caiuboaiu ciown.
ueneious amounts of caiuboaiu anu uuct tape weie uonateu by local gioceiy stoies anu moving

W03&!6!10%&5 30%*4: G3'( 0)) 'N43 &74
*340&43 /')-(>-5 0340P

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