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Hudson Taylor Study Guide

How to use this guide: This study guide is meant to help you think deeply about Hudson
Taylor’s example. We can learn a lot from his experiences. As you read through Hudson Taylor’s
book, stop at the pages where there is a question. Take time to think about the question before
looking at the answer. Read slowly and listen to what the Holy Spirit may being telling you.

Chapter 1 10. Pages 50-51. What does Hudson Taylor

1. Page 10. For Hudson Taylor’s skeptical think evangelism is sometimes
friends, what was the strongest argument unsuccessful? What does Hudson Taylor
against Christianity? think would make our evangelism more
Chapter 2
2. Page 15. What didn’t Hudson Taylor Chapter 8
take the medical apprenticeship? 11. Page 53. As he listened to his mother’s
cry as the ship left the dock, what did
3. Page 18. What did Hudson Taylor do in Hudson Taylor learn about the heart of
order to fully tithe? God?

4. Pages 19-20. Why did Hudson Taylor Chapter 9

decide to give away things he did not 12. Pages 62-63. According to Hudson
need or was not using at the time? Taylor, why did God allow him to face
such hardship when he arrived in
Chapter 3 Shanghai?
5. Pages 23-27. How did Hudson Taylor’s
experience with the poor family prepare Chapter 11
Him for future service? 13. Page 76. What did Hudson Taylor do
that made Chinese people more
Chapter 4 receptive to his message?
6. Page 33. Why did Hudson Taylor decline
help from his father and the missionary 14. Page 88. Read the verse at the end of this
society? chapter. How did God bless some of the
“ills” that happened to Hudson Taylor in
Chapter 5 Chapter 11?
7. Page 40. Why did Hudson Taylor
survive the fever? Chapter 12
15. Page 90. Reading all of page 90 and the
Chapter 6 first paragraph of page 91, what can you
8. Page 41. Why did Hudson Taylor not tell say about how Hudson Taylor made
others about his needs? decisions in ministry?

9. Page 45. What did Hudson Taylor 16. Page 95. Give your own short
believe God allowed the trials described interpretation or summary of the song
here? How was God glorified? “The Missionary Call.”
Chapter 7
Chapter 13 workers? What practical steps are listed
17. Page 108. Read through Hudson in the second paragraph?
Taylor’s self-examination and prayer.
What things did God show Him about 26. Page 144. What was Hudson Taylor’s
the experiences of the previous two fear that kept him from asking God for
days? missionaries?

18. Page 112. How did Hudson Taylor Chapter 19

respond to his new situation without 27. Page 151. Hudson Taylor says no
money or strength to walk to Kashing? amount of money can convert a single
How was his attitude different from two person. What does he say is infinitely
days prior? better than money? What is the benefit
of thinking this way?
Chapter 14
19. Page 114. What was Hudson Taylor’s
response to the servant who stole his

20. Page 118. Why did Hudson Taylor say

Christians are sometimes like the
fishermen who did not save the
drowning man?

Chapter 15
21. Page 121. Why did Hudson Taylor say
ministers and ministries should not go
into debt, even for the work of God?

Chapter 16
22. Page 129. Why does Hudson Taylor not
consider himself truly poor?

Chapter 17
23. Page 138. In his letter home, how does
Hudson Taylor describe the workers he
would like to see come to China? Name
three qualities.

Chapter 18
24. Page 142. For what greater purpose did
God allow Hudson Taylor to become so
sick and weak that he had to leave

25. Page 143. What did Hudson Taylor learn

was a biblical way to raise more ministry
1. The hypocrisy of Christians; 12. To help him appreciate God’s 22. Because God uses his life as a
many Christians believed in word and presence more. channel of help to others, and
God, but did not act accordingly. God gets all the glory for
13. He dressed as a Chinese man. providing his needs and the
2. He did not consider his life his needs of the ministry.
own to do with as he pleased. He 14. Evangelists’ persistence in the
wanted to keep himself free of face of opposition helped new 23. Earnest (sincere, not fake);
unnecessary commitments so converts like Mr. Yao see their devoted (faithful and
that he could do the will of God. sincerity, and they were able to responsible); desirous (ambitious
rest during the rain. to serve God in greater capacity);
3. He moved into less expensive— and not greedy for money.
and less comfortable—living 15. Hudson Taylor considered the
arrangements. needs of the kingdom of God 24. So that he could establish the
first, but also struggled because China Inland Mission, which
4. He wanted to be ready to give a he did not want to leave Mr. would eventually spread the
good account to Jesus when He Burns. gospel throughout the country
returned. He wanted to be a good and not just in the coastal areas.
steward of the things God gave 16. The call of God comes to the
Him, and not be caught “burying listener as though in a dream. 25. Hudson Taylor learned not to beg
his talent” like the unfaithful She asks why she is alive, and people to serve God, but to ask
servant. realizes it is not to enjoy the God in earnest and private prayer
things of this world, but to give for more workers. Also, he
5. The experience taught Hudson an account to God. Therefore, sought to deepen people’s
Taylor to trust God and not to be she is willing to give up all hope relationship with Jesus so that
afraid to give everything up, if that draws her away from God, they could not resist going, and
needed. “If we are faithful to even her attachment to her even wanted to dedicate their
God in little things, we shall gain homeland. She prays that she lives to His service.
experience and strength that will will be strong for the coming
be helpful to us in the more difficulties, but knows that when 26. He was afraid that people would
serious trials of life.” one soul is saved, the gratitude blame him for difficulties they
and satisfaction she receives will encountered; he doubted that
6. He wanted to learn to trust God be worth all the effort. And she God’s “keeping power and
alone, because he reasoned that will never regret her decision for grace” would help them
God was able to supply all his all eternity. overcome obstacles, as it had in
needs so that he could go to his own life.
China. 17. He realized he had not prayed for
lodging, and had only been 27. He said Christians need to give
7. Because God had called him, and concerned about himself while themselves to the work. If people
had work for him to do in China. ignoring the salvation of souls give themselves, they will not
around him. He also understood hesitate to do anything to support
8. So that his needs would be met Jesus’ willingness to go without the work of God, and the work
by God through prayer alone. food and rest for the salvation of will never cease for lack of
people, such as when Jesus funds.
9. God allowed these things to preached to the Samaritan
happen to Hudson Taylor so that woman at the well.
He would be glorified by
Hudson Taylor’s testimony to the 18. Hudson Taylor did not try too
doctor. hard to make a way for himself,
but instead focused on God’s
10. Christians would be more work and trusted God to provide
successful in evangelism if they for his needs.
had tearful distress for unsaved
souls, and an understanding of 19. He did not seek revenge, but
the eternal consequences of wrote a letter urging the servant
evangelism. to repent, with concern for his
eternal salvation.
11. He understood what the Bible
meant when it says, “For God so 20. We often say it is inconvenient to
loved the world, that He gave go and preach to the unsaved.
His only begotten Son …” He
realized his mother’s love for 21. He figured that if God did not
God was mixed with pain at provide the means, it must not be
having to give up her only son. God’s will.