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Yeswanth kumar SAP SD Consultant. #$%& '! $. (b)ecti*e

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To be the part of winning team of a professionally managed organization and to use my knowledge and experience in taking up SAP assignments in domestic and to continuously update myself with the latest SAP new dimensional products SAP Skill Set:" Having Over all $ years of experience in which $ Years of experience as a SAP SD consultant! "xcellent People management team building Presentation #otivation Ability to get $ work in %ross functional teams! &eekly reporting to senior management and the status of work and customer feedback! "xperience in OT% process "xperience in 'nter and 'ntra company stock transfer Process! "xpertise in %redimanagement output determination Account (etermination and Pricing Procedure! %onversant with special procurement processes like intercompany sales )O# and %onsignment process! Training and support to business users! Ability to analyze design and configure according to %lient*s )usiness +e,uirement! "xperience includes involvement in all aspects of business process analysis testing and end-user training! .nowledge on different advanced sales processes Third party order 'ntercompany order +eturns %redit memo re,uest (ebit memo re,uest %onsignment process! %onfiguration "xpertise in Order-to-%ash areas Shipping )illing %onsignment handling ATP %heck controlling in sales order processing by means of re,uirement class re,uirement type schedule line category and %ontrols for checking group /ood 0nderstanding in configuring and customizing the key concepts of SAP S( sales documents delivery documents and billing documents #aintaining co+y controls between sales documents! pricing credit management .

%onfiguration of basic functions viz! Pricing 1ree goods determination #aterial (etermination 2isting and "xclusion cross selling Account Assignment using the condition %reating master data for customers materials and customer 3material info records! S( Process4 creating sales documents! %ontrolling them using document type in '#/!

E,+erience &orking as a SAP S( %onsultant for seal 'nfoTech pvt ltd hyderabad from #arch 5667 till to date!

E,+ertise 0nderstanding of business processes and providing the optimized solution! /ood experience in SAP +89 Sales and (istribution :S(; good exposure in +89 related support pro<ects!

Pro-essional .uali-ication ("/+"" '= =A2A=(A ("/+"" %O22"/":S. 0='>"+S'T?;!

/ork E,+erience
%lient 4 (uration 4 "nvironment 4 +ole 4 'ndustry #atrix labs 'ndia ltd :subsidiary of #ylan pharmaceuticals ltd; =ov 5667 to till to date! SAP "%% @!6 Associate consultant 4 Pharmaceuticals industry!

Pro)ect Summary
%lient 'nformation4 #atrix 2aboratories 2imited a subsidiary of #ylan 'nc! is one of the world*s largest manufacturers and suppliers of active pharmaceutical ingredients :AP's; for a wide

range of therapeutic categories including antibacterial central nervous system agents antihistamine8anti-asthmatics cardiovascular antiviral antidiabetic*s antifungal proton pump inhibitors and pain management drugs! )ased in Hyderabad 'ndia #atrix also maintains an impressive portfolio of finished dosage forms of generic antiretroviral :A+>; products which treat people living with H'>8A'(S including pediatric therapies! As a result the company*s A+> products are helping nearly one-third of all people receiving treatment today for H'>8A'(S in the developing world! (uring 5667 #ylan received the &orld Health Organization*s approval of the heat-stable A+> tabletA #ylan and #atrix intend to build on this achievement by introducing innovations that expand people*s access to A+> medications and related resources!

0oles 1 0es+onsibilities: Ac,uiring the knowledge and map the current business process in sap! Preparing change re,uest forms and making some changes in the global data in sap! #aintaining all master data maintenance which includes customer maintenance material purchase info record customer info record maintenance! 'nvolved in preparation of To )e Process :)lue Print; on the basis of &arehouse 1unctionality #aintaining of documents for the P'+*s material master customer master! +esponsible for training $ end user documentation of S( module! #aintains all 'ncidents and 'ssues documentation in centralized location! +esponsible for any enhancements preparing for #+P plan documents preparing &'P process 1inding shortages of the materials &orked in pricing and )O# return documents %redit #emo +e,uest (ebit #emo +e,uest #+P planning and batch management!

2alue A33itions45ey Achie*ements: .nowledge regarding Production planning module Supply chain management ,uality management! ' also gained knowledge in /lobal master data maintenance in #ylan Pharmaceuticals industry! ' got an appreciation from the global team :#ylan business analyst; for assisting this support pro<ect for such long time!

PE0S(6A7 S5877S Positive Attitude High "nergies! Hard &orking and Sincere! /ood decision making and analytical skills! Able to handle people in a very efficient way! PE0S(6A7 P0(987E =ame 1ather*s =ame /ender =ationality 2anguages .nown 4 y!yaswanth kumar 4 y!shiva sankar 4 #ale 4 'ndia 4 "nglish Hindi urdu telugu