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Final Posters For my six posters I wanted to take a more humorous approach.

My aim was to use celebrity endorsements as a way of showing this. My idea was to advertise Nike footwear. To create the humour I wanted to add the shoes to famous icons. In order to add my own touch I bought a pair of Nike trainers and photographed them under studio lighting.

Here are some examples of the shoes that I took pictures of. In order to get the even lighting I used a Bowens lighting kit. To create a soft light over the shoes I also used two soft boxes either side of the trainers so that I could avoid any hot spots. I also made the conscious decision to use brightly coloured shoes based off of my Nike research as they use this techniques to make their clothing stand out in the image. I also kept in mind that I needed a small pair of trainers because they would create less distortion when I take the pictures. Once I had taken the pictures I needed to add them into the photographs of famous icons. To do this I create paths for the pictures of the trainers in order to make an accurate selection.

To make my paths I used the pen tool and drew around the shoe. I them made the selection with a 0.5 feather so that it didnt create a hard edge on the cut out. To refine the image further I also contracted each selection by 4-5 pixels. I then inverted the selection and added a Gaussian Blur to that it broke up the edges of the picture and would make it easier to blend in later. I also made the decision to alter the colours of the shoe later on when they were added to the posters so that I could match them to the background image using a Gradient Map and Colour Balance. The only picture I didnt do this too was Barack Obama. Before I inserted the shoes I used Black and White filter to change the shoe colour. I then added some noise to make the shoe blend in better. For my first poster I decided to use Barack Obama as he is recognised all over the world. I wanted to use a formal picture of the US president because I felt that it added to the humour in the advert. I also really wanted to make the trainers blend into the background so that they look professional.

To start with I duplicated the layer so that I didnt lose the original image.

I then added the shoes that I had already cut out using paths and roughly placed them on to of Obamas original shoes to get an idea of what they will look like and decide what I needed to change. I then needed to knock back Obamas shoes so the new shoes could his original shoes. I did this with the Liquify tool, making sure that I used small movements to that I dont warp the carpet too much.

I then bought the shoes back in to see what I needed to clean up because the liquify tool cant get rid of the whole shoe without warping the background layer. To solve this I used the clone stamp tool to push the rest of his shoe back behind the Nike trainers.

The next step was to add shadows to the shoes because they looked fake. To sort this out I used the brush tool and the gradient tool to draw shadows. I also used a Wacom tablet to accurately draw the shadows. In this screenshot I added the shadowing under the feet. I then used the multiply blending option so that the background texture came through. I then altered the opacity so that they werent too dark. These are the finished shadows on the shoes. The only thing that I needed to alter on the trainers was the overall brightness, which I bought down using the brightness/contrast.

To finish the poster I then added the Nike Swoosh

I thought that it would be interesting to base my second poster off an older picture. In my opinion this makes the poster funnier because of the contrast between the older and newer styles of clothing. Here I used Louis XIV (The Sun King).

I firstly duplicated the background layer and quickly used brightness/contrast to brighten up the background as I felt it was too dark.

I then added the shoes that I had cut out using paths and went to Edit > Transform > Perspective. Here I just shaped the shoes so the perspective looked right against the background image.

To make the colours of the shoe match with the background better, I altered the colour balance, hue/saturation and finished it off with a gradient map so that the shoes werent too vibrant against the painting.

To make the shoes blend in a bit better I painted shadows on the tip of the back shoe and at the front of the front shoe to match the shadows on the original image.

I then finished off the poster with the Nike Swoosh that I inverted to make it white. For my third poster I wanted to carry on the theme of using celebrities in Nike footwear. To make it different to the other posters I wanted to do a black and white image. For this one I chose the Queen.

Before I inserted the trainers I turned them black and white and added some noise so that they would blend in with the background picture better.

I duplicated the background layer to make sure I still had an original if I needed it. I then added the shoes that I had cut out to see how they would look on the picture. I then needed to alter the perspective because in the original, the Queens feet were slightly angled in.

To make the Queens feet blend in with the Nike trainer I then used the Clone tool on a new layer to blend her ankles into the shoes so that the image looked more realistic.

To make the trainers look part of the background layer, I then painted in the shadows with a brush and altered the opacity to make sure they werent too dark.

I then found that the shoes in general were just too bright, so I used brightness/contrast to dull them down more. After I used the black and white point droppers in curves to match the black and white in the shoes to the background image. I then finished off the poster with the Nike Swoosh. I also cloned out part of the cloud so that the logo was more visible against the grey sky.

The poster that I did of Marylin Monroe is one of my favourites because of how famous the picture is. Its good because people can relate to her, as it is her most iconic photo.

I first off had to duplicate the background layer. The main problem that I ran into with this image was the fact that I couldnt crop it to A4 because if I did her dress would have been cut, so instead I extended the image using the clone tool.

I then added the shoes, which I immediately had to alter the perspective and clone the ankles, so that her high heels were hidden out of sight. This was the main challenge for me because her heels were so large that her ankles needed a lot of work.

I then brushed in the shadows for the shoes and the ankles so that the trainers blended in better with the background. I made sure that I put extra shadows on the soles of the shoes because they were very bright compared to the rest of the image.

To make the shoes blend in better I then added noise, as the image of Marylin was quite grainy, especially up close.

I then finished off the poster by making a gradient map for the whole image so that the black and white of the trainers matched the picture of Marylin Monroe. I then added the Nike Swoosh to the middle of the picture. I kept this up throughout all of my posters to show consistency in my work. Like the other posters, I wanted to keep the same theme. For my fifth poster I used Freddie Mercury because he is world famous. I wanted to keep the colour of the shoes the same because he already had a bright coloured outfit. I chose this picture because I really liked the framing. Having him put his feet on the edge of the stage would help me blend the shoes in better.

I duplicated the background layer as normal. I then inserted the shoes that I had already cut out using paths.

I needed to blend his shoes in with the stage. The first thing I did to help is to cut the bottom off the shoes using a square marquee tool so that It looks like his feet are behind the stage.

I then made the shadows using the brush tool so that the shadows matched the original shadows in the image. I also increased the opacity of the brush towards the edge of the shoes so that they blend in with the stage.

The picture was looking quite dull overall so I used curves to add contrast and brightness to the image. However I then created a gradient map to help match the shoes colour to the rest of the image, which dulled the saturation in the picture.

To sort this I then used Hue/Saturation. In this setting I just upped the saturation ever so slightly to make the image punchier.

I then finished off the image with a white Nike Swoosh as it contrasted well with the black background. For my final poster I chose to do Jet Li. The only main difference was the uncluttered block colour background, which I like because it is unique to the other more complicated posters. The problem I faced with this poster was too much dead space. To solve this I used a few different techniques to make it visually more appealing.

I firstly started the poster by duplicating the background layer and adding the shoes. I rotated them and erased the edge of the right shoe so that it blended in with the trouser leg.

The problem with just adding the in was that it covered his original ankle that is actually at a slightly different. To compensate for this I used a brush to draw my own. To get the right colour I used the pen dropper tool.

To make the trainers blend in better I then brushed in my shadows to match the shadows that were originally casted on his feet. I also took down the opacity slightly as they were too dark and set the blending options to multiply so that some of the trainer detail doesnt get washed out. I also added the shadows to the ankle so it doesnt look flat.

The biggest difference to the image came when I put a gradient map over the whole poster so that the shoes matched the background. I also like this gradient map because it dulled down the over vibrant/saturated look to the poster.

Just finish off the poster I wanted to add a vignette so that the background wasnt just a boring single tone. I then used a black Nike Swoosh to match Jet Li and contrast with the background.