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Using Playing Cards for Tarot

The 16th century gypsies of Europe were the people who started using playing cards for tarot reading and fortune telling. Today, many professional tarot readers practice tarot reading using playing cards. This article gives you a brief insight into the technique of using playing cards for tarot. Read on The tarot cards were used to play a game of cards in olden days. ater, tarot cards were used in fortune!telling. There are different types of tarot cards available today. Each and every tarot card reader would have his favorite set of tarot cards. There are a few tarot readers who use playing cards to interpret a see"er#s future and fortune. Is it Possible to Use Playing Cards for Tarot $es, it is possible to read the fortune or the future using playing cards. The four signs % spade, heart, clubs and diamonds are meaningful signs for a tarot reader. &iven below are the playing card symbols and the corresponding tarot card symbols along with their meanings. 'pades ! Represent the swords of tarot cards. ( spade symbol indicates death, misfortune, and personal loss. )lubs ! Represent the wands of tarot cards. ( card with a club sign provide information. *earts ! Represent the cups of tarot cards. ( card with a heart symbol focuses on the matters of love and happiness. +iamonds ! Represent the pentacles of tarot cards. +iamonds deal with issues regarding a venture or a business. ,t also displays information relating to fortune and money. Tarot Reading Using Playing Cards -any tarot readers use a dec" of playing cards for fortune!telling or for divination. -ore number of cards,

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Ace ! (n ace of a .heart. symbol card represents a change of your residence address or perhaps indicate a visitor. (ce is related to one#s home. King ! This card represents an influential person. The "ing of .*earts. symbol means a powerful person who has plans to do something for a see"er or an inquirer. Queen ! ( queen of .*earts. represents a fair and /ust person. 'he could be trusted and she is faithful. Jack ! ( /ac" of .hearts. represents a see"er#s friend or someone who is close to the see"er. ,t could be the inquirer#s close and friendly relative also. 10 ! The card brings good luc" and has the ability to reduce the affect of the bad cards surrounding it. ! 0umber 1 is also called as the .2ish )ard.. The card represents harmony. ,f bad cards surround this card, the inquirer has to deal with the obstacles before his wishes would be fulfilled. ! ! The card represents an event that is li"ely to happen in the near future. " ! 0umber 3 indicates betrayal and disappointment. ,f you are planning for a partnership venture at the time of reading a tarot, it could mean there is a possibility of your partner bac"ing out in the last moment. # ! The card warns the see"er regarding a misfortune or any bad event that is li"ely to happen in near future. *ence called as .2arning )ard.. $ ! 0umber 4 indicates indecisiveness of a see"er. ,t could also mean the see"er is li"ely to brea" or ma"e plans for the future with his immediate friends.

% ! This card is "nown as the bachelor or old maid card. ,t represents the nature of the see"er who could be very choosy regarding all matters of life. & ! Represents the decisions that are li"ely to be made in haste. ' ! The card number 5 represents success. ,f bad cards surround this card, then the see"er would have to cross the hurdles before en/oying his success. Clubs Ace ! This card represents fame and wealth leading to rise in social status. King ! The "ing of .clubs. represents a lifelong companion who could be a good friend on whom the see"er could fall bac" on during bad times. Queen ! 6ueen of .)lubs. represents a woman in the see"ers life. ,t could be a good friend or his7her sister. ,f the see"er is male, then, queen represents his wife. Jack ! 8ac" of .)lubs. represents a good friend who has an ability to cheer the inquirer at bad times. 10 ! 0umber 19 is "nown as the harbinger of happiness and good fortune. ,t can also represent a long /ourney the see"er is li"ely to underta"e in the near future or has already underta"en in the recent past. ! ,ndicates trouble or an unresolved dispute between an inquirer and his friends or relatives. ! ! Represents an urgent need for cash is li"ely to occur in near future. " ! 0umber 3 is "nown as good luc" card if other good cards surround it. # ! )ard represents success in partnership ventures. $ ! 0umber 4 is "nown as the marriage card which represents a long!standing relationship. % ! 0umber : is a danger card representing a series of failures and misfortunes in the see"ers life. & ! )ard signifies a bro"en engagement and a marriage with another person. ,f you are already married, it indicates separation and a second marriage. ' ! This card indicates bad luc" and opposition from family and friends. ()ades Ace ! The ace of .'pades. is li"ely to bring bad news in the near future. ,t could be a possible death of someone or an illness. King ! The "ing of .'pades. represents a troublesome person who could interfere in the see"er#s personal life. Queen ! The queen of .'pades. indicates a wic"ed and cruel woman who is li"ely to betray the see"er. Jack ! The 8ac" of .'pades. represents a la;y person who is li"ely to hamper the progress of the see"er. 10 ! This card brings ill!luc" to the see"er. *owever, if good cards surround this card, the effect of ill!luc" could be reduced drastically. ! 0umber 1 indicates bad!luc", misery and loss of money. ! ! )ard indicates the see"er would be betrayed by his close family or friends in the near future. " ! Represents unwanted arguments, quarrels and sorrow li"ely to occur in near future. # ! 0umber 6 indicates, the see"er is unli"ely to reap success for his hard wor". $ ! This card represents success in matters of love and issues relating to business. *owever, the see"er is successful only after a long hard wor". % ! The card indicates a minor misfortune in form of illness or loss of money in near future. & ! The card number < represents unhappiness or misfortunes in matters regarding love and marriage. ' ! Represents a sudden or an unforeseen change that is li"ely to ta"e place in the life of the see"er in near future. *ia+ond Ace T,e ace of -*ia+ond- indicates an i+)ortant infor+ation a.aiting t,e seeker/ It could be a )ackage or letter containing 0ital +essage/ King 1 T,e king of -*ia+ond- re)resents an e0il and dangerous )erson/ T,e seeker s,ould kee) ,i+ at a distance/ Queen 1 T,e 2ueen of -*ia+ond- is a flirtatious .o+an .,o is likely to interfere in t,e )ersonal life of t,e seeker/ A0oid ,er/ Jack 1 T,e Jack of -*ia+ond- is a ,arbinger of bad ne.s/ 10 1 Card indicates +onetary benefits for t,e seeker/ 1 3u+ber is kno.n as a card of ad0enture and ,o)e/ ! 1 Indicates tra0el and +arriage in future/ " 1 Card nu+ber " indicates ill1luck in near future/ # 1 4arly and un,a))y +arriage is indicated by card nu+ber #/ $ 1 Harbinger of )ros)erity and success/

% 1 Card nu+ber % in0ites un.anted and unnecessary troubles bet.een t,e seeker and ,is fa+ily +e+bers/ & 1 Indicates troubles suc, as la.suits and legal actions in near future/ ' 1 Card nu+ber ' is an enc,anting card indicating serious lo0e affairs5 resulting in a +arriage/

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