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A spa in the dreamy village of Pod!etrtek (Windisch Landsberg) was the inspiration for this book. The municipality consists of 26 villages and hamlets and is located in the historical region of Lower Styria (Lower Styria)

Visitors to the spa Olimia soon realize that the management is following a completely new approach. If one dwells as a guest in the spa and health oasis, you will be surprised by the personal attention and the high level of comfort. Olimia is not comparable with other health and leisure facilities and the management is working hard to further expand this difference. The proximity to the visitors is a top priority in all areas of the spa. There is a permanent change of claims and expectations from our regular visitors. Therefore we are subject to a continuous learning process to adapt to the new challenges and create the surroundings, which everybody expects. The spa Olimia is a place of relaxation and well-being. To give our visitors the feeling, both technical as well as personal aspects are constantly maintained. The harmonious teamwork in the thermal complex leads to relaxed staff and it is this harmony rubs off on the guests. In guest care we just put on the scale, as we want to be cared for themselves as a guest. This simple but very effective idea allows increasingly guests to become recurring friends. In particular, the health and wellness guest proves the spa a high level of condence with his visit. Guests who are coming back to the spa Olimia are the reward for our work and proof that the chosen path is correct. The team of spa Olimia will spare no effort in the future to further expand the circle of friends.

Zdravko Po!ival"ek, Dipl.-Ing. agr.! Managing Director

Photo: Spa Olimia



For centuries, the locals know and take advantage of the healing e"ect of the brine thermal spring. Today there are ve hotels featuring six wellness areas to provide every visitor optimally recreational opportunities.

The power of water is ubiquitous in the Spa Olimia.

The springs on the slopes of the Rudnica Mountain enjoy a good reputation as a place of healing. Through holes in the mid 1960s, today's "Atomske Toplice", a modern spa, with hotels and spas originated. The guests desire for a relaxing stay is always in the foreground at Spa Olimia. Visiting the health oasis you'll feel, that the offerings are constantly adjusted.

The feel-good holiday starts right upon arrival and the stay regenerates sole and body. It does not matter, if you want to visit this place just to let your thoughts ow, to regenerate and ll up the batteries or as an athlete to prepare yourself for the coming season. The natural power of the healing and relaxing water helps to reach the individual goal. The broadness of the offerings are the ideal prerequisites for every age-group.

Visitors to Olimia have ve options of accommodation to choose from. Three hotels, one apartment complex and a camping area leave no wish unfullled. Holiday makers are able to create a stay to measure.

The hotel blends harmoniously into the landscape. Large windows and grassed roofs impressively proof, that even big hotels can be both, very comfortable and nature consciously. An extensive underground tunnel system interconnects the entire thermal area.


25 Single rooms 123 Double rooms 2 Three bed rooms 10 Apartments A very modern conference centre is located in the hotel. In addition there is a build in wellness centre, restaurant, vinothek, bar and parking garage with direct access to the hotel.
For further information on the Internet, please click here: Wellness Hotel Sotelia


Striking are the fresh colors and the large open spaces in the access area. It's quite normal for the Spa Olimia that even the convention centre meets highest demands. Hotel Sotelia features ve combinable rooms, one room in Hotel Breza and two rooms in Hotel Rosa. The convention centre Olimia can accommodate conferences for up to 800 participants. For exhibitions, concerts and sporting events, there is an event hall opposite the entrance to the grounds.

Who rather prefers a traditional hotel, will love to stay in Hotel Breza. It has its own thermal water facility and an onsite health centre. Because of the tunnel system, which interlinks all hotels and spas, you don't have to worry about season and weather when moving around in Olimia. Hotel Breza has 167 modern double rooms, including 42 rooms suitable for allergy sufferers. For higher demands also 18 apartments to choose from.
For further information on the Internet, please click here: Wellness Hotel Breza
Photo: Spa Olimia

Photo: Spa Olimia

Here you can either come with your whole the family or spend a romantic holiday for two. The hotel is surrounded by idyllic countryside and promises a quiet and relaxing stay. The size of the apartments are in the range from 33 to 78 m#. A total of 42 apartments with 90 beds are available. The individual equipment comprises living room and bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, TV, dishwasher, microwave, hair dryer and vacuum cleaner. Like all the other hotels in the complex, from the Aparthotel Rosa all wellness areas and the other hotels can easy be reached by the spa wide tunnel system. Spa Olimia features a wide range of training, seminar and exhibition spaces. In addition there is a conference hall located in the Aparthotel Rosa with a capacity of 120 people.


94 apartments 345 beds The hotel has a car park with 120 parking spaces. Each apartment comprises out of a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, satellite TV and telephone.
For further information on the Internet, please click here: Aparthotel Rosa

Photo: Spa Olimia

Photo: Spa Olimia

Photo: Spa Olimia



A small village with apartments, especially for people who prefer tailormade holidays in a homely environment. The apartments consist of living room and bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The complex consists of 25 houses. Depending on your needs, you can choose an apartments from two to ve people. The apartments meet international standards. Some of the features include a fully equipped kitchen, satellite TV, telephone and under oor heating. As is typically for small villages, that there are shops, a pub and a cafe located at the village centre. In the evening live music is on offer. Just a short walk and you are right inside the spa resort. For visitors which are after an exciting day at the water slides, the Thermal Park Aqualuna is an excellent alternative.
For further information on the Internet, please click here: Apartment Village Lipa



25 houses 136 apartments 541 beds The apartments feature living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, satellite TV, telephone and under oor heating.


Photo: Spa Olimia

Photo: Spa Olimia

If your style of living prefers "back to nature", then the Camp Natura is the ideal place for all campers and individual tourists. Along with the possibility to camp at Camp Natura, you can also book one of the many holiday homes. The cottages are a fully equipped including electricity and water supply, satellite TV and telephone. The comfortable features guarantee cosy, carefree and relaxing holiday for you and your family and friends. In Camp Natura, there are 110 designated camping plots. It does not matter whether you arrive with a tent, booked a room in a house or live in the motorhome, Camp Natura is the ideal location for a great holiday. Camp Natura is located in proximity to the Thermal Park Aqualuna, which offers numerous water attractions for both children as well as adults.
For further information on the Internet, please click here: Camp Natura.


Nearby the Thermal Spa Olimia there are numerous exciting places to visit. The o"er includes cultural, culinary and sporting attractions. Everything is close and is also accessible by bike or road train.

About 3 km from the Spa Olimia is the Haler yard. With 160 seats in the restaurant and an additional 50 seats on the covered patio even larger groups are very welcome in this great place. The brewery brews light and dark beer. The natural yeast beer is brewed according to an old German recipe. At the Haler pub, beer can be enjoyed on tap. The beer is sold in two-liter bottles, 1.5 l plastic bottles and in a 6 pack of pints.
For further information on the Internet, please click here: Haler Brewery.


One of the sports attractions is a small and ne 9-hole golf course in Olimje. If you want to improve your handicap, or simply wish to indulge in this relaxing sport, there are two resident Pro's at Golf Resort Amon: Bogdan Palov"nik and Nikola Smoljenovi$. Already in 2004 the golf course was awarded by the Slovenian Golf Association as friendliest facility in the country.
For further information on the Internet, please click here: Golf Amon.



In 1967, the hut Ton!ka was built by Jo%e Brilej, his wife Vida and their daughters Du"ica and Mojca. 1990, the land of fairy tales and fantasy emerged. Since 1992 the road train stops at this popular tourist destination.
For further information on the Internet, please click here: Fairy Tale and Fantasy


On the so called "deer alp", the inn Jelenov Greben, the deli Zlata skrinjica and the wine shop "Star' ata", which is dedicated to the grandfather of the home side, Ivan Adman, is found. In the wine cellar guests can participate in various wine tastings. The charming inn offers seating for up to 350 people. Especially bracing is the smell of freshly baked bread, which ows through the restaurant.
For further information on the Internet, please click here: Jelenov Greben



The impressive late Gothic church of the "Blessed Virgin Mary in the Sand" perched on a small hill overlooking a picturesque country cemetery and is already visible from afar. The mighty early baroque octagonal bell tower with a steep conical roof is very noticeable and gives the building a very special touch. The colorful buttresses at the corners of the nave round off the impressive appearance of the church.



A few kilometres away from the Spa Olimia, is a beautifully restored castle. In this worth seeing building, a Minorite monastery and one of Europe's oldest pharmacies is located.
For further information on the Internet, please click here: The Monastery.



At the turn of the last century, until 1915, Alfonz Videti! was chocolatier in Vienna. The raw Materials shortages for the chocolate production, which prevailed in the early years of the last century, led to the cessation of his activities. In 1990 his descendants revived the chocolatier Tradition again and started in Olimje with the manufacture and sale of ne chocolate.



About a kilometer away from the Spa Olimia is the Thermal Park Aqua Luna. The Thermal Park is in walking distance, but you can also use a bicycle which you can obtain at the hotel. The water Eldorado offers something for everyone and is especially popular with younger visitors. The park is open from early May to late September. In Thermal Park Aqua Luna is also Slovenia's wildest water slide. Even the bravest water enthusiasts get a startling thrill when shooting down this monster slide.


The picturesque village of Olimje received the Gold Award of AEFP in 2009 - European Association for Flowers and Landscape. In 2013 Pod!etrtek reached a gold medal.


It is very impressive how well professional and technical standards are applied in the health centre Olimia. The combination of water, light, air and Fango contribute to the wellbeing of the visitors.


Along with professional medical backing and a relaxing atmosphere, proper and balanced nutrition is part of a healthy and fullled life. At the Spa Olimia the traditional wisdom of Chinese medicine has been implemented successfully in the kitchen. The dishes are color coded and help the guests to build up their diet targeted to individual organs of their body.

Rice, barley, red millet, corn, spelled, squash, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, peas, beef, white sh, cream, butter, milk, cheese made from cow's milk, sugar, honey, etc.

Oats, yellow millet, garlic, onions, radishes, leeks, watercress, parsley, peppers, celery, turnip greens, chicken, feta cheese, mint, mustard, pepper, ginger, lemon, almonds, etc.

Wheat, rye, yeast, bread, tomatoes, leeks, spinach, broccoli, lamb, chicken, duck, turkey, eggs, goat's milk, raspberries, pineapple, oranges, strawberries, etc.

Beans, black beans, soybeans, lentils, chickpeas, sauerkraut, cabbage, cauliower, lettuce, mushrooms, ginseng, broccoli, goat cheese, salted olives, capers, chestnuts, etc.

Buckwheat, rice, spelled, cucumbers, asparagus, lettuce, goat meat, pheasant, sh, feta cheese, rosemary, sage, black coffee, tea, apricot, grapefruit, etc.


Photo: Spa Olimia

Life expectancy is increasing and so also grows the desire to stay healthy and t. Everybody wants to achieve a quality of life and be active and agile in age. The team of Spa Olimia has developed a sensational program called "Self Ness Olimia" a new combination of diagnosis and therapy. The combination of modern medicine, traditional Eastern teachings and the latest self-regeneration techniques sound very promising. The thermal water, demands some effort from the visitor whilst swimming and as a drink it supports the natural pH balance of body. At the Spa Olimia different therapies are applied. Particularly interesting is the program "Better aging" - which has been created as a countermeasure to the aging process. People with back problems will love the treatment In Olimia. The health centre also provides help for guests which are in convalescence after surgery, or suffer of arthritis and sports injuries. The treatment rooms feature a very high standard of the equipment.
For further information on the Internet, please click here: Selfness Olimia.


Wellness Orhidelia is the most modern part of the Spa Olimia. Extravagant coloring and much glass and wood offer a sensational recovery factor. Directly above the thermal baths is the spacious sauna area. The "Wooden Fairyland" features the following saunas: The classic Finnish Sauna (80 C - 100 C) The circulatory system-friendly Bio Sauna (45C - 60C) The cleaning bath (38C - 55C) The detoxifying infrared Sauna (50C)

And of course spacious relaxation areas, plunge pool and hot tubs will round up a wonderful sauna session.

The spa Termalija features a varied sauna area, which is an experience for every sauna friend. The four Finnish color saunas offer a temperature range of 70 C - 100 C: Violet Sauna - 70C - 80C. Red Sauna - 80C - 90C Natural Sauna - 85C - 95C (outside area) Blue Sauna - 90C - 100C Salt steam sauna - 40% humidity Green steam sauna - 90% humidity Orange steam sauna - 100% humidity Japanese steam bath - 100% humidity Further facilities at the Wellness Termalija include: Laconium - 30 to 40% humidity Tepidarium - with a temperature of 37C - 40C For swimmers Wellness Termalija offers more than 2000 m# outdoor and indoor swimming pools, waterfalls, underwater massage and hot tubs. The water temperature is between 28C and 35C.

In addition you will nd four Turkish baths (steam saunas) with a temperature range between 40C to 50C. Depending on the nature of the steam bath, the humidity is between 40% to 100%:


Right next to the swimming pool, you nd the entrance to the "beauty and relaxation temple" The offer is very extensive and will satisfy the desires of every holiday maker: Hamam Water bed and baths: Cleopatra's bath, bath in chocolate bath in goat's milk butter, dip in beer bath in Chardonnay, hay bath, swim in algae and bathroom into nutritious oil. Individual baths Massages, massage Olimia, Tui-na, lymphatic drainage, hot stones, classic body massage, La Stone Therapy, Pantai Luar, Aromatherapy, Herbal Pantal, reexology on the feet and hands, Traditional Thai massage and chair massage. Facial and body care. At the Spa Olimia you can literally nd all the requirements for a stay that fully recharges your batteries.

Photo: Spa Olimia

For further Information on the Internet, please click here: Wellness Center Termalija.

Photo: Spa Olimia

Photo: Spa Olimia


Both at the Spa Olimia itself, as well as in the surrounding area there are many possibilities for sport activities. Gym Swimming Tennis, Inline hockey, basketball, beach volleyball, badminton and boules Golf Hiking and Walking Cycling
For further information on the Internet, please click here: Sport Spa Olimia

Photo: Spa Olimia

Photo: Spa Olimia


Pod!etrtek lies in the region Lower Styria in Slovenia. #tajerska stands for Lower Styria and is the part of the former Duchy of Styria, which lies between the lower River Mur and River Sava. Since 1918, Lower Styria is part of Slovenia.

One can assume that was already a fortress in 1050 on the site of the present monastery. Over time, even the holy Hemma of Gurk was one of the owners of the property. A building was rst documented at this point in the year 1208. Count Hans Erasmus of Tattenbach built the building to a castle in the Renaissance style. More than hundred years later, in 1663 a convent for the Pauline monks from the Croatian Lepoglava was established. In the year 1782 Emperor Franz Josef II dissolved the monastery and founded a parish. The building and the lands passed later into the possession of the Counts of Attems. Due to the high tax burden (taxes were calculated on the numbers of windows), the Count had two wings of the monastery demolished. In recent decades, the monastery is in hands of the Friars Minor.


As the Pauline monks moved in, in 1663, medicinal herbalism has been consistently operated. While there is no accurate record of when the pharmacy began operations, one can assume the it originated with the arrival of the Pauline monks. Through the exciting history of the building unfortunately a large part of todays again restored paintings were destroyed. The Minorities Padres brought back the tradition of herbal medicine and maintain the herb garden and create natural remedies.


The construction of the baroque church began in 1665. It took 10 years for completion. The high altar is dedicated to the Blessed Mother Mary. The altar is now one of the biggest "gold altars" in Slovenia. Before the altar room there are two more altars, one is the suffering of Christ and the second St. Paul ordained. The side chapel, which was built in 1760, is dedicated to St. Francis. The altar is one of the most beautiful in the country.


On a hill above the village is the impressive castle, which was rst mentioned as far back as the 12th Century. The fort has been renovated in the 18th Century by Count Attems, in whose possession it remained until the end of World War II. In the 15th Century the village received the market right. Every Thursday was the day for market and court sessions. In Slovenian !etrtek means Thursday, that's how the village got his name. From the castle hill, you get a fantastic view. The inside of the bow came unfortunately lost over time.

Photos: Spa Olimia


This section contains general information, addresses and trivia about the Slovenia. In addition, there are still hints about the journey and source information.

Graphic: Spa Olimia

The Spa Olimia is easy reachable. Only about 60 km south of Marburg and 115 kilometers east of Ljubljana, the spa is also ideal for a weekend getaway.

Many bus companies offer trips to the Spa Olimia.

From Celje the journey takes about 40 minutes. There is a railway-station right in front of the spa is called "Atomske Toplice hot".



6 - Graz

2 - Klagenfurt 3 - Maribor

1 - Spa Olimia 2 - Klagenfurt 3 - Maribor 4 - Celje 5 - Ljubljana 6 - Graz

4 - Celje 1 - Spa Olimia 5 - Ljubljana

Just click on the name of the town on the map, or use the numbers at the bottom of the map to see the location of the city and the distance to Olimia. This feature will only function on the Apple Version of this eBook. 1 2 3 4 5

7 - Zagreb

Map: Google Maps


SPIRIT Slovenija is the national organization for tourism. Whatever travellers or operators need to know on Slovenia, will be answered through the regional ofces. There are ofces in Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Great Britain and Japan. A list with addresses and contact details can be found on the next page.


1. SLOVENIA The Slovenian Tourist Board

Dimi!eva 13 1000 Ljubljana Telephone:&+386 1 589 85 50 Fax: &+386 1 589 85 60
Tourist info:

4. ITALY U$cio del Turismo Sloveno

Galleria Buenos Aires 1 I-20124 Milano Telephone: &+39 0229 51 11 87 Fax: &+39 0229 51 40 71
Tourist info: Agencies and Press:

2. GERMANY Slowenisches Fremdenverkehrsamt

Maximiliansplatz 12 a D-80333 Munich Telephone: &+49 89 29 16 12 02 Fax: &+49 89 29 16 12 73
Tourist info: Agencies and Press:

6. GREAT BRITAIN / IRELAND Slovenian Tourist Board Information O$ce, London

10 Little College Street SW1P 3SH London Telephone: &+44 870 225 53 05 Fax: &+44 207 222 52 77
Tourist info: Agencies and Press:

3. AUSTRIA Slowenisches Tourismusbro

Opernring 1/R/4/447 A-1010 Vienna Telephone: &+43 1 7154 010 Fax: &+43 1 7138 177
Tourist info: Agencies and Press:

7. JAPAN Slovenian Tourist Board Information O$ce Tokyo

7-14-12 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku 107-0062 Tokyo Telephone: &+81 3 5468 2217 Fax: &+81 3 5468 2217
Tourist info: Agencies and Press:


In this picture book I have tried to give you a closer look at the Spa Olimia. By paging through the book, you will be able to nd out how the area of Pod!etrtek looks like. Furthermore there are some movies included. The natural landscape is ideal for a walk or a bike ride. At the Spa Olimia you can relax and be pampered according to all the rules of the art of wellness. The lm on the following page will takes about 7 minutes and provides an summary of the area and the spa. Sit back and enjoy the video.
Video: Spa Olimia


The area around Pod!etrtek radiates something homey and familiar. Everywhere you meet friendly people, there are quaint inns and historically interesting places. What really stood out was the warmth of the staff and the kindness of the locals. Not only in the hotel where the waiter treated us after just one day as a valued customer, even in the area outside the spa you feel that a smile is "included in the price". As a guest you do not feel as king, but as a friend and that's worth much more.



The support of Iztok Prevolek on site and Jan Ciglene!ki from the Slovenian Tourist Ofce in Vienna made the production of the rst book about Slovenia possible.

The contents of this book has been published under the Creative Commons Licence. You can copy this book, distribute and share the author and the original title must always be named. The use is permitted only for noncommercial purposes. The book, lyrics therefrom and/or images/videos may not be sold, in addition parts, nor the entire book is allowed to be changed, or shall serve as the basis for a revised edition.
For further information: Creative Commons Licence.

Rudolf J. Strutz Photographer and Author

The historical data are taken from various Internet sources, including the archives of the city of Graz, the website of Pod!etrtek and SPIRIT Slovenija as well as signs and inscriptions on site and Wikipedia. Unless otherwise indicated, all photos come from me.

Rudolf J. Strutz 1100 Vienna, Austria


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