Kuper Island Residential School

The Indian Residential School organization known as Kuper Island Residential School was not like many other schools that focused on academics and knowledge. It was more of a school that indoctrinated the Aboriginal children with European-American moral principles and values, which was the main purpose of the government for building the Kuper Island Residential School System. In particular Kuper Island Residential School was built on the First Nations land and was one of the many schools that had been opened in the late 1800s around 1890 and operated for about 85 years till 1975 when it was finally abolished. Throughout its operational period, the school did its best to ensure that the First Nations children become adapted to the European-American style of living, which they enforced rigorously. Therefore in order to indoctrinate this way of thinking in the children, the Canadian government sought help from the Roman Catholic Church, who primarily ran these schools and were placed by the Chemainus on the Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The construction of the Kuper Island Residential School would have not happened unless the Canadian government had somehow purchased the land of the Aboriginal people. At the time many Aboriginal people were not willing to sell their lands to anybody and were not part in making any contribution in the development of Canada. As time progressed though the government slowly started to acquire these lands sometimes by force upon which the Kuper Island Residential School was built. As a result of this, the First Nations would lose their lands because of the evolution of the Residential School known as Kuper Island. To enforce their power upon the Aboriginal people, they were prevented from speaking their natives tongue, practicing their religion and culture. At schools the Aboriginal children had been targeted with not being allowed speak their native tongue, and had to communicate with each another in English only. Consequently the First Nations were also prohibited to practice anything that they had believed in and were forced to believe in European-American culture that they had been introduced to. The Aboriginal children were hence forced to leave their homes to attend these institutions. The IRS school forced these aboriginal children to do long and tedious tasks. Children would start off the day by three hours of reading writing, math, drawing, Canadian history and geography. From there the tasks would be divided in accordance to gender. The boys would paint, cut wood and work that was referred to as the “half day system”, and the girls would sew, clean and cook. The children would face tough conditions and severe punishments if a task had not been finished. Many children felt tired and helpless as they were not fed the right amount of nutrition and were not given a holiday. However there was a six week off in the summer time that too which was spent within the premises of the school. The children began to feel isolated because they were not allowed to see or visit their families. This isolation made these children ill and sometimes death. Physical punished was commonly enforced upon these children. They would be punished in such a way that they would be taken to nearby medical facilities on

To Beepa when correcting I have now completed this essay and it is just on the Kuper Island right now it is 6:15 in the evening my time and 7:15 in the morning. Or phone me and let me know. which eventually caused the exile of a certain amount of the Aboriginal children. Out of the one hundred and fifty children that had attended these schools over one third had died as a result of these ill treatment and punishments. electrodes being placed on their skulls. Thank you it means a lot! From: Ramiz p. Therefore some of the children could not withstand this and began running away from the IRS school. In an effort to make sure that this strategy would fall through. I have to hand this in tomorrow so by your time I need it by 4:00 oclock in the afternoon today. I have sended the drafts and the notes on which I developed the essay upon. And with that add in That they were given 6 weeks holidays to make sure isolation . the Canadian government would work together with the Roman Catholic Church in order to make sure that their goals of assimilating the children would indeed work. I’ve bolded this so that you can make a note when doing so. By building the school on the territory that once belonged to the Aboriginal children. but I noticed that I think you were still sleeping since you had been tired. I was waiting at Fajar time for you.Vancouver Island and would be tortured with. When correcting could please make sure that you use easy English when correcting. The location of where Kuper Island Residential School was placed was the most overwhelming situation that the Aboriginal people to deal with. In the present time Canadian euro-settlers attitudes have changed. I am now putting it in the drop box and could you please drop back their when you are finished I need it by today. This suffering and form of torture caused great “psychological and physical trauma” amongst these children. So I can wake up early morning and go through it. Thanks once again. You can make corrections or add to certain paragraphs if you want. it was a sign that the Canadian government was trying to urge the First Nations in leaving the land. Could also add in somewhere that the children came from various places in the lower main land where its appropriate. and when you’re done could please send it back in the drop box and make a note good copy. So if you want you can refer to the notes which are where I developed the essay. The results are astounding and the big step is to be able to work harder to keep the different racial groups united together for as long as it takes. Despite this level of mass isolation the First Nations people have survived the ordeal and have virtually remained intact as a culture and now earn the respect and have the rights as equal Canadian citizens. You can make any corrections or change to the parts that don’t make sense or add on to it and can you make sure there’s a thesis or if not could you make sure that there is one then that’s clearly stated. and letting the government use it to build the IRS. Once again could you please use easy English when correcting. and has ultimately found its way from mass discrimination to mass collaboration between them and the Aboriginal people who are now allowed to enjoy equal law status as the other cultural groups.s. And could you also ensure that it has a nice flow. I hope you see this and make corrections and do all the things I have written in the note.

Please read the entire content once again and see for yourself if there is a flow. I am sorry beeps is really busy and tired both but I tried to finish it all making the appropriate sentences into a flow using the appropriate set of words. Dear Ramiz.was in tact from families. Thanks and could you use easy English when typing and could also right Good copy as well. GOOD Luck . Thanks. I have not used any typical vocab though but I have modified some sentences. One paragraph should compliment the next and so forth.

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